Chapter 1055 - Public Humiliation

MGA: Chapter 1055 - Public Humiliation

“That’s not true. Legend has it that the Ancient Era’s Elves were birthed from these Ancient Era’s Immortal Ponds. The power of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ bloodline is inseparable from the Ancient Era’s Immortal Ponds. Thus, they are naturally able to train in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond as they wish.”

“However, we are incapable of doing that. We are incompatible with the Ancient Era’s Immortal Ponds. If we wanted to enter into the deepest region, it would be a test of our willpower. In short, that place is truly dangerous.” Wang Wei advised. Journeying with Chu Feng for these days, she had come to, more or less, an understanding of Chu Feng. She felt that although Chu Feng was powerful, he would oftentimes handle matters too extremely without consideration for consequences.

She feared that Chu Feng would, for the purpose of obtaining stronger strength, or, as others say it, for the purpose of the human race’s honor and glory, enter into the deepest region of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond to trigger that Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle that no one knew if it was real or not, activatable or not, and lose his life doing that.

“Senior sister Wang Wei, thank you for your good intentions. However, I still wish to try entering the deepest region of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. After all, we have already paid such an expensive admission fee. If I do not go and try to enter that place, then it would truly be a waste.”

“However, senior sister Wang Wei could rest assured. Although I, Chu Feng, am sometimes reckless in the way I handle things, I am still someone who knows about propriety. I would definitely not insist on going somewhere alone if I know that I would be killed for sure.”

“If I am a person that foolish, I would likely not be able to live up till today, much less coming to the Holy Land of Martialism.” As if he had seen through what Wang Wei was thinking, Chu Feng smiled and said to her with a voice transmission.

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Wang Wei was startled. An embarrassed expression soon appeared on her face. She suddenly felt that she had underestimated Chu Feng too much. It was exactly as Chu Feng had said, if he truly was a reckless person, how could he possibly be able to safely continue living on till now?

Thus, Wang Wei stopped trying to advise Chu Feng against it and instead displayed an apologetic smile at him.

“Let’s go. We have seen enough of the scenery now, it’s time for us to descend. If my calculation of the timing is correct, then this Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond is soon to open.” Right at this moment, Sikong Zhaixing lightly smiled and said.

Soon, with an intention from him, the warship began to fly downward. Due to the fact that they were currently above the ocean of mist, this led to them entering into that ocean of mist when the warship started to descend. In an instant, the surrounding scenery was completely replaced with white mist.

After they passed through the ocean of mist, a new scenery appeared before their eyes.

The first thing that entered Chu Feng and the other’s eyes were countless moving figures. Of course, there were some enormous monstrous beasts among them. As far as the eye could see, there were at the very least close to a million such figures.

The people were in many different groups of three to five. The majority of them came from different powers. However, there were also many loners. But, regardless, it was exactly as what Sikong Zhaixing and the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster had said - the number of people who have come here to join in the fun were truly numerous.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s gaze did not stop on these densely packed figures like ants. His gaze was cast toward the deepest part, toward the top of that enormous wall that reached all the way into the ocean of mist.

That wall’s construction was awfully spectacular. Moreover, both its form and appearance stood out from the masses. It was formed with enormous white stones that gave it not only firm stability but also artistic aesthetics.

The most important matter was that the wall sealed off everyone’s line of sight. Even though Chu Feng knew that what might be located behind that wall might be the home of the Ancient Era’s Elves, he was still incapable of seeing past the wall.

That was because a special power was embedded into this wall. It caused even Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes to be incapable of seeing through it. In fact, the entire plain was like an enormous formation. At the moment when Chu Feng passed through that boundless ocean of mist, he was shocked to discover that he was no longer capable of using his spirit power. This was definitely because of that invisible formation.

“Look, it’s the Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“The Southern Cyanwood Forest has come? One must know that they’re the most genuine subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Wow, it’s really the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Everyone, quickly, look at them. It’s the people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

Suddenly, cries of alarm began to sound from below. Moreover, the number of people gathered became more and more numerous, the voices becoming louder and louder. In an instant, practically everyone raised their heads up to look. Their gazes were cast on the warship that Chu Feng and them were on. Moreover, many of the people possessed blazing radiance in their eyes as they gazed at them.

