Chapter 1557 - Chu Feng Is Still Alive

MGA: Chapter 1557 - Chu Feng Is Still Alive

“Sikong Zhaixing, I know where your confidence comes from. Isn’t it just that Chu Feng? Yes, I know. That Chu Feng is very arrogant right now. Not only has he stepped onto the Cyanwood Succession List, he has also defeated Bai Yunxiao and the others, and even received the favor of Lord Half Martial Emperor White Ape. Indeed, he’s in quite the limelight.”

“However, I might as well tell you the truth. That is already in the past. Fortune is as unpredictable as the weather. Every day may bring fortune or calamity. Chu Feng’s days have already reached their end. He will not be able to continue living for long, and your Southern Cyanwood Forest’s emergence in power will also stop at that point onward,” The Orion Monastery’s headmaster said in a very fierce manner.

“What did you say? You said that Chu Feng will not be able to live? What happened to him? Exactly what happened?” Hearing those words, Sikong Zhaixing became greatly alarmed. His complexion turned pale with fright.

“Heh, you wish to know? Very well, I’ll tell you. I’ve received news that Chu Feng has already returned to the Cyanwood Mountain days ago. He has became a nominal disciple of the World Spiritist Alliance and is prepared to participate in the Nine Powers Hunt.”

“However, Chu Feng doesn’t know that when he defeated Bai Yunxiao and the others and spread his reputation around, he also offended those whom he could not afford to offend.”

“He was fortunate to escape quickly, or else he’d be doomed already. Yet, he actually dared to return. This means that he will be met with imminent catastrophe.”

“He will be eliminated in the Nine Powers Hunt. Judging by the timing of things, the Nine Powers Hunt should have already ended. I believe that Chu Feng is either on the verge of death or is already dead,” As the Orion Monastery’s headmaster spoke, he had an expression of rejoicing in Chu Feng’s misfortune.

The Nine Powers Hunt had only ended not long ago. Thus, the news of Chu Feng obtaining the first place in the Nine Powers Hunt had yet to arrive to this region where the Orion Monastery and the Southern Cyanwood Forest were located, as they were located rather far from the Cyanwood Mountain.

However, before this, the Orion Monastery had managed to obtain news from some unknown source that Chu Feng was doomed to die. Furthermore, he firmly believed that news to be true. That was the reason why he dared to come and make things difficult for the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

“Impossible. That’s definitely impossible!” Hearing those words, Sikong Zhaixing’s expression became even more ugly. He was not worried because the Southern Cyanwood Forest might have lost their support. Rather, he was truly worried that Chu Feng might have met with misfortune.

“You don’t believe me? That’s alright. I have already ordered my men to go and find out the result of the Nine Powers Hunt. Furthermore, I especially had them inquire about Chu Feng’s life and death. I believe the news will soon arrive. At that time, everything will be before your eyes. I shall see whether or not you’ll refuse to believe me then.”

“Humph. Chu Feng. Oh how arrogant you were to kill my disciple Yuan Qing, ruin our Orion Monastery’s reputation, and cause our status to have a devastating decline.”

“However, I shall let you know. It is not that we weren’t planning to avenge ourselves. Rather, it was just that the time to do so had not yet come. Look at you now, you can’t act arrogant anymore. You’ve been killed, no? Hahahaha. Serves you right!” The Orion Monastery’s headmaster burst into loud laughter. His laughter was very sinister. It could be seen that he truly hated Chu Feng.


Right at this moment, a loud sound was heard. Someone had actually kicked open the doors to the palace hall.

“Who is it?” The sudden noise caused the Orion Monastery’s elders to become nervous. Immediately, they turned their gazes to the direction of the door.

“There’s no need to inquire. I, Chu Feng, am still alive,” A figure walked in from the palace door. This person was none other than Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng?!!!” When they saw Chu Feng, everyone present was shocked. They had all seen Chu Feng before. Thus, they recognized his appearance. However, it was also precisely because they recognized him that they were shocked. According to the news they had received, shouldn’t Chu Feng have died? How could it be that he was still alive and had come over to the Southern Cyanwood Forest?

“I am truly sorry to have disappointed you all. I, Chu Feng, am still alive,” Chu Feng walked toward them with a sneer on his face.

