Chapter 1544 - Facing Death With Equanimity

MGA: Chapter 1544 - Facing Death With Equanimity

“Chu Feng, do not let your emotions affect your decision-making,” Dugu Xingfeng urged.

“Chu Feng is not mistaken. Since we’ve come here together, we should naturally leave together. We cannot escape by abandoning you or the Yan Clan’s Ancestor. Else, we would be heartless and unjust people,” Hong Qiang spoke to approve of Chu Feng’s opinion to come and leave together.

“This… very well. I’ll send a voice transmission to senior Yan to let him know that we’ve managed to successfully make our rescue so that he can think of a way to escape. After that, we’ll leave first. He will definitely think of a way to meet up with us,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“Lord Headmaster, are you certain that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor will be able to escape safely?” Chu Feng asked.

“There should be no issue. Although the Fiend Emperor is also a rank one Martial Emperor like senior Yan, senior Yan is very powerful. Look at their battle. That Fiend Emperor has already used a lot of the Cursed Soil Sect’s powerful techniques. However, senior Yan has yet to use any of the Yan Clan’s techniques.”

“If senior Yan were to go all out, that Fiend Emperor would definitely be no match for him. Even if he doesn’t go all out, it should be no problem for him to just escape,” Dugu Xingfeng analyzed.

“Indeed. In that case, go ahead and inform senior Yan through voice transmission. Then, we’ll leave first,” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master said.

What voice transmissions used was one’s martial power. This was a technique. There was a difference between the intensity as well as the skillfulness of the voice transmission. If it was in normal times, it might not be difficult for them to send a voice transmission to the Yan Clan’s Ancestor.

However, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor was currently fighting against the Fiend Emperor. As Martial Emperors, their sensitivity would be at their peak during battles. To send a voice transmission to the Yan Clan’s Ancestor at this time would not only be heard by the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, it would also be heard by the Fiend Emperor.

Thus, if one wished to send a voice transmission to the Yan Clan’s Ancestor at this time, one must possess a special sort of technique, and sufficiently powerful strength, in order to not be heard by the Fiend Emperor.

Honestly speaking, neither Hong Qiang, Miao Renlong nor the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master were confident in being able to have their voice transmission not be intercepted by the Fiend Emperor.

Thus, they could only allow Dugu Xingfeng to make the voice transmission. After all, Dugu Xingfeng was the strongest among the four of them.

At this moment, Dugu Xingfeng had quietly approached the range of the battle between the Yan Clan’s Ancestor and the Fiend Emperor. Only by getting closer to them would he be able to have a greater certainty of success. At this moment, he had reached the range where he was certain his voice transmission would not be heard by the Fiend Emperor and began to send a secret voice transmission to the Yan Clan’s Ancestor.

“Little friends, you all go ahead. I’ll catch up to you all,” Soon, Chu Feng and the others received the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s voice transmission.

“Let’s go.” Dugu Xingfeng immediately flew back to the crowd and prepared to bring Chu Feng and the others away.

“To dare to stir up trouble in our Cursed Soil Sect, you are truly daring!” At the time when Chu Feng and the others were withdrawing from the Cursed Soil Sect, several hundred figures suddenly appeared in the sky.

Peak Half Martial Emperors. The several hundred figures were all peak Half Martial Emperors. The people from the Cursed Soil Sacred Assembly had appeared. In the end, the Cursed Soil Sacred Assembly was still alerted

If it were only these people, it would all be fine. However, the person that had shouted earlier was emitting an incomparable might. Each and every action and movement from that person only further manifested how extraordinary he was. He was… actually also a Martial Emperor.

“Curse Emperor, it’s the Cursed Soil Sacred Assembly’s Curse Emperor!” Seeing that person, Dugu Xingfeng was shocked. He had recognized who it was.

That person was wearing a black cloak. However, his black cloak was covered with paper talismans. Each and every paper talisman had gone through special refinements and was extremely powerful.

