Chapter 1530 - Destroying The World

MGA: Chapter 1530 - Destroying The World

The flames in his surroundings grew fiercer and fiercer. Wave upon wave of flames were already pouncing at Chu Feng. It was as if they were not flames, but rather blood-thirsty beasts that wanted to devour him.

The most helpless aspect of all this was that, not only was Chu Feng unable to dodge the flames, he was also unable to resist them. Chu Feng’s dantian had been sealed. He was unable to use either his martial power or his spirit power. Like a fish on a chopping block, the only thing that Chu Feng could do was watch as death approached him.

Fortunately, those flames were only ordinary flames. Not to mention injuring Chu Feng, they were unable to even burn Chu Feng’s clothes.

However, Chu Feng felt more and more unease. The reason he was feeling so uneasy was not because of the flames. Rather, it was because of those unknown existences that were rapidly approaching him. Those ear-piercing snarls were growing closer and closer.

The flames grew stronger and stronger. At this moment, the flames were surging into the sky, covering it completely. As for Chu Feng, he was in the midst of the sea of flames. Although the flames were unable to harm him, it was, nevertheless, a very unpleasant experience.

Fortunately, after the flames reached their peak level of burning, they began to weaken. In the end, the flames died out. However, as the flames died out, the vast green prairie that had covered the earth had also disappeared alongside the flames.

At this moment, the earth was very similar in appearance to the dark and murky sky; it was burned black and ashy. It was a desolate sight.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng felt even more helpless. In fact, he even felt a faint pain in the ass.

That was because, after the flames that had blocked his line of sight disappeared, Chu Feng had discovered that some frightening existences were around him.

There was a person over three meters tall, who was wearing armor and holding a spear. His face and appearance could not be seen. Other than his well-built body, only a pair of moss-green eyes filled with murderous intent could be seen.

There was also an enormous beast over a hundred meters tall. Chu Feng was uncertain as to what it was, as the beast possessed several tens of eyes, claws and tails. While it looked like an octopus, it also looked like a land beast.

However, one thing was certain: that beast was extremely disgusting. From head to toe, it was covered with mucus. This mucus was dripping down to the ground, and even onto Chu Feng’s head and shoulders.

However, that beast could not be considered to be that strange. The strangest was that there was a centipede with a pair of bat wings. This centipede was ninety-nine meters long. It was circling in the sky like a dragon.

However, it was not a dragon. Instead, it was a centipede. That was because it possessed numerous claws that flickered with a cold shine, like the sickles of death gods.

Other than those three, there were fifteen more strange looking existences, for a total of eighteen. These eighteen existences were each stronger than the previous.

While Chu Feng was unable to determine what level of cultivation they possessed, he was able to sense the oppressive sensation they gave off. The oppression that they displayed allowed him to know that it was likely that the weakest among them were Martial Emperor-level existences.

Any one among them could be an unparalleled existence. Not to mention Chu Feng, who could not move, even if the Yan Clan’s Ancestor or the World Spiritist Alliance’s Left Reverend were to be present, they will still not be a match for any one of these eighteen existences.

“Holy fuck, exactly where have I come to? Is this hell? Unable to contain himself, Chu Feng cursed out.

At this moment, the eighteen frightening monsters were all glaring at him as if he were prey. Their appearances were not like eighteen hungry beasts seeing a tasty meal. Instead, they were more like eighteen beings with great hatred that had finally managed to find their enemy.

Seeing their vicious gazes, Chu Feng was able to tell that they did not plan to eat him. Rather, it was evident that they planned to torment him.


Suddenly, one of the eighteen creatures moved. It was that armored person holding a spear. He raised the spear in his hand and, with enormous killing intent, thrust it toward Chu Feng’s dantian. His thrust was truly fierce and malicious. He was planning to cripple Chu Feng’s cultivation.

“Damn it.”

Even though he was seeing his opponent attack him, Chu Feng was unable to move in the slightest, unable to use martial power or even spirit power. All he could do was to watch as death approached.

