Chapter 1550 - New Beginning

MGA: Chapter 1550 - New Beginning

The trembling was not only limited to the mountain that they were on. Instead, it was all around. All of the areas within Chu Feng’s line of sight were trembling. It was not only the earth that was trembling; even the air itself was trembling.

As for the trembling, it was actually not coming from the ground. Rather, it was from the Boundary Energy not far away from them.

The Boundary Energy was the mysterious energy that separated the Holy Land of Martialism into countless different domains, separated the traffic between the various locations of the Holy Land of Martialism. Even the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formations were unable to pass through the Boundary Energy.

Thus, the might of the Boundary Energy was publicly recognized to be something that even Martial Emperors were unable to make disappear.

However, at this moment, like a vortex, the Boundary Energy was violently wiggling and rotating. Furthermore, it was growing weaker and weaker. It was actually disappearing.

This Boundary Energy that had separated the Holy Land of Martialism was actually disappearing.

“This is bad,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor let out a gasp. At this moment, he was frowning deeply. His eyes were filled with unease.

“Senior, what’s happening? The Boundary Energy seems to be dissipating,” Chu Feng said.

“Indeed, it’s dissipating. I believe that the Boundary Energy that separates the Holy Land of Martialism will soon disappear.”

“Once this Boundary Energy disappears, everything in the Holy Land of Martialism will change. Not only will the current hierarchy be destroyed, it’s likely that the existences deep underground will also start to act,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

“Senior Yan, are you talking about the Magma World’s Son of Magmas?!!!” Dugu Xingfeng hurriedly asked. At the same time, unease also covered his face.

“Precisely,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor nodded.

Hearing those words, not to mention Dugu Xingfeng, the expressions of Miao Renlong, Hong Qiang and the others also changed.

Ten thousand years ago, a Son of Magma had appeared from the Magma World. That Son of Magma had declared itself to be the Magma Emperor and declared that he would wipe out all living things.

At the time, there had not been a single power in the Holy Land of Martialism that was capable of contending against it. Practically all of the powers were attacked, and a lot of their people were slaughtered by it.

At that time, the Holy Land of Martialism had entered a state of panic and chaos. Because of a single Magma Emperor, it was as if doomsday had arrived.

In truth, the appearance of the Magma Emperor had been akin to the arrival of doomsday. If it hadn’t been for the fact that Emperor Qing had bravely stepped forward during the crucial moment, it was likely that the current Holy Land of Martialism would no longer exist; it would have been turned into a desolate place without a trace of life.

Thus, the Magma Emperor was everyone’s nightmare. It was a legendary demon. As for the Magma World deep underground, it also became a legend.

Everyone was extremely afraid that another existence like the Magma Emperor might appear from the Magma World. If that were to happen, it would be extremely bad. After all, the current Holy Land of Martialism did not possess an expert like Emperor Qing to watch over it.

“Senior Yan, do you know whether the Magma World will have more Sons of Magma to send forth?” Dugu Xingfeng asked worriedly.

“There is a natural barrier between our world and the Magma World. It is that barrier that stopped the Sons of Magma.”

“I have heard that the Boundary Energy is also a natural barrier. The disappearance of the Boundary Energy signifies that the natural barrier has weakened,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

“The natural barrier has weakened? Based on that, doesn’t it mean that Sons of Magma will soon reappear in our world? That the Holy Land of Martialism will be met with another calamity?” The expressions of Dugu Xingfeng and the others became very ugly, terrified and uneasy.

“What I have heard are only legends. As to exactly what the reality will be like, no one can say for certain. However, the obvious thing before us is that the disappearance of the Boundary Energy means that the borders between various domains have also disappeared.”

“If we do not divide up the territories using a new method, it is inevitable for the powers like the Nine Powers to have territorial conflicts with one another,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

Suddenly, Dugu Xingfeng said to Chu Feng. “Chu Feng, I’m afraid that I will not be able to accompany you to the Immortal Island. The disappearance of the Boundary Energy means that something major is bound to happen. I must quickly return to the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“Chu Feng, we must also return to the World Spiritist Alliance,” said the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master and Miao Renlong.

“Junior understands,” Chu Feng knew how dire the current situation was. The disappearance of the Boundary Energy meant that disturbances were bound to appear. The Cyanwood Mountain and the World Spiritist Alliance could not not have their leaders absent at this sort of time. As Dugu Xingfeng and the others were the leaders, they had to return.

