Chapter 1058 - Universally Abhorrent

MGA: Chapter 1058 - Universally Abhorrent

These two management elders of the Orion Monastery had stern expressions. Even without displaying any anger, their might could already be felt.

At this very moment, the boundless crowd had all grew silent, without uttering a single sound. It was so quiet that it was strange. Even those monstrous beasts that were born with loud voices quieted down their breathing, not daring to breathe loudly.

Although they were all Half Martial Emperors, the deterrence of these two management elders were greater than Sikong Zhaixing’s. This was not related to their strengths. It was only because they came from the Orion Monastery.

“Black Python Stronghold’s chief pays his respect to Lord Elders from the Orion Monastery.”

Seeing the descent of the Orion Monastery’s warship, the Black Python Stronghold’s chief appeared as if he had seen his savior. He hurriedly walked over to the Orion Monastery’s warship and courteously greeted them while kneeling.

Following that, the elders from the Black Python Stronghold, the Great Wisdom Sect’s headmaster and elders and the headmasters of those third-rate powers all rushed forward too. Uniformly, they kneeled down before the warship.

Moreover, many of the Cyanwood Mountain’s subsidiary powers that did not wish to be mixed with the conflict between the Black Python Stronghold and the Southern Cyanwood Forest and were hiding within the crowd watching the show also walked out from the crowd and kneeled before the warship.

Even the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster hurriedly led his elders and disciples, descended from the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s warship and kneeled before the Orion Monastery’s warship.

In an instant, over ten thousand people were kneeling before the Orion Monastery’s warship. Moreover, many of them were people that possessed fame and reputation in this region. Thus, the scene of them kneeling right now was truly a rather magnificent sight.

However, being also a subsidiary powers of the Cyanwood Mountain, Sikong Zhaixing hesitated over and over again but, in the end, decided to not step forward to salute the Orion Monastery. The subsidiary powers of the Cyanwood Mountain only differ based upon their strength, there was not a hierarchy of status. Even if it was a third-rate power that encountered people from a first-rate power, there was no need for them to kneel.

The reason why these people were kneeling was because they feared the Orion Monastery.

Due to the fact that the Ancient Era’s Elves did not bother with worldly matters and the formidable powers with ancient history in the Cyanwood Domain were mostly located in the eastern, western and northern regions, it led to the Orion Monastery becoming the sole hegemon of the southern region.

As the saying goes, ‘when beneath eaves, one had no choice but to lower one’s head.’[1. Basically, you’re within the presence of someone stronger. Thus, you have no choice but to lower your head.] For the purpose of making good relations with the Orion Monastery, at the very least, this led to many subsidiary powers to go forth and kneel to the Orion Monastery when they encountered people from there, lest they offend the Orion Monastery.

However, compared to whether or not there was a need to kneel to the Orion Monastery, the matter that Sikong Zhaixing was worried about the most right now was still the Black Python Stronghold’s chief.

This Black Python Stronghold’s chief had kneeled at the frontmost and most eye-catching place. He did not wipe away the bloodstains on his body. Moreover, he deliberately made himself appear very weak and injured. He had even urged his blood to flow out of his wounds at a faster rate, so as to make himself appear even more miserable.

His purpose was precisely to have the elders of the Orion Monaster see his tragic appearance. When they asked him about it, he would then ruthlessly report the things that Sikong Zhaixing had done.

“Black Python Stronghold Chief, how did your injuries come about?” Sure enough, one of those two management elders opened his mouth and asked.

“Reporting to Lord Elder, earlier I saw that the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster had come to this region. Thus, I went up to greet him. Who would’ve thought that his disciple actually spoke words of insult at me. I began to argue with that disciple of his and the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster directly attacked me. Not only did he seriously injure me, he also humiliated me by having my Black Python Stronghold as well as many other headmasters and elders from other powers kneel down to him to acknowledge our wrongs.”

The Black Python Stronghold’s chief had a face filled of grievance. With lies and deceit, he completely renounced himself of his wrongdoings and added details to the wrongs of Sikong Zhaixing. It was truly despicable.

“What Black Python Stronghold’s chief said is the truth. Lord Elders, please uphold justice for us.”

However, toward the shameless conduct of the Black Python Stronghold’s chief, not only did no one bother to expose him, those people who had kneeled to Sikong Zhaixing earlier actually all nodded to express that the Black Python Stronghold’s chief’s story was the truth.

Upon hearing those words, those two management elders as well as many other people on the Orion Monastery’s warship cast their gazes over to Sikong Zhaixing.

Originally, their gazes were extremely oppressive. It was even one of anger. However, when they discovered the aura of the current Sikong Zhaixing, their expressions changed. Especially those two management elders, their eyes even shined.

