Chapter 1556 - Visit From The Orion Monastery

MGA: Chapter 1556 - Visit From The Orion Monastery

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, “Is Headmaster Sikong in the Southern Cyanwood Forest?”

The Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster Sikong Zhaixing could be said to be a person who had shown great kindness toward Chu Feng. Back then, had it not been for his help at the crucial moment, Chu Feng might have already been killed in the Southern Cyanwood Forest at the hands of that elder by the name of Han Qingyu.

Chu Feng was a person who would repay kindness given to him. Even though he knew that the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s current prosperity was all because of him, he wished to see Headmaster Sikong before he left, because he did not know when he would return, or even whether he would be able to return. Therefore he wished to properly thank Headmaster Sikong before leaving.

After all, had it not been for Sikong Zhaixing helping him back then, Chu Feng might not be the person he was today, and might have already been met with a violent death.

“Lord Headmaster is currently receiving the Orion Monastery’s headmaster and elders,” That management elder said.

“The Orion Monastery’s headmaster? Why has he come to the Southern Cyanwood Forest?” Chu Feng was shocked. He knew very well what sort of place the Orion Monastery was.

The Cyanwood Mountain possessed a lot of subsidiary powers. According to the strength of the subsidiary powers, they would be ranked into different tiers. There were only five first-tier subsidiary powers. As for the Orion Monastery, it was one of them.

Due to the fact that this Orion Monastery was located in the southernmost region of the Cyanwood Domain, it could be said to be the overlord of this region, and they possessed the power to cover the sky with one hand.

Back then, when Chu Feng had first entered the Southern Cyanwood Forest, the Southern Cyanwood Forest had been miserably suppressed by the Orion Monastery. Furthermore, at that time, the Southern Cyanwood Forest had been nothing more than trash in the eyes of the Orion Monastery.

However, never would he have thought that the Orion Monastery would take the initiative to come to the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

“Chu Feng, you’ve actually come at the perfect time. This time around, the Orion Monastery could be said to have come with ill intentions. Perhaps, your arrival might help lift a siege for us,” That elder said.

Chu Feng frowned as he asked, “Come with ill intentions? What happened?”

“Days before, the Orion Monastery’s headmaster had come to find our Lord Headmaster with a map in hand. He said that he had discovered a treasure deposit, and knew of the precise location of that treasure deposit.”

“He declared that treasure deposit to be in our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s territory. Out of courtesy, he wanted to invite our Southern Cyanwood Forest to open that treasure deposit together with him. He said that he was going to share the treasures in that treasure deposit with us in a fifty-fifty manner.”

“Had it been before, the Orion Monastery would never have invited us to participate in this sort of thing. With their arrogant behavior, they would have definitely directly intruded into our territory and opened up the treasure deposit. How could they have bothered to care about the opinion of our Southern Cyanwood Forest?”

“The reason that they have done so today is actually all because of you. They already knew that you defeated Bai Yunxiao and the other geniuses in the Cyanwood Mountain, and that Lord Half Martial Emperor White Ape is deeply fond of you. Thus, they are taking this opportunity as a pretext to close the relationship with our Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“Furthermore, it just so happened to be that the treasures contained in that treasure deposit were very good, and surpassed everyone’s expectations.”

“Upon seeing that many treasures, the Orion Monastery’s headmaster regretted his decision to boast about sharing the treasures with our Southern Cyanwood Forest fifty-fifty, and wanted to acquire everything.”

“However, upon considering you, and how Lord Headmaster had helped them enormously in obtaining the treasures, the Orion Monastery, although unwilling to do so, did not go back on their promise and handed us fifty percent of the treasures.”

“Actually, this matter happened some time ago. However, for some unknown reason, the Orion Monastery suddenly went back on their word, and said that they felt that the distribution of the treasures last time was uneven, and wanted us to hand them back the fifty percent of the treasures that they had distributed to us.”

“Naturally, Lord Headmaster refused this sort of rude request. However, to our surprise, the Orion Monastery’s headmaster actually led his management elders and aggressively charged into our Southern Cyanwood Forest, demanding to take the fifty percent of the treasures away by force,” That elder said.

