Chapter 1529 - What Sort Of Situation

MGA: Chapter 1529 - What Sort Of Situation

As the battle had ended, Chu Feng and Yan Xie both descended from the sky and returned to the ravine.

“Lil Bro Yan Xie, never would we have imagined that you have concealed your strength this well, and you’re actually a Divine Body,” The Yan Clan’s third brother, fifth brother, ninth sister and Yan Lei all rushed to Yan Xie.

To them, Yan Xie was already a very powerful person with immeasurable potential. After they came to know that Yan Xie was not only a person who possessed heaven-defying battle power, but was also a Divine Body, the reverence they had toward Yan Xie had evidently increased once again.

“Chu Feng, never would I have imagined that you were this powerful. You’re truly amazing. The battle between you and big brother Yan Xie earlier was simply not something that people our age could accomplish. The two of you are simply abnormal! No no no, you two are simply inhuman!”

Unlike the others, Yan Ru went over to Chu Feng and grabbed onto Chu Feng’s clothes with her little hands. A gaze of adoration flickered in her pair of large eyes.

Although this girl had long since surpassed the age of a young girl, she was still very innocent. She was not someone who advocated solely for the interest of her clan. Thus, her actions were very laid-back.

The Yan Clan’s Ancestor suddenly said, “Xingfeng and Chu Feng can remain. The rest of you can all withdraw.”

Hearing those words, the crowd looked to one another. Although they were filled with reluctance, they still left, one after another. Even Yan Xie was no exception.

In a blink of an eye, only Chu Feng, Dugu Xingfeng and the Yan Clan’s Ancestor remained in the ravine.

“Chu Feng, which clan might you be from?” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor asked.

“Reporting to senior, Chu Feng does not know who his actual parents are, and was brought up by his adoptive father.”

“However, back when I was young, I offended someone, which led to my family being massacred. My adoptive father is no longer with us.” When mentioning this matter, Chu Feng appeared to be sad. This was a pain that he would never forget.

“So you’re actually a pitiful child. However, I believe that your biological parents are most definitely not ordinary people.”

The Yan Clan’s ancestor smiled lightly. Even though his attitude toward Chu Feng had been pretty decent to begin with, his current attitude toward Chu Feng was even more amiable than before.

This sort of attitude from the Yan Clan’s Ancestor was something that Chu Feng had won over using his strength.

“Xingfeng, it is your Cyanwood Mountain’s blessing to be able to obtain a disciple like Chu Feng.”

“Go ahead, tell me, what is it that you need my help with?” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor asked.

“Senior, regarding that, it’s…”

Dugu Xingfeng did not try to conceal anything, and told the Yan Clan’s Ancestor everything in full details. However, he actually did not know much either. All he knew was that Chu Feng wanted to save someone. However, he did not know who it was that Chu Feng wanted to save. However, that was not the important aspect. The important aspect was that they would have to go to the Cursed Soil Sect to save this person.

After hearing what Dugu Xingfeng said, the Yan Clan’s Ancestor turned to ask Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, what is the name of this person who you want to save?”

“Reporting to senior, junior’s friend is called Tantai Xue. Like junior, she is a person of the younger generation,” Chu Feng replied.

“What did she do that caused her to be caught by the Cursed Soil Sect?” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor asked.

“She has stolen an item from the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster, Sang Kun.” Chu Feng said.

“Sang Kun? He is a truly demented person. Yet, your friend actually dared to steal an item from him and has been caught by Sang Kun. Likely, her fate is sealed,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

He was implying to Chu Feng that there was no need for him to go and try to save his friend because his friend was likely already dead.

“That item is extremely important to Sang Kun. That Sang Kun has only managed to capture my friend, and has yet to retrieve the item. Thus, for the time being, he will not kill my friend.”

“However, I believe that Sang Kun will use every means available to extort a confession from my friend. I am uncertain whether my friend can continue to persist, as well as whether or not Sang Kun will still allow her to live after finding out that all his extortions are ineffective,” Chu Feng said.

“It seems that you insist on saving that friend of yours,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor was able to tell how determined Chu Feng was.

“This junior will definitely not refuse to save his friend. Even if she is dead, I must still go and recover her corpse and avenge her death,” Chu Feng said resolutely.

