Chapter 1075 - Killing the Ancient Era’s Elves

MGA: Chapter 1075 - Killing the Ancient Era’s Elves

“What? You, you want to kill us?” After hearing what Chu Feng said, all of the Ancient Era’s Elves were greatly shocked.

What sort of status and position did the Ancient Era’s Elves hold in the Holy Land of Martialism? Even the strongest powers from the human race and the monstrous beasts race did not dare to casually offend them. It had only been them killing others and never others doing anything to them. If anyone dared, they would simply be courting death.

However, at this moment, this person from the same generation as them, someone from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, a declining power, actually wanted to kill them. This was simply unacceptable to them. They even suspected that they had misheard him.

What does it mean by possessing great ambitions and great courage? For these Ancient Era’s Elves, those who dared to do anything to them were people who possessed great ambitions and great courage. At the same time, they were also people who had grown tired of living.

“Woosh. Woosh. Woosh…”

Right at the moment when they were unceasingly shocked by Chu Feng, Chu Feng suddenly attacked. The Demon Sealing Sword was swung around by Chu Feng. Numerous blade rays that contained frightening power were shot out.

As the numerous crescent shaped, black colored blade rays were shot forth, the Demon Sealing Sword in Chu Feng’s hand instantly turned into a ruthless and frightening murder weapon. In merely a blink of an eye, close to half of the several tens of Ancient Era’s Elves died in Chu Feng’s hand. Not only were both their bodies and consciousness exterminated completely by him, even their source energies had been absorbed. They could be said to have died completely.

“So you all are merely this strong. For you to be able to reach this deep, it ought to be from the help of your special bloodline, right?” After killing those Ancient Era’s Elves, a mocking expression appeared in Chu Feng’s eyes.

That was because Chu Feng discovered that these Ancient Era’s Elves were not as powerful as he imagined them to be. Other than the one who killed Qin Guang earlier being a rank three Martial King, the majority of them were merely rank two or rank one Martial Kings. There was even a portion with the same cultivation as Chu Feng – at the peak Martial Lord rank.

Having been in existence since the Ancient Era, possessing a special bloodline and able to bask in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond every day. Yet, they only possessed such strength. It truly seemed weak.

As for their battle power, it was also not strong. It was so much so that other than that rank three Marital King, the majority of the rest of them would not be a match for Qin Guang. Thus, Chu Feng felt that the reason why these Ancient Era’s Elves were able to dive to this deep level of water was all because of the assistance from their special bloodlines. If their background was disregarded and one was to determine them by their true martial cultivation talent, they would not be considered that strong.

“What immense nerves you have! Not only do you dare to kill us, the Ancient Era’s Elves, you even dare to speak words of insult toward us. I shall execute you!”

Chu Feng’s speech and actions had brought forth the violent rage of the Ancient Era’s Elves. Under the leadership of that rank three Martial King, the remaining Ancient Era’s Elves began to take out their respective Royal Armaments and emit their ferocious martial power to create a powerful formation as they surrounded Chu Feng once more.

“Woosh. Woosh. Woosh. Woosh. Woosh.”

At this time, the first true attack from the Ancient Era’s Elves were launched toward Chu Feng. The dazzling blade rays appeared like a large net that carried along it the wind of death as it was cast toward Chu Feng. Their purpose—Chu Feng’s life.

This sort of attack could truly be said to be extraordinary. At the very least, an ordinary rank one Martial King would simply be incapable of withstanding it. Unfortunately for them, the person they were facing was no ordinary rank one Martial King. Instead, he was Chu Feng, a genius from the Outer World. Regardless of whether it was his talent or his battle power, they were both above their own.


The Demon Sealing Sword in Chu Feng’s hand was suddenly waved, causing the region of water to surge. The king level martial power contained within this wave completely controlled everything in this place.

In the end, Chu Feng suddenly pointed his Demon Sealing Sword forward. “Boom!” The attack formation created by the Ancient Era’s Elves was smashed apart. Chu Feng used merely a single strike to break their attack.

Moreover, this strike from Chu Feng not only crumbled their attack, it also caused the majority of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ bodies to explode, dying on the spot.

At this moment, only a single Ancient Era’s Elf remained alive. He was that rank three Martial King who killed Qin Guang earlier. However, even he was completely covered in blood and seriously injured.

“Woosh.” Seeing that the situation was truly bad, that Ancient Era’s Elf immediately turned around and used a special sort of movement martial skill to try to escape into the depths of the water.

“You wish to leave? Ha, Ancient Era’s Elves, the controller of this place, it would appear that you’re merely this powerful.” However, who would’ve thought that right after that Ancient Era’s Elf used his movement martial skill to try to escape, an enormous Azure Dragon rapidly dashed through the water and appeared before him, sealing off his escape route. Furthermore, standing on top of that Azure Dragon was none other than Chu Feng.

“This, this is a secret skill!!!”

“Who, who, who exactly are you? You’re merely a rank one Martial King, how could you possibly possess this sort of strength? Who exactly are you? What exactly are your intentions? What sort of deep hatred and grievances do us Ancient Era’s Elves have against you for you to attack us like this?”

Seeing Chu Feng standing on the Azure Dragon and holding the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand, that Ancient Era’s Elf started to panic. Not only was his body trembling, even the high quality Royal Armament forged by an expert Ancient Era’s Elf in his hand was trembling.

In this situation, the arrogance he displayed earlier was completely gone. What replaced it was fear and panic. That was because not only did he sense that the situation for him was extremely bad, he even sensed that Chu Feng’s battle power was extremely abnormal.

Thus, he felt that Chu Feng was definitely not as simple as he looked. He guessed that Chu Feng was definitely an expert cultivator who had changed his appearance, hidden his true cultivation and come specially to kill them.

“Yoh, so you know about fear too?” Chu Feng light smiled. Holding the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand, he stepped off the Azure Dragon and began to walk on the water. One step at a time, he slowly approached that Ancient Era’s Elf.

“What, what, what are you planning to do?” Seeing that Chu Feng was growing closer to him and that his surrounding was sealed off by the enormous body of that Azure Dragon, the Ancient Era’s Elf was panicking to the max. In his eyes, the person who was approaching him was not a human. Instead, he appeared more like a smiling yet incomparably cruel and vicious demon.

“I’m not going to do anything. I merely want to see exactly what sort of appearance that you all, the treacherous and cunning Ancient Era’s Elves, have.” Suddenly, Chu Feng extended his hand and grabbed that Ancient Era’s Elf’s green cloak. With a large wave of his sleeve, he grabbed off the green cloak.

At this moment, the true appearance of that Ancient Era’s Elf appeared before Chu Feng.

His statue was relatively thin. However, he was pretty tall. With fair skin like a woman’s, it was so white that it appeared to be pale. As for his blond hair, it was dazzlingly bright. The most important was that pair of green eyes and refined facial features. This Ancient Era’s Elf was actually even more pretty than the pretty boy Yuan Qing.

Judging externally, other than the color of his hair and eyes being different from humans, there were no other major differences between Ancient Era’s Elves and humans. If a difference must be determined, then it would be his ears. His ears were actually pointed.

“Yoh, with this appearance, you truly appear to be from a noble race.”

Upon seeing the actual appearance of this Ancient Era’s Elf, even Chu Feng’s eyes shined. Judging from only external appearance, the Ancient Era’s Elves were truly extraordinary and possessed unique temperament that ordinary humans did not have.