Chapter 1554 - There Are No Ifs

MGA: Chapter 1554 - There Are No Ifs

With an angry expression on his face, Chu Feng hurriedly asked, “You were driven out? Who drove you out?”

“Forget about it. It’s been so long, it’s best to not mention it,” Grandpa Luo smiled indifferently. He did not wish Chu Feng to look into this.

“It’s some son of a bitch who calls himself Master Yang,” However, Luo Lian was unwilling to forgive. She continued, “He’s a tyrant of that White Stone City, pretty similar to the Magnificent Brocade City’s Zhao Family Banking House.”

“Back then, not long after grandpa and I got there, he wanted to make me into his concubine. After I refused, he colluded with the powerful people in the village to make things difficult for us.”

“We were unable to continue living there anymore. That’s why we ended up selling the house and leaving White Stone City. We ended up going to a neighboring city to live there. However, that Master Yang was actually unwilling to let us go, and even dispatched people to capture me.”

“Fortunately, I happened to manage to break through into Heaven Realm back then. It was only because of that breakthrough that we managed to escape.”

“Afterward, for the sake of preventing future disturbances, we returned here. At that time, we thought that since the Occult Blood Church was no longer present and, the Magnificent Brocade City had been massacred, this place should be relatively safe.”

“However, it was only after we returned that we discovered that while the Magnificent Brocade City had been massacred, the people from the Zhao Family Banking House were all alive, and that they had all feigned their deaths.”

“Furthermore, due to the fact that all of the other major powers in the city had been massacred, the Zhao Family Banking House became the strongest in the Magnificent Brocade City. Not only did they declare themselves to be the rulers, they even began to recruit soldiers and buy horses, becoming even more powerful than before.”

“When Zhao Shaoqiu found out that we had returned, he came to find me. I decided to ignore him, yet he repeatedly tangled himself with me. Furthermore, he secretly sent people to monitor us and would not allow us to leave.”

“We truly had extremely bad luck. No matter where we went, we ended up being bullied. I…” Speaking till this point, Luo Lian became unable to continue. She started to choke with sobs, and tears began to flow down her face as she began crying painfully.

At this moment, Grandpa Luo did not say anything. He felt that he was very useless. That was why he had ended up causing his granddaughter to feel so many grievances.

“Luo Lian, bring me to the White Stone City. I shall see what ability that Master Yang has to dare to act this arrogant and forceful,” Chu Feng said.

“Okay, I’ll bring you there,” Luo Lian nodded her head violently. It seemed like she was waiting for precisely these words.

“Chu Feng, forget about it. Anyone can make mistakes. It’s better to forgive them when possible,” Grandpa Luo spoke against it.


However, when Grandpa Luo finished saying those words, he discovered that Chu Feng and Luo Lian had already disappeared.

“This…” At this moment, Grandpa Luo became stunned. He discovered that in the period of over a year, Chu Feng’s cultivation had reached an extremely frightening level, much more frightening than before.

For Chu Feng’s progress to be this enormous in a period of over a year, this was truly something that he had never expected. That was because Chu Feng’s progress speed was many times faster than he had anticipated.

“Do not overthink it anymore. Chu Feng considers you all as his relatives. He will not disregard this matter. This is already no longer something related to only your Luo family. Instead, it is something that concerns Chu Feng. With such a thing happening, if Chu Feng doesn’t teach them a lesson, it would not suit his character.”

Right at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in the sky. It was Hong Qiang.

When Grandpa Luo saw Hong Qiang, his expression took a huge change, and he became speechless.

Even though he was no longer a Martial King, he was, after all, someone who had once traveled through the Holy Land of Martialism. He had seen a lot of powerful experts.

Thus, when he saw Hong Qiang, there was simply no need for him to sense anything at all. With merely a glance, he was able to tell that Hong Qiang was an extremely extraordinary existence.

Then, he looked to Tantai Xue, who had helped heal his injuries earlier. She had used Royal level spirit power. Evidently, she was a Royal-cloak World Spiritist, also an extraordinary existence. To notice that the two people before him were all extraordinary grand existences, the already shocked Grandpa Luo’s heart was overwhelmed.

In such a short period of time, not only did Chu Feng’s cultivation greatly increase, he had even managed to get to know existences as powerful as them. Chu Feng… exactly how did he manage to accomplish these things?

This sort of shocked state lasted for quite a while. Then, after Grandpa Luo’s shocked mind gradually calmed down, his shock was replaced with joy, a joy that he had never previously felt. He really felt that it was like he was dreaming, that he was extremely lucky to have unexpectedly come to know someone like Chu Feng. Even though Chu Feng was from the Southern Sea Region, he was definitely a dragon among men.

Not long after Grandpa Luo managed to calm his mind, a flash of light shone, and two figures landed in the courtyard. Chu Feng and Luo Lian had actually returned.

“What's wrong? Did you guys change your mind? That’s good too. Where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them. Furthermore, that Master Yang did not really do anything to us. There’s no need to make things difficult for him,” Grandpa Luo thought that Chu Feng had returned this quickly because he had changed his mind midway.


Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly took out a bag. After that bag was thrown to the ground, a living man appeared from it.

