Chapter 1512 - The Incompetent Tian Liang

MGA: Chapter 1512 - The Incompetent Tian Liang

“Big brother, we cannot allow this to continue. If this were to continue, Xian Kun will be able to learn the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique,” Yan Ru urged nervously.

At this moment, Yan Lei was also frowning. Cold sweat filled his head. He truly never expected that Xian Kun’s comprehension ability would be this strong. This was simply unimaginable.


Thus, Yan Lei did not hesitate. With a wave of his sleeve, he closed the scroll.

Once the scroll was closed, the red light that covered their surroundings instantly disappeared. Everyone was shocked by this. As if they had been forced awake from their dreams, they all cast their gazes to Yan Lei.

They knew that it most likely meant that the time limit had arrived. Merely, to them, the limit had arrived a bit too quickly, because they had not managed to comprehend anything at all.

“Everyone, it has been two hours now. I have allowed you all to see the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique for so long. I believe that you all should have been able to attain some comprehension, no?” Yan Lei asked with a smile.

“Brother Yan Lei, your Yan Clan’s Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique is truly a top quality Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. Even though I have not managed to comprehend the cultivation method, I was able to sense that it is extremely powerful,” Tian Liang said.

“As expected of Brother Tian Liang, a world spiritist. You’re actually able to comprehend so much. Truth be told, I’ve not managed to comprehend anything in these two hours. I am truly ashamed, truly ashamed,” The other people from the crowd started to shake their heads.

They were not telling lies. Even though they had put forth all of their concentration these past two hours, even though they had used all their techniques, they were unable to comprehend the slightest bit of the cultivation method for the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique.

“Brother Yan, you’ve only allowed us to look at it for two hours. Aren’t you a bit too stingy?” At this moment, Xian Kun spoke. His expression was slightly unsightly. That was because he had nearly managed to comprehend the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique’s cultivation method. Unfortunately, Yan Lei had not given him the chance to do so. Thus, he felt very displeased.

“Brother Xian Kun, two hours is not a short time. After all, there are only twenty-four hours in a day,” Yan Lei smiled lightly. He was relieved to see Xian Kun’s displeased expression. This meant that Xian Kun had not managed to grasp the cultivation method of the Earthen Taboo: Flame Sea Technique.

“Xian Kun, it’s time for you to fulfill your promise,” Yan Ru urged.

“Rest assured, I am not one to go against my word. Take it. Two hours, if you’re able to open it, the thing inside shall be yours. If you can’t open it, you’ll have to return it to me,” Xian Kun tossed the Item Storage Vine to Yan Ru.

After receiving the Item Storage Vine, Yan Ru and Yan Lei looked at one another. After that, the two of them smiled and turned their gazes to Tian Liang together. They said, “Tian Liang, can you help us open it?”

“Brother Yan Lei, Lil Sis Yan Ru, please rest assured. Just hand this sort of thing to me, Tian Liang.”

Tian Liang smiled complacently and then received the Item Storage Vine from Yan Ru. At this moment, he was feeling very happy. Not only had the chance to prove himself before Yan Ru appeared, if he were able to open the Item Storage Vine, it would also be very beneficial to his reputation. If his master were to learn of it, he would be praised highly.

However, Xian Kun snorted disdainfully at Yan Ru’s action of handing the Item Storage Vine to Tian Liang. There was not the slightest trace of worry on his face.

Although Xian Kun was not worried, the rest of the crowd was all very concerned. Practically everyone was deeply focused on Tian Liang and the Item Storage Vine in his hand. They all wished to see how Tian Liang would be able to open the Item Storage Vine.

“Tian Liang, how is it? Do you have certainty in opening it?” Yan Ru asked nervously.

“Lil Sis Yan Ru, please rest completely and utterly assured. This Item Storage Vine is not as amazing as it is said to be. It is merely an insignificant matter. While it can be used to deceive amateurs, it cannot deceive me, Tian Liang. Watch me as I open it in minutes.”

Tian Liang smiled complacently. Afterwards, he even took a provocative glance at Xian Kun and said, “Brother Xian Kun, please excuse my offense.”

