Chapter 1546 - A Little Strange

MGA: Chapter 1546 - A Little Strange

“Brother Curse, it seems that you are already determined,” The Fiend Emperor said.

“No matter the price, we must successfully prepare the Blood Coagulation Grand Formation.”

“We can always slowly nurture more elders and disciples in the future. However, if Lord Assembly Master is to miss this chance to break through, he will have to wait another thousand years.”

“At that time, not to mention that both you and I will have to bear the consequences, it might be possible that Lord Assembly Master will start a massacre. At that time, none of these elders and disciples would be able to live anyway.”

“Furthermore, if Lord Assembly Master is able to successfully break through, who among the Nine Powers would be able to contend with our Cursed Soil Sect? At that time, our Cursed Soil Sect will become the ruler, the king, the emperor, the strongest of the Nine Powers.”

“At that time, the blood of these elders and disciples would have been worth shedding. Their lives would have been taken with worth. Truly, they would have died with incomparable value and worth,” The Curse Emperor said.

“Brother Curse, what you say is very true. Since that’s the case, let’s be straightforward… and do it now,” As the Fiend Emperor said those words, he looked down below, to the elders and disciples who were healing their wounds, and killing intent filled his eyes.

As for those elders and disciples, all those who noticed his gaze immediately responded with a smile. In fact, they even ignored their injuries and kneeled to kowtow, to worship, the Fiend Emperor and the Curse Emperor.

Unfortunately, they did not know that what awaited them would be a ruthless massacre. It would be a ruthless massacre aimed at them by the two men whom they worshipped.


Under the guidance of the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, Chu Feng and the others rapidly left the territory of the Cursed Soil Sect and arrived at the borders of the Cursed Soil Domain. It was a remote and uninhabited location deep within the mountains. It could be said that this place was absolutely safe.

Only after arriving here did the Yan Clan’s Ancestor slowly descend and release Chu Feng and the others.

“Senior Yan, never would I have thought that you would have managed to successfully break through and become a rank two Martial Emperor.”

“Really! Why have you concealed that from even me? Back in the Yan Clan, you even kept me in suspense by saying that you’d never be able to breakthrough in your entire life. At that time, I thought that to be the truth. Who would’ve known that you’ve already broken through, and you were just playing with me.”

After landing, Dugu Xingfeng was very excited. The relationship between the Cyanwood Mountain and the Yan Clan was very good, and his own relationship with the Yan Clan’s Ancestor was also very good. The Yan Clan Ancestor’s cultivation level increase was not only good news to him, it was good news for the entire Cyanwood Mountain.

“Senior Yan, why didn’t you kill that bunch of animals when you could? Is it really of use to only warn those animals? They will definitely not listen to your warnings.”

“You should have carried through and killed them all. After all, they would not know that it was you who killed them,” At this moment, the straightforward and frank Hong Qiang spoke. He felt that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor should have eliminated all of the Cursed Soil Sect. so as to not leave any future worries.

“Little friends, I’m afraid that I will disappoint you all. Everything earlier was not done by me,” Right at this moment, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor finally spoke. However, his voice was very weak.


At the same time, the golden radiance that covered the appearance of the Yan Clan’s Ancestor also disappeared. Finally, the true appearance of the Yan Clan’s Ancestor reappeared before the crowd.

Merely, at this moment, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s complexion was very pale, and his aura very weak. It was as if he had received a very serious injury. Even standing appeared to be difficult for him. He appeared to be in a very bad state.

“Senior, what’s wrong?” Seeing this, Dugu Xingfeng and Hong Qiang immediately stepped forward and lent their arms to support the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, who was on the verge of collapse.

“It’s nothing. I won’t die yet. Merely, my soul has received some suppression. Help me down. Give me some time to adjust my aura,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor waved his hand to indicate to the crowd that they did not have to be nervous.