It was a middle-aged burly man. He possessed a cultivation of rank two Heaven Realm. However, at this moment, his body was covered with blood. It was clear that he had been badly beaten.

“Stop beating me, stop beating me. Milord, please stop beating me,” After this man appeared, he began to wail and plead nonstop. He was shivering all over. It was clear that he was deeply frightened.

Upon closer inspection, Grandpa Luo was shocked. This person… wasn’t he that Master Yang who had made things extremely difficult for them before?

“Why aren’t you apologizing to Grandpa Luo?” Chu Feng kicked that Master Yang to Grandpa Luo.

When that Master Yang raised his head, he discovered that it was really Grandpa Luo before him. Right away, two streams of remorseful tears began to roll down the corners of that Master Yang’s eyes. He immediately began to kowtow to Grandpa Luo.

“Grandpa Luo, you are my own grandpa. I had eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai. I did not know your true identity. I was in the wrong. Please give me another chance. Please, I have my aging parents and children to take care of. Please, I do not wish to die.”

Master Yang’s words were from the bottom of his heart. If he knew that Grandpa Luo knew someone like Chu Feng, even if he were given a hundred guts, he would still not dare to bully Grandpa Luo and his family like he did before.

At this time, he was filled with lingering fear. That was because he knew of Chu Feng’s strength. If Chu Feng wanted to kill him, it would be easier than crushing an ant to death.

As Grandpa Luo saw this Master Yang begging like this, he did not know what to do. Feeling helpless, he turned to Chu Feng.

“For someone like you, it would only be a waste to let you live. However, it would be too easy on you if you were to die. It would be better to make you wish that you were dead,” As Chu Feng spoke, he grabbed onto Master Yang and threw him into his world spirit formation.

“Ahhhhh~~~~~~~ What the fuck is this~~~~ Get away~~~ No, stop tearing my clothes~~~~~ No, don’t do this~~ Nooo~~~~~ Ahhh~~~ Help me~~~~~~ Ahhh~~~~~~”

In an instant, another miserable scream sounded from within that spirit formation. This scream belonged to Master Yang.

At this moment, Tantai Xue and Hong Qiang were expressionless. Lil Ru was young, and did not know much. She only knew that the people who had bullied them had been taken care of, and thus felt very happy, and began to laugh.

As for Grandpa Luo, he had a very complicated expression on his face. It could be said that he was both shocked and in joy. He had thought that Chu Feng had decided to return midway. However, now he knew that Chu Feng had already gone to White Stone City. Or else, he would not have brought back Master Yang.

Although White Stone City was not very far from Magnificent Brocade City, it was still quite some distance away. If not, they would not have thought that it would be possible for them to be safe by returning here.

However, Chu Feng had been able to traveling back and forth between the two cities in such a short period of time. This was truly unimaginable.

If he had only guessed what Chu Feng’s cultivation might be before, then he was certain of it now. He now knew that Chu Feng’s cultivation was many times more powerful than when he was at his peak.

However, in terms of being the most shocked, it would be none other than Luo Lian. When she was leading Chu Feng to White Stone City, she had seen with her own eyes what sort of method Chu Feng was using to travel, and what sort of speed he was traveling at.

Furthermore, when Chu Feng’s divine might enveloped the entire White Stone City, the people from that entire city all kneeled and began to worship Chu Feng as if he were a god. At that time, she had been standing beside Chu Feng. At that time, she had had an illusion. She felt as if she, standing beside Chu Feng, had also become a god-like existence.

At that time, she wished enormously that she could stand beside Chu Feng like that forever and enjoy the gazes filled with reverence from the people, enjoy that sort of unparalleled sensation of being on top of everyone else.

However, she knew that it was impossible. Back then, when Chu Feng had come to find Grandpa Luo for the first time, her attitude toward him had been extremely bad. Not only did she look down upon him, she even degraded and insulted him.

Whenever she recalled her actions before, she would always feel extremely regretful. She regretted how she had had eyes but not been able to see, how she had been unable to recognize a genius standing before her, and had instead considered Zhao Shaoqiu as a treasure, how she had compared Chu Feng against Zhao Shaoqiu, and deemed Chu Feng to be worthless.

Upon recalling all her actions, she felt extremely stupid. It was as if she had been a blind person. In fact, she had been blinder than a blind person.

Even though Chu Feng was still helping them, she knew very well that Chu Feng was doing this because of Grandpa Luo. It was not at all related to her. That was because Chu Feng had been extremely cold toward her on the journey to White Stone City and back. It was no different from how one would treat a stranger. Other than having her identify who that Master Yang was, he did not say a single word to her.

Upon seeing the attitude that Chu Feng displayed toward Grandpa Luo and Lil Ru, and then recalling the attitude he displayed to her, she felt even more pained.

If she had not treated Chu Feng that way before, if she had tried to stick up for Chu Feng, then perhaps she would be able to receive the same treatment that Grandpa Luo and Lil Ru received today. In fact, she might even be able to win Chu Feng’s favor and become his woman.

Unfortunately… there are no ifs.

[1. Xima: Sorry sweetheart, Not even Xue’er is a candidate to be Feng’er’s wife. You stand no chance. Xue’er has been friendzoned and you have been annoying woman zoned]