Chapter 1060 - Hidden Crisis

MGA: Chapter 1060 - Hidden Crisis

“So this is the case. No wonder they are so arrogant that they did not even put Headmaster Sikong in their eyes.” Although this was what Chu Feng was saying, the disgust he had for that Yuan Qing and Qin Guang became more evident in his eyes.

Moreover, the disgust was not merely contained to Yuan Qing and Qin Guang. It was also toward the two management elders from the Orion Monastery.

Chu Feng could already tell that they did not want Yuan Qing and Qin Guang to sincerely pay their respects to Sikong Zhaixing. Instead, they were intentionally flaunting the two geniuses of their Orion Monastery.

They wanted everyone to see for themselves the enormous gap between their Orion Monastery’s disciples and the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples. This was simply showing off their might. Actually, the severe punishment they gave the Black Python Stronghold earlier was also merely to show off their might.

What they were doing was precisely establishing their prestige before everyone. Only through this would they make more people want to become their disciples, which in turn would allow them to become eminently more powerful, and able to maintain their current glory.

As a large and renowned sect, what they were doing was a very reasonable thing. There was actually nothing wrong about it. However, upon thinking that the Orion Monastery actually used him as well as the other disciples from the Southern Cyanwood Forest as a stepping stone to display their Orion Monastery’s disciples’ talent, Chu Feng felt displeasure in his heart.

However, upon considering that they were truly very powerful and the current Sikong Zhaixing and Southern Cyanwood Forest was simply incapable of becoming enemies with the Orion Monastery, Chu Feng decided to silently endure this.

“Ring ring ring ring ring ring….”

Not long after, a bust of sharp ringing suddenly sounded from the direction of the walls. Turning their heads to look, they saw that enormous city gate was slowly opening. As for the sharp and crisp ringing sound, it originated from that city gate.

“The city gate is opening!” Seeing that the Ancient Era’s Elves’ city gate was opening, the crowd of people immediately burst into an uproar. Densely packed like a bunch of ants, they swarmed around the city gate. They all wished to see what exactly the inside of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ home looked like.

“Cultivators who are not entering to train, withdraw yourselves to a thousand meters away!”

Right at this moment, an indifferent voice sounded from within the city gate. At the same time, a gentle wind swept out from the city gate, dispersing the swarming people.

After the gentle wind swept past, a large empty space opened up before the city gate. In this sort of circumstance, the excited crowd started to calm down. Very few people dared to approach the city gate again.

At this moment, the only people who dared to approach the city gate were those who were willing to take out a high quality Royal Armament as a payment to train in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.

At this moment, Chu Feng and them also arrived before the city gate. They discovered that several hundred figures wearing green colored cloaks were standing before the city gate.

Those cloaks were extremely special. They were not constructed with ordinary cloths. Instead, they were made through weaving special kinds of plants. However, it couldn’t be denied that those cloaks possessed a different sort of beauty. If one must truly describe them, then it would emulate a sensation of nature.

Those people wearing these cloaks were naturally the people from the Ancient Era’s Elves. Their height was similar to humans. However, their figures were a bit thinner. As for their facial features, due to being covered by the cloaks, could not be seen. However, Chu Feng was able to see their eyes. Their eyes appeared to not be any different from the human’s eyes. However, their eyeballs were green.

Logically, green colored eyeballs should be extremely strange. However, their green eyeballs were not frightening and instead possessed a special kind of beauty.

Due to the formation here that prevented the usage of spirit power, Chu Feng was unable to determine the cultivation of those Ancient Era’s Elves. However, without giving it any thought, he knew that their cultivation would definitely not be weak.

At this moment, the people who were prepared to enter into the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond already began to step up and hand over their Royal Armaments.

The first people to step forward were the people from the Orion Monastery. They were truly rich for they took out over three thousand Royal Armaments at once. Moreover, each and every one of them were high quality Royal Armaments.

Seeing these three thousand plus high quality Royal Armaments that flickered with light, many of the surrounding crowd were unable to help themselves from gasping. Although those were not their Royal Armaments, they still felt a pain in their chest. That was because it was truly an astonishing amount of wealth being handed over.

However, the people of the Orion Monastery had expressions of unconcern. They did not reveal even the slightest expression of heartache. They had truly displayed the amount of wealth that they possessed. The Orion Monastery was, after all, the Orion Monastery. At the very least, in this region, there was no other power that could compare with them.

