Chapter 1526 - Fire Dragon Heaven Burning Thrust

MGA: Chapter 1526 - Fire Dragon Heaven Burning Thrust

At this moment, the people of the Yan Clan were all deeply stunned, as if they had been petrified. This was especially true for the Yan Clan’s third brother, fifth brother and ninth sister. At this moment, the three of them were unable to utter a single word.

They were all individuals with great eyesight. They all noticed exactly what had happened earlier.

It was different from the time when Yan Xie had thrust his spear at Chu Feng and injured his arm.

Yan Xie’s attack could be said to have been done extremely beautifully. However, Chu Feng had managed to dodge it from hitting his chest with his sharp agility. In the end, Yan Xie’s attack had only managed to graze Chu Feng’s arm.

While Yan Xie’s attack had been done very beautifully, Chu Feng had also managed to dodge it beautifully. Thus, that attack was not Yan Xie being lenient. Rather, Chu Feng had dodged it with his own agility.

Although Yan Xie did not have the intention to kill Chu Feng, and had only aimed at Chu Feng’s heart, the truth was that even if he had aimed at Chu Feng’s dantian, Chu Feng would still have been able to dodge it.

Yet, Chu Feng’s blade was completely different. Chu Feng’s blade strike was even more beautiful. With one blade strike, Chu Feng had managed to leave three slashes on Yan Xie’s body.

Yan Xie was unable to dodge these three slashes. Thus, all three of them had landed on Yan Xie’s chest. They landed very accurately. However, Chu Feng’s attack stopped the moment victory and defeat were determined.

Chu Feng had shown leniency. Not to mention how shallow the three slashes he had managed to land were, if Chu Feng had aimed toward Yan Xie’s dantian, it was likely that Yan Xie would have been killed by Chu Feng now. Furthermore, he would have died with his body split into many pieces.

This was the difference between the essence of their attacks.

Although both fighters had sustained injuries from their bouts of fighting, it was actually Chu Feng who had won the battle.

At this moment, Yan Xie was stunned. He looked at the three bloody wounds on his chest in disbelief. He did not dare to accept this to be the truth. It was only after a very long time that he managed to calm his mind and say to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, can we fight another bout?”

“If you wish to fight, I, Chu Feng, will accompany you at any time,” Chu Feng replied.

“Many thanks,” Yan Xie clasped his fist respectfully toward Chu Feng. After that, his body shot backwards explosively. Holding the spear in his hand, he arrived at a place several thousand meters away from Chu Feng.


Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard. Boundless flames actually started to emerge from Yan Xie’s body. Like a tornado, the flames began to sweep forth. It was an extremely terrifying sight.

However, this was not the same Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique that Yan Xie had used earlier. Although it was also composed of flames, the flames that Yan Xie unleashed this time were many times more powerful than those of the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique. The two of them were simply incomparable.

What lingered around Yan Xie simply did not appear to be flames. Instead, they were like several enormous living beasts made out of flames. As they surged forth and snarled, they gave off an enormous power of deterrence.

“What a powerful martial skill,” When Dugu Xingfeng saw the flames wreaking havoc throughout the skies, when he saw the snarling and surging enormous beasts made out of flames, Dugu Xingfeng was unable to help himself from exclaiming in admiration.

While this martial skill Yan Xie was using was also an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill, it was most definitely not an ordinary Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. This sort of martial skill was extremely difficult to master and troublesome to use. However, not only had Yan Xie successfully mastered it, he was also able to use it with a single thought. Therefore one must definitely acknowledge Yan Xie’s talent.

The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master noticed that Yan Xie’s martial skill was remarkable. Thus, he asked curiously, “Clan Chief Yan, may I know the name of this martial skill?”

“Everyone, I believe you all have heard how our Yan Clan’s Lord Flame Emperor had set a region of ten thousand miles on fire out of anger, turning it into a sea of flames which ended up becoming the Purgatory Sea of Flames.”

“You all must have heard that the martial skill that he had used to accomplish that feat is the martial skill of our clan that we do not teach outsiders, the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique.”

“However, the reality is different. The martial skill that Lord Flame Emperor used is not our Yan Clan’s Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique. Instead, it is the strongest martial skill of our clan, the Earthen Taboo: Burning Heaven Technique.”

