Chapter 1061 - Strange Forest

MGA: Chapter 1061 - Strange Forest

At this moment, nine figures appeared before Sikong Zhaixing’s line of sight. These nine individuals all wore a black robe that completely covered their facial appearance.

Simultaneously, these nine people all took out high quality Royal Armaments to be examined in succession. The most important matter was that one of those nine people actually took out ten high quality Royal Armaments in order to pass through the examination.

This meant that among these nine people, one of them was a Martial King level expert. That was because the admission fee for a Martial King level expert to enter into the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond was ten high quality Royal Armaments.

“Not good.” Suddenly, Sikong Zhaixing’s gaze flashed. He hurriedly said to the elders behind him. “Other than Elder Gongsun, all of you, take out your Royal Armaments.”

Hearing what Sikong Zhaixing said, the management elders were all startled. Although they were extremely confused, they did not hesitate for a long time. Without asking, they began to take out their respective Royal Armaments and handed them over to Sikong Zhaixing.

As management elders, the quality of their Royal Armaments were naturally not weak - they were all high quality.

Seeing the many high quality Royal Armaments placed before him, Sikong Zhaixing picked ten of them. The ten he picked were relatively lower quality than the rest. He then handed them over to Elder Gongsun and said, “Elder Gongsun, quickly enter and follow Chu Feng and them closely. You must definitely ensure their safety.”

“Right away.” Hearing those words, Elder Gongsun did not hesitate. He received the ten Royal Armaments and hurriedly rushed over. However, due to there being many people on the line to enter through the gate, it was not as simple for Elder Gongsun to enter as he wished - he needed to first get in line.

Seeing Elder Gongsun who was standing all the way back in the queue and then seeing the nine black clothed individuals that had passed through the examination and was proceeding inside, Sikong Zhaixing’s complexion grew pale. Suddenly, he clenched his teeth, opened his mouth and loudly said,

“All of you, listen up. If any of you dares to do anything to my Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples, then even if I am to risk these old bones of mine, I shall make that person die miserably.”

Those words were extremely loud and resounding. Practically everyone outside the city gate heard it. Even some of the people inside the city gate managed to hear it.

In an instant, countless gazes were cast at him. Even those Ancient Era’s Elves cast their gazes at him.

However, compared to the others, those nine people wearing black robes did not turn around to look at him. If one was to pay careful attention, one would discover that their bodies slightly shivered. They hesitated for a moment before rapidly walking past the city gate.

“Headmaster Sikong, what is the meaning behind your actions?”

“Could there be someone planning to bring harm upon your Southern Cyanwood Forests disciples?”

“How could that be? Who would dare to cause troubles in the Ancient Era’s Elves’ territory? That would simply be courting death. In my opinion, it is because the Southern Cyanwood Forest had a conflict with the Black Python Stronghold earlier. Loving his disciples deeply, Headmaster Sikong feared the retaliation from the Black Python Stronghold. That’s the reason why he did such a thing.” The people began to spiritedly discuss Sikong Zhaixing’s actions.

“Lord Headmaster, exactly what happened?” Compared to the rest, those management elders from the Southern Cyanwood Forest were finally unable to stop themselves from asking about it. That was because Sikong Zhaixing was always an unflustered person. The series of actions he displayed earlier was truly unusual.

“If my guess is correct, those nine people wearing black clothes ought to be from the Han family,” said Sikong Zhaixing.

“Han family, could it be that they planned to do something to our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples?” After hearing what Sikong Zhaixing said, the management elders finally noticed that there were indeed nine people rapidly walking toward the city gate. Moreover, as they disappeared into the city gate, the direction that they were going was the same as the one that Chu Feng and them went.

“There is simply no need for the Han family to dress up in disguise if they wanted to come here to train. From their sneaky behavior, they most definitely harbor grudges for our Southern Cyanwood Forest. I suspect that their purpose is most likely to attack Chu Feng and them,” said Sikong Zhaixing.

“But Lord Headmaster, the Ancient Era’s Elves have clearly prohibited reckless scuffles and killing in malice within their domain. If anyone was to go against their rules, they would be severely punished. No matter how reckless their Han family is, they would not dare to offend the Ancient Era’s Elves, right?” However, there were also elders that questioned Sikong Zhaixing’s suspicions.

