Chapter 1057 - The Arrival of the Orion Monastery

MGA: Chapter 1057 - The Arrival of the Orion Monastery

“Heavens, this…”

If seeing the Black Python Stronghold’s chief being seriously injured and lying on the ground was shocking, then after crowd saw who the figure that was stomping down on the Black Python Stronghold’s chief was, they had become completely stupefied.

Because that person was precisely the person that had been humiliated by the Black Python Stronghold’s chief the entire time without refuting back a single word, the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster, Sikong Zhaixing.

The most important matter was that Sikong Zhaixing’s current aura was extremely astonishing. It was simply so powerful that it made people to not dare to even look straight at him. Especially those people who had joined hands with the Black Python Stronghold to come humiliate the Southern Cyanwood Forest, they all had their mouths wide open in shock and face struck with panic and fear.

Sikong Zhaixing had not merely used his leg to step on the Black Python Stronghold’s chief, his entire body was emitting an exceptionally frightening aura.

That aura was formless yet visible. Most importantly, the air had affected the space, the world and even the several hundred million people in the surrounding region.

Although this aura was something that some people were familiar with, it was strange to the majority of them. However, people knew that this air possessed a special name: Emperor Level Martial Power.

“Half Martial Emperor! Sikong Zhaixing actually broke through to Half Martial Emperor realm and became a rank one Half Martial Emperor!”

“Spectacular! Truly spectacular! Half Martial Emperor; with merely his own cultivation, it is already sufficient enough for the Southern Cyanwood Forest to become one of the top existences among the second-rate powers. It appears that the Southern Cyanwood Forest would soon emerge in power.”

At this moment, the crowd burst into an uproar. That was because even in the Holy Land of Martialism, Half Martial Emperor realm was not a realm that one could casually reach.

After all, it was a realm that concerned Emperor Level Martial Power. Thus, it was an extremely, extremely hard realm to break through into. In the Cyanwood Domain, other than the Cyanwood Mountain and some ancient powers with extremely long history, the other powers that possessed Half Martial Emperor level experts were all extremely exceptional.

For example, the Cyanwood Mountain possessed several hundred second-rate and several thousand third-rate subsidiary powers. However, no more than ten among them possessed a Half Martial Emperor. From this, one could see how powerful Half Martial Emperors were.

“Headmasters, I have a question that I wish to ask you all. We are all subsidiary powers underneath the Cyanwood Mountain, do you all look down upon my Southern Cyanwood Forest?”

Suddenly, Sikong Zhaixing raised his head and cast his gaze at that group of headmasters that had come together with the Black Python Stronghold’s chief in humiliating him.


“Headmaster Sikong,’s a misunderstanding. How could we possibly dare to look down upon your Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“That’s right, Headmaster Sikong, please don’t misunderstand us. Even though we are all subsidiary powers underneath the Cyanwood Mountain, your Southern Cyanwood Mountain is a genuine subsidiary power. How could we dare to look down on you? How could we possibly have the qualifications to do that?”

Facing a Half Martial Emperor, not to mention the headmasters of those powers, even the people from the Great Wisdom Sect and Black Python Stronghold were extremely frightened. No matter who they had standing behind their back, a Half Martial Emperor possessed the strength to flatten them. As they were currently on their own, they did not dare to refute Sikong Zhaixing.

“Misunderstanding? When the Black Python Stronghold spoke words of humiliation at my Southern Cyanwood Mountain, why did you all laugh that happily?! Did you all take me for a fool?!”

Suddenly, Sikong Zhaixing angrily glared at them with his eyes. At the same time, a boundless oppressive might burst forth from him and surrounded the bodies of those people that were laughing happily earlier. The powerful oppressive might cause that region of space to tremble violently.

“Headmaster Sikong, please be lenient, please be lenient.”

Faced with the oppressive might formed with Emperor Level Martial Power, some cowardly people were so frightened that they immediately kneeled on the ground and begged. They deeply feared that Sikong Zhaixing would have a killing intention and directly exterminate them.

Once those cowardly people kneeled on the ground, they immediately started a chain reaction. The several thousand upper echelons of the close to a hundred powers have all uniformly kneeled on the ground.

