Chapter 1553 - Living Hell

MGA: Chapter 1553 - Living Hell

The dusky sky grew darker and darker. The rolling thunder grew louder and louder. The frightening oppressive might grew stronger and stronger. Being enveloped by it, it was as if the entire earth were going to be pulverized.

Under this sort of pressure, Zhao Shaoqiu and the others were extremely terrified and started to piss their pants. How could they even dare to do any illicit things anymore? Instead, the only focus in their minds was fleeing this place.

“Zhao Shaoqiu, don’t think you can leave.”

Right at this moment, a figure landed from the sky. Like the descent of a god, he landed in the courtyard. This person was none other than Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, it’s act, actually yo, you?” When Zhao Shaoqiu saw Chu Feng, he acted as if he had seen the King of Hell. He was so afraid that he lost strength in his legs, landed on his butt and began to shiver nonstop.

It was not only him, the rest of the people from the Zhao Family had also fallen on their butts out of fear.

That was because they all knew who Chu Feng was, and what sort of person he was.

Back then, the Occult Blood Church had been a very frightening existence. It could be said that they would be terror-stricken just by hearing the name of the Occult Blood Church. However, Chu Feng had completely eradicated the entire Occult Blood Church all by himself.

He was a true demon, a true cold-blooded murderous demon. He had even become a frightening legend in the Magnificent Brocade City.

And now, this malignant star had actually returned. As such, how could they possibly be able to live in peace?

“Chu Feng, it’s really you?” Compared to the terror of Zhao Shaoqiu and the people from the Zhao Family, Grandpa Luo and Luo Lian were overjoyed by this pleasant surprise. They felt as if they were dreaming and did not dare to believe their eyes.

“Grandpa Luo, rest assured. With me here, no one will be able to bully you all,” Chu Feng smiled at Grandpa Luo.

Right after Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, a celestial fairy-like woman suddenly appeared. She arrived beside Grandpa Luo and began to help heal his injuries using spirit formation techniques. This person was Tantai Xue.

While Tantai Xue was healing Grandpa Luo, Chu Feng grabbed Zhao Shaoqiu and raised him into the air. With an ice-cold tone, he said, “Back then, you feigned your death. Today, I shall make you wish you were dead.” At this moment, Chu Feng was truly enraged.

Back then, when Chu Feng had left this place, he had worried about the safety of Grandpa Luo and the others. Thus, he had transferred them to another city and had even purchased a nice house for Grandpa Luo and his family in that city.

Before he left, Chu Feng had passed through the Magnificent Brocade City and saw that it was filled with corpses, and that the entire city had been slaughtered by the people of the Occult Blood Church.

Many people had died. As for Zhao Shaoqiu, he had been among the people who had died. Furthermore, his death had been very miserable. His corpse had even been hung in the most obvious location in the city, on top of the city gates.

That scene had greatly frightened Luo Lian, and come as a great blow to her. However, Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that Zhao Shaoqiu, although heavily injured, was not dead. He was playing dead.

It was not only Zhao Shaoqiu that was feigning his death, many other people in the Magnificent Brocade City were doing the same. As for those people, they were all from the Zhao Family Banking House.

At that time, Chu Feng had realized right away what had happened. The Zhao Family Banking House possessed a great amount of wealth. Thus, they had not had enough time to move everything. Knowing that the Occult Blood Church would be coming to massacre everyone in the city, they decided to mutilate themselves, covering themselves with serious, miserable-looking, injuries. Then, they took special medicinal pellets that could make them appear to be dead. Using this technique of feigning death, they had managed to escape the calamity.

As Chu Feng did not possess any enormous hatred or grievance with this Zhao Shaoqiu, he did not expose his action of feigning death, nor did he tell Luo Lian about it.

That was because Chu Feng knew that while Luo Lian’s heart was with Zhao Shaoqiu, she did not know that he was such a coward. Chu Feng did not wish for them to be associated with one another again. Thus, he did not make mention of this matter.

However today, after Chu Feng returned to the house that he had purchased for Grandpa Luo and his family, he discovered that Grandpa Luo had sold the house, and no one knew where they had gone to. This caused Chu Feng to be extremely worried.

