Chapter 1056 - Furious Counterattack

MGA: Chapter 1056 - Furious Counterattack

Chapter 1056 - Furious Counterattack

“Clamor~~~~” After the Black Python Stronghold’s chief said those words, a ruckus immediately sounded through the crowd. The entire surrounding crowd was incapable of keeping calm anymore. There were some that started whispering and some that started to talk secretly with voice transmission. In short, they all began to discuss this matter.

Actually, everyone present knew of the gap between the Southern Cyanwood Forest and the other three Cyanwood Forests. However, after being reminded about the gap by the Black Python Stronghold’s chief like this, everyone was unable to help themselves but think that the gap between them was truly too great.

However, the matter that shocked everyone the most was the fact that the Black Python Stronghold’s chief actually dared to humiliate Sikong Zhaixing before all these people. This was simply a public provocation.

While it was true that the Black Python Stronghold was also a second-rate subsidiary power and, based on their current strength as well as the quality of the disciples they had been sending to the Cyanwood Mountain in recent years, was indeed stronger than the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

But the Southern Cyanwood Forest was, nevertheless, a genuine subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain. Although many powers looked down upon them, they would only secretly provoke them. It was extremely rare for a power to publicly provoke them like the Black Python Stronghold.

That was because a public provocation would, more or less, bring about some taboo subjects. This was something that required courage to do. At the very least, no ordinary power would dare to do such a thing. However, the matter that many powers did not dare to do was done by the Black Python Stronghold. This naturally shocked everyone.

“Black Python Stronghold Chief, I urge you to take note of your words while speaking. Regardless of what your identity is or who you have behind your back, our Lord Headmaster is not someone that you can humiliate.”

Berated Elder Gongsun furiously with blood-red eyes. At the same time, all of the other disciples and elders of the Southern Cyanwood Forest displayed angry scowls on their faces. They were even emitting traces of killing intent. As the people of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, they were unable to tolerate someone humiliating their headmaster.

“I am speaking with your headmaster, when did it become your turn to interrupt?! What do you think yourself to be?!” Who would’ve thought that that Black Python Stronghold’s chief actually pointed at Elder Gongsun’s nose and criticized him in an extremely vile manner.

“Black Python Stronghold Chief, we all serve the Cyanwood Mountain. We are bound to see each other often. I advise you to not be too excessive.” Said the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster.

“Yoh, isn’t this the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster? Those disciples you’ve managed to cultivate this year are pretty decent, no? Their cultivation is not something suiting the quality that your Cloud Thunder Pavilion had displayed in the past. No wonder a while back you actually boasted that your Cloud Thunder Pavilion would soon emerge in power.”

The Black Pythong Stronghold’s chief laughed strangely. He did not place the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster in his eyes either. However, he soon cast his gaze at Sikong Zhaixing.

“Headmaster Sikong Zhaixing, aren’t your Southern Cyanwood Forest always a solidary power? How come you’ve come here together with the Cloud Thunder Pavilion today? Could it possibly be that you’ve truly thought that the Cloud Thunder Pavilion would soon emerge in power so you began to hug their thighs tightly?”

“Hahahaha….” After saying those words, the Black Python Stronghold’s chief once again burst into a loud laughter. The mockery, ridicule and disdain that he possessed was all manifested without reservation.

Moreover, it was not only him that was laughing. At this moment, the Great Wisdom Sect, the other three second-rate subsidiary powers and those third-rate subsidiary powers also joined in laughter.

At this moment, black lines covered the heads of all the crowd. No one followed the Black Python Stronghold’s chief in ridiculing Sikong Zhaixing. That was because they all felt that the Black Python Stronghold’s chief was being too excessive.

No matter how low the Southern Cyanwood Forest had fallen, they, after all, have neither grievances nor hatred with the Black Python Stronghold. Even if the Black Python Stronghold wanted to use the Southern Cyanwood Forest to establish their might, but for them to, for no reason or cause, publicly humiliate the Southern Cyanwood Forest, and to such a degree on top of that, was truly too excessive.

Faced with such an open humiliation and attack from the Black Python Stronghold’s chief, the management elders of Southern Cyanwood Forest were so angered that they began to clasp their fists firmly and gnash their teeth with anger. Merely, none of them dared to actually attack.

