Chapter 1515 - Special Reaction

MGA: Chapter 1515 - Special Reaction

At this moment, Yan Ru, Yan Lei and the others were so tense and excited that their hearts were simply about to reach their throats.

They did not dare to even breathe, much less speak. Just like that, they focused their gazes on the slowly opening Item Storage Vine in fear that there might be a change to it.

Compared to Yan Lei and the others, Xian Kun was even more tense and nervous. At this moment, he was already covered with sweat. His mouth was wide open. At this moment, a distorted expression was completely manifested on his face.

He was feeling as if he had fallen from heaven all the way into hell. He was extremely nervous, more nervous than anyone, so nervous that he was scared.

That was because he had never planned to give the item that was in the Item Storage Vine to Yan Lei and the others. After all, it was something that the Elf King had bestowed upon him.

The reason why he had taken out the treasure within the Item Storage Vine as an exchange was because he was completely confident that Yan Lei and the others would not be able to open his Item Storage Vine.

Yet, what sort of situation was this? The Item Storage Vine was slowly opening. If this were to continue, he would suffer a double loss after trying to trick his enemy. After all, he had not even managed to learn the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique.

Thus, at this moment, Xian Kun deeply wished for a problem to occur with Chu Feng’s world spirit technique. He wanted Chu Feng to fail at this crucial moment.

However, it was evident that his desire was fruitless. Even though the speed at which the Item Storage Vine was opening was extremely slow, it was, nevertheless, opening without stopping. In the end, it opened completely.

At this moment, the crowd were all able to clearly see that there was an item located in the Item Storage Vine.

It was a ladle. A very ordinary-looking ladle. However, if one were to carefully inspect it, one would discover that this ladle was very unusual. It was an antique. Furthermore, it was emitting an extraordinary aura. Evidently, this was that… item from the Ancient Era’s Cemetery, that item from the Realm of Gods.


Suddenly, a shout was heard. It surpassed the sound of thunder and shook all of heaven and earth. The entire city was able to hear this sound.

It was Yan Lei shouting. Yan Lei was unable to contain his emotions. This could not be blamed on him. After all, Chu Feng had accomplished what could not be accomplished, and opened the Item Storage Vine.

“Brother Chu Feng, you’re truly amazing! I really need to properly thank you!”

Yan Lei was truly overjoyed. Chu Feng was able to see that Yan Lei was so emotional that his body was shaking. This most definitely came as an unexpected harvest, a pleasant surprise.

“Chu Feng, you’re truly amazing. I never would have expected that you were this amazing!” Yan Ru also walked over. The gaze with which she looked to Chu Feng was as gentle and soft as water. It was filled with adoration, the adoration of a woman toward a man.

Seeing Yan Ru’s gaze, Tian Liang was extremely jealous, so much so that his heart was twitching in pain. Unfortunately, other than being jealous, there was nothing that he could do. After all, he was not Chu Feng, nor did he possess Chu Feng’s ability.

Following Yan Lei and Yan Ru, the rest of the crowd also walked over and surrounded Chu Feng. They had all cast their gazes toward the ladle in the Item Storage Vine. Their gazes were dazzling bright. They were all earnestly sizing up, inspecting and trying to sense that ladle.

In fact, there was even someone among them who had pushed his nose forward to deeply suck the air around the ladle in hopes of being able to absorb some of the ladle’s divine aura.

Upon seeing this person doing that, the rest of the crowd also started to stick out their noses toward that ladle.

Seeing that a bunch of noses were about to reach the ladle, Yan Lei immediately grabbed the ladle away in fear of having it defiled by the noses of this bunch of dunces.

“This sensation,” Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s expression grew stiff. At the moment when the ladle was very close to him, Chu Feng suddenly felt that the Divine Lightnings in his blood and the Divine Lightnings in his dantian jumped momentarily with a ‘thump thump.’’

It seemed that his Inherited Bloodline had some sort of special reaction to this ladle.

“Brother Yan Lei, is it possible to let me see this ladle?”

Chu Feng asked. It was because that sort of sensation was truly too abnormal. If his Inherited Bloodline were to truly have a special reaction to this ladle, then this matter would be extremely important.

“Of course,” If it was someone else who had asked to borrow the ladle, Yan Lei would definitely hesitate. However, as it was Chu Feng, Yan Lei handed the ladle to Chu Feng without the slightest hesitation. After all, if it wasn’t for Chu Feng, there was no way he would have been able to obtain this treasure in the first place.

