Chapter 1545 - Unrivaled Divine Might

MGA: Chapter 1545 - Unrivaled Divine Might

“Chu Feng, everyone will eventually die. What matters is whether or not one dies at one’s appointed place, and whether or not one’s death is of worth.”

“Today, I am not dying for your sake. Rather, I am dying for the sake of our human race’s future. My death will be at its appointed place. My death will be extremely worthy.”

“Go. If you continue to stay, I will have died in vain. If that were to happen, my death would be of no worth. I will have died with regret.”

Suddenly, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s voice transmission sounded in Chu Feng’s ears again. He seemed to know that Chu Feng was hesitating, that he was struggling, and actually began to urge Chu Feng to leave.

“Say, exactly who are you to dare to willfully slaughter the people of our Cursed Soil Sect? Today, I will definitely reveal your true identity. Regardless of where you’re from, I will make your relatives, your family, your clan and the power to which you belong pay with blood.”

Suddenly, a malevolent snarl sounded. It was the Curse Emperor. He held countless talismans in his hands, and scattered them around. He had unleashed a very ferocious attack at the Yan Clan’s Ancestor.

“A mere younging actually dares to boast so shamelessly?! You truly do not know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

At this moment, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, who had been silent the entire time, actually spoke. Although his voice had been altered, it was filled with power. It was extremely intimidating, much like the snarl of a god.

More importantly, at the same time his voice was heard, an incomparably powerful oppressive might began to spread out from him.

When his oppressive might was released, the formation chains set up by the hundreds of Cursed Soil Sacred Assembly’s elders all shattered. They had been forcibly snapped apart by that oppressive might. As for the elders, they were knocked flying several miles away. Then, as if they had all lost the ability to fly, they began to fall to the ground one after another. After they fell like dying dogs, they laid there on their stomachs, unable to move in the slightest.

Even the paper talismans shot forth by that Cursed Emperor had been blown away by that oppressive might. Before they could do anything, they had been crushed by that oppressive might. Even the Cursed Emperor and the Fiend Emperor were knocked away like scarecrows. They were simply unable to withstand a single blow from that oppressive might.

“You… you’re a rank two Martial Emperor?”

At this moment, both the Fiend Emperor and the Curse Emperor were stunned. As they were all Martial Emperors, to be able to give them this enormous of an oppressive sensation meant that their opponent was an existence of a higher cultivation level. Thus, from the oppressive sensation they felt, they were able to deduce that their opponent was not a rank one Martial Emperor, but rather an existence stronger than themselves, a rank two Martial Emperor.

The Yan Clan’s Ancestor did not bother to answer the Curse Emperor and the Fiend Emperor’s question. Instead, he waved his sleeve and caused the space before him to waver. Then, he controlled the air and turned it into tens of thousands of sharp swords. The sharp swords were floating all around him, aimed at the people of the Cursed Soil Sect.

“Senior, our Cursed Soil Sect possesses neither grievance nor hatred with you. Why must you kill us so?”

At this moment, the Curse Emperor, who had been extremely arrogant earlier, started to panic. That was because he was unable to move at all in that oppressive might. All he could do was to allow himself to be trampled upon. Even though the tens of thousand of sharp swords were only formed from air, the martial power contained within them was fatal.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

The Yan Clan’s Ancestor ignored the Curse Emperor. With another wave of his sleeve, the tens of thousands of sharp swords shot forth explosively. As blood splattered, all of the Cursed Soil Sect’s elders and disciples present, including even the Fiend Emperor and the Curse Emperor, were pierced by the swords.

While the swords appeared to cover the sky, Chu Feng and the others were exceptions. They were not attacked by the sharp swords. Even though they had disguised themselves to look like the Cursed Soil Sect’s elders, they were not attacked by the sharp swords.

This could be said to be an enormous loophole. If anyone were to notice this, they would know immediately that Chu Feng and the others were the accomplices of that Martial Emperor.

However, in this sort of crisis of life and death, who would have the time to notice this sort of thing? The only concern they would have would be whether or not they would be able to save their own lives.

