Chapter 1062 - A Loud, Frantic Laughter

MGA: Chapter 1062 - A Loud, Frantic Laughter

Faced with the surprised reaction from his fellow disciples, Chu Feng merely smiled and said, “It is not that I cannot feel the pressure from this place. Instead, I know the method to make the pressure from this place to become as tiny as it could be.”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, exactly how do you accomplish that? Quickly, teach us it.”

“That’s right. Junior brother Chu Feng, please teach us so that we could experience the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond too. We don’t want to return without any accomplishment.”

All of the disciples began to ask for Chu Feng to teach them. It was so much that some of their tones were no longer just asking and more of a begging. From this, one could tell that they truly wanted to pass through this trial.

“It’s actually very simple. You all, try not using any martial power to resist that pressure. Instead, let it take its course and interfere with your movement. Try doing that, see if you’ll feel better afterwards.” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Listening to what Chu Feng said, somewhat suspicious, Wang Wei and them began to try doing what he said. However, soon, their expressions relaxed a lot.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you’re truly a genius. You actually managed to think of such a method. Haha. While that pressure felt extremely fierce, but if you ignore it, the pressure really weakened a lot. It would appear that we would all be able to pass through the trial set up by the Ancient Era’s Elves.”

Seeing that Chu Feng’s method actually worked, everyone displayed expressions of ecstasy. Other than reverence, the gazes that they now looked to Chu Feng with also contained gratefulness. That was because Chu Feng had truly assisted them greatly.

Traveling a long distance to come to this place, they did not wish to return without accomplishing anything. If they were to truly return empty handed, not only would it be a major loss, they would also lose their faces.

“Brat, never would I expect that not only is your mouth vile, you actually know some tricks too.”

However, right at this moment, an ice-cold voice suddenly sounded from nearby. Soon, thirty-five figures appeared before Chu Feng’s line of sight.

These thirty-five people were composed of both men and women. All of their cultivation were at the peak Martial Lord. Although their faces were sweaty and slightly pale, their current breathing was steady.

It was clear that they had also been pressured by this place. However, they now knew of the method to alleviate the pressure. It was evident that they have heard what Chu Feng said earlier and did what he said.

However, while they managed to obtain benefits, they did not have any intention to express gratitude. Not only did they not express it, instead they even have expressions of malice and surrounded Chu Feng and them.

If one wanted to ask why, it was actually quite simple. That was because they were all core disciples of the Black Python Stronghold.

If it was before, Wang Wei and them would definitely feel worried to encounter such a situation. That was because it was clear that they had come with ill intent.

Even though their cultivation were the same as those Black Python Stronghold’s disciples, they were, after all, people from the Black Python Stronghold. Mentally, Wang Wei and them felt that their opponents were stronger than them.

However now, with Chu Feng present, they were not the least bit scared. That was because they knew very well that if the people from the Black Python Stronghold dared to attack them, then it would only be themselves that would suffer.

“You-you all, what are you planning to do?” But, who would’ve thought that at the moment when they were filled with confidence and thought that Chu Feng would teach these people from the Black Python Stronghold a lesson, Chu Feng actually displayed a face filled with fear and used a trembling voice to ask the people of the Black Python Stronghold.

“Haha, what we’re planning to do? You’ve brought about such harm to our Black Python Stronghold, causing us to soon to lose the status of a Cyanwood Mountain’s second-rank subsidiary power, causing the countless people from our Black Python Stronghold to have no chance of entering the Cyanwood Mountain to train there. Yet, you’re asking what we plan to do?”

“To be honest. Even if you were to get on your knees and beg for forgiveness right now, we would still take your life.” Seeing Chu Feng’s cowardly expression, the people from the Black Python Stronghold appeared to be even more complacent. Without any hesitation, they spoke of their purpose.

“Who dares! You must know that this is the Ancient Era’s Elves’ territory. If you all dare to attack someone here, it would not only be you all who would suffer. Your families and the Black Python Stronghold would also suffer.” Right at this moment, Wang Wei shouted.

“Don’t dare? If we don’t dare, then we wouldn’t have appeared in this place.” The people from the Black Python Stronghold sneered. At the same time, they began to emit their auras. They surrounded Chu Feng and them and began to draw closer. They were truly planning to kill them.

“If you have the courage, then give it a try. Us, disciples from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, are not that easily bullied!” Seeing that their opponents really had the intention to kill them, the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest burst into deep fury. Not weaker at all, they too emitted their own auras. They had made the preparations to fight their opponents to the death.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, what happened to you?” Right at the moment when killing intent and raging flames filled the air, at the time when a battle could occur at any moment, Wang Wei secretly sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng.

Actually, it was not only Wang Wei who was secretly sending voice transmission to Chu Feng, many other people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest were doing that too. That was because they knew of how powerful Chu Feng was. Even Martial Kings were no match for him. These people from Black Python Stronghold would simply be unable to withstand even a single blow from Chu Feng.

However, the fearful expression that Chu Feng was displaying right now was truly abnormal. They all felt that something might’ve happened to Chu Feng. Thus, they wished to help Chu Feng alleviate his state of mind. After all, they had no guarantee that they would be able to win against the Black Python Stronghold’s disciples. If they wished to live, they would have to rely on Chu Feng.

“Hahahaha….” However, right at this moment, the previous cowardice displayed by Chu Feng disappeared and he began to frantically and loudly laugh.

Chu Feng’s laughter was extremely weird, to a state of being a bit scary. Not to mention Wang Wei and them, even the people from the Black Python Stronghold started to frown. Unable to help themselves, they began to panic.

“You, what are you laughing about?!” A person from the Black Python Stronghold asked.

“There’s a road to heaven that you refused to take. Hell has no doors yet you burst in.” Suddenly, Chu Feng stopped his laughter and cast his bone-chilling ice-cold gaze at the people from the Black Python Stronghold.

“What,what do you mean by that?” Hearing those words, the people from the Black Python Stronghold felt even more unease. Although Chu Feng’s expression was extremely tranquil, his gaze caused their hearts to tremble.

At this moment, they had an illusion. That is, the Chu Feng before them was a completely different person from the Chu Feng earlier.

However, Chu Feng completely ignored them. Instead, he said to turned around and said, “Since you’ve come, there is no need for you to continue hiding. Come on out.”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, everyone cast their gazes to the location behind him. When they discovered that there were only lush plants and not a single person, they inevitably began to feel a bit confused.

There were even people who began to feel that something might’ve been wrong with Chu Feng. His actions today were truly strange.

“Brat, it seems like you do have some tricks up your sleeve. This place prohibits the use of spirit power. Yet, you’re actually capable of discovering us. However, if I was you, I would definitely not stay here and would’ve rushed away.”

Right at this moment, an incomparably cold voice suddenly sounded from within the forest. Soon, nine figures appeared before everyone’s line of sight.

“Who are you?” Seeing this nine people, Wang Wei and them began to frown. That was because these nine people were different from the people of the Black Python Stronghold. From their bodies, Wang Wei and them were able to sense deadly killing intent.

“Junior brothers and sisters, you’ve forgotten about us so quickly?” Right at this moment, eight among the nine people suddenly took off their black robes and exposed their youthful faces.

These eight people were composed of five males and three females. Their ages were similar to Wang Wei and them. As for their cultivation, they were all rank nine Martial Lords. However, the gazes that they looked to Wang Wei and them were filled with contempt. As for Wang Wei and them, the gazes they gave to these eight people were filled with astonishment. And within the astonishment were traces of fear.