“The Han family possess deranged individuals to begin with. This time, Chu Feng caused their Han family to suffer greatly. It might be possible for the Han family to truly do something to harm Chu Feng and them.” However, the majority of the management elders voiced their agreement with Sikong Zhaixing’s concern.

“It is best for the Han family to not to be too excessive. Otherwise, I will definitely not let their Han family continue to exist.” Compared to those elders, Sikong Zhaixing currently displayed a vicious gaze in his eyes.

At this moment, the people outside were spiritedly discussing what had happened. However, due to the fact that Chu Feng and the others had advanced with a fast speed and the fact that the Ancient Era’s Elves’ domain possessed a special sort of interference power, this led to Chu Feng and them to not hear the loud shout from Sikong Zhaixing.

At this moment, they have entered into a vast and lush forest. Although calling it a forest was incorrect. It would be better to say that they have entered into an enormous garden. That was because the things growing here were not limited to large trees of different shapes, there were also beautiful flowers and other strange plants. As far as one’s eyes could see, it was a beautiful sight.

Chu Feng and them were required to pass through this forest in order to reach the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. Due to the fact that the Ancient Era’s Elves saw themselves to be above others, they would not bother to guide Chu Feng and them. Thus, if they wanted to pass through this forest, they must find the way themselves.

“This forest is very strange. Once we entered this place, I began to feel powerless from head to toe; even my breathing became difficult. Originally, I thought I would get used to it soon. However, who would’ve thought that the deeper we go, the more powerless I’d feel. Exactly what sort of place is this?” Complained a pale complexion disciple with a great deal of vexation.

In fact, it was not merely him who had a pale complexion and was sweating profusely, practically everyone from the Southern Cyanwood Forest were in this sort of condition. It was as if they have fallen ill. Their bodies felt completely powerless. As martial cultivators, very rarely have they ever felt such a sensation.

“Junior brother, this is no ordinary forest. Special spirit formations were added onto all of the plants here. Not only are they indestructible, they are also able to suppress our powers. In this place, not to mention flying, even walking would be extremely difficult.”

“This is something that the Ancient Era’s Elves deliberately set up. That is because they felt that not everyone was qualified to utilize the special power within the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. Thus, even though we have given our payments, we must still pass through this trial in order to reach the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. If we are incapable of crossing through this forest, we would not be qualified to use the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.” Wang Wei explained to everyone.

“What?! We’ve even paid them the admission fee. Yet they actually placed such a difficulty to prevent us? They are truly up to no good. Isn’t this clearly a scam?!”

“Look at this enormous forest. Who knows how many people would be able to successfully pass through it. It’s one thing if those people managed to pass through. But what about those who failed to pass through? Wouldn’t this mean that they had given away their high quality Royal Armaments for free and unable to experience and train in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond? Is there anywhere else that’s such an enormous scam like this place?” After hearing what Wang Wei said, many people grew anxious.

“You can’t say it like that. For those people that are incapable of passing through this forest, the Ancient Era’s Elves would return their Royal Armaments. Thus, this can’t be considered to be a scam. Instead, it is merely a test.” Wang Wei explained.

“I actually felt that the methods of the Ancient Era’s Elves are very proper. First, they used an enormous fee to repel the majority of the people. Then, they put the remaining people in a trial. This would allow them to prevent a lot of troubles.” Compared to the others, Chu Feng was extremely approving of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ conduct.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, those people who were complaining earlier all shut their mouths. The angry looks that they had on their faces disappeared. Replacing that were expressions of worry.

They were afraid, afraid that they would not be able to pass through this forest. After all, no matter how precious the high quality Royal Armaments were, those Royal Armaments were not theirs. They were items that were provided to them to pay for the admission fee for free by the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Thus, this opportunity was given to them for free. If they were unable to pass through it, then they would greatly miss out.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, how come you’re not feeling any pressure at all and appear to be completely fine?” Suddenly, a disciple pointed at Chu Feng and asked with a face filled with shock.

“Heavens! Junior brother Chu Feng, how did you manage to accomplish that?”

After hearing the words spoken by that disciple, everyone else looked over to Chu Feng. After a careful inspection, their expressions all took a huge change. They were both startled and overjoyed.

It was because they were surprised to discover that it was precisely as that person had said, Chu Feng did not appear to be under any pressure at all. His condition appeared to be exactly the same as before he entered the forest. He was unexpectedly not affected by the forest at all.