Chapter 1516 - The End Of One’s Patience

MGA: Chapter 1516 - The End Of One’s Patience

Once an Imperial Armament was taken out, how could anyone possibly be able to contend against it? Even though it was only an Incomplete Imperial Armament, and even a copy on top of that, the might it emitted was still incomparable.

“Brother Chu Feng, this… thing here, cou, could it be… an In, Incomplete Imperial Armament?”

Yan Lei spoke. Disbelief filled his eyes. Even though he felt it to be extremely unfathomable, he was certain that what Chu Feng had taken out right now was an Incomplete Imperial Armament. That was because, regardless of how high the quality of a Royal Armament might be, it would not be able to emit an emperor’s might.

Chu Feng grasped the Infinity Edge tightly in his hand and said to Yan Lei, “Brother Yan Lei, to be honest, this is only a copy, an imitation. It is the Sword Crafting Villa that crafted this copy. As for what it was copied from, it was the Venerated Lord Sword Crafter’s Incomplete Imperial Armament, the Infinity Edge.”

“The Venerated Lord Sword Crafter? That legendary figure of the Sword Crafting Villa?”

The Venerated Lord Sword Crafter was a Martial Emperor, and very well renowned in the Holy Land of Martialism. Everyone present had heard of his distinguished name. To them, the Venerated Lord Sword Crafter was someone akin to a legend. They had only heard about his various past achievements, and had never seen him in the flesh before.

“Although this Infinity Edge is a copy, it is something that the Venerated Lord Sword Crafter had personally crafted. Although there is admittedly quite a big difference between it and the actual Infinity Edge, it is still not something that Royal Armaments can compare with.”

“Brother Yan Lei, I believe you should be able to tell how precious this Infinity Edge is. I wish to use it to exchange for that ladle. Brother Yan Lei, are you willing to make this exchange with me?” Chu Feng said as he held the Infinity Edge with one hand and the ladle with the other.

Perhaps, others might see Chu Feng’s actions as being crazy. However, to Chu Feng, the value of this ladle was something that the Infinity Edge could not compare with.

“Of course, I am most definitely willing.”

Yan Lei nodded repeatedly. Even though Xian Kun’s Earthen Taboo Martial Skill was extremely valuable, it was nowhere near comparable to this Incomplete Imperial Armament. Having reached their level of cultivation, very many among them had already grasped Earthen Taboo Martial Skills. In fact, it could be said that the people who had grasped Earthen Taboo Martial Skills were innumerable.

However, cultivators who possessed an Incomplete Imperial Armament were extremely few, so few that they were practically never seen before. This held true for even copies and imitations.

Thus, although both Chu Feng’s Incomplete Imperial Armament and Xian Kun’s Earthen Taboo Martial Skill were both treasures, it could be said that… they were simply treasures on two different levels.

“Brother Chu Feng, please give me some face. This ladle is truly important to me. Can you please not fight me for it?” Xian Kun said.

It was the first time that Xian Kun had spoken with a pleading tone. Earlier, he had still been bickering with Chu Feng. Yet, at this time, he actually gave in to Chu Feng.

This could not be blamed on him. It was simply that he had no choice but to give in. He truly never expected Chu Feng to be this ferocious and capable of taking out such a precious item and choosing to part with it for the ladle.

Truth be told, if this Incomplete Imperial Armament, if this Infinity Edge, was Xian Kun’s, he would not be willing to part with it. He would rather part with this ladle than use an Incomplete Imperial Armament to exchange for it.

However, Chu Feng was able to do so.

Thus, he knew very well that he would not be able to win against Chu Feng. Yet, he still wanted the ladle. Thus, he had no choice but to plead with Chu Feng to not fight against him for the ladle.

“Why must I give you face? Do I even know you well?” Chu Feng smiled coldly and then ignored Xian Kun. He retrieved the ladle and then handed the Incomplete Imperial Armament to Yan Lei.

“Brother Yan Lei, although this Incomplete Imperial Armament has already recognized me as its master, it remains that it is a copy. Thus, there is not much restriction to it. As long as one is powerful enough, one will be able to make it recognize them as a master instead.”

“In other words, this Incomplete Royal Armament will not be loyal to a single master. As long as one possesses sufficient power, one will be able to use it.”

“Got it,” After Yan Lei received the Infinity Edge from Chu Feng, he discovered that it started to violently tremble. It was resisting him with a very strong power.

However, the more it acted in such a way, the more excited Yan Lei became. An Incomplete Imperial Armament, this was a true treasure. To martial cultivators, this was an extremely rare treasure.