In the end, the three thousand plus disciples from the Orion Monastery all entered the gates. However, not a single elder entered.

Reason being, the Ancient Era’s Elves had a rule that specified that Martial Kings were required to pay ten high quality Royal Armaments to enter. As for Half Martial Emperors, they were simply not permitted to enter.

After the disciples of the Orion Monastery entered, the other powers also began to hand over their entrance fee, their Royal Armaments. However, although those powers brought a lot of people with them here, the number of people that were actually entering to train was not numerous at all.

It was like what Sikong Zhaixing and them had said earlier, even though there were several hundred millions of people gathered here, the number of people that were actually going to enter into the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond to train would number less than ten thousand.

“This Royal Armament is an ordinary one; it is simply not a high quality Royal Armament. You wanted to take advantage of the situation and present false goods? You have come to the wrong place.”

Suddenly, an Ancient Era’s Elf threw a Royal Armament into the hand of a burly man. One could sense a faint trace of anger from his voice.

“That’s impossible! This Royal Armament is most definitely high quality. How could it possibly be ordinary? Carefully inspect it once more.” That burly man refuted in an aggrieved matter while holding up the Royal Armament in his hand.

Seeing the action of that burly man, Chu Feng shook his head. That was because he was able to tell merely by looking with his eyes that the Royal Armament the burly man held was not a high quality Royal Armament. It could even be said that it was a poor quality Royal Armament, one that is inferior to even ordinary Royal Armaments. It was clear that this burly man was trying to take advantage of the situation.

“Aiyo, it’s a person that’s trying to court death again. Why do such people appear every year?” Seeing that burly man, Elder Gongsun sighed helplessly.

Originally, Chu Feng was confused by what Elder Gongsun meant by that. However, the thing that happened next immediately allowed Chu Feng to understand what Elder Gongsun mean.

“Woosh.” Right after Elder Gongsun’s words left his mouth, that Ancient Era’s Elf that was in charge of examining the Royal Armaments suddenly flicked his finger. With a speed as fast as light, his finger landed on that burly man’s forehead.


Right when that Ancient Era’s Elf retrieved his finger, the burly man gave off a scream before falling to the ground, rolling back and forth with his hands over his forehead. Only after a very long time did he begin to calm.

However, at the time when that burly man’s hands moved away from his forehead, Chu Feng and the others discovered that a special imprint that emitted a green light was on his forehead.

“What is that?” asked Chu Feng.

“That’s an Elf’s Imprint. Anyone who has done shameless things such as scamming and cheating but not worthy of being punished with death would be left such an imprint by the Ancient Era’s Elves.”

“In ordinary times, that Elf’s Imprint would not do much. However, when a person bearing that imprint encounter an Ancient Era’s Elf, the imprint would give off light, warning the Ancient Era’s Elves to be careful of that person for that person is a shameless person.”

“However, this is not the most miserable thing about it. The most miserable thing is that the people who ended up being imprinted with an Elf’s Imprint in this place would generally be unable to leave this place alive.”

“It is not that the Ancient Era’s Elves would kill them. Instead, it is the other powers that would kill them. That is because they feel that the people who have been imprinted with an Elf’s Imprint have lost the face of the human race and these sort of people ought to die,” explained Elder Gongsun.

After hearing Elder Gongsun’s explanation, Chu Feng noticed the burly man picked up his poor quality Royal Armament and soared to the sky so that he could rapidly leave this place. However, there were indeed many people that stealthily followed him. It could be seen that what Elder Gongsun said was the truth. The burly man would likely be unable to leave this place alive.

After the brief interlude from the burly man, there were no more people that wanted to take advantage of the situation. Moreover, Chu Feng also discovered that the so-called high quality Royal Armaments that these people were presenting, although their quality was pretty decent, there was a major gap between them and his Demon Sealing Sword.

This meant that although they were all Royal Armaments, the quality of Chu Feng’s Demon Sealing Sword was even higher. The King among Royal Armaments, that title was truly not just in name.

After this, Sikong Zhaixing took out twenty-two Royal Armaments and handed them over to Chu Feng and the other disciples. Using these twenty-two Royal Armaments, Chu Feng, Wang Wei and the other disciples from the Southern Cyanwood Forest successfully passed through the gate and entered into the Ancient Era’s Elves’ domain.

“This is?”

However, right at the moment when Chu Feng and them passed through the audit, Sikong Zhaixing began to frown deeply. A trace of unease appeared in his sharp eyes.