Although the warship that Chu Feng and them were riding was not huge, it had the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s banner. Thus, when they descend from the sky, it was very easy for others to discover that they were the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

On top of that, as the subsidiary powers of the Cyanwood Mountain naturally surpassed other powers, they were existences that many powers did not dare to offend, and the Southern Cyanwood Forest was a genuine subsidiary power with renowned reputation; thus, regardless of how deteriorated they had now become, they would still bring about the attention of everyone.

At this moment, the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s management elders and disciples all held their chests up and displayed proud expressions on their faces.

That was because at this moment, their egos had obtained true satisfaction.

“Oh my, who is this? Isn’t this the Cyanwood Mountain’s most genuine subsidiary power, Southern Cyanwood Forest?” However, right at the moment when the people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest were enjoying the atmosphere of being looked up to by others, a peculiar voice suddenly sounded.

Turning around to look, not only were all the management elders of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, even the Cloud Thunder Pavilion’s headmaster and management elders started to frown and display expressions of displeasure on their faces.

That was because, at this very moment, a large group of people were currently walking towards them. They were all experts of the older generation. A rough estimation would be several thousand people.

This number was many times superior to the number of people that had come from the Southern Cyanwood Forest and Cloud Thunder Pavilion. They also possessed overwhelming imposingness.

These people were made up of many different powers. One of the powers among them was the Great Wisdom Sect. Not only were they the same as the Southern Cyanwood Forest and Cloud Thunder Pavilion, being second-rate subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain, they were also a power hostile against the Cloud Thunder Pavilion.

As for another power among them, it was called the Black Python Stronghold. It was also a second-rate subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain.

Although they were all second-rate subsidiary powers underneath the Cyanwood Mountain, this Black Python Stronghold’s strength was a bit stronger, even when compared to the Cloud Thunder Pavilion and the Southern Cyanwood Forest. For the past few years, they were in the limelight and was one of the publicly renowned formidable power in this region. It was so much so that in terms of reputation, they had surpassed the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

On top of that, in that group of people, other than the Black Python Stronghold and the Great Wisdom Sect, there were also three more second-rate subsidiary powers and close to a hundred third-rate subsidiary powers.

It was evident that they had been called over by the Black Python Stronghold. Moreover, their intention in coming was not one of kindness. That was because the person that spoke earlier was the Black Python Stronghold’s chief, a dark skinned old man with a head full of white hair. He had a smile on his face but one could tell that behind the smile hid his ruthlessness.

“Headmasters, it has been a year since we last seen each other. I trust that you all have been well since we last met.” Regardless of the intention of the guests, they were, after all, all subsidiary powers underneath the Cyanwood Mountain. Thus, when they walked over, Sikong Zhaixing cup his fist courteously and greeted them.

However, who would’ve thought that none of them actually responded to Sikong Zhaixing’s courteous gesture. Especially that Black Python Stronghold’s chief, he even cast his gaze at everyone present and, with a loud voice, said,

“The Cyanwood Mountain is the ruler of our Cyanwood Domain. There is no need to doubt their strength. They are one of the publicly renowned strongest powers in the entire Holy Land of Martialism. There are countless experts and countless geniuses within the Cyanwood Mountain. Even the Divine Bodies that could give rise to abnormal signs were not limited to only one or two in the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“With such a powerful Cyanwood Mountain, the number of their subsidiary powers are innumerable. To this day, there are a total of five first-rate subsidiary powers, several hundred second-rate subsidiary powers and several thousand third-rate subsidiary powers.”

“However, I believe that everyone present ought to know that the Cyanwood Mountain only has four genuine subsidiary powers. They are respectively the Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern Cyanwood Forests.”

“And now, the Eastern, Western and Northern Cyanwood Forests are among the five first-rate subsidiary powers. They have held three among the five first-rate subsidiary powers and are publicly accepted to be three of the strongest subsidiary powers among all the subsidiary powers of the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“However, look at this Southern Cyanwood Forest. They too are a genuine subsidiary power. Yet, they had fallen so low to become a second-class subsidiary power. It was so much that even among the second-class subsidiary powers, they are among the bottom tier.”

“Headmaster Sikong, I wish to ask, have you ever felt ashamed?” The chief of the Black Python Stronghold suddenly cast his smiling eyes at Sikong Zhaixing.