Chapter 1552 - The Furious Heaven

MGA: Chapter 1552 - The Furious Heaven

“Zhao Shaoqiu, what nonsense are you spouting? Lil Ru is only how old? How could I marry her off to you?” Grandpa Luo said angrily.

“Hehe, Grandpa Luo, don’t be angry. Please hear me out first. With how young Lil Ru is, I will definitely not do anything to her.”

“However, look at the environment that you all are living in. Isn’t it a bit too shabby? After I bring Lil Ru into my Zhao Family, she’ll be able to eat delicious food and live comfortably. Several tens of servant girls will serve her. Wouldn’t it be much more comfortable than staying here?”

“While you might have gotten used to spending the night in the open without eating anything good, and have grown accustomed to suffering, Lil Ru will not be able to live that kind of life. It’s better for her to come to my place and live comfortably.”

“Furthermore, Lil Ru is almost at the age to start martial cultivation. My Zhao Family has cultivation resources. It will be greatly beneficial to her future prospects,” Zhao Shaoqiu said with a beaming smile. It was clear that he had evil intentions.

“Zhao Shaoqiu, scram, get the hell out of here. There will not be anyone from my Luo Family who will marry into your Zhao Family. Lil Ru will not do that, and Lian’er will not do that either. Get out! Get out of my Luo Family!” Grandpa Luo was so angry that he started shivering. He walked over and prepared to push Zhao Shaoqiu and the others out of his courtyard.

“No, you get hell to the side,” However, Zhao Shaoqiu only needed to wave his arm lightly. “Putt.” Grandpa Luo was pushed several meters away. He rolled in the ground until he collided with the fence.

“You damned old fart. Did you really think that you were still a Martial King? You’re nothing more than a cripple. Yet you dare to touch me? You’re truly one to refuse the face given to you.”

After pushing Grandpa Luo away, not only did Zhao Shaoqiu not feel any shame, he even began to mock Grandpa Luo as he patted his clothes. It was as if Grandpa Luo were merely a servant whom he had hit.

“Zhao Shaoqiu, you actually dare to attack my Grandpa. I'm going to kill you!” At this moment, Luo Lian was enraged. She released Lil Ru and charged toward Zhao Shaoqiu.

Her lily-white hands shot forth in an eagle claw shape. As her claws grabbed onto the air, lotus flowers formed. Although the lotus flowers appeared to be beautiful, they contained mortal danger.

This was a martial skill. It was a rank seven martial skill, the Eagle Claw Lotus Flower Hand. To use a rank seven martial skill right away, this Luo Lian was really angered.

“Lian’er, you are truly heartless. Back then, you said that you would marry no one other than me. Yet now, you have come to attack me. How could you treat me this way?”

Although Luo Lian’s attack was very sharp and fierce, it remained that Zhao Shaoqiu was a rank two Heaven Realm cultivator. Thus, it was extremely easy for him to dodge Luo Lian’s attack.

However, he did not only dodge the attack. Instead, while dodging, he pretended to be heartbroken and started to mock Luo Lian for being unfaithful.

“Enough of your bullshit. You dared to attack my grandpa, I’ll definitely teach you a lesson,” Luo Lian grew more and more angry, and her attacks became sharper and fiercer. With charging hands and sharp palm strikes, she was pressing on toward Zhao Shaoqiu with every step.

“Fucking hell, you’re the same as that old fart. Like him, you refuse the face that I’ve given you,” Suddenly, Zhao Shaoqiu’s expression changed. He waved his sleeve. “Paa.” A slap landed on Luo Lian’s face.

This slap to the face was not light at all. Not only did it knock Luo Lian to Grandpa Luo’s side, causing her to ruthlessly drop to the ground, it had also left behind a bloody palm on her fair-skinned face.

“Fight with me? Do you think that you’re capable?” After injuring Luo Lian, not only did Zhao Shaoqiu not feel any shame, he instead mocked her proudly. He did not have the slightest bit of protective feeling toward the fairer sex, and even ignored all of the love they had had for each other.

“Zhao Shaoqiu, you are lower than pigs and dogs. Other than beating women and the elderly, you know nothing else.”

“Back then, when the Occult Blood Church laid their murderous hands on Lil Ru, why didn’t you have the spirit that you do now? You are nothing more than a spineless coward, a spineless coward who only knows about bullying the weak and being scared of the strong. If Chu Feng were here, how would you still dare to treat us like this?” Extremely angry, Luo Lian gnashed her teeth and cursed while pointing at Zhao Shaoqiu.

