Chapter 1539 - Cursed Soil Seven Slaughtering Formation

MGA: Chapter 1539 - Cursed Soil Seven Slaughtering Formation

“You, who are you?”

When they saw the true appearance of this white-haired old man, the expressions of the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster and those of his five fellow martial brothers all changed. They actually didn't recognize this person that clearly possessed enormous hatred and resentment for them.

“Heh, it would seem that you all have done such enormous amounts of evil and sins that you’ve forgotten what you’ve done in the past.”

“However, that doesn’t matter. I can remind you all of what you’ve done. Back then, you all did not have your current positions, and were still only disciples of the Cursed Soil Sect.”

“Following orders, you all went to the Cursed Soil Domain’s eastern region’s Tantai Family to borrow an item. However, you all failed to borrow that item. In your anger, you massacred the entire Tantai Family.”

“However, your inhumane slaughtering of the Tantai Family was seen as a great service. From that, the headmaster of the Cursed Soil Sect at that time began to truly nurture you all. You all began to obtain even better treatment and resources for your cultivation. It was only because of that that you all managed to rise steadily and obtain your current level of accomplishment,” That white-haired old man said.

“Tantai Family? I remember now, yes, there was indeed such a thing. However, we killed everyone from the Tantai Family. It is impossible that you’re someone from the Tantai Family,” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster said.

“Junior brother, your memory is extremely bad. Back then, after we massacred the Tantai Family, didn’t we let a single person go?” One of the old men said.

“Did we?” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster really seemed to be unable to recall that.

“Of course, it was a little brat who was not even fifteen years old,” That senior brother said.

“Oh… I remember now. Indeed, we let a brat get away. That was an extremely cowardly, extremely powerless brat.”

“He was an utter coward without the slightest bit of dignity at all. He was so scared by us that he peed his pants. He even drank his own piss before us.”

“Oh, so you’re actually that brat that drank his piss before us,” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster came to a sudden realization.

Immediately after that, the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster and his five fellow martial brothers burst into loud, ridiculing laughter.

When that white-haired old man saw them laughing like this, his gaze became even more icy-cold. That was because he clearly remembered that the Cursed Soil Seven had also ridiculed him in such a manner back then.

“Do you all know why I decided to endure humiliation back then, and even drank my piss to survive?” The white-haired old man asked.

“That’s because you’re an utter coward who clings abjectly to life.” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster said.

“No, I, Tantai Yingming, am definitely not a coward who would cling abjectly to life. The reason I fought to survive was all for the sake of this day, for the sake of avenging my clansmen.”

[1. His name is Tantai Wise…]


After saying those words, Tantai Yingming suddenly attacked. Although the dagger in his hand was merely a Royal Armament, it was emitting an emperor’s power. As it streaked through the air, it actually let out snarls. Its might was extremely dreadful and surpassed one’s imagination.

At this moment, with enormous power, Tantai Yingming attacked the person closest to him, the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster, Sang Kun.

“You think you can fight against us brothers single-handedly? You're truly overestimating your capabilities.”

The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster sneered. Then, with his five fellow martial brothers, the six of them turned to face Tantai Yingming together.

The seven peak Half Martial Emperor-level experts ended up at the same location as they fought. Their might was extraordinary. If it weren’t for the fact that the cell was very firm and stable, merely their might would have been able to destroy it.

However, a thing worthy of being mentioned was that no matter how intensely they fought with one another, they were all intentionally protecting Tantai Xue. Not a single attack was allowed to reach Tantai Xue.

From this, it could be seen how precious Tantai Xue’s talent was to the Cursed Soil Sect. Even though they knew that Tantai Xue wished to kill them, they were still unwilling to do any harm to her, and still wanted to make her surrender and join their Cursed Soil Sect.

Sure enough, geniuses were extremely valuable in the Holy Land of Martialism. Even a power as deranged as the Cursed Soil Sect was unwilling to destroy a genius, and would instead want that genius to be used by them.

“Chu Feng, it would seem that this friend of yours deliberately allowed herself to be caught so as to lure the Cursed Soil Seven to one place for the sake of avenging the hatred of the extermination of her family,” Miao Renlong’s voice transmission entered Chu Feng’s ears.

“That Tantai Yingming is very powerful. Although they’re all peak Half Martial Emperors, he is actually able to fight against the six of them by himself without being disadvantaged in the slightest. In fact, he’s even at a slight advantage against them in the fight. With his strength, he might be able to become a Martial Emperor within a thousand years,” Hong Qiang said.

At this moment, although the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master did not say anything, he was nodding his head repeatedly.

It turned out that, although the three of them had been setting up a spirit formation to seal off this region, they had still been focused on the situation inside the cell as well.

“Rumble, rumble, rumble~~~”

The battle within the cell grew more and more intense. Numerous different paper talismans were being shot out. Each one of them contained different elements. There was lightning, fire, wind and all kinds of other elements exploding around in the small cell.

However, regardless of whether it was the wind or the lightning, none of them were able to injure Tantai Yingming. He was like a phantom as he shuttled around the remaining six of the Cursed Soil Seven, unleashing nonstop counterattacks.

“Sure enough, Cursed Soil Seven, it is only when all seven of you are present that you will be the strongest. When missing one, you all are nothing more than six barking dogs that are incapable of even biting,” Tantai Yingming sneered.

Tantai Yingming appeared to be very emotional. That was because he had waited for this day for thousands of years.

Today, he would finally be able to avenge his family.

“So you actually sneak attacked our seventh brother because you feared our Cursed Soil Seven Slaughtering Formation. You’re truly despicable,” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster finally came to a realization.

“Despicable? How could I compare with you all?” Tantai Yingming asked coldly.

“Humph. Indeed, you cannot compare to us. After all, you are nothing more than trash who drank his own piss. Fight against us? You’re still too lacking.”

The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster sneered. Then, he shouted, “Seventh brother, how much longer are you planning to pretend to be dead?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk~~~”

After the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster finished those words, that elder from the Cursed Soil Sacred Assembly, one of the Cursed Soil Seven, who had had his dantian pierced by Tantai Yingming, actually stood back up.

“You’re still alive?” Seeing that, Tantai Yingming was immediately stunned.

“Your dagger landed right on target. Your methods are truly ruthless. Unfortunately, I am one who possesses two dantians. With only one dantian crippled, I will be completely fine. Not only will I not die, my cultivation will also remain with me,” That Cursed Soil Seven’s seventh brother started to smile eccentrically.

“Senior brothers, let’s set up the formation.”

After he said those words, the Cursed Soil Seven’s seventh brother took out a scroll. As he opened the scroll, charms and talismans could be seen covering the entire scroll. Then, he wrapped that scroll around his waist.

At this moment, a strange dark purple gaseous substance was emitted from his body. His entire aura had also become a lot more eerie. It was as if he were now not human at all, but was instead a demon that was going to murder people and bring about calamity to the world.

“Cursed Soil Seven Slaughtering Formation.”

Following that, the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster and the other five brothers also took out scrolls very similar to their seventh brother’s scroll from their Cosmos Sacks. Then, like their seventh brother, they wrapped their respective scrolls around their waists.

When the auras of the Cursed Soil Seven were all transformed, the scrolls around their waists actually began to shine with dark purple-colored radiance. At this moment, the aura of the seven of them instantly surged.

Their power was so strong that even Chu Feng, who was outside of the cell, who could not sense their power, and could only see with his eyes, felt a sense of suffocation.

It was so strong, that in merely an instant, the Cursed Soil Seven seemed to have already detached themselves from being peak Half Martial Emperors and stepped into the Martial Emperor realm.