“Mn, your courage deserves praise. However, the Cursed Soil Sect is no ordinary place. After all, it is one of the Nine Powers.”

“Truth be told, my current Yan Clan is no match for the Cursed Soil Sect. If we were to be exposed, it would not only be me that would be out of luck; instead, my entire Yan Clan will be implicated.”

“This matter is extremely important. Thus, it is unsuitable for me to involve myself. However… I do not wish to not help you either. After all, you are a rare sapling.”

“Chu Feng, how about this? I’ll give you a chance. You go and help me do one thing. Whether or not I’ll help you will depend on how well you accomplish what I want you to do.” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said.

“Senior, what might you want ChU Feng to do?” Chu Feng asked.


The Yan Clan’s Ancestor took out a wooden box and threw it onto the ground. Immediately, runes and symbols began to flicker, and a golden light surged forth from the box. As the golden light rotated around the box, it turned into a world spirit gate.

“Enter there and place your hand onto the oval shaped stone. Do what you can do. When you come back out, I’ll tell you whether or not I’ll help you.” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said as he pointed at the world spirit gate.

“Junior understands,” Chu Feng did not hesitate in the slightest, and directly entered the world spirit gate.


After passing through the world spirit gate, Chu Feng entered a world spirit space. This world spirit space was very special. It was not very large, truly not very large. Its dimensions were smaller than even those a palace hall. There were only about several tens of square meters of space, most definitely less than sixty square meters.

However, within this tiny space was a world spirit formation. This world spirit formation was extremely powerful; it was a masterpiece of a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. However, all of the energy of this spirit formation was gathered into one location, the foundation of this spirit formation.

As for the foundation of this spirit formation, it was the item that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor wanted Chu Feng to touch, an oval-shaped stone about three inches long and two inches wide.

While this stone did not appear to be unusual on the surface, and looked just like a large pebble, Chu Feng was able to tell that this stone was very extraordinary. Not to mention the spirit formation, Chu Feng was able to tell that the stone itself was a treasure.

Furthermore, on the stone were carved eighteen numbers, from one to eighteen, horizontally. Chu Feng did not know what the meaning behind those eighteen numbers was.

Chu Feng also did not understand exactly what the Yan Clan’s Ancestor meant by ‘do what you can do.’ However, Chu Feng knew that he had to do what the Yan Clan’s Ancestor wanted him to do if he wanted the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s help.

Thus, Chu Feng walked over to the stone, spread his right hand open and placed it onto the stone.


Right after Chu Feng’s palm touched the stone, his vision blurred. Everything before him started to spin around.

In the blink of an eye, he was no longer in the spirit formation space, and had instead entered another world.

Chu Feng was standing in a boundless prairie. At a glance, he could not see its borders, and everything in his line of sight was green. It was as if he had been placed in a sea of green.

Above his head was a blue sky, as well as large cotton-candy-like white clouds.

It was beautiful. This was the first time Chu Feng had ever seen a sky as beautiful as this. The clouds were also extremely beautiful. Everything just seemed so natural and beautiful.


Suddenly, strange sounds were heard from the distance.

Those sounds were extremely ear-piercing and frightening. It sounded like a group of wolves howling. Yet, it also sounded like a group of tigers snarling. However, it was more frightening than either of those. It was the sound emitted by a group of powerful and frightening existences.


Suddenly, the boundless prairie underneath Chu Feng’s feet started to burn. They immediately turned into a vast sea of flames. As for the blue sky above him, it had also turned dark and murky.

In a blink of an eye, this beautiful world had turned into hell. It was very sinister and frightening.

Most importantly, that group of unknown yet powerful existences were still approaching Chu Feng to attack him.

“Damn it, what sort of situation is this?”

At this moment, Chu Feng’s expression changed greatly. He was not scared by the change in the scenery around him, nor was he scared of the powerful existences approaching him. Rather, he was frightened by himself.

At the moment, he could clearly move his head to look at his surroundings. Yet, his legs were not under his control. It was as if they had been stuck together with the earth, and could not be moved at all.

At this moment, other than his head, which he could move left and right, the rest of his body was stuck, as if he had been petrified. He could not move it at all.