Chapter 1513 - The Appearance Of Yan Xie

MGA: Chapter 1513 - The Appearance Of Yan Xie

“Brother Xian Kun, you shouldn’t be overly excessive with your words. Not to mention that Brother Tian Liang is unable to open this Item Storage Vine, I believe that even you are unable to open it too, no?”

Yan Lei spoke out against Xian Kun. Tian Liang was someone that he had invited over to help him. Thus, he naturally could not watch as Tian Liang was humiliated by someone else.

“Indeed, I cannot open it. However, I did not boast, and did not say that I would be able to open it in only a couple of minutes.”

“One must know how to behave with integrity. Without absolute confidence, one should not boast like that,” Xian Kun looked to Tian Liang with a grin.

“Xian Kun, enough of your bullshit. This Item Storage Vine is simply impossible to open to begin with. You are truly too shameless. You clearly know that it cannot be opened, yet you still mentioned using it as an exchange with my brother. You are simply trying to scam us.”

Yan Ru spoke angrily. She was not angered because Xian Kun had humiliated Tian Liang. Instead, she was angered because she felt that the Item Storage Vine was simply impossible to be opened and Xian Kun had played them for fools.

“Yan Ru, you shouldn’t make irresponsible remarks. Although I am unable to open this Item Storage Vine, there are a lot of people among our Ancient Era’s Elves who can open the Item Storage Vines.”

“That fact that you all are unable to open it only means that you all are incompetent. You cannot blame your own incompetence on others.”

“There’s still one more hour. Is there anyone else among you all who wants to try to open this? Or are you all going to give up?” Xian Kun asked with a mocking grin.

Hearing those words, Yan Lei’s expression became unsightly. However, he knew that when even Tian Liang could not open it, there would not be anyone among the crowd who could open it. Thus, he shook his head and prepared to give up.

“Our Yan Clan does not know what giving up means,” However, right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

This voice sounded like a thunderbolt. It shocked everyone in the crowd, causing all of their bodies to tremble and ears to numb.

Afterward, everyone turned their gazes to the southeastern direction. That was because those words had not been not spoken by them. Rather, they had originated from that southeastern direction.

When the crowd turned their gazes toward that direction, practically all of their expressions changed to one of seriousness.

At this moment, a young man was slowly walking toward them from the garden’s southeastern direction.

This man had a head of black hair that was tied in a ponytail. He had a graceful yet stern face, and emitted an ice-cold aura.

When everyone saw this man, even Chu Feng’s pupils dilated, and his eyes shone. This man’s aura was extraordinary. He was able to tell from a single glance that this man was no ordinary character.

“Big brother Yan Xie, you’ve come,” Upon seeing this man, Yan Ru immediately ran over and started to jump and hop happily.

“Lil brother Yan Xie, you have truly come at the perfect time. We have just encountered a problem. With your arrival, we will be able to solve it now.”

Yan Lei also walked over. At this moment, a joyous smile had replaced the gloomy expression that had previously been on his face. When he saw this young man, he appeared as if he had seen his savior.

As for this young man, he was the person Dugu Xingfeng spoke of that possessed the potential to become an era’s overlord, Yan Xie.

“There’s no need to say anymore, I got it. Just leave it to me,” Yan Xie waved his hand and began to slowly walked toward the Item Storage Vine that was placed on the ground.

When Yan Xie approached them, other than Chu Feng, all of the crowd present began to feel deep veneration for him. Even the conceited Xian Kun and the other two Ancient Era’s Elves were frowning deeply and involuntarily took a step backward.

This Yan Xie had not unleashed the aura of his cultivation. However, he innately gave off an oppressive sensation that caused others to feel fear of him.

Among the crowd of the younger generation, only Chu Feng was able to withstand the oppressive sensation that Yan Xie emitted.

Yan Xie seemed to have noticed this too. He took a glance at Chu Feng and sized him up. However, he did not say anything, and his expression remained blank. He had only merely taken a quick glance at Chu Feng.

However, from this single glance, Chu Feng was able to detect some things. He knew that he had left an extraordinary impression in Yan Xie’s heart already.


Suddenly, Yan Xie clenched his fist. Heaven and earth began to tremble. The clouds began to rapidly shift as violent gales sprung up everywhere. Everything in his surroundings had been affected by his aura.

Half Martial Emperor. A rank one Half Martial Emperor.

Unlike Qin Wentian, Yan Xie’s rank one Half Martial Emperor cultivation had not been obtained through dishonest practices. Instead, he had relied on his own talent for martial cultivation and trained himself to Half Martial Emperor.

“Heavens, such a young age and he’s already a rank one Half Martial Emperor?”

The crowd present were all shocked when they sensed Yan Xie’s aura. One must know that Yan Xie’s age was actually not very old. His age was about the same as Chu Feng’s, and was relatively young compared to the rest of the crowd.

To be able to reach the Half Martial Emperor realm at an age as young as his own was extremely rare. Likely, even in the Three Palaces and Four Clans, geniuses like him would be rarely seen.

