Chapter 1551 - Forced Marriage

MGA: Chapter 1551 - Forced Marriage

Cyanwood Domain. At a couple small hills outside of the Magnificent Brocade City.

Underneath the small hills were a couple of shabby looking houses. There were fences that encircled the houses, forming a little courtyard. Although the garden was not very large, there were chickens and ducks housed within the courtyard.

From a glance, this courtyard appeared to be very lousy, and something that very poor people lived in. However, in the garden was a young woman. Although her appearance could not be said to be exceptionally beautiful, she could still be considered a good-looking woman. With her being in this courtyard, the beauty of this shabby looking courtyard was enriched a lot.

Furthermore, this woman had the cultivation of the first rank of the Heaven Realm. Although this sort of cultivation could not be considered to be amazing, she would be a top tier expert if she were in the Nine Provinces Continent.

However, at this moment, this woman was quietly sitting in the courtyard and scrubbing clothes. She was doing such simple tasks like the daughter of a villager.

As for her, she was Grandpa Luo’s granddaughter, Luo Lian.

“Lian’er, you really do not plan to marry Shaoqiu?” Suddenly, an old man walked out. It was Grandpa Luo.

[1. It would appear that Bee had forgotten that he had killed Zhao Shaoqiu 534 chapters ago…]

“I want to accompany you, grandpa. I’m not going to marry anyone,” Luo Lian said.

“Sigh, foolish child. The Zhao Family Banking House is located right in the Magnificent Brocade City. It’s a very close distance from here. If you are to marry him, you could always come and visit me and Lil Ru at any time,” Grandpa Luo urged.

“No, Lian’er is not going to marry him. Lian’er will always accompany grandpa. I’m not going anywhere,” Luo Lian insisted.

“Foolish girl. How could you delay your marriage for an old man like me?” Grandpa Luo appeared to be feeling a bit helpless.

“Grandpa, big sis is lying. It’s not that she doesn’t want to marry, she merely cannot find the person she wants to marry.”

Suddenly, a little girl ran out from the house. This little girl appeared to be only seven or eight years old. She was very fair skinned, and appeared to be as adorable as a doll.

This girl’s name was Lil Ru. She was also Grandpa Luo’s granddaughter.

Even though Lil Ru was still very young, one could tell that she would grow up to be even more beautiful than her older sister.

“Oh, who can’t she find?” Grandpa Luo asked with a smile.

“It’s big brother Chu Feng,” Lil Ru blinked her large innocent eyes and replied without the slightest hesitation.

“Chu Feng? You said that Lian’er likes Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, Grandpa Luo was startled.

A year ago, a young man had arrived from the Southern Sea Region. That young man’s name was Chu Feng.

Not only did this Chu Feng save Lil Ru, he had also wiped out the Occult Blood Church and helped Grandpa Luo achieve his revenge.

Afterwards, Chu Feng had left and proceeded toward the Southern Cyanwood Forest. From that point on, they had never received any news of Chu Feng.

However, Grandpa Luo knew very well that Chu Feng’s appearance had not only changed him, but had also changed his two granddaughters.

If Lil Ru only considered Chu Feng to be her benefactor because she was still only a child, then Luo Lian considered Chu Feng to be a hero. As their grandfather, how could he not know about what his granddaughters were thinking?

“So it’s Chu Feng. I wonder how Chu Feng is doing in the Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

Grandpa Luo sighed as he looked in the direction of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Although he did not know how Chu Feng was doing, he wished from the bottom of his heart that Chu Feng was doing well. That was because he knew that Chu Feng was a good man.

“Yep, it’s big brother Chu Feng. Big sis really likes big brother Chu Feng,” Lil Ru nodded her head violently. It was as if what she had said was unquestionable.

“Lil Ru, stop messing around,” At this moment, Luo Lian’s face grew red. Feeling embarrassed, she immediately grabbed Lil Ru. She did not want her to speak anymore.

