Chapter 1547 - Controlled By Someone

MGA: Chapter 1547 - Controlled By Someone

“Senior, would you allow this junior to offer a toast?” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, you have wine?” An expression of joy appeared on Tantai Yingming’s face.

“Not only do I have wine, I also have winecups,” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out several large jugs of wine from his Cosmos Sack. All of these wines were different, and they were all quite good vintages.

At the same time, Chu Feng also took out a couple of wine cups. While the wine cups did not appear to be exquisite, they were very large, and looked more like large bowls. Chu Feng was fond of precisely this sort of wine cup.

“Great, help pour me a cup of wine,” Upon seeing the wines, Tantai Yingming immediately became energetic. He simply did not appear like someone with injuries.

Chu Feng did not hesitate. He immediately grabbed onto a jug of wine and poured a large cup full of wine for Tantai Yingming.

“Brothers, let’s all sit and drink,” Tantai Yingming grabbed the wine cup that was filled with wine and spoke to Dugu Xingfeng and the others.

“Very well,” Dugu Xingfeng nodded. He directly grabbed onto a wine cup and began to pour wine into the cup.

“Toast!” The sound of toasting wine cups emerged. Chu Feng, Dugu Xingfeng and the others all began to toast one another and started to drink the wine.

Their toasting ignored their status. It was all about camaraderie, the hot blooded camaraderie between brothers.

Even though they had not known each other for long, they had experienced trials and tribulations together. This sort of camaraderie was even deeper than that of fair-weather friends of years or tens of years.

Even though the current situation could not be said to be good, as there was someone seriously injured and someone who was about to die, and the atmosphere was also very heavy, they all drank the wine to their heart’s content. It could even be said that they were carefree and emotionally unrestrained. Soon, they had drank all of the wine that Chu Feng had brought with him.

After they finished drinking the wine, Chu Feng and the others moved to the side. They did so because they knew that Tantai Yingming would have words that he wanted to say to Tantai Xue.

These were the final moments of Tantai Yingming. They could not allow him to have any regrets, thus, they wanted to allow him to say his final words.

At the time when Tantai Yingming and Tantai Xue were speaking, Tantai Xue cried. This was the first time that Chu Feng had seen Tantai Xue cry.

Tantai Xue’s expression was already extremely cold. For there to suddenly appear two rows of tears, her expression became so cold that one would feel heartache just by looking at it.

However, when the person one was closest to them was about to die, who would not cry? No matter how strong one might be, they would not be able to contain their tears. After all, people… all have emotions.

“Xue’er, although you are not someone from my Tantai Family, I have considered you to be my own daughter.”

“Thus, I’m handing you the most important inheritance from my Tantai Family,” As Tantai Yingming spoke, he handed a very small and exquisite dagger to Tantai Xue.

That dagger was very special. It was white in color, its sheath’s surface was filled with snowflakes, and it was emitting a faint chilly aura.

“That is… the Coldsnow Dagger!!!” When Tantai Xue saw the dagger, her expression changed. An expression of shock emerged in her large eyes.

“That’s right, it is the Coldsnow Dagger. Back then, the Cursed Soil Seven massacred my Tantai Family for precisely this Coldsnow Dagger.”

“However, never would they have thought that this Coldsnow Dagger would be on an unremarkable child like me.”

“Right now, I’m handing this Coldsnow Dagger to you. That’s because, to me, what’s most important is no longer this Coldsnow Dagger. Instead, it’s you. You are the person that I am the most proud of, my daughter, Tantai Xue.”

“Speaking of which, it was truly fate. Back when I picked you up, you had been abandoned in the snow. However, the snow was unable to freeze or injure you. On the contrary, snowflakes were revolving around you, as if they were trying to protect you.”

“At that time, I did not know that you were a Divine Body. However, I knew that you were fated with snow. That’s why I named you Tantai Xue.”

[1. Xue → Snow.]

“Xue’er, pull out the dagger,” Tantai Yingming said.

“Adopted father, you want me to pull out the dagger? Didn’t you say that it is the Tantai Family’s treasure, something that only the Tantai Family’s geniuses could pull out? Although my name is Tantai Xue, I am not someone of the Tantai Family by blood.” Tantai Xue said.

“Before I met you, that was what I thought, too. I thought that only the people of the Tantai Family would be able to pull out this Coldsnow Dagger because the Coldsnow Dagger contained the greatest secret of my Tantai Family, the secret to allow my Tantai Family to rise and emerge in power.”