Although to others, they might not understand why the Black Python Stronghold dared to be this arrogant. However, the upper echelons of the Southern Cyanwood Forest and Cloud Thunder Pavilion knew a bit of the fishiness.

Earlier, they had caught wind that the Black Python Stronghold had managed to associate themselves with a first-rate subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain, Orion Monastery.

Orion Monastery, one of the five first-rate subsidiary powers underneath the Cyanwood Mountain. Its strength was extremely powerful and it possessed a very deep history. The most important thing was that the Origin Monastery was located at the southern region of the Cyanwood Domain.

Thus, in the southern region of the Cyanwood Domain, although the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s reputation was renowned throughout, everyone knew that the ruler of the southern region was the Orion Monastery.

The Orion Monastery was too powerful. As a first-rate power, it was the widely accepted overlord of the Cyanwood Domain’s southern region.

In the past, there had been a second-rate power that disrespected an elder from the Orion Monastery. This led to the extermination of that second-rate power, the killing of every living thing, human and animal, of that second-rate power.

Toward this matter, the Cyanwood Mountain turned a blind eye. Not only did they not discipline them, they did not even bother to inquire about it.

After that, the vicious name of the Orion Monastery flourished. At the very least, practically no power in the Cyanwood Domain’s southern region dared to go against the Orion Monastery. Moreover, in this region, other than an extraordinary race like the Ancient Era’s Sprites, there was simply no power that could contend against the Orion Monastery to begin with.

Thus, when the Black Python Stronghold managed to become hooked up with the Orion Monastery, they, without a doubt, obtained a powerful backing. This was also the greatest assurance the Black Python Stronghold had in being so arrogant and publicly humiliating the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

The current Sikong Zhaixing was a Half Martial Emperor. With his strength, there was simply no reason for him to fear the Black Python Stronghold. However, he had no choice but to consider the Orion Monastery that stood behind the Black Python Stronghold. This was also why he had endured the humiliation from the Black Python Stronghold the entire time without fighting back.

“Old man, even youngsters know about propriety when speaking. You’ve lived to such an old age, how come you speak as if you’re farting? Did all those years that you’ve lived end up making you into a rabid dog or did no one teach you and discipline you?”

Right at the moment when everyone didn’t know what to do, Chu Feng suddenly stood forward. Moreover, he pointed at the Black Python Stronghold’s chief and rained curses upon him. The intensity of his words were truly ruthless.

“That is…”

After Chu Feng said those words, the expressions of practically everyone present changed greatly. No matter what, they never expected that during a time when even Sikong Zhaixing did not dare to refute, a disciple from the Southern Cyanwood Forest actually stood out and cursed the Black Python Stronghold’s chief.

Actually, not only the outsiders, even the people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest were stunned by Chu Feng’s action. That was because the words spoken by Chu Feng would undoubtedly infuriate the Black Python Stronghold’s chief.

“What a presumptuous little brat. Have you grown tired of living?” The Black Python Stronghold’s chief wanted to humiliate the Southern Cyanwood Forest. However, he was unexpectedly publicly insulted by a younger generation of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. This caused the Black Python Stronghold’s chief to be unable to tolerate it.

He did not bother to speak any superfluous words. With a movement, he emitted his powerful aura of rank nine Martial King. At the same time, he took a step forward and directly arrived on the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s warship. He extended his palm and grabbed toward Chu Feng’s throat.

The power behind his palm was no small matter. He wanted to twist apart Chu Feng’s neck.


Right at the moment when everyone felt that Chu Feng would undoubtedly die, an explosion suddenly sounded. At the same time, a hurricane appeared before dissipating away.

That hurricane was truly too powerful. Not to mention the crowd of people observing, even the Black Python Stronghold and the Great Wisdom Sect’s management elders were incapable of withstanding it. The several thousand people were all blown away by the hurricane.

When that hurricane dissipated, the people cast their gazes back at the warship, and not only the crowd observing but practically everyone present was stunned.

At this moment, the Black Python Stronghold’s chief that was acting extremely arrogant earlier was lying on the ground with a bloodied body. Moreover, a foot was stepping on him, causing him to gnash in rage and pain.

At the same time, a calm voice that was filled with imposingness and killing intent sounded from above the Black Python Stronghold’s chief. “Black Python Stronghold Chief, if you dare to attack this disciple of mine again, I shall flatten your Black Python Stronghold.