Chapter 1063 - Power Gap

MGA: Chapter 1063 - Power Gap

“Han Wang, Han Jiao, it’s actually you all?” Upon seeing the eight people before them, the expressions of Wang Wei and the others all changed greatly. Almost simultaneously, they uttered cries of surprise.

That was because the eight people before them were people they were extremely familiar with. Originally, they were the same as Wang Wei and them, being outstanding disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest; moreover, their status was above Wang Wei and them.

Back then, Wang Wei and the others had experienced many bullying by these eight people. However, because their strength was inferior and those eight possessed the protection of the then Punishment Elder, Wang Wei and the others had no choice but to tolerate the bullying.

What could they do when their opponents were people from the Han family?

However, because of a single person, all these extremely arrogant and despotic little overlords from the Han family were expelled from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. As for that person, it was Chu Feng.

“Don’t be afraid, we’ll make sure to let you all die without suffering. Isn’t that right, big brother Han Tao?” The eight people from the Han family first smiled coldly and then cast their gazes toward the leader of the group, the person still wearing the black gown.

“Of course, that Chu Feng is an exception. If we do not chop him into eight pieces, how could we make up for the old men from our Han family that thought highly of him?”

Suddenly, the black gowned man who lead the group waved his large sleeve. He had also cast away the black gown that he wore. His face appeared before Chu Feng and them.

This was the face of a stranger. This man was a middle-aged burly man. He possessed the cultivation of rank three Martial King. Moreover, his aura was extremely dense. At the very least, compared to ordinary rank three Martial Kings, this person’s aura was one that would stand out.

The most important matter was that the gaze that he looked to Chu Feng with was filled with hatred.

“Based on your words, you all have come to find me for revenge?” Asked Chu Feng with a smile.

“Heh. Brat, I’ve heard that you’re extremely powerful and that even rank three Martial Kings are no match for you. Furthermore, it is said that you have killed the several old men from my Han family.”

“But, I, Han Tao, refuse to believe in this. Today, I shall bring your severed head back. I shall have those old men see for themselves that the thorny genius in their eyes was no match for me, Han Tao.”

“Regardless of who it might be, as long as someone dared to cause troubles for my Han family, I, Han Tao, will definitely not let him get away with it. I shall kill you today and flatten your Southern Cyanwood Forest at a later date.” Han Tao said in a fierce manner as he walked toward Chu Feng.

“Buzz.” However, right at this moment, Chu Feng waved his large sleeve. A boundless golden spirit formation appeared, covering everyone within it.

“What are you doing?”

Han Tao and the others were startled by Chu Feng’s action. That was because they were able to tell that it was a concealment spirit formation that Chu Feng made. In this spirit formation, regardless of what happened inside, the people outside would not be able to see it or hear it.

However, such a spirit formation should’ve been something that they would’ve set up. For Chu Feng to actually not run away and set up such a spirit formation upon seeing them, this really caused them to be puzzled.

Faced with the confused gazes from Han Tao and them, Chu Feng merely smiled and said, “I’m merely planning to go on a killing spree.”

“Killing spree?” Hearing those words from Chu Feng, the hearts of the nine people from the Han family as well as the many people from the Black Python Stronghold shivered. Indescribably, they began to feel unease.

While Chu Feng said those words with a smile on his face, everyone was able to feel a burst of chilliness as well as a life-threatening dangerous aura. All of them emitted from Chu Feng’s body.

“Killing spree? What a joke! Did you really think that you’re a match for me?” At this moment, that Han Tao suddenly shouted explosively. He did not bother to speak anymore superfluous words. He raised his two hands and swung his arms. He had launched his attack at Chu Feng.

“Boom.” This move of his was no small matter. Although he did not utilize a martial skill, his boundless King Level Martial Power was like an invisible, extremely mighty and violent beast as it charged towards Chu Feng.