“This Earthen Taboo: Burning Heaven Technique is extremely powerful. Although it is called an Earthen Taboo, its might is actually comparable to that of Heaven Taboo Martial Skills. There is merely a fine line between it and Heaven Taboo Martial Skills.”

“However, this Earthen Taboo: Burning Heaven Technique is extremely hard to learn. In the history of our Yan Clan, only a few people have managed to master this martial skill. Truth be told, to this date, even I have not managed to completely grasp this Earthen Taboo: Burning Heaven Technique.”

“However, Yan Xie has managed to grasp it. Furthermore, it could be said that he has grasped it completely,” The Yan Clan’s Clan Chief said.

Once those words left the Yan Clan Clan Chief’s mouth, Dugu Xingfeng and the others were all startled. They could tell from the Yan Clan Clan Chief’s tone that he was giving this evaluation with the utmost sincerity. He was not at all trying to frighten them. Furthermore, they were also able to tell that the martial skill that Yan Xie was using was indeed extremely powerful.

The more powerful a martial skill was, the more difficult it was to learn it. Martial cultivation was something that required talent. However, learning martial skills emphasized talent even more. Even though they were all peak Half Martial Emperors, it was not as if they were omnipotent. There were still a lot of martial skills that were too difficult for them to master.

They had failed to learn them during their youth. As for now, it remained the same. This was because learning those martial skills required talent, an unchangeable innate quality.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at this moment, Yan Xie suddenly raised the Fire Dragon Spear in his hand. Instantly, his surroundings began to surge with flames. Even the space was being burned, so much so that it was about to melt. Those enormous beasts of flame all turned into columns of flame as they galloped toward that Fire Dragon Spear.

It was a very spectacular and mighty sight to behold. At this moment, the region of space around him started to violently tremble from the shock of the galloping flames.

While the sky and earth had darkened, the flames were extremely bright and illuminated everything.

Finally, all of the flames were assimilated into that Fire Dragon Spear. At this moment, that Fire Dragon Spear had turned into a spear covered with flames.

However, those flames were definitely not ordinary flames. Instead, they were the king among flames, the emperor among flames, the overlord of flames.

As for that spear, it was no ordinary spear either. With the assimilation of the flames, an intrinsic change had occurred to the spear.

The flames stopped surging. However, the space around it was still trembling. This trembling was caused by the Fire Dragon Spear in Yan Xie’s hands.

In fact, it was not only space that had been affected by the Fire Dragon Spear, the spear itself was also trembling. Even though Yan Xie was tightly clenching onto it, he was unable to control its trembling.

This sort of situation caused Chu Feng’s gaze to became very serious. He knew that the origin of the spear’s trembling was because the power that had been assimilated by it was too frightening, so frightening that it was about to lose control and explode.

Like a beast in a violent rage, that spear only wanted to slaughter.

“Chu Feng, this martial skill of mine is called the Earthen Taboo: Burning Heaven Technique.”

“Although it is said to be an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill, it is definitely not an ordinary Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. After this martial skill of mine has fused with this Fire Dragon Emperor Spear, its might is now indefinitely close to that of Heaven Taboo Martial Skills.”

“With the fusion of the two, they are now called the Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust.”

“There are a total of eight thrusts to my Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust. Each and every thrust is stronger than the one before.

“I have managed to successfully master all eight thrusts. Later on, I shall be using them one after the other.”

“However, I do not wish to kill you. Thus, if you are unable to handle them, please speak out so that I can stop.”

At this moment, Yan Xie appeared to be very calm. However, contained within his calmness was a deep sense of confidence.

The reason he was so calm was because he was very confident. He was completely confident that he would prevail against Chu Feng this time around and recover his lost ground from earlier. At the same time, he would also put an end to the match between him and Chu Feng.

As for Chu Feng, he did not immediately answer Yan Xie. Instead, he slowly closed his eyes.

Seeing Chu Feng’s reaction, smiles appeared on the faces of the Yan Clansmen. Although they did not say anything, they all felt that Chu Feng had grown afraid.

However, right at the moment when they all felt that Chu Feng had grown afraid, Chu Feng suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Bring it on!”