“Preposterous! Who gave them the nerves to do such a thing?!” Chu Feng was enraged. He knew that the Orion Monastery would not do this sort of thing without reason. Something must have happened.

“We don’t know. They have come aggressively, and even declared that anyone below the Half Martial Emperor level is not qualified to meddle in their conversation. Thus, we were all driven out. Right now, only Lord Headmaster himself is discussing with them,” Speaking of that matter, that elder had a very worried expression.

“Where are they discussing? I’ll go have a look,” Chu Feng said.

“They’re in the main palace hall. I’ll lead you there right away,” As that elder spoke, he began to lead the way for Chu Feng.

Outside of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s main palace hall were gathered a lot of the people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Regardless of whether they were elders or disciples, they were all the most outstanding existences in the Southern Cyanwood Forest. They were the greatest battle power of the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

They knew that the Orion Monastery had come with ill intentions today, and that a fierce battle might occur. Even though they knew that they were no match for the Orion Monastery, they would still not compromise.

Inside the main palace hall, the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster Sikong Zhaixing was sitting. At this moment, he had an ugly expression on his face. That was because there were thirteen individuals other than him present in the main palace hall.

These thirteen individuals were all the same as him, they were all Half Martial Emperors. Among them, five were rank two Half Martial Emperors, and one was a rank three Half Martial Emperor. Most importantly, all thirteen of them were not people of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Instead, they were all from the Orion Monastery.

The Orion Monastery’s headmaster had come here leading twelve Half Martial Emperor-level elders. This came as an enormous pressure to Sikong Zhaixing. After all, Sikong Zhaixing was still only a rank one Half Martial Emperor.

It was simply impossible for him to contend against these thirteen Half Martial Emperors.

“Sikong Zhaixing, it would seem that you do not plan to return the fifty percent of the treasures to us?”

At this moment, the Orion Monastery’s headmaster had an ice-cold gaze. His tone was extremely arrogant. It was simply not the appearance of someone willing to discuss. Instead, he was demanding.

“It is you who said that we would share the treasures fifty-fifty, but right now, you have decided to go back on your word. This is simply not upright and honest behavior,” Sikong Zhaixing said.


The Orion Monastery’s headmaster slammed his palm onto the table, shattering it. As the fragments of the table flew all over the place, his might of a rank three Half Martial Emperor wreaked havoc through the entire palace hall.

Before this might, Sikong Zhaixing was forced back. Not only did he fall from his seat, he nearly even landed on the ground.

Weak, he appeared extremely weak and useless. However, there was nothing he could do. After all, his cultivation was inferior. Even if he were to be humiliated, he had no choice but to endure it.

“Sikong Zhaixing, I think you’re mistaken. I am not consulting with you. Rather, I am demanding from you. You’d best hand them over right now. Else, I’ll have your Southern Cyanwood Forest know the price of going against our Orion Monastery!” The Orion Monastery’s headmaster spoke in a very fierce manner. He was no longer asking. Rather, he was threatening.

“Based on what you said, you’re planning to forcibly rob us? Do you not fear this matter being passed on to the Cyanwood Mountain? Do you not fear Lord Headmaster punishing you?” Sikong Zhaixing asked.

“Passing on to the Cyanwood Mountain? Hahahaha… Sikong Zhaixing, did you think that I’d be afraid of you?”

“Firstly, the Cyanwood Mountain has always turned a blind eye to the conflicts between subsidiary powers. Secondly, did you really think the Cyanwood Mountain would side with your mere Southern Cyanwood Forest, or do you think that they’ll side with us?”

“You actually dare to use Lord Headmaster to threaten me? Who do you think you are? Do you even think you are qualified?” The Orion Monastery’s headmaster asked coldly.

Sikong Zhaixing became speechless. In terms of strength and worth, it was true that the current Southern Cyanwood Forest was greatly inferior to the Orion Monastery. Sikong Zhaixing’s value was also inferior to the value of the Orion Monastery’s headmaster.

Indeed. He, Sikong Zhaixing, was not qualified to say those words to the Orion Monastery.