However, right at this moment, Xian Kun suddenly said, “Stop.”

“What’s the matter?” Yan Xie cast his gaze toward Xian Kun. His gaze was like two sharp blades with an ample amount of deterrence.

Facing this gaze, Xian Kun’s heart trembled and cold sweat began to ooze out of his forehead. However, he did not cower to Yan Xie and said, “While you can attempt to open this Item Storage Vine, you cannot break it. That’s because I had only agreed to give the item inside the Item Storage Vine to you all should any of you be able to open it. However, I never said that I would also give the Item Storage Vine to you all.”

Xian Kun had said those words because he lacked confidence. He was able to realize how powerful this Yan Xie was. A genius like Yan Xie had surpassed him. Only in their Elf Kingdom would there be geniuses of Yan Xie’s level.

Thus, Xian Kun knew that although Yan Xie’s cultivation was only that of a rank one Half Martial Emperor, his strength was definitely not as simple as being only on the level of a rank one Half Martial Emperor.

If Yan Xie were to attack, he would definitely be able to break the Item Storage Vine. However, Xian Kun did not wish to hand the treasure in the Item Storage Vine to Yan Lei. Thus, he had to find an excuse to stop Yan Xie from attacking it.

“Earlier, you did not say anything about not damaging this Item Storage Vine,” Yan Xie said those words one word at a time. Each and every single one of his words possessed a great amount of deterrence power.

“While I never said that you could not damage the Item Storage Vine, I had also never said that you could damage the Item Storage Vine. Right now, I am clarifying it to you. While you can attempt to open the Item Storage Vine, you cannot damage the Item Storage Vine itself,” Xian Kun said.

“What if I still force my way and break it apart?” Yan Xie asked with a cold voice.

“You dare?! If you forcibly break it apart, you will be damaging the Item Storage Vine. As for this Item Storage Vine, it is something that our Elf Kingdom’s Elf King personally bestowed to me. What you will have done would be akin to trampling upon our Elf King’s prestige.”

Xian Kun knew that he was no match for Yan Xie. Thus, he could only take out the Elf King to suppress Yan Xie.

“Are you threatening me?” Yan Xie’s gaze turned cold. At the same time, a burst of chilliness began to emit from him. In merely an instant, Chu Feng and the others felt as if they were in a wintery place.

No, this was not the chilliness of winter. For people like Chu Feng, even if they did not wear anything, they would not feel any cold from a wintery place.

Thus, this burst of chilliness was many times colder than an actual winter’s chilliness. It was so ice-cold that it could penetrate one’s bones. It was so cold that even the cultivators present were unable to resist it.

As for Xian Kun, he was the main target of this burst of chilliness. Even though he was very prideful and stubborn, he, at this moment, had no choice but to take several steps back. His blonde hair had been blown to a mess, and his expression had become very unsightly.

‘Powerful. This Yan Xie is truly powerful.’ This was not what others were thinking. This was what Chu Feng was thinking. This Yan Xie seemed to truly possess the potential to become an overlord. That was because the oppressive power that he displayed was most definitely not something that ordinary people possessed.

“Kill me if you dare! I shall see if our Ancient Era’s Elves will let you get away with it!” Xian Kun was enraged. Very rarely were there ever people that dared to publicly pressure him in such a manner.

“Did you think that I don’t dare?” The burst of chilliness that Yan Xie emitted became colder and colder. Faintly, killing intent emerged from within it.

“Lil brother Yan Xie, forget about it. It’s not that we must obtain the thing inside his Item Storage Vine. Moreover, what Brother Xian Kun said is reasonable too. It is true that he did not say that he would be giving the Item Storage Vine to us. I don’t think it would be good for us to damage it,” Yan Lei hurriedly rushed over to urge Yan Xie to stop.

“That’s right. Big brother Yan Xie, don’t get angry because of something like this. Isn’t it just an item from the Ancient Era’s Cemetery? I am actually not interested in it at all,” At the same time, Yan Ru had also run over.

The two of them both knew Yan Xie’s character very well; he was someone who feared nothing in heaven or earth. If they didn’t stop him, Yan Xie would likely truly attack Xian Kun.

If Yan Xie were to attack in anger, he would definitely not just teach Xian Kun a lesson. Likely, he would end up killing Xian Kun.

No matter what, Xian Kun was a genius from the Elf Kingdom. If something were to happen to him, the Yan Clan would likely be met with a calamity.

“Remember, speak clearly next time,” Being urged against by Yan Lei and Yan Ru, Yan Xie calmed down.

“In that case, do you all still plan to attempt to open this Item Storage Vine? If not, I’ll be taking it back,” Xian Kun said.

At this moment, Xian Kun was feeling extremely unwell. After Yan Xie appeared, he felt very pained to continue to be here, and wanted to leave as quickly as possible.

“Brother Yan Lei, if you do not mind, allow me to give it a try,” Right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

Turning toward the voice, the crowd present were all startled. That was because the person who had spoken was none other than the person who had not spoken a single word this entire time, Chu Feng.