Seeing that, Dugu Xingfeng and Hong Qiang immediately did as he said and helped him down. Upon getting to the floor, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor closed his eyes and crossed his hands. He then began to adjust his aura.

At the same time he was doing that, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master tacitly set up a concealing spirit formation around the area where they were.

Even though this location was already relatively safe, it was still better to conceal themselves to guard against the unexpected. After all, they did not know how long it would take for the Yan Clan’s Ancestor to adjust his aura. At the very least, it would appear that his injuries were not light.

“Exactly what is going on? Senior Yan clearly beat back that Fiend Emperor and Curse Emperor. The aura he had emitted at that time, it didn’t seem like it came from someone who was injured at all.”

“In fact, before we landed, his speed was also frighteningly fast. No matter how, he does not seem like someone who’s injured. Why would he suddenly appear like this? Exactly what’s going on?” Miao Renlong asked.

Dugu Xingfeng and the others all shook their heads. None of them knew exactly what had happened. They all had expressions of worry on their faces. That was because this matter was a little strange.

“Everyone, I am truly sorry. It is because of me that I caused you all to shoulder such an enormous risk. I’ve even caused that senior to be seriously injured. I, Tantai Yingming, am truly ashamed,” Right at this moment, another weak voice sounded. It was Tantai Yingming. At this moment, he had a very ashamed and guilty expression on his face.

Actually, he had regained consciousness for some time now. He had woken up when the Yan Clan’s Ancestor was rapidly rushing away from the Cursed Soil Sect with them. Furthermore, he had also come to know that it was Chu Feng who had brought such a large group of experts to save him.

“Brother, it is best for you to properly heal your wounds. Don’t speak anymore, recovering is more urgent.”

Hearing Tantai Yingming, Dugu Xingfeng and the others all walked over. They did not have the slightest bit of blame toward Tantai Yingming. Instead, they were very worried about his health.

“Headmaster Dugu, thank you.”

“Chu Feng, thank you.”

“Brother Hong Qiang, thank you.”

“Two sirs from the World Spiritist Alliance, thank you.”

“We are not related in the slightest. Yet, you all helped me like this. I, Tantai Yingming, feel truly apologetic and grateful to you all from the bottom of my heart. I also hate that I did not know you all sooner. If I did, I would’ve been able to drink and chat merrily with you all, would’ve been able to become brothers who could tell each other everything.” A complicated smile was on Tantai Yingming’s face.

“Brother, if you wish to drink with us, that’s of no issue at all. We will have more than enough time in the future. However, what you must do now is to properly recover your injuries,” Dugu Xingfeng said with a smile.

“Headmaster Dugu, there’s no need for you to comfort me. I know best what sort of situation my body is in.”

“Those Underworld’s Poison Centipedes’ poison is too fierce. They have already entered my dantian and attacked my consciousness. I will not be able to continue living for long,” Tantai Yingming said with a light smile on his face.

Hearing those words, Dugu Xingfeng and the others all grew silent. Actually, they had discovered this already. They had discovered it at the time when the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master and Miao Renlong were helping Tantai Yingming remove the poison from his body. Indeed, Tantai Yingming would not be able to continue living.

“No matter what, I must thank you all. Especially you, Chu Feng. Xue’er has mentioned you to me before. However, I never would’ve thought you to be a person so loyal to your friends. You decided to disregard everything to rush over and save Xue’er the moment you heard that she was in trouble. Truly, a young person like yourself is extremely rare in our current world,” Tantai Yingming said to Chu Feng with a smile on his face.

His words came from the bottom of his heart. He truly felt that Chu Feng was an exceptionally good child. As the saying goes, “during trials and tribulations, one’s true face will be revealed”. He had seen Chu Feng’s true face. Chu Feng truly considered Tantai Xue to be his friend.

Unfortunately, he would not be able to see Chu Feng’s future, nor would he see Tantai Xue’s. He knew that he would die today. Thus, felt extremely regretful, and was filled with unwillingness.