Chapter 1555 - Returning To The Southern Cyanwood Forest

MGA: Chapter 1555 - Returning To The Southern Cyanwood Forest

“No, perhaps… perhaps I still have a chance. After all, Chu Feng has returned. As long as I change the attitude that I have toward him and strive to pursue him, I might still be able to become his woman.”

“Chu Feng’s relationship with grandpa is very good. That is my advantage,” Thinking to this point, a trace of hope appeared in Luo Lian’s heart. Then, she raised her head and looked to Chu Feng with a smile.

However, upon looking at Chu Feng, she was immediately petrified. The hope that was just ignited in her heart was instantly extinguished. It was as if she had been thrown into a bottomless ice cave in an instant. From inside to outside, she felt an extremely unbearable coldness.

That was because she discovered that there was a woman beside Chu Feng. That woman was the one who had healed her earlier, Tantai Xue.

Tantai Xue was extremely beautiful. Her beauty was like that of a celestial fairy. She was a beauty not of this mortal world. A beauty like her should not have been able to exist in this world.

Furthermore, Tantai Xue was extremely powerful. Her aura was truly too immensely more powerful than her own. The difference between them was simply as enormous as the heavens from the earth, two things that could not be discussed alongside one another.

Most importantly, Tantai Xue was so well matched with Chu Feng when she stood beside him. It was as if only a woman like her would be able to suit such an outstanding man as Chu Feng.

At this moment, Luo Lian knew that there was no hope for her. She was simply unable to match up with Tantai Xue. Thus, she would not be able to suit Chu Feng.

Despair. An indescribable despair filled her vain heart.

“Grandpa Luo, don’t stay here anymore. I do not wish for you to continue being bullied and humiliated by others. Allow me to bring you all away,” Right at this moment, Chu Feng said to Grandpa Luo.

“Where to?” Grandpa Luo had also realized that this place was unsafe. This was a world where the weak were prey to the strong. Without sufficient strength, without a powerful backer, he could only allow himself to be bullied and humiliated by others.

While he was fine with it, as he was only a weary old body, he did not wish for his two granddaughters to live under the same sort of bullying and humiliation he received.

“The Southern Cyanwood Forest,” Chu Feng said.

“The Southern Cyanwood Forest? Is it really proper for us to go there?” Grandpa Luo hesitated. To him, the Southern Cyanwood Forest was an extremely extraordinary power. He had also heard recently that the headmaster of the Southern Cyanwood Forest had become a Half Martial Emperor, and that the Southern Cyanwood Forest was no longer the same as before, that it was now becoming increasingly prosperous and powerful.

Generally, the people who would train there were all children from prestigious families or noblemen. In fact, there were even the children from some enormously powerful families. With them and their lowly status, wouldn’t it be even more dangerous for them should they go there?

“Rest assured. While I cannot guarantee anywhere else, there will definitely not be anyone in the Southern Cyanwood Forest who would dare to bully you and your granddaughters.”

“If you all were to be bullied in the Southern Cyanwood Forest, not to mention those who bullied you all, even the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster would have to bear the consequences.”

“Right now, Chu Feng is the number one disciple in the Cyanwood Mountain, the most treasured person of the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster, Dugu Xingfeng. Thus, not to mention the Southern Cyanwood Forest, even if you all were to go to the Cyanwood Mountain, there would not be anyone that would dare to bully you all,” said Hong Qiang. He had noticed Grandpa Luo’s worries.

“Chu Feng, is that true? You’re already the number one disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain?” Hearing those words, Luo Lian’s expression immediately changed. That was because this news was truly too astonishing.

What sort of place was the Cyanwood Mountain? It was the ruler of the Cyanwood Domain. To be the number one disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain meant that one would be the strongest member of the younger generation in the entire Cyanwood Domain. Countless grand characters would have to bow down to him.

