Chapter 1528 - Blood Racing

MGA: Chapter 1528 - Blood Racing

The Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash had a total of nine slashes, with each slash being stronger than the last. The ninth slash was the hardest to master, and also the hardest to execute.

This was the first time since Chu Feng had grasped his Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash that he had ever used the ninth slash. As for the might of this ninth slash, even Chu Feng did not know how powerful it would be.

However, there was one thing that he could be certain of; this ninth slash’s might definitely surpassed that of any other other Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. It was the most powerful attack among Earthen Taboo Martial Skills. Thus, it was very possible that this ninth slash might end up taking Yan Xie’s life.

However, as the arrow was already placed on the bow string, Chu Feng would not cease his hands. He had to continue on with his attack and determine the outcome of the battle with this ninth slash.

“Ninth slash!!!”

Chu Feng unleashed his attack. After he uttered those words, the region of space around him turned crimson red. Sounds like the anguished wailings of ghosts that died with grievances, and the snarling of ferocious beasts, could be heard all over the region.

It was not only Yan Xie who was fighting against Chu Feng, practically everyone present was able to sense oppression, a very invasive oppression.

Even though Dugu Xingfeng and the others possessed the strength to resist this oppressive sensation, they still gasped with admiration at how valiant this oppression was. Was this really an attack that was being unleashed by a mere rank one Half Martial Emperor?

This sort of might, not to mention rank one Half Martial Emperors, it was likely that not even ordinary rank five Half Martial Emperors would be able to withstand it.


Suddenly, two crimson crescent-shaped slashes appeared in the sky. With a cross shape and oppressive might, they slashed toward Yan Xie.

The might of this slash was stronger and much more frightening than all eight of the slashes before combined. It had simply surpassed the range of Earthen Taboo Martial Skills.

Seeing this scene, the Yan Clan’s Clan Chief, who had already made the preparations, was planning to step in and block Chu Feng’s attack. After all, he was unable to stand and watch as Yan Xie was killed by Chu Feng.

“Don’t interfere, Yan Xie can still deal with it,” However, before the Yan Clan’s Clan Chief could act, a voice transmission entered into his ear. It was actually the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s voice.

Sure enough, after the Yan Clan’s Ancestor’s voice was heard, the Yan Clan’s Clan Chief saw that Yan Xie did not have any trace of fear in his eyes when facing Chu Feng’s strongest attack. Instead, there was a flash of sharpness to his eyes.

After that, with a thought from Yan Xie, his hair started to dance wildly. “Boom!” Following a loud explosion, a stream of purple flames surged forth from Yan Xie’s body and turned into a defensive barrier that rapidly revolved around him.

Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s ninth slash was about to land. Following an extremely loud explosion, Chu Feng’s ninth slash collided with the purple flames. Then, both of them burst apart.

In an instant, the region of space around him was completely covered by the crimson and purple gaseous flames. If it weren’t for the fact that the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master had set up a world spirit formation around this area, the mountain range would likely have been destroyed by the energy ripples.

Finally, the energy ripples began to subside. Chu Feng and Yan Xie’s figures once again reappeared before the crowd. Merely, when the current Yan Xie became visible, other than the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, everyone else, including Chu Feng, showed an expression of enormous shock.

At this moment, Yan Xie’s entire body was covered with purple flames. He had turned into a man of flames. That was because the flames were not lingering around his body. Rather, every inch of his skin had turned into flames. The flames were him and he was the flames.

The purple flames emitted an extraordinary aura. The aura was not the feeling of warmth from fire, rather, it was extremely dark. In fact, the shape of the surging flames was different from other flames too. It was as if they were countless sharp purple claws trying to tear something apart. Looking at it, one could feel one’s blood run cold and shiver with fear.

However, most importantly, Yan Xie’s current aura was no longer that of a rank one Half Martial Emperor. Instead, he was now a rank two Half Martial Emperor. Furthermore, even his battle power had increased once again.


Suddenly, a roll of thunder sounded from the skies. After the thunder roll, the black clouds in the sky actually turned into purple flame clouds. Furthermore, bolts of purple lightning were flashing through the purple flame clouds. It was an extremely frightening sight.

“This aura, what’s going on? How could big brother Yan Xie turn into that?” Seeing this scene, Yan Ru was frightened. It was the first time that she had seen Yan Xie like this.

In fact, other than the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, it was the first time that all of the rest of the people present had seen Yan Xie like this.

