Chapter 1549 - Trembling Of Heaven And Earth

Chapter 1549 - Trembling Of Heaven And Earth

“Chu Feng, journey with me. If you wish to become stronger, you cannot continue to stay in a favorable location; only by putting yourself in predicaments will you be able to grow stronger. For the time being, the Overlord Domain is the place that is most suitable for you.”

“The geniuses of the Four Clans and Three Palaces are all gathered there. People in our generation who are stronger than us are innumerable. Only by going there will we be able to become aware of how small we really are. Only by going there will we be able to improve ourselves.”

Seemingly fearing that Chu Feng would not be willing to go, Tantai Xue added.“Furthermore, your friends are also there.”

“My friends? Which friends?” Chu Feng asked.

“Your friends from the Eastern Sea Region. No, strictly speaking, they cannot be considered to be your friends. Rather, they’re your lovers by the names of Zi Ling and Su Ruo,” Tantai Xue said.

“Zi Ling and Su Rou have been to the Overlord Domain?”

“You’ve met them? How are they doing?” Hearing about Zi Ling and Su Ruo caused Chu Feng to be overjoyed. Immediately, he inquired about them.

“They’re doing good and bad,” Tantai Xue said.

“Good and bad? Miss Tantai, what do you mean by that? What’s wrong with them?” Chu Feng asked nervously.

“The two of them both possess very powerful cultivations right now. They’re both Half Martial Emperors. Especially that Zi Ling. Like myself, she’s a rank two Half Martial Emperor. Thus, that is naturally a very good thing.”

“However, it seems that the two of them are suffering from some sort of serious illness. When their illness activates, they’re in immense pain. If my guess is correct, that should be the pain from a side-effect, a backlash.”

“For them to suddenly become so powerful when their original cultivations were that weak, it is also very unconventional. Thus, I’ve come to the conclusion that they obtained their cultivations through an indirect method and are receiving the side-effect, the backlash, from that method.”

“That’s the way the path of cultivation works. If one wishes to obtain power, one must pay the price. The sooner and stronger one’s power arrives, the more enormous of a price one must pay. That is why I said they’re both good and bad,” Tantai Xue said.

After hearing everything, Chu Feng understood what Tantai Xue meant. However, he did not expect that Zi Ling and Su Mei’s strength would have increased to such a level, and they had really become Half Martial Emperors. Furthermore, Zi Ling was actually a rank two Half Martial Emperor.

“Miss Tantai, you said that they’ve gone to the Overlord Domain. In that case, do you know where in the Overlord Domain they have gone to?” Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng had come to the decision that he would proceed to the Overlord Domain too. Without considering the fact that he should proceed to that place to progress himself, just for the sake of Zi Ling and Su Rou, he must go there.

Chu Feng knew how painful and dangerous the side effects that Su Ruo and Zi Ling were experiencing were. Chu Feng had grasped a spirit formation technique that could alleviate the pain of the backlash. As such, he must quickly find Su Ruo and Zi Ling so that he could teach them the spirit formation.

However, the Overlord Domain was simply too enormous. If he didn’t know where they had gone, and instead searched aimlessly, it would be akin to trying to fish a needle from the sea.

“I do. They did not try to conceal where they were planning to go to from me. Instead, they told me directly where they were going.”

“It’s the Immortal Island,” Tantai Xue said.

“Immortal Island? What is that place?” Chu Feng asked curiously. He had never heard of the Immortal Island before.

“So much for being a nominal disciple of the World Spiritist Alliance. You actually don’t even know about the Immortal Island,” Seeing that Chu Feng had an expression of ignorance, even Tantai Xue was unable to help herself from looking at Chu Feng with a gaze of contempt.

Then, she said, “In the Holy Land of Martialism, Martial Emperor-level experts are extremely rare and few. However, Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists are even more sparse.”

“In the entire Holy Land of Martialism, the Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists can be counted with one’s fingers, numbering no greater than ten.”

“The master of the Immortal Island, Weaponry Refinement Immortal, is a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. Furthermore, he is publicly recognized to be the Royal-cloak World Spiritist most proficient in weapon crafting techniques in the current Holy Land of Martialism.”

