Chapter 1059 - The Appearance of Geniuses

MGA: Chapter 1059 - The Appearance of Geniuses

“Elders, they are spouting a bunch of nonsense. You must believe me.” At this moment, the Black Python Stronghold’s chief started to panic. Everyone had pointed their spearheads at him. Even though he possessed a relation with the Orion Monastery, it was not certain that the Orion Monastery would protect him. It might even be unavoidable for him to be publicly punished.

“As the chief of a stronghold, you’ve displayed such dishonorable behavior. You do not qualify to carry on the title of a second-rate subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“In this year’s Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple recruitment assembly, I will request them to remove your Black Python Stronghold’s status of a second-rate subsidiary power so that you will not bring shame upon the Cyanwood Mountain in the future,” said one of the management elders.

“Elders, please forgive me, please forgive me. I would never dare to do such a thing again. Elders, please give me another chance to reform myself.” Hearing those words, the Black Python Stronghold’s chief became flabbergasted. He acknowledged the fact that these two elders would punish him. However, he did not expect the punishment to be this severe.

A second-rate subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain, this was an extremely important status. As long as he possessed this status, it was equivalent to him being a member of the Cyanwood Mountain. This made it so that very few people or powers dared to attack him.

Moreover, those offsprings from famous families and other outstanding younger generations would, for the purpose of being able to enter the Cyanwood Mountain, consider the connections as well as the relationship a power have with the Cyanwood Mountain, whether it was a subsidiary power or not, before seeking to become disciples of said power.

If he was to lose the status of a second-rate subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain, it would be an enormous damage to the Black Python Stronghold and would definitely cause their prosperity to rapidly decline, leading to a future of darkness.

“Scram. Do not appear before my sight again for I fear of dirtying my eyes.” Suddenly, the other elder waved his sleeve, causing a gale to rise from the ground.

Before that gale, the Black Python Stronghold’s chief, elders and disciples were all blown to the sky like scarecrows. As they gave off screams in the air, they were blown several hundred miles away and disappeared from everyone’s line of sight.

To this scene, many people started to clap their hands and applauded. They felt that the Orion Monastery was very swift and decisive and upheld their punishment righteously.

However, Sikong Zhaixing’s gaze was flickering. Within his gaze was confusion. He did not expect for the Orion Monastery to give the Black Python Stronghold’s chief such a severe punishment.

Although, on the surface, there was no hierarchy between the subsidiary powers, the Orion Monastery was, after all, a first-rate subsidiary power. If they were to truly ask the Cyanwood Mountain to remove the Black Python Stronghold of their status as a second-rate subsidiary power, the Cyanwood Mountain would likely give them the face and do it.

After all, a power like the Black Python Stronghold was very numerous in the Cyanwood Domain. To have one more was not too many and to have one less was not too few. However, a power like the Orion Monastery was completely different.

This matter, after all was said and done, was unrelated with the Orion Monastery. Moreover, the Orion Monastery’s relationship with the Southern Cyanwood Forest was not extremely good. Thus, for the Orion Monastery to go through such effort today was something that Sikong Zhaixing was unable to understand.

“I wish you all to be able to learn a lesson from this matter and behave yourselves.” After blowing the people from the Black Python Stronghold away, that management elder from the Orion Monastery cast his gaze at the people kneeling before their warship.

While those words did not matter to other powers, but the expressions of the people from those powers that had joined the Black Python Stronghold in their humiliation of the Southern Cyanwood Forest all grew green. They were extremely panic-stricken. However, regardless of what they were feeling, they still shouted alongside the other powers. “We will definitely learn a lesson from this and not disgrace the reputation of the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Mn. You all can rise. We are all from the same root, there is no need for you all to kneel.” The other management elder waved his hand. Only after he spoke those words did the Cloud Thunder Pavilion and other subsidiary powers dare to stand up.

“Headmaster Sikong, might I know who the disciple that insulted the Black Python Stronghold’s chief was?” Right at this moment, the management elders from the Orion Monastery cast their gazes at the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s warship once again.

At this moment, Sikong Zhaixing began to frown. He began feeling unrest in his heart. He did not know what intention the Orion Monastery had. He truly feared that the Orion Monastery would want to punish Chu Feng. After all, it was wrong for Chu Feng to offend a senior.

“Junior Chu Feng pays his respect to elders.” However, right when Sikong Zhaixing was hesitating, Chu Feng actually stood forward on his own accord and courteously greeted the two management elders of the Orion Monastery.

“Chu Feng, was it? Headmaster Sikong, this disciple of yours truly possessed courage and insight. He is indeed a talent. No wonder Headmaster Sikong would protect him in such a way and attack the Black Python Stronghold’s chief for him.”

That management elder only took a casual look at Chu Feng. After that, he made a gesture to the three thousand disciples behind him and said, “Yuan Qing, Qin Guang, come up and pay your respects to Headmaster Sikong.”

Right after he said those words, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar. Everyone cast their gazes at those three thousand disciples.

Before the countless gazes of anticipation, two young figures walked into everyone’s line of sight.

They were two young men. Their ages were merely in the early twenties. Even when compared to Chu Feng, they were only about two years older. However, their cultivation had already reached rank two Martial King.

Not only was their cultivation strong, even the aura of these two young men were beyond the norm. The first young man was close to four meters tall. Not only was he tall and strong, his body was also robust. It appeared as if he was a monstrous beast. From a single glance, one could tell that his body was filled with explosive power.

As for the other young man, his build was very petite. However, his aura was also extraordinary. Not only did he possess an elegant demeanor, he contained the feminine beauty of a female and his two eyes also contained hidden sharpness.

“Junior Yuan Qing.”

“Junior Qin Guang.”

“Pays his respect to Headmaster Sikong.” After these two men appeared, they walked over to the bow of their warship and cupped their fists respectfully at Sikong Zhaixing.

Although they were calling Sikong Zhaixing ‘headmaster’ and displaying respect courteously, their tone contained not the slightest trace of reverence.

“Senior Sister Wang Wei, who are these two? It appears as if they’re very famous.” The attitude of these two young men caused Chu Feng to narrow his eyes. A flash of displeasure appeared in his eyes. He then turned to Wang Wei and began to ask about the identity of these two young men.

That was because at the moment when these two young men appeared, the surrounding crowd completely burst into an uproar. Everyone began to discuss these two young men. It was evident that the two of them were indeed famous.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, they are both famous geniuses of the Orion Monastery. That robust man is called Qin Guang. As for that beautiful young man, he’s Yuan Qing.”

“Not only do the two of them possess outstanding talent, they are also from extraordinary birth. Rumour has it that that Qin Guang is not a human and is instead a monstrous beast with a special bloodline. He possesses divine strength and astonishing battle power. Among the rank two Martial Kings, practically no one could match him. Only rank three Martial Kings are able to fight against him.”

“As for that Yuan Qing, he is even more extraordinary. He is a true genius. Legend has it that even rank three Martial Kings are no match for him.”

“As a first-rate power of the Cyanwood Mountain, the Orion Monastery contains a lot of geniuses. Every year, they would send several genius disciples to the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“However, for disciples as outstanding as Yuan Qing, they are rarely seen in the recent years. Thus, this Yuan Qing is extremely famous. Moreover, before this, Yuan Qing and Qin Guang had declared that they would be entering the deepest region of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. This brought about a great commotion to all the powers and even the monstrous beast powers.”

“After all, the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle has, since history, never been triggered by humans or monstrous beasts before. If the two of them are truly capable of triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, it would be equivalent to winning honor for humans and monstrous beasts. Thus, their current fame is even greater as many people anticipated their success.” Explained Wang Wei.