“Heh.” Seeing the group of people that were ridiculing him earlier kneeling before him and begging for forgiveness, Sikong Zhaixing lightly laughed. He then looked at the Black Python Stronghold’s chief under his foot and said, “Did you see that? These are the reinforcements that you have brought with you; nothing but a bunch of cowards.”

After he finished his words, Sikong Zhaixing abruptly raised his leg. A ‘bang’ and a scream was heard. The Black Python Stronghold’s chief was kicked down from his warship.


The Black Python Stronghold’s chief fell to the ground. This fall was not light at all. However, not a single person dared to step forward to lend him a hand. That was because all of the management elders from his Black Python Stronghold were kneeling on the ground. They did not dare to stand back up.

Thus, at this moment, the Black Python Stronghold’s chief was truly humiliated all the way to his own home.[1. This is a Chinese term which basically mean he was extremely extremely humiliated. This was because being humiliated in one’s home was a greater humiliation than being humiliated outside? I’d assume?] Not only did he not manage to humiliate the person that he wanted to, he ended up being completely humiliated instead. Even though Sikong Zhaixing did not excessively insult the Black Python Stronghold’s chief, but to be beaten up in public like this was a lot more of a direct insult than mere words.


Right at this moment, rumbling noises suddenly sounded from the boundless ocean of mist above. At the same time, that boundless ocean of mist started to roll. In the end, a colossal item started to descend from above and appeared before everyone’s line of sight.

It was a warship. Although the ship was ancient, it was also enormous. The most important matter was that on top of this enormous warship were fluttering flags. On top of those flags were two large words - Orion Monastery.

“Orion Monastery, the people from the Orion Monastery has arrived.”

After seeing the Orion Monastery’s warship, everyone’s heartbeat started accelerating. All kinds of complicated expressions appeared on their faces.

At this moment, those people from the Black Python Stronghold and their allies that were kneeling on the ground uniformly stood back up. Moreover, they displayed expressions of ecstasy on their faces. That was because they knew very well that their backing had arrived.

If, to others, the news of the Black Python Stronghold managing to associate themselves with the Orion Monastery, a first-rate power, was still a rumor, then the upper echelons of the Black Python Stronghold knew that it was, in fact, a reality.

The Black Python Stronghold truly managed to obtain the approval of the Orion Monastery. The Orion Monastery had already prepared to take the Black Python Stronghold under their wings and cultivate them.

Compared to the people from the Black Python Stronghold, the people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest and the Cloud Thunder Pavilion were deeply frowning. Their hearts began to grow restless. The Orion Monastery was not something that the Black Python Stronghold could compare with. As a first-rate power, not only do they contain a Half Martial Emperor to lead them, it was more than a single Half Martial Emperor.

Finally, the warship of the Orion Monastery landed. At this moment, everyone below was able to see that not only was the Orion Monastery’s warship enormous, there were also a lot of people on top of that warship.

Without mentioning the countless elders that were escorting the warship, merely the number of people wearing the uniform of disciples numbered over three thousand. In other words, the number of disciples from the Orion Monastery that had come to train in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond this time around numbered over three thousand.

Compared to the twenty plus people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, the thirty plus people from the Cloud Thunder Pavilion, the forty plus people from the Black Python Stronghold and the twenty plus people from the Great Wisdom Sect, the difference was enormous.

Most importantly, the three thousand plus disciples of the Orion Monastery could all be said to be elites. Not only were they young in age, all being below thirty years of age, their cultivation was also extraordinary. Practically all of them were peak Martial Lords. There were even close to a hundred Martial Kings among those disciples. Furthermore, two among them were even rank two Martial Kings.

This was the gap between first-rate powers and second-rate powers. Although they were all subsidiary powers, the first-rate powers were the main force behind the sourcing of disciples to the Cyanwood Mountain every year.

Of course, it was precisely because they possessed a very deep background and powerful strength that led to having more outstanding talents to be willing to become their disciples. This was what allowed them to be able to source that many disciples to the Cyanwood Mountain every year.

However, presently, what people paid the most attention to was not these disciples. Instead, it was at the two old men with long hair and stern face standing at the top of the warship.

Like Sikong Zhaixing, these two old men both possessed the cultivation of rank one Half Martial Emperor. However, neither of them were the headmaster of the Orion Monastery. Instead, they were management elders of the Orion Monastery. Furthermore, comparatively, the reputation of these two old men in this region greatly surpassed that of Sikong Zhaixing.