“It’s alright. You all just return with ease. After all, I am an idle person still. I’ll journey to the Immortal Island with Chu Feng and Tantai Xue,” Hong Qiang said.

“We’ll have to trouble brother Hong then,” Actually, Dugu Xingfeng and the others were very worried for Chu Feng journeying to the Overlord Domain by himself. After all, that place was a place with an enormous amount of experts, an innumerable amount of arrogant and despotic members of the younger generations with grand backgrounds. However, if Hong Qiang were journeying with Chu Feng, they would be able to feel more at ease.

Right at this time, the trembling stopped. The Boundary Energy that separated the Holy Land of Martialism had also disappeared completely.

Afterward, Chu Feng and the others proceeded toward the Cyanwood Domain together. Chu Feng felt that he would not know when he would return to the Cyanwood Domain after he left. Thus, he had some things that he wished to finish. Only by finishing them would he be able to leave at ease.

As for what Chu Feng wanted to do, it was to pay back a benefactor of his. As for that benefactor, his name was Grandpa Luo.

When Chu Feng first arrived in the Holy Land of Martialism, it was Grandpa Luo who had given him directions and explained the Holy Land of Martialism to him. It was also only because of Grandpa Luo that Chu Feng had been able to obtain the Cyanwood Mountain’s treasure map.

Even though he did not successfully obtain the treasure after going through the Ancient Era’s Remnants, and had instead caused Yao’er to be trapped there, Chu Feng was still very grateful toward Grandpa Luo.

Chu Feng knew that Grandpa Luo had spent his entire life traveling through the Holy Land of Martialism. However, because he had offended someone, his cultivation had ended up being crippled. Currently, his living situation was not very good.

Chu Feng wished to repay Grandpa Luo, and allow him to live the rest of his life in greater peace. Thus, Chu Feng wished to bring Grandpa Luo to the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

The reason why Chu Feng wished to bring Grandpa Luo to the Southern Cyanwood Forest instead of the Cyanwood Mountain was firstly because the Southern Cyanwood Forest was closer to where Grandpa Luo lived.

Secondly, Grandpa Luo had two granddaughters. His granddaughters cultivations were rather weak. If they were to train in the Cyanwood Mountain, they would likely not be able to catch up. It would be more beneficial to have them make the transition in the Southern Cyanwood Forest first.

After journeying, Chu Feng and the others returned to the Cyanwood Domain. The first place that they arrived at was the Yan Clan. This was the crossroads where they would be leaving for their separate paths.

Before parting, Dugu Xingfeng said, “Brother Hong, we’ll leave Chu Feng and Miss Tantai in your hands.”

“Rest assured. As long as I, Hong Qiang, live, I guarantee that no one will be able to bully the two of them,” Hong Qiang guaranteed as he patted his chest.

“The disappearance of the Boundary Energy means that the Holy Land of Martialism will definitely be changing. Perhaps this might be the sign of the appearance of a new era’s Overlord. Otherwise, it might also be the omen of a calamity. Essentially, the Holy Land of Martialism that has been peaceful for ten thousand years will likely no longer be peaceful anymore. A transformation will quickly strike.”

“As for the Overlord Domain, it will be the center of this storm of transformation. You all must be extra careful going to the Overlord Domain. After all, there are too many powerful experts in that place,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor warned.

“Junior will definitely heed senior’s warning and be careful,” Chu Feng nodded.

After that, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor returned to the Yan Clan to recuperate from his injuries. Dugu Xingfeng left for the Cyanwood Mountain, and the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master and Miao Renlong began to rush back toward the World Spiritist Alliance.

As for Chu Feng, Tantai Xue and Hong Qiang, they proceeded toward the direction of Grandpa Luo’s residence.

No one knew when they would see each other again.

[1. But...In less than a year’s time, Chu Feng must return to the Cyanwood Mountain to save Yao’er.]

From this point onward, the world would likely no longer be peaceful.

However, Chu Feng did not have the slightest trace of fear. Instead, he was feeling a faint excitement.

It was during times of chaos that heroes appeared. The disappearance of the Boundary Energy, regardless of what it indicated, meant a new beginning for Chu Feng.