“I’ve heard from Zi Ling and Su Rou that Weaponry Refinement Immortal is holding a ‘Weaponry Bestowment Assembly’ on the Immortal Island. All those who participate in the Weaponry Bestowment Assembly, regardless of age, gender or cultivation, so long as they can pass through his trial and ascend onto the Immortal Island, will all be granted a weapon. Furthermore, that weapon will be personally crafted for them,” Tantai Xue said.

“Based on what you said, Zi Ling and Su Ruo have gone there for that Weaponry Bestowment Assembly?” Chu Feng asked.

“Mn. Although I do not know where they heard this news from, whether this news was accurate or even real, it is true that they have gone to the Immortal Island,” Tantai Xue said.

“Very well, I shall go to that Immortal Island to have a look myself. I’ll take this opportunity to see what a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist is like,” Chu Feng said.

“I’ll join you. I also wish to experience what a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist is like,” Tantai Xue said.

“That would be great,” Chu Feng smiled a happy smile. If he were to go alone, he would definitely become lonely on the journey. However, if a great beauty like Tantai Xue were to join him, he would not be nearly as lonely.

Afterward, Chu Feng chatted with Tantai Xue about many things. He discovered that Tantai Xue was more talkative than she had been before. It might be because he had saved her this time around or it might be because of the words that Tantai Yingming had told her before his death. Regardless, the impression Tantai Xue had of Chu Feng seemed to have changed. She was no longer as ice-cold toward him like before.

From his conversation with Tantai Xue, Chu Feng came to find out that she was an orphan that had been picked up by Tantai Yingming and then taken in as his adopted daughter.

Even now, Tantai Xue did not know who her biological parents were. In her entire life, Tantai Yingming had been her only relative. Thus, Tantai Yingming’s death was a great blow to her.

As they chatted, Chu Feng and Tantai Xue finally managed to finish digging the grave. After they finished digging, Chu Feng helped Tantai Yingming create a world spirit coffin. Only then did they bury him.

Furthermore, when they were burying him, Chu Feng set up many spirit formation traps. Even after they finished burying him, Chu Feng set up a bewilderment spirit formation around the area.

That spirit formation was capable of influencing one’s thoughts and making one subconsciously not want to proceed toward the location Tantai Yingming was buried.

As for Tantai Xue, through using a spirit formation, she left behind a trace of her consciousness in this area. Like this, as long as there was someone who approached this place, regardless of where she was, she would know that someone was here, as well as the identity of the people who had come.

After Tantai Xue used her spirit formation, Chu Feng was shocked. Not only was Tantai Xue a rank two Half Martial Emperor, she was also a Royal-cloak World Spiritist. This girl was truly too ferocious.

Furthermore, Tantai Xue was different from the disciples of those major powers. Her master was her adoptive father, Tantai Yingming. It was likely that Tantai Yingming would not be able to offer unlimited natural resources because he was alone. The fact that she was able to become this powerful was most definitely not because Tantai Yingming was amazing. Rather, it was because she herself was extremely strong.

After they finished with all this, Chu Feng and Tantai Xue returned to the location where Dugu Xingfeng and the others were, and mentioned to them their plan to proceed to the Immortal Island.

“I have indeed heard about the Weaponry Bestowment Assembly held by the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. However, there’s still quite some time before the assembly. Chu Feng, are you really planning to go?” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master asked.

“This disciple wishes to go,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well. I am pretty idle myself. I might as well join you all and pay my respects to Weaponry Refinement Immortal,” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master said.

“I have heard about the famous Weaponry Refinement Immortal for a long time. However, I have never met him before. It would be great if I could witness his grace. I also wish to have a look with you all,” Dugu Xingfeng also declared that he wanted to go.

After this, Hong Qiang and Miao Renlong also declared that they wished to go. Chu Feng knew that they were acting this way because he wanted to go there and they were worried for his safety, and so wished to join him so as to protect him.

Chu Feng did not refuse them. Firstly, he could not find a reason to actively refuse them. Furthermore, with a group of peak Half Martial Emperors like them with him, he would feel a lot safer too. Thus, what could he have against it?

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

Right at this moment, heaven and earth started to tremble. The trees began to collapse, and leaves started swirling in the air. Then, a series of ear-piercing explosions sounded nonstop from all directions. The mountain that Chu Feng and the others were on started to shake violently.

“What’s going on?” Sensing that the situation was abnormal, Chu Feng and the others all soared into the sky. When they stepped into the sky and looked to the ground beneath them, Chu Feng and the others, including even the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, all displayed expressions of shock.