“Do as you wish,” Xian Kun was not at all worried. His hands were crossed in front of his chest and he had a very confident expression on his face.

“In that case, I’ll start now.”

As Tian Liang spoke, with a thought, boundless golden spirit power was released from him. Under his control, the golden spirit power instantly formed a spirit formation.

Tian Liang placed the Item Storage Vine into the spirit formation that he had set up. After that, he pointed at the spirit formation with his finger and loudly shouted, “Open!!!”

With his shout, the earth started to tremble slightly, and his spirit formation began to shine brightly. However, after the spirit formation’s brightness faded away, the Item Storage Vine remained completely unchanged.

“This…” Seeing this scene, Tian Liang opened his mouth wide with shock. Thinking that there had been a mistake, Tian Liang began to form hand seals once again, pointed at his spirit formation once more and loudly shouted, “Open!”

However, the result this time around was exactly the same as before; the Item Storage Vine was still completely unchanged. Tian Liang’s spirit formation was simply unable to open the Item Storage Vine.

“My dear brother, it would appear that your spirit formation is rather ineffective, hahahaha…”

Suddenly, several voices of mocking laughter were heard. Without the slightest apprehension, Xian Kun and the other two Ancient Era’s Elves were mockingly laughing at Tian Liang.

At this moment, Tian Liang’s complexion turned pale. He was sweating like a pig. He did not wish to screw up at such a crucial moment.

Thus, he hurriedly removed the spirit formation he had placed and set up an even more profound spirit formation to open the Item Storage Vine.

However, after an entire hour had passed, after Tian Liang had used all of his most powerful spirit formations, the Item Storage Vine was still completely unfazed.

At this moment, disappointment filled Yan Ru and Yan Lei’s faces. As for the crowd that was present, their expressions were also those of disappointment.

As for Tian Liang, he was currently pale like paper. There was not the slightest trace of redness on his cheeks. His clothes were so deeply covered with sweat that they were dripping. Tian Liang was panting for air because he had used his world spirit techniques too excessively and nearly surpassed his limits.

“Putt.” Finally, Tian Liang’s legs grew soft and he directly sat on the ground.

“Brother Tian Liang, are you alright?” Seeing this, Yan Lei immediately rushed up to Tian Liang and lent him an arm to support him.

“Brother Yan Lei, I have truly given it my all. It is not that I am incompetent, it’s that this Item Storage Vine is truly too difficult to open. Not to mention me, I’m afraid that even if my master were present, he would also not be able to open it.”

“This Item Storage Vine is simply something that no one can open,” Tian Liang said while shaking his head.

When Tian Liang had first seen the Item Storage Vine, he had inspected it carefully. He had thought that the Item Storage Vine was filled with loopholes and would be extremely easy to open.

However, after he really attempted to open it, he found out that this Item Storage Vine was truly difficult to open. All of the loopholes were fake. It was simply invulnerable and without the tiniest weak point.

After hearing what Tian Liang said, Yan Ru and Yan Lei both felt a cold chill in their hearts. If even Tian Liang could not open the Item Storage Vine, it would mean that they had no way to open it.

“Didn’t you say that you would be able to open it in minutes? How did it become that no one can open it now?” Xian Kun asked mockingly. He was ridiculing Tian Liang.

“I have indeed underestimated the Item Storage Vine. However, I had not realized how amazingly powerful it is. It is true; no one will be able to open this Item Storage Vine,” Tian Liang said with a helpless expression. However, he was actually trying to give himself a way out of this dilemma.

“Let me tell you this. It is not that no one can open it. Rather, it’s just that you’re too incompetent,” However, Xian Kun continued with his attack. He had humiliated Tian Liang so much that Tian Liang’s complexion turned ashen. Tian Liang was now too ashamed to show his face to the crowd.

However, Tian Liang’s current situation could not be blamed on anyone else. Truly, he had spoken excessively confidently earlier, and described the Item Storage Vine as something useless. Yet, in the end, he was unable to open it at all. Thus, for him to be humiliated by Xian Kun now was only the repercussion of his own arrogance.