Chapter 1527 - Firmament Ninth Slash

MGA: Chapter 1527 - Firmament Ninth Slash

“Chu Feng, he actually accepted?”

“He still plans to continue fighting Yan Xie?”

Hearing those words, the members of the Yan Clan were all startled. They did not understand whether Chu Feng was truly fearless or whether he was acting recklessly.

Yan Xie had clearly indicated to Chu Feng how powerful his martial skill was. Furthermore, he had already revealed it to Chu Feng. Yet, Chu Feng still planned to fight him. This was truly too outrageous.

“First thrust.” Seeing that Chu Feng had decided to take on his attacks, Yan Xie did not hesitate. He pointed his Fire Dragon Spear toward Chu Feng and violently thrust forward. “Aoouuu,” following a loud sound, a fire dragon shot forth from the spear. It rapidly grew larger in size and became extremely imposing.

This fire dragon was like a real dragon. Not only did it possess a vivid and lifelike appearance, it also possessed a very frightening oppressiveness that caused even Chu Feng’s heartbeat to accelerate involuntarily.

This sort of deterrence power was something that was extremely difficult to resist. Furthermore, this difficult-to-resist deterrence power carried alongside it the might of Yan Xie’s martial skill.

However, Chu Feng had anticipated all of this. Before Yan Xie had even unleashed his attack, Chu Feng had already begun to store power in his body. Right now, it was the perfect timing for him to unleash his own attack to counter Yan Xie’s attack.

Suddenly, a cold flash shone through Chu Feng’s eyes. A dark red color appeared in his lightning-covered eyes. Following that, an extremely sharp aura emerged from them.

“Bang!” Immediately afterward, a loud muffled explosion sounded from Chu Feng’s body. Then, a stream of some crimson gaseous substance was shot out explosively from Chu Feng’s body.

That gaseous substance was extremely strange. While it had the shape of sharp blades, it also resembled snakes. Not only were the sharp blades too numerous to count, they were also emitting extremely terrifying noises, like the wailing of ghosts and the howling of wolves. It was as if they were demons from hell.

Most importantly, when the crimson gaseous substance appeared, the sky and earth instantly changed in color. The entire region had turned crimson red in color. It was as if a crimson sun were located on Chu Feng’s body and revolving around him.

Not only did the crimson gaseous substance contain frightening power, its speed was also astonishingly fast. In merely an instant, it had covered every nook and corner of both the sky and the earth, sealing off everything.

“Why would this aura be this dark? It’s as if it were an aura from hell. What sort of martial skill is this?”

When seeing this scene, the Yan Clan’s Clan Chief was shocked. It was the first time that he had ever experienced an aura like this. Even though he was a peak Half Martial Emperor, he was slightly trembling with fear.

If Yan Xie’s Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust was ‘yang,’ then the martial skill that Chu Feng had just used would be ‘yin.’ Although they were both very powerful, the sensations that they gave off were completely different.

[1. Yang → positive, warm, male, etc. Yin → negative, cold, female, etc.]

Evidently, Chu Feng’s martial skill possessed an even greater deterrence power than Yan Xie’s martial skill. It would cause people to feel fear from the bottom of their hearts.


Right at this moment, the fire dragon shot out from Yan Xie’s spear had arrived before Chu Feng. It was less than a hundred meters away from Chu Feng.

“First slash!” When the fire dragon was about to strike Chu Feng, Chu Feng suddenly shouted with an explosive voice.

Once those words left his mouth, as if complying with an order from their master, the strange and frightening gaseous substance that wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves rushed toward the fire dragon that was charging at Chu Feng with enormous destructive power.

“Woosh.” Finally, a crimson ray flashed past. That crimson slash took the shape of a cross and landed on Yan Xie’s fire dragon.


In an instant, explosions sprung up everywhere. Waves of flames were swirling in the air. The fire dragon that Yan Xie had unleashed toward Chu Feng was forcibly slashed apart by Chu Feng. The dragon’s body shattered and turned into waves of surging flames that began to quickly spread outwards.

However, even with this being the case, Chu Feng did not feel the slightest trace of joy. That was because Yan Xie’s Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust was indeed not something that he could look down upon.

Although Chu Feng’s Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash’s first slash was able to cancel out Yan Xie’s first thrust, it did not gain much, if any, dominance toward that thrust.

“What sort of martial skill is that? It’s actually able to contend against the Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust? Furthermore, it is so similar to that Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust!!!”

Although Chu Feng did not feel any joy from the result, the Yan Clan’s crowd were all incomparably shocked. Unease had filled their hearts.

The way they saw it, the Earthen Taboo: Burning Heaven Technique could be said to be their Yan Clan’s strongest martial skill. As for the Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust created by combining the Earthen Taboo: Burning Heaven Technique and the Fire Dragon Spear, it was their Yan Clan’s current strongest technique.

However, it was precisely such a technique that Chu Feng had managed to defend against using his own martial skill. As such, how could they not be shocked?

“Second slash!”

Right at the moment when the Yan Clansman were all shocked, Chu Feng shouted explosively once again. Following that, another crimson slash appeared. Chu Feng had actually decided to attack instead of defending, and took the initiative to unleash an attack at Yan Xie.

Faced with the destructive might of the crimson slash, anywhere it passed, including even the space before it, all began to shatter and collapse.

If Chu Feng’s Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash’s first slash from before had merely been a slight reveal of his ability, then this second slash had managed to completely reveal the might of the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash. It allowed everyone to know exactly how frightening Chu Feng’s martial skill was.

