Chapter 1514 - Chu Feng Breaking The Seal

MGA: Chapter 1514 - Chu Feng Breaking The Seal

“Chu Feng, you…” The members of the crowd were all surprised by Chu Feng walking over.

“Allow me to give it a try. After all, there’s still an hour left. Perhaps I might be able to open it,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“You can open it? Even I cannot open it, yet you say that you can? Chu Feng, aren’t you boasting a bit too excessively?” Tian Liang said with a loud and wide-open mouth. Contempt filled his face.

“Listen carefully. Chu Feng has only said maybe, and not said that he would certainly be able to open it. The person that was boasting was you, wasn’t it? Earlier, you spoke with such certainty. I had even thought that you would truly be able to open it. However, in the end, you were unable to open it at all, and even said something like no one can open the Item Storage Vine,” Yan Ru shouted at Tian Liang with an annoyed expression. She was clearly very partial towards Chu Feng.

“Lil Sis Yan Ru, I… Yes, it is true, I was a bit too overconfident earlier and underestimated the Item Storage Vine. However, after personally experiencing it, I have already come to know that it is very remarkable. It is true, no one will be able to open this Item Storage Vine.”

“Not to mention me, I’m afraid that even my master would not be able to open it. Something that even royal-cloak world spiritists cannot open, and this Chu Feng, who barely knows anything about world spiritist techniques, wants to attempt to open it? Isn’t he just spouting nonsense here?” At the same time Tian Liang explained, he did not forget to insult Chu Feng.

He had noticed a long time ago that Yan Ru had a very favorable impression of Chu Feng. However, it was precisely that favorable impression that she had toward Chu Feng that caused him to detest Chu Feng. To be exact, he was jealous of Chu Feng.

“Brother Yan Lei, you should allow Chu Feng to try it out. I too wish to see how this Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple will overestimate his capabilities,” Xian Kun spoke to urge Yan Lei to allow Chu Feng to attempt to open the Item Storage Vine. As he already extremely disliked Chu Feng, how could he allow himself to miss this great opportunity to humiliate him?

“Brother Chu Feng, since you wish to attempt to open the Item Storage Vine, you can go ahead and give it a try,” Yan Lei did not refuse Chu Feng’s attempt. However, he did not have any expectations of Chu Feng either. The way he saw it, he merely wanted to satisfy Chu Feng’s desire. When even Tian Liang was unable to open the Item Storage Vine, how could he see any hope in Chu Feng being able to open it?

Seeing that Yan Lei agreed to it, Chu Feng walked to the Item Storage Vine before the crowd’s numerous gazes.

At this moment, everyone’s attention was focused on Chu Feng. However, compared to the time when had Tian Liang stood forward and the time when Yan Xie had appeared, the crowd did not have the slightest expectation for Chu Feng being able to open the Item Storage Vine. They all felt that Chu Feng would not be able to succeed.


Right at this moment, with a thought, Chu Feng’s clothes began to flutter, and a boundless golden gaseous substance surged forth from his body like a volcanic eruption.

“That is!!!”

As the crowd saw the golden gaseous substance that lingered around Chu Feng’s surroundings, other than Yan Xie, everyone else present was stunned. They were all deeply shocked.

That was because that golden gaseous substance was not golden spirit power. Instead, it was royal level spirit power. It was completely different from golden spirit power. Without even bothering to sense it, they were able to tell the difference with merely their eyes.

Chu Feng, this Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple, was actually a royal-cloak world spiritist.

“Brother Chu Feng, he, he’s actually a royal-cloak world spiritist?!”

“Amazing! Unfathomable! He is truly unfathomable!” At this moment, the crowd gasped in admiration time and time again. As matters stood, they had discovered that they had underestimated Chu Feng enormously.

“How could this be? With his age, how can he already be a royal-cloak world spiritist? This is simply…” In terms of being shocked, the person who was the most shocked right now was naturally none other than Tian Liang.

Tian Liang’s master was a royal-cloak world spiritist. Under his master’s guidance, Tian Liang had specialized and trained in world spirit techniques for many years. He had thought himself to be a genius world spiritist and ended up considering everyone else to be beneath him. He was extremely conceited. Even though his cultivation was the weakest among all those present, he deeply looked down on the majority of the crowd.

As for the person he looked down on the most, it was none other than Chu Feng. The way he saw it, Chu Feng was merely trash that relied on the Cyanwood Mountain. Without the Cyanwood Mountain, Chu Feng would be nothing.

In terms of world spirit techniques, how could Chu Feng possibly be able to match up to him? Without even trying, he would be able to utterly defeat Chu Feng.

However, what had appeared right in front of his face was so shocking to him that he found it difficult to stand. His master had trained countless years in order to become an Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist after great difficulty.

Yet, this Chu Feng was so young and was already an Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist like his master. This came as an enormous shock to Tian Liang, who had thought himself to be a world spiritist genius, because it turned out that not only were his world spirit techniques inferior to Chu Feng’s, his martial cultivation was also inferior to Chu Feng, and his age was also a couple years older than Chu Feng’s.

Upon recalling all of the cutting remarks and insults that he had spoken toward Chu Feng, Tian Liang truly felt too ashamed to show his face. He truly wished to find a hole and hide himself in it.

“Tian Liang, earlier, you said that you were going to teach Chu Feng world spirit techniques, and that Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques are inferior to yours; do you still think that?” Yan Ru said to Tian Liang with a beaming smile on her face. This girl was truly one to know how to attack someone’s sore spot. She was sprinkling salt on Tian Liang’s wounds.