“However, after I met you, I discovered that I was wrong. At one time, at a time before you can remember, I had once used it to play with you. At that time, you managed to pull out this Coldsnow Dagger that no one in my Tantai Family was able to pull out,” Tantai Yingming said.

“Adopted father, you said that I’ve pulled out the Coldsnow Dagger before?” Tantai Xue was very shocked. Even she could not believe that she had done that.

“Mn, although you only pulled out half of the dagger, it could still be considered as having pulled it out. Thus, I knew that once you grew older, you’d definitely be able to pull out the Coldsnow Dagger and unlock the secret that would allow my Tantai Family to become strong.”

“Xue’er, go ahead, pull it out. If I can see you pull out the Coldsnow Dagger with my own eyes, I will have managed to accomplish one of my life’s dreams.”

“Even if I am to die then, I will have no regrets,” When Tantai Yingming spoke of this, he had become extremely weak, and lingered on the verge of death.

Tantai Xue did not hesitate. She firmly grabbed onto the Coldsnow Dagger with her hands, and then exerted strength with her right arm to pull out the dagger. “Creak~~~” A flash of light shone, and a burst of chilliness soon spread.

At this moment, Chu Feng and the others’ eyes all shone. Their gazes became focused. They all felt the aura of the Ancient Era from the Coldsnow Dagger. This Coldsnow Dagger was actually something from the Ancient Era.

That Coldsnow Dagger was pulled out. However, it stopped halfway out. Even though Tantai Xue was using all her of strength and biting down on her teeth, the dagger remained motionless.

Furthermore, an attractive force was coming out from the sheath. It began to suck the portion of the dagger that Tantai Xue had pulled out back into the sheath.

This attractive force was extremely strong. Even though Tantai Xue had been giving her all to pull the dagger out, she was still unable to contend against the attractive force. In the end, that Coldsnow Dagger was shut once again. At the moment it was shut, the extraordinary might also disappeared, and the air around them regained its former normal appearance.

“Adopted father, I am sorry. Xue’er is unable to pull it out,” Tantai Xue shook her head.

“It is the will of the heaven,” After Tantai Yingming said those words, he smiled a relieved smile. Then, he said to Tantai Xue, “Xue’er, I told you before that you must distance yourself from all others. I was mistaken.”

“I do not wish for you to go down the same path that I did, the path of solitude and loneliness through the rest of your life. Thus, you must make friends.”

“Chu Feng is a trustworthy friend. You can trust him. He has helped you today. In the future, if he needs your assistance, you must definitely help him. Got it?”

“Xue’er understands,” Tantai Xue nodded.

“With a friend like him looking after you, I can rest at ease,” After he finished saying those words, Tantai Yingming closed his eyes and collapsed onto the ground.

“Adoptive father!!!”

Seeing this scene, Tantai Xue immediately shouted, rushed over to Tantai Yingming and began to instill power into Tantai Yingming’s body with her all. She wanted to save his life.

Unfortunately, Tantai Yingming was already dead and could not be brought back. Regardless of how much Tantai Xue tried, it would all be useless.

At this moment, it was unsuitable for Chu Feng and the others to say anything. Thus, they quietly watched from the side.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Suddenly, a series of coughs sounded. It was the Yan Clan’s Ancestor. This powerful Martial Emperor finally woke up.

“Senior Yan, you’ve woken up. How are you feeling?” Seeing that, Chu Feng and the others immediately rushed over to the Yan Clan’s Ancestor. Tantai Yingming had died. They did not wish for something to happen to the Yan Clan’s Ancestor too.

“Rest assured, I won’t die,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor waved his hand to indicate to Chu Feng and the others that they did not have to worry.

“Senior, exactly what happened to you? Why did you receive this injury? How come we didn’t know about it?” Chu Feng and the others asked in a confused manner.

“The aura of a rank two Martial Emperor earlier was not mine. The person who defeated the Curse Emperor and the Fiend Emperor was not me. The person who injured all of the people from the Cursed Soil Sect was also not me. The person who warned them was still not me. Even the person who brought you all here was not me,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

“Senior, what are you saying? Why is it that we don’t understand?” Chu Feng and the others were all confused by what the Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

“I was controlled by someone,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

“What?!” Hearing those words, Chu Feng and the others were all shocked.