If Yan Xie’s Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust was a martial skill approaching the might of Heaven Taboo Martial Skills, how could Chu Feng’s Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash not be?

“Second thrust.”

Yan Xie raised the spear in his hand and thrust decisively forward.

Once he did that, the second fire dragon flew out from his spear. Sure enough, this second fire dragon was many times more imposing and powerful than the first one.


After a loud explosion, Chu Feng’s second slash and Yan Xie’s second thrust collided with one another. Like with the first collision, the two of them canceled each another out.

“Third thrust.” Yan Xie was not to be outdone. After blocking Chu Feng’s second slash, he immediately unleashed his third thrust.

“Third slash.”

“Forth slash.”

“Fifth slash.”

“Sixth slash.”

“Seventh slash.”

As for Chu Feng, he was even fiercer. He actually let out five more slashes in succession, and even unleashed the seventh slash.

Furthermore, his five slashes were each stronger than the ones before. With five slashes being unleashed in succession, heaven and earth both turned dark. Neither the light from the sun nor the moon could be seen.

“Fourth thrust.”

“Fifth thrust.”

“Sixth thrust.”

“Seventh thrust.”

“Eighth thrust.”

Yan Xie was fierce indeed. Seeing that Chu Feng had unleashed successive slashes at him, he too decided to unleash successive thrusts at Chu Feng, and actually let out all of the remaining thrusts.

“Boom~~ Boom~~ Boom~~ Boom~~ Boom~~”

Six thrusts against five slashes. A total of five ear-piercing explosions were heard, and five berserk energy ripples were formed.

However, that strongest and more ferocious eighth thrust remained completely undamaged. Carrying with it the greatest amount of power, it thrust toward Chu Feng.

No, it didn’t thrust toward Chu Feng. Rather, it flew toward Chu Feng. That was because it was a fire dragon, an enormous fire dragon, a fire dragon surging with flames. It was planning to completely refine Chu Feng, killing him by refining both his body and soul.

“Eighth slash.” Even when faced with Yan Xie’s strongest attack, Chu Feng did not hesitate in the slightest. Sparing no effort, he unleashed the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash’s eighth slash.


It was another ear-deafening explosion. Chu Feng’s eighth slash and Yan Xie’s eighth thrust collided with one another. The violent energy ripples that resulted from their collision actually engulfed the two fighters and covered the entire space around them.

Gigantic waves of overflowing flames and the strange crimson gaseous substance were snarling as they wreaked havoc in the skies. It was an extremely magnificent and dreadful sight.

After a short moment of time, the energy ripples began to dissipate, and Chu Feng and Yan Xie’s figures reemerged in everyone’s sight again.

Merely, when their figures reemerged in everyone’s line of sight, the crowd was surprised to discover that, although neither of them were wounded, they were both covered with sweat.

It was evident that the intense confrontation earlier had been very taxing to the both of them.

While their martial skills were very powerful, they also consumed an enormous amount of martial power. Moreover, it was only because Chu Feng and Yan Xie were both heavenly geniuses that they could accomplish such a feat. If it were ordinary people instead, they would not be able to even withstand the backlash from these martial skills.

Not to mention that they might not be able to unleash this sort of martial skill, even if they were to be able to use them, they would likely faint upon using them. It was impossible for them to continue standing like how Yan Xie and Chu Feng were.

This, once again, indirectly displayed to the crowd how powerful Yan Xie and Chu Feng were. They were individuals who were much stronger than ordinary people.

“That Chu Feng’s martial skill is actually equally matched with the Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust?!”

The people from the Yan Clan had thought that the final confrontation would determine the outcome of this battle. After all, the eighth thrust of the Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust were its strongest attacks, attacks that were praised to be on par with Heaven Taboo Martial Skills.

However, even with the strongest attack of the Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust, it was unable to injure Chu Feng in the slightest. They had ended up in a tie. This caused the hearts of the people of the Yan Clan to feel extreme unrest.

Could it be that today, the battle between these two exceptional geniuses would end up in a draw?

Could it be that this Chu Feng really possessed strength on par with Yan Xie? That he was someone who could be discussed alongside Yan Xie? That he was an existence who could fight Yan Xie to a draw?

All kinds of thoughts and exclamations of admiration began to fill the hearts of the people from the Yan Clan. To them, this was not any sort of good news.

After all, Yan Xie was their hope. He bore their desires of being able to restore the standing of their Yan Clan in the Holy Land of Martialism. For there to suddenly be an existence on par with Yan Xie, it meant to them that Yan Xie would have a powerful opponent, an opponent who was extremely strong and frightening regardless of whether it might be now or in the future.


Right at the moment when the crowd from the Yan Clan all thought that this battle would end in a tie, Chu Feng suddenly held his palms together.

After that, layer upon layer of crimson gaseous flames that emitted frightening sounds like the wailing of ghosts and howling of wolves surged out from his body.

“Heavens! How could that be?!”

Chu Feng’s action caused the expressions of the crowd from the Yan Clan to change enormously. They were all feeling extremely uneasy. Even the grand Yan Clan’s Clan Chief was feeling this way.

That was because they had all managed to realize that the situation was bad. While Yan Xie’s strongest attack had been unleashed, it seemed that Chu Feng’s strongest attack had still not been unleashed.

To them, this was not good news at all. It was enormously bad news!!!!!

As for Chu Feng, he ignored the expressions of the Yan Clansmen, raised his hands with his palms still together and said to Yan Xie,

“Firmament Ninth Slash!!!”