At the instant Chu Feng received the ladle, at the moment when Chu Feng’s palm touched it, the sensation he felt earlier instantly reemerged.

The Divine Lightnings in his body, his Inherited Bloodline, was indeed reacting to the ladle. Furthermore, it was more intense this time around. Thus, Chu Feng was certain that this reaction was related to the ladle.

However, this sort of reaction only lasted for a moment before quickly disappearing.

However, in merely a short moment, Chu Feng was certain of one thing, that this ladle was related to his clan.

This in turn indirectly created another sort of possibility: that the Holy Land of Martialism’s number one forbidden area, the Ancient Era’s Cemetery, might very possibly be related to his clan.

“Brother Xian Kun, thanks a lot,” Yan Lei said to Xian Kun with a beaming smile. This was a naked provocation.

At this moment, Xian Kun had an extremely ugly expression on his face. Within his sleeves, his two fists were clenched very tightly. One must know what sort of special significance this ladle meant to him. It was extremely important.

If this matter were to be known by the Elf King, if the Elf King were to find out that he had given the ladle to someone else, his future prospects would likely be forever doomed.

“Brother Yan Lei, this item does not have any actual application at all. It is merely an ornament. How about I give you something that has an actual use and is even more precious in exchange for that?” Xian Kun asked.

“Not exchanging,” Yan Ru flat out refused.

“Brother Xian Kun, my apologies. It would seem that my younger sister is fond of this ladle. Since she is fond of it, I’m not going to exchange it.”

Yan Lei spoke with a beaming smile. He was able to tell that Xian Kun valued this ladle greatly. However, the more Xian Kun acted this way, the more he wanted Xian Kun to suffer. After all, Xian Kun had been too excessive earlier.


Right at this moment, Xian Kun suddenly took out a scroll from his Cosmos Sack. When they saw this scroll, the eyes of Yan Lei, Yan Ru and even Tian Liang and the others all began to shine.

That scroll was no ordinary scroll, it was a scroll that recorded a martial skill. Furthermore, they could tell with a single glance that the martial skill recorded on that scroll was no ordinary martial skill. That was because the scroll was emitting an ancient and powerful aura.

“This here is an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. Its name is Earthen Taboo: Eagle Claw Hands. It is a martial skill created by the Eagle Emperor, whose name shook the entire Holy Land of Martialism ten thousand years ago.”

“Right now, the Eagle Emperor has long since died. As for this Earthen Taboo: Eagle Claw Hands, it has also become extinct from the Holy Land of Martialism. Very few people can actually grasp this martial skill. I’m going to use this martial skill in exchange for that ladle,” Xian Kun said.

“Are you serious?” Yan Lei was tempted. While this ladle was very precious, it was merely an ornament. Compared to an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill, this ladle’s value was much inferior. If they were to exchange, this would definitely be a profitable exchange.

“Of course,” Xian Kun nodded. Xian Kun had gone all-out. In fact, when he said those words, his heart was dripping blood.

However, there was no other way around it. No matter what, he could not give that ladle to Yan Lei just like that. Regardless of the price, he had to retrieve it.

“Wait a moment,” right at this moment, Chu Feng spoke. He turned to Yan Lei and said, “Brother Yan Lei, I actually am very fond of this ladle too. If you wish to exchange it, I would like to make an exchange with you too.”

“Brother Chu Feng, you also wish to make an exchange?” Yan Lei was surprised.

“Chu Feng, you wish to contend against me? Do you really think that you can? This martial skill of mine here can be said to be a priceless treasure. What do you have that you can take out to contend against it?” Seeing that Chu Feng decided to interfere, Xian Kun was immediately enraged and began to shout at Chu Feng angrily.

Chu Feng merely smiled at Xian Kun’s provocation. After that, his palm streaked past his Cosmos Sack, and a weapon that emitted an emperor’s might appeared in Chu Feng’s hand.

Once this weapon appeared, the weather instantly changed. Thunder clouds began to surge forth as a very powerful oppressive might enveloped the entire region, frightening the hearts of everyone present and causing them to feel enormous pressure.

That oppressive might was no ordinary oppressive might. Instead, it was an emperor’s might.

As for this weapon, it was precisely the reward Chu Feng had obtained from the Nine Powers Hunt, the Incomplete Imperial Armament, Infinity Edge.

“If you can take out an item more precious than this, then I will not contend with you,” Chu Feng said.