“Chu Feng? Who’s Chu Feng? Are you talking about that poor brat from the Southern Sea Region?”

“Oh, it seemed that he was pretty powerful. Sure, go ahead and call him over. See if I’ll beat him to death or not,” Zhao Shaoqiu said extremely complacently.

“Just you wait. I’ll go and find Chu Feng from the Southern Cyanwood Forest right away,” Luo Lian was extremely enraged. She stood up and actually really planned to go to find Chu Feng.

“Find? I’ll let you fucking find him!” However, Zhao Shaoqiu stepped forward and arrived before her and then ,“Pa, pa, pa,” gave three powerful and resounding slaps to Luo Lian’s face.

After being slapped three times, Luo Lian did a turn on the spot before falling to the ground and laying motionless. Not only was her face all bloodied, her mouth was also filled with blood. It was a very tragic sight.

“Zhao Shaoqiu, you are a fucking animal. I was truly blind to have fallen for you.”

Luo Lian was so angry that she nearly passed out from anger. She hated herself. After all, this man who was violently beating her was the man that she used to love deeply.

“What? Are you regretting? Let me tell you, it’s too late!”

“Fucking hell. You fucking bitch. I offered you a toast, yet you refused it only so that you would be forced to drink.”

“Your daddy, I, wanted to wed you officially, yet you refused. Very well. Your daddy, I, has had a change of plans now. I’m not going to marry you. However, I’ll fuck you. After I’m done with you, I’ll throw you away and sell you to a low-grade brothel.”

As Zhao Shaoqiu spoke, he extended his palm and grabbed Luo Lian’s neck. Then, ‘rip,’ he tore apart a large portion of Luo Lian’s skirt, revealing her long, snow white legs.

“Animal, release my granddaughter!” Seeing that, Grandpa Luo immediately threw himself at Zhao Shaoqiu.

“Scram!” However, before Grandpa Luo could get near him, Zhao Shaoqiu waved his sleeve and created a large burst of wind. The wind blew Grandpa Luo several meters away, throwing him into his straw house.

The strong power had caused Grandpa Luo, with his weak and frail body, to smash apart his straw house.

Although Grandpa Luo used to be a Martial King, he was only an ordinary person now. As such, how could he possibly endure this sort of pounding? At this moment, his body was covered with blood and he was unable to move at all. All he could do was watch as Zhao Shaoqiu laid his malicious hands on his granddaughter.

“Release my big sis, release my big sis!” At this moment, Lil Ru actually ran over. She raised two fists and began to pound on Zhao Shaoqiu with all her strength.

“Damned brat, you actually dare to attack me? Watch as I tidy you up later,” Using only one hand, Zhao Shaoqiu pushed Lil Ru to the ground. Then, he grabbed with force. “Rip,” he actually tore apart Lil Ru’s clothes.

“Zhao Shaoqiu, what are you planning to do?” Seeing this scene, Luo Lian’s eyes were wide open with shock and fear. She was completely stunned.

“Do what? I’m going to fuck both of you sisters at once today,” As Zhao Shaoqiu spoke, he pounced onto Lil Ru.

“Zhao Shaoqiu, you damned animal! Lil Ru is only a child!” Luo Lian threw herself onto Zhao Shaoqiu with all her might.

“Scram! It’ll be your turn later.” Zhao Shaoqiu slapped Luo Lian again and knocked her flying to the side. Then, without caring about the wailing from Lil Ru, he continued to tear apart the rest of her clothes. Furthermore, as he tore her clothes apart, he burst into a loud laughter. He was extremely deranged.

“Zhao Shaoqiu, I’ll make it so that you wish you’re dead!!!!!!!!!!!”

Right at this moment, a voice filled with killing intent suddenly sounded from the distance.

“Who, who is it?” When this voice was heard, Zhao Shaoqiu and the others were all deeply frightened.

That was because when that voice sounded, heaven and earth began to tremble, violent gales surged forth everywhere, lightning flashed, thunder rolled, and black clouds were surging everywhere.

In merely an instant, the bright and beautiful sky had turned dark and gloomy. It was as if doomsday had arrived.

It was as if… the heavens were furious.



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