Those two management elders glanced at each other. After that, they actually both cup their fist respectively at Sikong Zhaixing and said, “Headmaster Sikong, congratulations on becoming a Half Martial Emperor.”

Their voices were extremely tranquil. There was neither respect nor contempt in their voices. It was an extremely ordinary greeting.

“Elders, you’re being too courteous.” Sikong Zhaixing also cupped his fist and returned the greeting courteously.

“Headmaster Sikong, although we are not from the same school, we could consider to be from the same root.[1. Serving the same master, the Cyanwood Mountain.] May I know what sort of grudges you have with these headmasters? There would be no harm to talk about it. If possible, please forget about the grudges this time around. By all means, we must not harm the friendly relationship between us.” One of the two management elders said.

This management elder was very smart. He knew that the words spoken by the Black Python Stronghold’s chief might not be trustworthy. Thus, he actually went to ask Sikong Zhaixing to tell him what had happened.

“I believe that elders, the two of you should know about my character. If it wasn’t for the Black Python Stronghold’s chief to speak words of humiliation at me again and again, my disciple would not have gone and insulted him.”

“Regardless of who is wrong and who is not, a disciple is after all a person of the younger generation. It is his wrong to insult the Black Python Stronghold’s chief. However, the Black Python Stronghold’s chief actually forgot about his status and actually intend to kill this disciple of mine. He wished to, before my very eyes, kill my disciple. As the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster, I naturally cannot stand by and watch without lifting a finger. That was why I ended up attacking and injuring the Black Python Stronghold’s chief.”

“As for the matter of me making those headmasters kneeling down to me to admit their mistake, that is even more of a complete nonsense. It is true that they had kneeled. It is also true that they admitted their mistakes. However, it was clearly on their own accord. I have never threatened them to do so. I truly do not understand why they wanted to frame me like so.”

“Perhaps it might be because my Southern Cyanwood Forest has been on the decline for many years now and are inferior every year, that everyone felt that my Southern Cyanwood Forest is easy to bully.” Saying till this point, Sikong Zhaixing bitterly laughed, sighed and shook his head.

“What Senior Sikong said is the truth. All of this was caused by the Black Python Stronghold’s chief.” Suddenly, someone loudly shouted from the crowd.

“Who shouted that?! You must know that you cannot make irresponsible remarks, irresponsible farts! Who wanted to do such things again, if you have the courage, stand forward!” Seeing that there was actually someone speaking on behalf of Sikong Zhaixing, the Black Python Stronghold’s chief became agitatedly angry.

That was because the Orion Monastery was no fool. Even though he managed to obtain a relation with the Orion Monastery, but if it was him who was at fault and excessively wrong, it would be impossible for the Orion Monastery to assist him before all these people.

Thus, he was unable to tolerate anyone speaking up for Sikong Zhaixing at this crucial moment.

“I am the one who spoke those words.” To his great surprise, before his obvious threat, there was actually a burly man that stood forward. This burly man had dark skin and his cultivation was not weak. Not only did he possess the cultivation of a rank one Martial King, one could tell from a single glance that he possessed a frank and unyielding character.

He did not fear the threat of the Black Python Stronghold’s chief. With a loud voice, he said, “Elders from the Orion Monastery, this course of events went on like this. When the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s warship descended earlier, the Black Python Stronghold’s chief brought upon people with him and began to insult them. Headmaster Sikong ignored his insults. This caused him to intensify his insults, causing them to become more and more vulgar and offensive. The words he spoke were simply enough to make one’s hair stand up in anger.”

“Not to mention that youngster who spoke out in return was Senior Sikong’s disciple, even us among the crowd burned a fireball of rage in our hearts. We also felt that Senior Sikong was being treated wrongly.”

“That’s right. What this brother said is right. The scene earlier is something that all of us have seen. Exactly who is wrong and who is not, that is something that we all know.”

“That’s right. Black Python Stronghold’s chief. When all things are done and said, you are, after all, a stronghold’s chief. How could you so shamelessly try to invert right and wrong!”

A single ripple births forth a wave. After that burly man spoke those words, the sea of people that were originally quiet started to shout unceasingly. It was like a boiling deep fryer. Many people began to spoke words on behalf of Sikong Zhaixing. They even began to berate the Black Python Stronghold’s chief.

Seeing this situation, even those two management elders from the Orion Monastery were surprised. That was because the crowd was unrelated to the Cyanwood Mountain. They were people that should not have tried to meddle into this chaotic matter, this business of others. Yet, they did.

This meant that what the Black Python Stronghold’s chief did was most definitely extremely excessive. It was so excessive that he incurred the anger of the people.

Thus, at this moment, those two management elders from the Orion Monastery started to frown. Anger rose forth from their hearts. They looked to the Black Python Monastery’s chief and, with an extremely strict voice, said, “Black Python Stronghold Chief, is there anything else you wish to say?!”