Even though his appearance could not be seen, that special outfit made it clear that he was the Cursed Soil Sect’s famous Curse Emperor. The Curse Emperor was a true expert of manufacturing and using paper talismans. His strength surpassed even that of the Fiend Emperor.

His appearance was not good news at all.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

When these old monsters of the Cursed Soil Sacred Assembly appeared, those peak Half Martial Emperor-level old monsters began to surround the Yan Clan’s Ancestor and the Fiend Emperor with a special sort of battle formation.

Then, they all took out a scroll covered with talismans and wrapped it around their waists.

At this moment, they all began to emit black gaseous flames from their bodies. Then, they clasped their palms together and shouted in unison.


“Crackle, crackle~~~”

After that word was said, a black chain shot out from each of their bodies. With a speed as fast as lightning and a power as strong as dragons, the chains interweaved with one another and rapidly formed a powerful sealing formation. They were planning to set up an inescapable net to seal the Yan Clan’s Ancestor within it.

No, this was not an ordinary inescapable net. It was a grand formation, a special formation of the Cursed Soil Sect, a grand paper talisman formation. Not only was this formation capable of sealing off one’s opponent, it would also create enormous pressure toward their targets and suppress their strength.

At this moment, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor started to frown deeply. Although he did not fear peak Half Martial Emperors, when several hundred peak Half Martial Emperors set up such a spirit formation before him, he had no choice but to fear them.

That was because this spirit formation was a threat even to him. If that formation managed to be set up successfully, and the Fiend Emperor and the Curse Emperor joined hands to deal with him, he would likely be doomed today.

“Xingfeng, escape with Chu Feng and the others. Do not concern yourselves with me.”

Although the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s expression remained unchanged, he said those words in secret. Then, determination appeared in his eyes. It was the determination of facing death with equanimity.

“Chu Feng, we must go. I’m afraid that senior Yan will not be able to join us. If we do not leave now, when the Cursed Soil Sect discovers us later, we will all be doomed, and senior Yan will have sacrificed himself in vain,” Dugu Xingfeng said to Chu Feng.

It could be seen from Dugu Xingfeng’s expression and heard from his tone that he was feeling very pained right now. However, this could not be blamed on him. After all, among everyone present, he was the one who possessed the deepest relation with the Yan Clan’s Ancestor.

However, Dugu Xingfeng was someone who placed the most importance upon the greater good. Even if it was the most important person to him dying before him, he would still know what he had to do next.

“Lord Headmaster, didn’t you say that senior Yan is very powerful? Why doesn’t he use his full strength? Why has he instead chosen to give up?”

Chu Feng’s perception was very sharp. Even though he was very far away, and could not even see the appearance and expression of the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, he was still able to perceive that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor had already made the preparations to face death, that he was not planning to leave. Chu Feng knew from the moment they had been sent that voice transmission.

The Yan Clan’s Ancestor was planning to use his life to cover Chu Feng and the others’ escape.

“He will not go all out. If he were to go all out, he would expose his identity as a person of the Yan Clan. At that time, even if he were to be able to escape today, the Yan Clan would be met with an imminent catastrophe.”

“With the way the Cursed Soil Sect does things, they will definitely not let the Yan Clan, and definitely not let the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, get away. Furthermore, if they were to attack, they would definitely eliminate the Yan Clan completely,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng spoke no more. However, he clenched his fists tightly. He was clenching them so tightly that his fingers began to give off cracking noises, and his nails began to dig into his palms causing red blood to flow out.

Chu Feng was feeling very pained. The pain was not from his palm. Rather, it was from his conscience.

He was feeling very apologetic. He had requested the help of all these people in order to help him rescue Tantai Xue. However, he did not wish for any of them to die in this place, especially not the ones whom he had requested help from.

That was because if any of them were to die here, they would have died because of him. He was the one who brought the Yan Clan’s Ancestor and the others over here.

Especially the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, he was the Yan Clan’s pillar, their backbone. If the Yan Clan’s Ancestor were to die here because of him, how would Chu Feng forgive himself? How could face the Yan Clan again? He would feel an extreme amount of guilt.