“Grandpa Luo, going to the Southern Cyanwood Forest is only a temporary matter,” Chu Feng ignored Luo Lian and said to Grandpa Luo, “Lil Ru is still very young. Have her train in the Southern Cyanwood Forest first. After she grows older, she can then go to the Cyanwood Mountain. At that time, if you are worried about her, you can accompany Lil Ru to the Cyanwood Mountain.”

Although Chu Feng did not answer Luo Lian’s question, his words had indirectly told them that what Hong Qiang said was the truth.

“Good, good, good. We’ll do as you say,” Grandpa Luo was so happy that he was grinning from ear to ear. He had determined that he was truly fortunate. Furthermore, it was not only him that was receiving such fortune, even his granddaughters had managed to receive it.

They had come to know the Cyanwood Mountain’s number one disciple. Furthermore, this Cyanwood Mountain’s number one disciple showed such deep consideration for them. This was a blessing that he would not be able to obtain even in eight lifetimes.

“Chu Feng, what about them? Should we kill them?” Tantai Xue’s gaze turned to the sealed spirit formation. Inside that spirit formation were Zhao Shaoqiu, Master Yang, and the others who were receiving their torments.

“No. We’ll have them continue experiencing it. If not, how else would they wish they were dead?” Chu Feng smiled.

“Continue?” Tantai Xue was confused.

“The apes created by my spirit formation possess a spiritual nature. Through the use of the spirit formation’s power, they can keep Zhao Shaoqiu and the others alive. Even if they do not eat or drink anything, they will still be able to continue living. They will live this way until they have exhausted all of their essence before dying,” Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, Tantai Xue’s expression changed. She asked no more. Even though she had already guessed what Chu Feng was planning to do, she never expected that Chu Feng’s spirit formation would be this immoral, so immoral that even she was unable to accept it.

“Let’s go,” After that, Chu Feng brought Grandpa Luo and the others and left this place. Before leaving, Chu Feng removed the formation that blocked his other formation.

He did that precisely because he wanted the appearance of Zhao Shaoqiu making love successively with the several tens of gorillas to be seen by everyone. He wanted to make Zhao Shaoqiu feel utterly humiliated. He wanted the Zhao Family Banking House to be utterly humiliated.

Furthermore, Chu Feng did not fear the people from the Zhao Family Banking House finding people to save Zhao Shaoqiu. That was because the gorillas in his spirit formation possessed the battle power of Martial Kings. With the financial ability of the Zhao Family Banking House, they would not be able to even hire Martial Lord level experts. Thus, how could they possibly face Martial King-level gorillas to save their young master?

Thus, it was destined that the Zhao Family Banking House would lose all face. This was the price that they would have to pay for provoking Chu Feng.

The distance from the Magnificent Brocade City to the Southern Cyanwood Forest was not far at all to Chu Feng. Thus, on the same day, they arrived at the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

Chu Feng’s arrival in the Southern Cyanwood Forest immediately created a huge uproar. While others might not know how amazing Chu Feng was, the Southern Cyanwood Forest knew best.

Chu Feng had long since become the symbol, the hero of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Right now, times had changed for the Southern Cyanwood Forest. It was many times more prosperous than before. As for that, it was not because of how well the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster had managed the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Instead, it was all thanks to Chu Feng.

Thus, when Chu Feng returned to the Southern Cyanwood Forest, not only were the disciples extremely reverent and respectful toward him, even the elders were nodding and bowing to him as if they had seen the return of their ancestor. They were truly cordial.

Especially after they saw Hong Qiang, this unfathomable expert, and Tantai Xue, this rank two Half Martial Emperor-level young woman, they became even more reverent. Even when speaking, they would think again and again before they spoke, out of fear of offending Chu Feng.

Seeing this scene, Grandpa Luo and Luo Lian came to completely believe Chu Feng’s current strength and status. The reputation of the number one disciple in the Cyanwood Mountain was truly not in vain.

That was because when Chu Feng mentioned that he would be settling Grandpa Luo and the others in the Southern Cyanwood Forest, the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s management elders actually all guaranteed again and again that they would definitely look after Grandpa Luo and his family properly. It was as if it were a privilege to be able to look after Grandpa Luo and his granddaughters.