However, Lil Ru was extremely mischievous. While she struggled from Luo Lian’s grip, she began to loudly shout, “No, no! I’ve even seen big sis drawing portraits of big brother Chu Feng. Not only did she draw his portrait, she even secretly wiped her tears while looking at the portrait. Humph, humph, humph…”

“Lil Ru, stop fooling around.” At this moment, Luo Lian’s face grew even redder. She was so red that her face was like a ripe apple. With no other choice, she covered Lil Ru’s mouth.

“No wonder Luo Lian refused my marriage proposal. So she’s actually had someone in her heart the entire time,” Right at this moment, a cold voice sounded from the distance.

Turning toward the voice, Lil Ru’s expression immediately changed. She immediately grabbed onto Luo Lian. As for Luo Lian and Grandpa Luo, their expressions also became serious.

It turned out that a group of people had arrived from the direction of the Magnificent Brocade City. This group of people were people from the Zhao Family Banking House. They were led by a man. This man was the young master of the Zhao Family Banking House, Zhao Shaoqiu.

Back then, it was thanks to this Zhao Shaoqiu that Chu Feng got to meet Grandpa Luo.

Zhao Shaoqiu was originally Luo Lian’s close friend. The two of them possessed deep affections for one another. Luo Lian had even considered Zhao Shaoqiu as her prince charming.

However, a year ago, Lil Ru’s eyes had been violently scooped out by the people from the Occult Blood Church. At that time, both Luo Lian and Grandpa Luo had felt extremely distressed. During the time of Lil Ru’s calamity, this Zhao Shaoqiu had also been present. However, Zhao Shaoqiu, the person Luo Lian had considered to be her prince charming, had not only decided to watch without lifting a finger, he had even trembled in fear.

At that time, Luo Lian truly despaired. She felt that Lil Ru’s eyes were gone because of her. She was feeling extreme guilt, and even had the heart to kill herself.

However, right at that time, Chu Feng, the foreigner who Luo Lian deeply looked down upon, bravely stepped forward. Not only did he miraculously restore Lil Ru’s eyes, he even wiped out the entire Occult Blood Church by himself and avenged Grandpa Luo.

After that point, Luo Lian’s heart no longer belonged to Zhao Shaoqiu. Instead, she had fallen deeply in love with Chu Feng, that foreigner that she did not know well. Unfortunately, ever since that day, Chu Feng had never once appeared again. She and Chu Feng were people who had only ever met twice.

However, after that day, Zhao Shaoqiu had begun to propose to her nonstop. He wanted her to marry him and, even secretly sent people to monitor Luo Lian and the others so that they could not leave the range of the Magnificent Brocade City. He had had an extremely determined attitude.

Today, Zhao Shaoqiu actually came again. Furthermore, he had brought this many people with him. Moreover, they were all wearing wedding clothes. It was obvious that they had not come with good intentions. This time around, Zhao Shaoqiu had gotten serious.

“Zhao Shaoqiu, why have you come here? We have already ended our relationship. Please do not tangle yourself with me anymore,” Luo Lian said coldly.

“Luo Lian, stop pretending. Back then, you said you would marry no one other than me. However, ever since that Chu Feng appeared, you refused to even acknowledge my love, and would even hide or ignore me when you saw me.”

“Actually, I’ve already managed to guess what’s in your heart. However, who do you think I, Zhao Shaoqiu, am? I’ve determined that you’re mine, so you’re going to be mine.”

“Today, I’ll speak it frankly. Regardless of whether or not you’re willing to marry me, you’re still going to marry me. You have no say in this.”

“Today, not only am I going to marry you, Luo Lian, I’m also going to marry your lil sister, Luo Ru. I’m going to marry both of you. Today, both of you are going to marry me,” As Zhao Shaoqiu spoke, sinister rays shone in his eyes. He looked to Luo Lian and Luo Ru like someone looking at two tasty little sheep.