Then, feeling helpless, Chu Feng thought of the Magnificent Brocade City. He knew that the Magnificent Brocade City was Grandpa Luo’s hometown. Perhaps Grandpa Luo had missed his hometown and decided to return to the Magnificent Brocade City.

After all, the Occult Blood Church had been exterminated by him. Even if Grandpa Luo were to return to the Magnificent Brocade City, he would not be in any mortal danger.

With the heart of trying out his luck, Chu Feng decided to come to the Magnificent Brocade City to have a look. However, to his surprise, not only were Grandpa Luo and his granddaughters here, this Zhao Shaoqiu was also here. Furthermore, Zhao Shaoqiu was doing illicit things inferior to even pigs and dogs.

“I… I…” Zhao Shaoqiu was deeply frightened. He was so scared that his trousers were steaming and wet. He was unable to even speak clearly.

“Don’t you like doing illicit things? I’ll let you do so. I’ll have you do enough so that you’ll die.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he suddenly threw Zhao Shaoqiu to the side. Then, with a thought, he created a spirit formation. As that spirit formation shone with flickering light, a series of strange roars began to be heard from it. Then, several tens of gorillas rushed out from that spirit formation.

These gorillas were three meters tall and covered with hair. Even though they were formed by spirit formations, they were very vivid and lifelike. It was as if they were actual gorillas. Most importantly, not only were these gorillas extremely hideous, they were all female. After they appeared, they unleashed roars of thirst, and their eyes shone with a strange light.

“Chu Feng, is what you’re planning to do really proper?” At this moment, Tantai Xue’s expression became unnatural. She had managed to guess what Chu Feng was planning to do.

“For someone like him, this sort of method is the most suitable,” As Chu Feng spoke, he had a thought, and the several tens of gorillas pounced onto Zhao Shaoqiu. Then, with extremely vicious methods, they became to do extremely vicious things to him.

“Ahhhh~~~~~ No~~~~ Ahhh~~~~~~~ Heavens~~~~~~~ Save me~~~~~~~”

At this moment, Zhao Shaoqiu was screaming nonstop. He was in so much pain that he wished he was dead. Constant painful screams and anguished wailings were being heard.

“Run! Run away!”

When they saw this scene, the people from the Zhao Family were all frightened. They turned around and immediately began to run away frantically.

“Like master, like servants. You all shall experience the same pleasure as your master.”

With a thought from Chu Feng, another wave of several tens of gorillas came out of the spirit formation. Like hungry tigers seeing meat, they rushed toward the people from the Zhao Family, pushed them all onto the ground, tore apart their clothes and began to ravage them ruthlessly.

When Luo Lian saw this scene, the hatred in her heart instantly vanished. That was because the current situation of Zhao Shaoqiu and the others was truly too miserable. They were more miserable than being killed.

“Waaah, what are they doing?” Lil Ru opened her eyes wide in curiosity.

“Little children should not watch this kind of thing,” Chu Feng immediately grabbed Lil Ru and covered up her eyes. Then, with a wave of his sleeve, he created a sealing formation that sealed off the area where Zhao Shaoqiu and the others were, preventing what they were doing with the gorillas from being seen. However, their miserable screams could still be heard.

“Lil Ru, did you miss big brother Chu Feng?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“Mn, I did, a lot. Lil Ru missed big brother Chu Feng enormously. She had been wishing that big brother Chu Feng would return to see Lil Ru the entire time,” Lil Ru grabbed onto Chu Feng and actually began to act coquettishly toward Chu Feng. She was truly adorable.

“Chu Feng, how come you’ve returned?” At this moment, Grandpa Luo walked over. After being treated by Tantai Xue, not only were all of his injuries healed, he had also became extremely spirited.

“Grandpa Luo, I have yet to ask you why you decided to leave the house that I bought you and instead returned to live in this simple and crude courtyard?” Chu Feng asked in a coarse manner.

“This…” At this moment, Grandpa Luo grew silent. He seemed to have something that he found very difficult to say.

Right at this moment, Luo Lian spoke. “We did not return voluntarily. We were chased away.”