“You, you, you…” At this moment, the other elders of the Orion Monastery were so nervous that they became speechless. Even the Orion Monastery’s headmaster became nervous.

Why did they have the courage to cause trouble in the Southern Cyanwood Forest? It was all because they firmly believed that Chu Feng had died.

However, not only did Chu Feng not die, he even came here. This was simply like seeing the living dead. Thus, they were naturally greatly frightened.

“I must say, you all are quite courageous. Not only did you go back on your word, you actually dared to come to our Southern Cyanwood Forest to forcibly snatch things from us. If I were to inform, say, Headmaster Dugu, of this matter… what do you all think he would do?” Chu Feng asked with a cold voice.

“Chu Feng, earlier, we were only joking around with Headmaster Sikong. You must, by all means, not take that seriously,” The Orion Monastery’s headmaster was scared. He immediately faced Chu Feng with a smile.

“Oh, so you were only joking around. Very well, I can pretend that I have not heard anything. However, it’s only on the premise that you’ll hand over the fifty percent of the treasures you’ve received from our Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“Furthermore, from today on, you are to hand a tribute of equivalent value to those treasures to our Southern Cyanwood Forest every year. Else, I’ll make sure that you’ll bear the consequences,” Chu Feng said.

“What? You want us to provide tribute equal to fifty percent of the treasures we received from that treasure deposit every year? You are truly daydreaming! Truly imagining the wildest things!”

Hearing those words, the Orion Monastery’s headmaster immediately refused. That was because this was not a small amount. He was not able to do what Chu Feng demanded.

“Chu Feng, do you really think that you can do as you wish and act this arrogant just because Lord Half Martial Emperor White Ape is fond of you?”

“Let me tell you. No matter what, you are nothing more than a disciple. You are not qualified to force us to do anything.”

“Furthermore, let me tell you this. You will not be able to continue acting arrogant for long. There will be people that’ll take care of you!” Not only did the Orion Monastery’s headmaster refuse Chu Feng’s demand, he even refuted Chu Feng.

That was because he suddenly recalled that the news he received should have been extremely accurate. That was because the person who had wished to kill Chu Feng was none other than the Cyanwood Mountain’s Punishment Department’s head, Crazed Killer Tuoba.

Thus, he firmly believed that even if Chu Feng had managed to escape his death in the Nine Powers Hunt, he would still not live for long. It might even be that Chu Feng had returned to the Southern Cyanwood Forest in order to escape. Thus, there was no reason for him to fear Chu Feng.

“Lord Headmaster, the situation’s bad!” Right at this moment, a Half Martial Emperor-level expert rushed in frantically. This was not an elder from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Rather, it was one of the Orion Monastery’s elders.

“Chu Feng? Why, why, why wo, would you be here?” When he saw that Chu Feng was here, that elder became even more frightened. He fell to the ground, and his complexion became extremely pale. It was as if he had seen a ghost.

“No matter what, you’re our Orion Monastery’s management elder, why are you acting this panicked?” The Orion Monastery’s headmaster reprimanded that elder angrily.

“Lord Headmaster, it’s not that I’m panicking, ple, please lo, lo, look,” With his hands shivering, that elder handed a letter to the Orion Monastery’s headmaster.

The Orion Monastery’s headmaster received the letter and opened it to read. After reading the contents of the letter, his expression took a huge change and became exactly like that elder’s. In fact, his complexion was even paler than that elder’s and his expression was even uglier. He was so frightened that he took several steps back in succession. Then, with a ‘putt,’ he landed on the ground on his butt.

That letter was the latest information from the Cyanwood Mountain. Contained in that letter was not only the news that Chu Feng had achieved first place in the Nine Powers Hunt, but it also recorded that Chu Feng had killed Qin Lingyun in the Nine Powers Hunt, then proceeded to kill Qin Wentian after the Nine Powers Hunt ended.

Most importantly, the letter showed that the headmaster of the Cyanwood Mountain, Dugu Xingfeng, was extremely fond of Chu Feng. Even though Chu Feng killed his fellow disciples, he still shielded Chu Feng.

Right now, not only had Chu Feng become the number one disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, he had also become the most popular person in the eyes of the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster, Dugu Xingfeng.

Compared to the past, his status was even more grand.

To the Orion Monastery’s headmaster, this piece of news was akin to a bolt from the blue. He was unable to accept it and unable to withstand it.