Chapter 1525 - One Blade Strike, Three Slashes

MGA: Chapter 1525 - One Blade Strike, Three Slashes

The approaching danger was Yan Xie.

Although Yan Xie had shot forth that large fiery sword, he was, however, currently holding a spear in his hand.

It was a fiery spear. Engraved on the spear was a dragon. The body of the dragon was filled with flames. This spear was actually many times mightier than the large fiery sword from earlier.

That was because this spear was not emitting king’s might. Instead, it was emitting emperor’s might. It was not a Royal Armament. Instead, it was an Incomplete Imperial Armament.

Yan Xie was too quick. In an instant, he had arrived before Chu Feng. As for the Fire Dragon Spear in his hand, it was thrust toward Chu Feng’s heart.

It turned out that he had planned all this. The Royal Armament that he had thrown toward Chu Feng had been nothing more than a diversion. His current attack was his true aim.

Chu Feng had miscalculated. As matters stood, Chu Feng had no choice but to admit that he had been careless.

At the moment he discovered that something was wrong, Chu Feng had poured all of his power into dodging. However, Yan Xie was not a nobody. His speed was not at all inferior to Chu Feng’s. Thus, following a ray of red light and a ‘puuu’ sound, blood blossomed in the sky.

Chu Feng had been injured. Even though he had managed to dodge the attack aimed at his heart, his left arm had still been grazed by the spear. Although it was only a superficial wound, although his bones were not injured, it remained that a large portion of his left arm’s muscle had been sliced apart. As such, blood was rapidly flowing from his wound.

“Chu Feng, he!!!”

When they saw this scene, Dugu Xingfeng and the others immediately became nervous. This was the first time they had seen Chu Feng being injured in a fight against a person of the same generation. This was not at all optimistic.

“As expected of Lil Bro Yan Xie. Among those with the same cultivation, it’s impossible for anyone to be a match for him,” The Yan Clan’s third brother displayed a smile on his face.

“That’s only natural. Who is Lil Bro Yan Xie? He is someone who’s going to become an overlord. A person like him will be able to rule an era and defeat all of the experts in the world. Although he has yet to fully grow, it is still impossible to find someone who can match him in the same generation,” The Yan Clan’s fifth brother also displayed the same smile.

“However, it must be admitted that Chu Feng is a rare genius. Unfortunately, his opponent is Lil Bro Yan Xie. Even if he is to be defeated, it will not be shameful. After all, it is inevitable,” The Yan Clan’s ninth sister said.

Naturally, the people from the Yan Clan all wished for Yan Xie to win. This was especially true for those three siblings, as they viewed Yan Xie as the hope for the Yan Clan’s emergence in power.

“Chu Feng, you shouldn’t be careless when fighting against me, Yan Xie. Else, next time, you will not be as lucky as you were this time around.”

Yan Xie did not continue to attack Chu Feng. Instead, he waved the spear in his hand around and smiled lightly. From the very beginning, he had been suppressed by Chu Feng. Right now, he had managed to recover some lost ground. Thus, he felt extremely satisfied.

“Heh…” At this moment, Chu Feng also started to smile. Although Chu Feng was clearly capable of stopping his arm from bleeding, he did not do so. Instead, he allowed his blood to continue to flow.

Chu Feng did that deliberately. He was using the blood to remind himself what the consequences of being careless when fighting someone would be.

The opponents Chu Feng had encountered in the past, even if they were deemed to be geniuses, were only nobodies when compared to Chu Feng.

After encountering that sort of opponent all the time, Chu Feng had started to slack off and became over-confident. It had caused him to think that everything was within his grasp.

Yet, earlier, Yan Xie had taught him a lesson, he had taught him how grave the consequences of lowering his guard would be.


Suddenly, Chu Feng flipped his palm and put the Demon Sealing Sword away. With another flip of his palm, Chu Feng took out the Infinity Edge.

Chu Feng had grown serious. From now on, he was going to go all-out to fight Yan Xie. He would not allow Yan Xie to seize any more opportunities to off him.

While the fiery spear in Yan Xie’s hand was an Incomplete Imperial Armament, Chu Feng was able to tell that it was actually also a copy of an Incomplete Imperial Armament. It was the same as the Infinity Edge in his own hand.

Thus, Chu Feng was not at a disadvantage in terms of weapon quality. From now on, it would be completely dependent on the abilities of the two fighters to determine which among them was stronger.

“Yan Xie, are you ready?” Chu Feng asked.

“It seems that you’re planning to get serious now. Very well, come. I, Yan Xie, want precisely this sort of attitude from you,” A provocative smile appeared on Yan Xie’s face.