“So you’re actually a Divine Body.”

Chu Feng was able to tell that Yan Xie was currently using Divine Power, and that the purple flames were his Divine Power.

“What? Yan Xie is actually a Divine Body? Why have I never heard of him mentioning that before?!”

At this moment, everyone from the Yan Clan, with the only exception being the Yan Clan’s Ancestor, were all shocked beyond belief and gasping with admiration.

It turned out that none of them knew that Yan Xie was actually a Divine Body. In the past, only two people had known of this secret. They were the Yan Clan’s Ancestor and Yan Xie himself. However, now, all the people present had learned of it.

“When I declared that Yan Xie possessed the potential to become an overlord, it is most definitely not only because he possessed exceptional talent.”

“Instead, it is because of this. This is Yan Xie’s true strength,” The Yan Clan’s Ancestor said proudly.

Yan Xie was someone who he had nurtured. Thus, he possessed absolute confidence in Yan Xie. However, he also did not expect that Chu Feng would be able to force Yan Xie to reveal his Divine Body.

“Rank two Half Martial Emperor. However, his true battle power is that of a rank five Half Martial Emperor. Is Chu Feng still able to contend against him?” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master, Miao Renlong and Hong Qiang all started to worry.

“It would seem that I have miscalculated. I have underestimated this Yan Xie,” Dugu Xingfeng was also worried. The way he saw it, this battle had surpassed his expectations.

If Chu Feng and Yan Xie were of the same cultivation, then, with Chu Feng’s techniques, he would definitely be able to win against Yan Xie. Unfortunately, the two of them were not of the same cultivation.

With that being the case, they had no choice but to be prepared to accept defeat. After all, Chu Feng had revealed his final trump card already.

“You are the first to force me to this extent,” Yan Xie spoke.

“You are indeed very powerful,” Chu Feng praised. Chu Feng was saying those words from the bottom of his heart. Ever since he had come to the Holy Land of Martialism, Chu Feng had encountered a lot of Divine Bodies and had even fought with them.

However, Yan Xie was the first Divine Body that could give him this sort of oppressive sensation. So far, of all the Divine Bodies Chu Feng had encountered, Yan Xie possessed the greatest control over his Divine Power.

“No, I am not as powerful as you are. Although my Divine Power is capable of increasing my cultivation by one level, and also increasing my battle power, compared to your lightning that increases your cultivation by two levels, my Divine Power is greatly inferior.”

“Chu Feng, the person who is powerful is you. If we were both rank one Half Martial Emperors, I would definitely be no match for you.”

“With your talent, I believe that you will, sooner or later, catch up to me. Thus, the person that has lost today is me. Today, I, Yan Xie, have lost to you.”

As Yan Xie spoke, he dissolved the purple flames and withdrew his Divine Power. He had actually admitted defeat before the crowd and conceded to Chu Feng.

“No, I did not win. In our first fight, I won. However, this time around, you have won. The two of them have canceled out one another. Thus, we have drawn.” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng knew that he had exhausted an enormous amount of strength to unleash his Firmament Slash’s ninth slash. He also believed that Yan Xie had also exhausted an enormous amount of strength. However, Yan Xie possessed Divine Power. Not only did it replenish his strength, it also increased his battle power.

Even though Chu Feng possessed heaven-defying power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation, Yan Xie’s battle power was on par with his own. Thus, with a cultivation of rank one Half Martial Emperor, it was impossible for him to defeat Yan Xie with a cultivation of rank two Half Martial Emperor and increased battle power.

Thus, regardless of whether Chu Feng might be willing to accept it, he had no choice but to admit that he had been defeated in this second round. That was because, if Yan Xie had not stopped the fight and continued to fight against him, he would not have been able to contend against Yan Xie. Thus, the best outcome would be that neither side won.

“Very well. Today, we have drawn. However, Chu Feng, I will not be discouraged. I will continue to put forth effort so that my control over my Divine Power will be even stronger, so that my Divine Power can match up with your lightning, so that my Divine Power can also increase my cultivation by two levels.”

“At that time, we shall fight again, and determine who will be the victor,” Yan Xie said.

“Very well. I will catch up to you as quickly as possible. I will fight against you again with the same cultivation as you.”

A smile of anticipation was on Chu Feng’s face. It was very rare for him to encounter an opponent this powerful. Thus, his blood was racing.