At this moment, the expressions of Wang Wei and the others took a huge change. That was because from Han Tao’s attack, they were able to tell that he was no ordinary rank three Martial King. At the very least, his battle power was a lot stronger than the Han family’s elder that Chu Feng killed back then.

Merely with this attack, it was already sufficient enough to kill all of the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest and the Black Python Stronghold.

“Woosh.” However, right at this moment, Chu Feng’s body suddenly moved. He appeared before everyone. The current Chu Feng was completely different from before.

Thunder Armor. His body was already covered with the Thunder Armor. The flashing lightning within the armor made him appear to be divine. The most important thing was... his aura was no longer that of rank nine Martial Lord, it had been increased to rank one Martial King.

However, the matter that shocked people the most was Chu Feng’s following action. Chu Feng suddenly raised his arm up. Then, he abruptly waved it at that martial power attack that was charging towards him. An explosion was heard. Han Tao’s attack has been diffused by Chu Feng.


Seeing this scene, other than Wang Wei and the other disciples who were relatively calm, everyone was greatly shocked; especially the disciples from the Black Python Stronghold who wanted to kill Chu Feng earlier, their complexions instantly turned green.

At this moment, they realized why Chu Feng would say those things earlier. It turned out that they had kicked an iron plate. Chu Feng was able to easily block even the attack from a rank three Martial King. In that case, wouldn’t killing them be as easy as lifting a finger?

At this moment, they were extremely regretful. They truly felt that they had walked into hell. Unfortunately for them, leaving the hell appeared to not be as easy as entering it.

“Not bad. You’re actually able to breakthrough from rank nine Martial Lord to rank one Martial King. It appears that those old men were not lying and you really do possess some special tricks up your sleeve.”

“It also appears that I can’t be careless. It’s about time for me to show you the true strength of a Martial King and the true gap between you and I.”

“A Martial Lord is forever a Martial Lord. Even if you could, through your trick, obtain the cultivation of rank one Martial King, you would definitely still be no match for me.” After he finished those words, Han Tao waved his hand. A large Royal Armament axe appeared in his hand.

Once the large axe appeared, the space trembled. Boundless power was overflowing from the axe. They fused together with Han Tao. At this moment, Han Tao’s battle power was rapidly rising.

It was not only Han Tao who was strengthened by the power, even the natural energy within the spirit formation was affected by the axe and began to restlessly move about and revolve around Han Tao.

It was as if Han Tao was the overlord of this region of space. He had already obtained control over everything, including Chu Feng and the others’ lives.

“Woosh.” However, right at this moment, Chu Feng turned his wrist. The pitch-black colored Demon Sealing Sword appeared in his hand.


Once the Demon Sealing Sword appeared, Chu Feng directly penetrated it into the ground. At the instant the Demon Sealing Sword was pierced into the ground, the natural energy within this spirit formation that was under Han Tao’s control actually turned into a hurricane with the Demon Sealing Sword as the center.

The most important matter was that as that hurricane revolved about, everyone was able to feel an oppressive aura. That oppressive aura was not emitted from Chu Feng. They were being emitted by the Demon Sealing Sword.

Fear. That was what everyone was feeling right now. They had all been intimidated by the might of the Demon Sealing Sword. Even Han Tao was of no exception.

Actually, it was not only everyone present that was feeling fear. Han Tao’s large Royal Armament axe was also trembling nonstop. The might that it displayed earlier was completely gone now.

“What,what is going on? That sword…”

Seeing the pitch-black colored Demon Sealing Sword, fear filled Han Tao’s eyes. He had seen a lot of Royal Armaments before. However, it was the first time that he had seen a Royal Armament like the Demon Sealing Sword that contained such enormous might, that could bring about such enormous pressure and even caused his large Royal Armament axe to tremble in fear.

Right at the moment when everyone’s attention was on the Demon Sealing Sword, Chu Feng suddenly gripped its handle, pulled it back up from the ground and pointed it at Han Tao. “You now know about the gap between us, right?”