Chapter 1540 - Stalling For Time

MGA: Chapter 1540 - Stalling For Time

Fortunately, Chu Feng had seen actual Martial Emperors before. Thus, even though the auras of the Cursed Soil Seven had been increased to an extremely powerful state, Chu Feng was still capable of determining that there was still an enormous gap between them and real Martial Emperors. They were still not Martial Emperors yet. Like before, they were still only Half Martial Emperors.

However, Chu Feng was able to see fear and unease in the eyes of that Tantai Yingming. This meant that Tantai Yingming had grown afraid of them. The fact that he had grown afraid meant that he was no match for the Cursed Soil Seven.


Suddenly, the Cursed Soil Seven attacked together. Each and every one of them took out a paper talisman. Their seven paper talismans fused into one. After the paper talismans fused together, they actually formed a giant dark purple hammer. With dark purple gaseous flames, the hammer smashed toward Tantai Yingming.

“Earthen Taboo: Golden Buddha Defense.”

Seeing that, Tantai Yingming immediately began to gather martial power into his hands and unleashed a martial skill.

It was a golden-bright and dazzling buddha. Although the buddha was not very large, it appeared extremely sacred as it shielded Tantai Yingming.

This was a defensive martial skill, a very powerful defensive martial skill. Chu Feng was able to tell that, before that defensive martial skill, his Firmament Slash’s ninth slash would only be able to tickle it, and not be able to damage it in the slightest.

Being used by Tantai Yingming, a peak Half Martial Emperor, this martial skill was extremely frightening. The defensive power that it possessed was simply invulnerable.


Right at this moment, the dark purple hammer unleashed by the Cursed Soil Seven had smashed onto that golden buddha. After a loud explosion, that invulnerable-looking golden buddha was actually completely shattered.

This was not because the golden buddha’s defense was weak. Rather, it was that the purple hammer was simply too ferocious.

After that hammer smashed apart the golden buddha, it was raised once again. Then, it turned into a dark purple ray or light and smashed onto Tantai Yingming’s chest.



After this hammer landed, it actually managed to smash through Tantai Yingming’s chest. Not only was Tantai Yingming knocked ruthlessly to the wall of the cell, he even vomited out a mouthful of blood.

It was not that Tantai Yingming’s tolerance was weak. Rather, it was that the hammer was simply too powerful. That hammer contained a special sort of power. At this moment, that power was wreaking havoc throughout Tantai Yingming’s body.

“Seniors, it’s not good. That Tantai Yingming is in danger,” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng immediately turned to Dugu Xingfeng and the others to cry for help.

However, Chu Feng’s cry for help was refused by the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master, Miao Renlong, Hong Qiang and Dugu Xingfeng. “No, the spirit formation is yet to be complete. We cannot act rashly. Otherwise, if we are to appear, Sang Kun and the others will definitely signal for help. At that time, all of our efforts will have been in vain.”

“But, if we do not act now, that Tantai Yingming might end up dying,” Chu Feng said via voice transmission.

“Chu Feng, rest assured, he will not yet die. With the current strength of the Cursed Soil Seven, if they wished to kill him, they would’ve been able to do so with the hammer strike earlier,” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master said.

“That’s right. With the way the Cursed Soil Seven do things, they must be planning to torment that Tantai Yingming,” Miao Renlong added.

“Since that’s the case, he can use his body to stall for time for us. After all, the spirit formation will be complete soon,” Hong Qiang said.

The three of them were able to tell that the Cursed Soil Seven did not plan to kill Tantai Yingming yet. Instead, they were planning to torment him.

What Hong Qiang and the rest meant was to allow the Cursed Soil Seven to torment Tantai Yingming. Then, using the time when Tantai Yingming was being tortured, they would finish their spirit formation.

“It would appear that this is the only option. We will have to let this senior Tantai suffer,” Chu Feng felt what Hong Qiang and the others said to be reasonable. Although it would be very painful to be tormented, it would all be fine as long as he didn’t die.

If Hong Qiang and the others were to act now, the Cursed Soil Seven would signal for help. At that time, all of the effort they had spent to stealthily infiltrate this place would have been in vain.

“Little bastard, we let you live out of kindness back then. Yet, not only do you not know how to pay us back for our grace, you even return our kindness with hatred.”

“Today, I shall cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. I’ll kill you, you piece of trash,” That seventh brother of the Cursed Soil Seven walked over to Tantai Yingming and spoke in a ruthless manner.

“Seventh brother, wait a moment. Do not kill him yet,” Right at this moment, the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster spoke out to stop him. He walked over to Tantai Yingming, took out a talisman and placed it onto him.

“Crackle, crackle~~~”

That talisman instantly turned into a ball of flame upon being placed on Tantai Yingming. Immediately, Tantai Yingming became completely covered in flames.

Yet, even in this sort of situation, Tantai Yingming did not utter a word or move at all. It was as if he did not feel anything.

“Some tolerance you have there,” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster snorted coldly. Then, he took out another paper talisman and placed it onto Tantai Yingming.

After the second talisman was placed, the flame on Tantai Yingming body instantly died out. At this moment, Tantai Yingming’s flesh was charred black, and an unpleasant odor was being emitted from his entire body. He had been badly scorched.

“I shall see whether you can still endure it this time around.”

As the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster spoke, he began to form hand seals with one hand. The paper talisman that was on Tantai Yingming started to shine brightly. Then, countless green centipedes began to crawl out from the paper talisman. Not only were those centipedes green in color, they were even emitting green gaseous flames. It was poison gas. Extremely ferocious and vicious poison gas.

After those green centipedes crawled out of the paper talisman, they began to crawl all around Tantai Yingming’s body. After that, they began to dig into Tantai Yingming’s body.


At this moment, Tantai Yingming let out a very miserable scream. Even though he was a grand peak Half Martial Emperor, he was still in so much pain that he began to roll around on the ground. From this, it could be seen how difficult it was to tolerate that pain.

“Miss Tantai, those bugs are called the Underworld’s Poison Centipedes. These Underworld’s Poison Centipedes do not eat people, nor do they bite people. However, they possess a special trait. That is, they are fond of hiding themselves within people and continuously tormenting them with their poison gas until the person being tormented dies of pain.”

“Right now, the poison in that little bastard’s body is only beginning to spread. Thus, the pain that he is enduring right now cannot amount to much.”

“However, as time passess, the poison will increase. At that time, the pain that he will be experiencing will surpass one’s imagination. Just thinking about that sort of pain gives me shivers,” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster said to Tantai Xue with a beaming smile.

“What do you want from me?” Tantai Xue was a smart person. She was able to tell that the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster was using Tantai Yingming to threaten her.

“Smart. I like smart girls like you. What I want from you is very simple. Eat this. Then, refine it.”

The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster took out a special paper talisman. On that paper talisman were bug-like marks. Furthermore, the paper talisman was emitting a dark purple glow. Merely by looking at it with the naked eye, one could tell that it was not something good.

“Xue’er, you must not take that. That is the Cursed Soil Sect’s Puppet Talisman. As long as you take it willingly and then refine it, you will become their puppet and will never again have your own awareness,” Tantai Yingming screamed painfully.

“That’s right. What he said is correct. However, this is the only way for you to save him. Either you eat that, or watch him die before you. Apart from those two options, there is no other choice,” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster said in a very fierce manner.

“No, you’re wrong. That is not the only way to save Tantai Yingming. There is another option available for Tantai Xue,” Right at this time, a resounding voice suddenly sounded from outside the cell.