“Am I, Chu Feng, to die here?” Chu Feng was very unreconciled. He felt that he had been fooled, fooled by that Yan Clan’s Ancestor and fallen into a very frightening trap.

The beings in this trap were simply not humans or ordinary monstrous beasts at all. Each and every one of them were demons, extremely frightening demons.

However, upon closer thought, Chu Feng felt that this was unlikely to be the case. These eighteen existences, each and every one of them were more powerful than the Yan Clan’s Ancestor. Thus, how could the Yan Clan’s Ancestor possibly be able to control them and make them do his bidding?

Chu Feng became confused. While he could not understand, he was also disinclined to bother wasting time thinking about it. After all, what he had to face right now was being thrust to death by another.


Right at the moment when Chu Feng felt that he was doomed to die, his blood started to boil. Soon, a dazzling radiance flashed past, and nine lightning's exploded out from Chu Feng.

After the nine lightnings flashed out from Chu Feng’s body, they struck at that spear-wielding armored man. The moment that spear-wielding armored man was struck by the lightnings, his divine might instantly disappeared as his body turned into dust after being struck.

It turned out that the Nine Colored Divine Lightnings, Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline, had left Chu Feng’s body and struck that armored man.

After the Nine Colored Divine Lightnings left Chu Feng’s body, they soared into the sky and entered the clouds.


In an instant, the dark and murky sky was no longer dark and murky. Regardless of whether it might be the clouds or the sky itself, they had all became multicolored. It was an extremely magnificent sight.

However, at the same time, the oppressive sensation right now was many times more powerful than before, simply a completely different level.


Soon, nine different-colored lightnings began to flicker in the sky. The lightnings continued for tens of thousands of miles nonstop. It was as if the sky in this entire world were their territory.

In this sort of situation, the remaining seventeen monsters actually displayed appearances of fear. They did not dare to demonstrate their might to Chu Feng anymore, much less attack him again. Instead, they looked to the sky in a stunned manner, like seventeen frightened rabbits.

As they looked to the sky, they stood where they were and started to tremble in fear.


Suddenly, a snarl was heard from the sky. The snarl resonated through ten thousand miles. It was extremely intimidating. The snarl was simply too frightening. It was even more ferocious than the roar of a dragon, and was capable of penetrating one’s heart and crushing one’s soul.

After that snarl was heard, the sky that was flickering with lightning started to shine a lot brighter. Then, the appearances of nine enormous beasts of lightning appeared in the sky.

The nine enormous lightning beasts were all incomparably large. They all contained mighty divine power. While they were extremely far away from Chu Feng, to the point where they appeared to be in the ninth heaven, their oppressiveness was extremely close, and capable of cowing everything in this world.

[1. Ninth heaven is the highest of all the heavens.]

When the seventeen remaining monsters that surrounded Chu Feng saw the nine enormous lightning beasts in the sky, they acted like little mice that had seen fierce tigers. They did not dare to linger around anymore, and immediately fled in all directions in dismay.


“Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble~~~~”

Right at this time, countless bolts of lightning struck down from the sky. The lightning bolts were extremely thick, and were omnipresent. As they struck down from the sky, they gave the appearance of a heavenly tribulation.

Wherever they passed, space would shatter. Wherever they struck, the earth would crack. Simply nothing could stand before their path. Truly, they were bringing about the destruction of the world.

Most importantly, these bolt of lightning were simply innumerable. They appeared to be very close, yet also far on the horizon. It turned out that this entire world had been covered by the nine different colored lightnings.

Thus, those seventeen monsters, before they could even utter a scream, were all crushed by the lightning strikes. Both their bodies and souls were extinguished. They were dead beyond dead without even corpses remaining.

As for the earth, violent gales and thick smoke was appearing everywhere. The earth was shattering and the sky was collapsing. Everything in Chu Feng’s line of sight was collapsing, being destroyed, shattering and being disintegrated.

It was as if this world were an enormous mirror that had been thrown ruthlessly to the ground.

Doomsday, this was the true doomsday. With the descent of this doomsday, all living things were destroyed.

Destruction, this was true destruction. The world was being destroyed, and not even a blade of grass remained.