“Ahhhh~~~~~~~~~” Suddenly, Chu Feng shouted.

After his snarl, Chu Feng’s entire aura became completely different. Rushed with lightning, his gaze became even sharper. Layer upon layer of indescribable aura began to emit from his body and engulf his surroundings.

In an instant, the sky and earth darkened. Black clouds began to surge with flashing lightning, and thunder rumbled in the skies.

The surroundings has been transformed by Chu Feng’s aura. Chu Feng did not force this transformation. Instead, it was merely the reaction of nature to Chu Feng’s aura. It was as if nature had sensed how frightening Chu Feng’s aura was, and began to feel fear of it.

“This guy.”

Seeing a Chu Feng like this, Yan Xie’s heart also trembled. Out of nowhere, he started to feel unease.

At this moment, Yan Xie actually felt pressured by Chu Feng. He was feeling pressured from inside to outside, from his heart to his body. It was an unprecedented pressure, an unprecedented fear.

At this moment, he started to regret. He was regretting his strike from earlier that had managed to enrage Chu Feng.

Fear and cowardice? He, Yan Xie, could actually also have those feelings?

Right now, that was precisely those feeling that Yan Xie had. It was the first time in his entire life that he was feeling this way.

“No, it’s a misperception. How could I, Yan Xie, be frightened by someone of the same generation?” However, Yan Xie soon started to shake his head and readjust his mentality.

Having considered himself to be unrivalled among the same generation, Yan Xie was unreconciled to being frightened by Chu Feng. Thus, he gripped his spear and took the initiative to attack. Once again, he thrust his spear at Chu Feng.

Sure enough, Yan Xie was extremely strong. In his hands, that fiery spear was no longer a spear. Instead, it had turned into a dragon, a fiery dragon.

No, it was not a dragon. Rather, it was many dragons. At this moment, it was as if there were many dragons with mouths wide open and fiery flame-covered bodies charging toward Chu Feng to rip him apart.

“Perfect timing.”

Chu Feng seemed to have been waiting for precisely this moment. The Infinity Edge in his hand trembled slightly, and then radiated its dominance all over as it unleashed its emperor’s might.

While its might was strong, its power was even stronger. Each and every slash it unleashed contained devastating power. With the many blade rays, Chu Feng had managed to block all of Yan Xie’s attacks.

Chu Feng did not stop immediately after blocking Yan Xie’s spear’s attacks. Instead, he grew braver and braver as he battled. The Infinity Edge in his hand was not only like a blade, it was also like a sword, an axe and a whip. It was simply capable of countering every obstacle before its path with absolute dominance.

Under Chu Feng’s unstoppable attacks, no matter how unwilling Yan Xie might be, he was still forced to change from attacking Chu Feng to defending against his attacks. He began to put all of his effort into using his Fire Dragon Spear to block Chu Feng’s incoming attacks.

However, even with this being the case, he was still forced to retreat repeatedly by Chu Feng. In an instant, everyone was able to tell that Yan Xie was inferior to Chu Feng in this match using Incomplete Imperial Armaments, and had entered an disadvantaged state.

“This Chu Feng is actually this strong?”

When they saw this scene, the expressions of Yan Clan’s third brother, fifth brother and ninth sister, that had been extremely complacent earlier, instantly changed.

That was because the three of them were all able to tell that Yan Xie was not pretending to be weak. Instead, his strength was already extremely powerful, many times more powerful than people of his same cultivation.

However, the situation before their eyes was still happening. As for the reason why, it was only because of one thing. That was, this Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple Chu Feng was even stronger than Yan Xie.

When even the bystanders were able to tell, Yan Xie naturally knew more clearly. However, he was still unreconciled to this fact. He was unreconciled to being suppressed by Chu Feng. To him, this would be an extremely humiliating thing. Furthermore, to be humiliated before the people of the Yan Clan was something that he absolutely could not do.

Thus, Yan Xie was carefully observing Chu Feng to find a gap in his attacks so as to launch a counterattack.

However, at the moment when Yan Xie was searching for gaps in Chu Feng’s attack, he revealed a gap in his own defense. Chu Feng immediately seized this opportunity. With a speed as fast as a flash of light, Chu Feng swept toward Yan Xie with his Infinity Edge.




As the blade landed, three astonishing wounds appeared on Yan Xie’s chest.

Although Chu Feng had made three slashes with his blade, he did not try to severe Yan Xie’s head. Chu Feng did not have the intention to kill Yan Xie. Instead, he was merely giving him a warning.

He was letting Yan Xie know that if he, Chu Feng, were to become serious, then Yan Xie would not be a match for him.