“Hahaha…” At this moment, what sort of reply could Tian Liang possibly give? Other than a hollow laugh, there was nothing that Tian Liang could do. It was not that he did not dare to talk back; rather, he found it too embarrassing to say anything anymore. He no longer had the face to say cutting remarks anymore.

“I truly never expected that I had underestimated Brother Chu Feng this much. A royal-cloak world spiritist, perhaps he might really be able to open that Item Storage Vine,” At this moment, Yan Lei was overjoyed. He was feeling unexpected joy.

In fact, even the extremely powerful Yan Xie’s calm gaze was no longer calm.

As for Chu Feng, he had already anticipated the change in the state of mind of the crowd. Thus, he did not bother with them and, minding his own business, began to set up a spirit formation.

“Amazing, as expected of a royal-cloak world spiritist. His technique is like moving clouds and flowing water. Yet, his hand seals are ever-changing. Truly, no one can fathom what he is doing. However, we can be certain that what he’s doing is very amazing.”

After Chu Feng began to set up his spirit formation, the crowd began to spiritedly discuss him with even greater admiration.

Although not many people present knew world spirit techniques like Tian Liang, they had all seen Tian Liang setting up his spirit formation earlier.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s display, regardless of whether it was his speed, technique or even might, it was greatly superior to Tian Liang, something simply incomparable. It could be said that the difference between them was akin to the difference between heaven and earth.

Who was stronger and who was weaker could be determined with a single glance.

Chu Feng was stronger than Tian Liang by an enormous margin.

“How could this be? Am I dreaming? How could this Chu Feng be able to master world spirit techniques to this level?”

Tian Liang was completely stunned. As a gold-cloak world spiritist, Tian Liang was able to see a lot more of the profound aspects of Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques. Even though Chu Feng and his master were both Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, Chu Feng’s technique seemed to surpass even his master’s.

At the moment when the crowd was gasping with admiration repeatedly, Xian Kun spoke. “It’s useless. He will not be able to open the Item Storage Vine. I suggest that you all not rejoice too early, so that you don’t disappoint yourselves later.”

Xian Kun’s words came like a basin of cold water pouring down upon the heads of the the extremely enthusiastic crowd.

At the beginning, there were people who thought that Xian Kun was lying to himself. However, upon seeing Xian Kun’s extremely confident expression that seemed to say that victory was well within his grasp, the crowd started to doubt whether Chu Feng would be able to open the Item Storage Vine.

Chu Feng’s speed at setting up his spirit formation was truly fast. In practically only an instant, he had finished setting up his spirit formation. After he finished setting it up, Chu Feng sat cross-legged on the floor and closed his eyes, as if he were meditating leisurely.

Just like this, gradually, time began to seep away. Chu Feng’s spirit formation had been operating the entire time. However, the spirit formation did not suddenly increase in radiance or create any other strange occurrences. Furthermore, there was no change to the Item Storage Vine either.

As they saw how the time limit of two hours was soon to approach, and yet there was no change at all, this led to Yan Lei, Yan Ru and the others that had placed their final hopes on Chu Feng to become increasingly disappointed.

As matters stood, they suddenly felt that Xian Kun’s confidence was not baseless. It seemed that Xian Kun truly knew very well how difficult it was to open this Item Storage Vine of his.

“Heh, didn’t I tell you all that you shouldn’t be rejoicing too quickly? Do you trust me now?”

“Truth be told, it is indeed possible for a royal-cloak world spiritist to open the Item Storage Vine without damaging it.”

“However, it is not something that Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists can accomplish. Instead, only Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists can accomplish it. Furthermore, even if a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist wishes to open the Item Storage Vine, they will need at least one hour to do so.”

“As for this Chu Feng, he is only an Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. Yet, he wants to open my Item Storage Vine in an hour. Say, don’t you all think that he’s indulging in fantasy, that he’s daydreaming?” Xian Kun turned to ask the crowd.

After hearing what Xian Kun said, the crowd became speechless. Their burning hearts had all been extinguished. They all felt that it was hopeless for Chu Feng.

However, Tian Liang was overjoyed upon hearing what Xian Kun said. Even though it came as a major blow to him that Chu Feng was a royal-cloak world spiritist, it would be a lot less of a blow if Chu Feng was unable to open the Item Storage Vine too.


However, right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly opened his eyes. After seemingly sleeping for an entire hour, Chu Feng was finally awake.

The moment when Chu Feng woke back up was like the moment when a divine dragon woke up. Two astonishing rays of light were shining in his eyes. Those lights seemed to be able to pierce through one’s soul. They were extremely terrifying.

At the same time, Chu Feng’s spirit formation that had been tranquil the entire time also seemed to awaken. In an instant, it started to flourish magnificently with bright radiance. It was as if the sun was situated right in front of Chu Feng. The light emitted by the spirit formation covered the entire crowd.

The bright golden light was very oppressive and dazzling to the eyes. Those that were weak did not dare to meet it head on at all. Only those with cultivations of rank seven Martial King and higher dared to look straight at the light and continue watching Chu Feng’s spirit formation.

At this moment, all those that could still continue to watch Chu Feng’s spirit formation displayed indescribable, marvelous expressions on their faces. In fact, for some, like Yan Lei and Yan Ru, even their bodies were shaking. They were shaking out of excitement.

That was because they were able to clearly see with their eyes that the Item Storage Vine within Chu Feng’s spirit formation was slowly opening.