“Chu Feng, you are truly one who refuses to accept the face given to you!” Right at this moment, that Xian Kun snarled in anger. Following that, his two hands began to move. He was actually unleashing a martial skill to attack Chu Feng.

Xian Kun was truly enraged. He had not liked Chu Feng to begin with. However, he never would have thought that Chu Feng would fight against him in all aspects.

As matters stood, Xian Kun was at the end of his patience. He no longer cared about anything else, and he was determined to teach Chu Feng a lesson today.

Seeing that Xian Kun had suddenly started to unleash an attack, while Yan Xie remained expressionless, anger filled Yan Lei and Yan Ru’s faces. The two of them would not allow Xian Kun to attack Chu Feng.

“This is?” However, when Xian Kun really attacked, the siblings’ expressions changed. They stood there in a shocked manner.

The technique of Xian Kun’s martial skill was a bit special. Although he was not using the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique, his motions were very similar to how to unleash the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique.

Although this Xian Kun had not managed to comprehend the cultivation method of the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique, he had managed to comprehend a completely new cultivation method and successfully learned it.

Right now, the martial skill that Xian Kun used could be said to be an imitation of the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique. Although it was severely inferior to the ferocious might of the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique, its power was comparable to that of a rank nine martial skill. Thus, it was not something to be looked down upon.

This Xian Kun managed to turn the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique into a completely different martial skill in such a short period of time. Furthermore, he was able to unleash it without even spending time to practice it. This sort of talent truly came as a frightening shock to Yan Lei and Yan Ru.


Xian Kun’s attack was unleashed. Boundless flames began to surge toward Chu Feng like a prairie fire. Xian Kun had immediately unleashed a fatal attack against Chu Feng. He was not planning to only teach Chu Feng a lesson.

“Xian Kun, this is not your Ancient Era’s Immortal Elves’ territory. Don’t you attack others at this place!” At the moment when Xian Kun’s martial skill was unleashed toward Chu Feng, Yan Lei finally managed to react. He immediately began to unleash a martial skill to defend against this sudden and fierce attack.


However, right at this moment, Chu Feng’s body shifted, and he soared into the sky. Like a reverse meteor, he soared into the sky and dodged Xian Kun’s attack.

“Brother Chu Feng, amazing agility. It would seem that your battle power is definitely not only that of a rank eight Martial King.”

Yan Lei had managed to successfully block Xian Kun’s attack. However, before he had blocked it, Chu Feng had already soared into the sky. Thus, his blocking of the attack became meaningless.

He had not saved Chu Feng. Instead, Chu Feng had saved himself. His martial skill had only managed to protect himself, Yan Ru and the others.

“You wish to fight? I, Chu Feng, am willing to accompany you. However, do not injure others. Instead, come up here and fight with me.” Chu Feng hooked his finger at Xian Kun.

“Just what I wanted.” Xian Kun was extremely enraged. Thus, he immediately accepted Chu Feng’s invitation and soared into the sky.

With every step he took, cracks appeared below his feet and the space around him trembled. Xian Kun appeared to be extremely imposing, so fierce and strong that he was even able to collapse space. Even among fellow rank nine Martial Kings, very few would be able to contend against him. As for rank eight Martial Kings, there was no need to mention them at all.

Many people had realized this. Yan Lei had also realized this. Thus, Yan Lei was unable to watch without doing anything as Chu Feng fought with Xian Kun. He was planning to step in.

However, at the moment when Yan Lei was about to step in, Yan Xie who was standing on the side said, “Do not interfere. Don’t look down on that Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple.”

When Yan Xie spoke, everyone immediately turned their gazes to Yan Xie. They did not understand what Yan Xie meant by those words.

Yan Xie understood the puzzled gazes from the crowd. Thus, he added, “That Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple might not necessarily lose.”

“Not necessarily lose?”

Hearing those words, the crowd was astonished. A rank eight Martial King might not necessarily lose to a rank nine Martial King?

Right. That was true. From how Chu Feng had dodged Xian Kun’s attack earlier, they were able to tell that he was no ordinary Martial King, and was definitely a genius who possessed heaven-defying battle power. Furthermore, it was very likely that he possessed a heaven-defying battle power that could surmount three levels of cultivation. If it was an ordinary rank nine Martial King, it was true that Chu Feng would not be afraid, would not necessarily lose and might even win.

However, who was Xian Kun? He was an Ancient Era’s Elf. Furthermore, he was from the Elf Kingdom, had even triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle and was praised to be a genius.

Faced with this sort of rank nine Martial King, could Chu Feng possibly win?

The crowd was very skeptical. Even though these words came from Yan Xie’s mouth, they were still very skeptical.