However, a miracle happened. Although the sharp swords had pierced through the bodies of all the people from the Cursed Soil Sect present, none of them were struck in fatal locations. The Yan Clan’s Ancestor was acting lenient. He had not truly planned to kill them.

“You all, listen carefully. Today, I am warning you all by piercing those sharp swords into your bodies. Do not slaughter innocent people anymore.”

“From today, you all are not allowed to willfully slaughter the innocent for your own selfish desires. If you dare to do so again, the next time will definitely not be as simple as killing your Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster and six elders. Instead, I will make it so that your Cursed Soil Sect no longer exists.”

The Yan Clan’s Ancestor spoke again. His words possessed a hidden implication. That was, he was telling them that he had killed their Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster and six elders. Furthermore, they had been killed by him. The Yan Clan’s Ancestor had placed all of the crimes onto himself.

After he finished saying those words, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor waved his sleeve at Chu Feng and the others. Although they were very far away from one another, he actually still managed to suck Chu Feng and the others to his side in an instant. This sort of speed was truly unimaginable.

After Chu Feng and the others got near the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor took a step into empty space and disappeared with Chu Feng and the others. All that remained was the completely devastated Cursed Soil Sect, as well as the injured Cursed Soil Sect’s elders and disciples.

They had come and left without a trace, leaving behind only the aftermath of a battlefield and countless corpses. It was truly an unrivalled divine might, an overflowing imposingness.

“Kun’er died? He said that my Kun’er has died? That bastard killed my Kun’er?!”


Suddenly, the Fiend Emperor shouted in incomparable pain. Although the Fiend Emperor was a cold-blooded individual with no feelings, the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster, Sang Kun, was different. Not only was Sang Kun his son, he was also someone who he had spent meticulous care to raise. To him, Sang Kun was extremely important. That was why he acted in such deep pain after knowing that Sang Kun had died.

“Brother Fiend, please restrain your grief and accept my condolences. It would appear that our action of preparing the Blood Coagulation Grand Formation for Lord Assembly Master has been exposed. That is why we attracted such a malignant star,” The Curse Emperor said.

[1. Malignant star → person who brings death and disaster.]

“What are we to do then? It is currently the crucial moment as to whether Lord Assembly Master will be able to break through. If we do not quickly finish preparing the Blood Coagulation Grand Formation, and Lord Assembly Master fails in his breakthrough, we will all have to bear the consequences.”

Although the Fiend Emperor was feeling extreme pain, he still knew that the matter of handling the task for their Lord Assembly Master was of greater importance. Just thinking about the Lord Assembly Master being angered should they fail to accomplish what was tasked for them made his complexion pale from fear.

“With a malignant star like that watching over us, how could any of us dare to go and capture people still?” The Curse Emperor asked.

“Damn it. If it wasn’t for the fact that Lord Assembly Master is currently behind closed doors making his breakthrough, how could our Curse Soil Sect have allowed him to behave this atrociously?!” The Fiend Emperor gnashed his teeth in anger. He was extremely angry.

“After Lord Assembly Master comes out, he will naturally take care of that man. What we must do now is finish preparing the Blood Coagulation Grand Formation for Lord Assembly Master regardless of the price we must pay so that he can successfully break through,” The Curse Emperor said.

“But, didn’t you say earlier that we can no longer go and capture people to prepare the Blood Coagulation Grand Formation anymore because of that malignant star watching over us?” The Fiend Emperor was confused.

“Yes, we cannot go out to capture people anymore. Thus, we must use our own men,” As the Curse Emperor spoke, he looked to the Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples and elders underneath them who were currently healing their wounds.

“You… your intention is, you plan to use our Cursed Soil Sect’s elders and disciples to prepare the Blood Coagulation Grand Formation?” Hearing those words, even the Fiend Emperor was unable to contain his shock. Immediately, he said, “Brother Curse, even tigers, although cruel, would not devour their cubs.”

“Indeed, tigers, though cruel, will not devour their cubs. However, brother Fiend, you must know that in this world, the cruelest beings are not tigers, but rather people,” The Curse Emperor said.