Chapter 1505 - Cannot Be Considered Human

MGA: Chapter 1505 - Cannot Be Considered Human

“Lord Father, I’ve heard that Uncle Dugu has come?” Suddenly, a sweet-sounding voice came from outside. It was a young woman.

Sure enough, the entrance to the palace was soon opened, and a beauty appeared in Chu Feng’s line of sight.

This woman had a very busty figure. Her facial appearance was also very beautiful. She had a pair of large eyes, a small nose, an oval face and rosy lips. Essentially, she was a sexy little beauty.

She was wearing a fiery long red skirt. From the skirt, her pair of straight, long and slender jade-like legs could be faintly seen. This made her appear a lot sexier.

Overall, this woman’s appearance somewhat resembled Sima Ying’s. However, the sensation that she gave off was different. Although Chu Feng had seen countless women in his life, he, nevertheless, felt that this woman was a peak beauty.

However, what Chu Feng noticed more was not this woman’s beautiful appearance. Rather, it was her age and cultivation.

Her age was about the same as Chu Feng’s. However, her cultivation was that of a rank eight Martial King. This woman was definitely a genius.

“Ru’er, why would you be here? Wasn’t your twenty-fourth elder brother conducting a gathering of the younger generation today? You didn’t go to participate?”

The Yan Clan’s clan chief was not angered by this young woman rushing in. From this, it could be seen that he pampered her a lot.

“Of course I have to go and participate in that. However, I heard that Uncle Dugu had come. Thus, I immediately rushed over here. After all, it has been a long time since I last saw Uncle Dugu,” The young woman turned her gaze to Dugu Xingfeng.

“Oh you girl. However, it’s perfect timing too. Come, pay your respects to these seniors. All of them are famous existences in the Holy Land of Martialism, our Yan Clan’s honorable guests.” The Yan Clan’s clan chief began to make introductions.

After the introductions, Chu Feng came to know that this sexy young woman was actually called Yan Ru. She was the Yan Clan’s clan chief’s daughter.

However, a thing worthy of mentioning was that this Yan Clan’s clan chief had a truly large amount of children. Among her siblings, this young woman was the youngest, being the twenty-fifth child.

However, upon further thought, this was also normal. Although the Yan Clan’s clan chief appeared to be young, he had actually lived for thousands of years. He was an old monster-level character. With how long he had lived, it was also normal for him to have a lot of children.

As long as he was willing, it would not even be a problem for him to have a new child every year. After all, to experts of his level, having children or not was something that they could decide with a single thought.

Upon knowing that Yan Ru was the twenty-fifth child, Chu Feng guessed that this clan chief’s eldest son or eldest daughter was most likely several hundred years old. Likely, his grandchildren might be several decades old too. Truly, he was someone with a whole lot of descendants.

This Yan Ru was very courteous. After her father introduced her to everyone, she began to courteously greet Hong Qiang and the others. In fact, she even courteously greeted Chu Feng.

However, when her gaze landed on Chu Feng, there was a slight change. This change happened because of Chu Feng’s strength. Rank eight Martial King. Among the younger generation, this could not be considered to be the strongest cultivation level. However, to be able to reach rank eight Martial King at an age as young as Chu Feng’s was something rarely seen.

That Yan Ru knew that Chu Feng was a genius, a genius just like her. That was the reason why her gaze was different when she looked at Chu Feng. The gaze she had was not one with malicious intent. Instead, it was one with admiration.

“Ru’er, your cultivation progress is truly fast. Last time I saw you, you were only a rank six Martial King. Who would have thought that you would become a rank eight Martial King so quickly?” Dugu Xingfeng praised.

“Hehe, thank you Uncle Dugu for your praise. However, you must not think that praising will be enough. The thing that you promised me last time, have you brought it with you?” Yan Ru asked sweetly. Although her appearance was very sexy, her temperament was more like that of a young girl.

“Haha, how could I forget that?” Dugu Xingfeng took a purple pearl from his Cosmos Sack. While this pearl was not very large, it was sparkling and translucent. Although it was glimmering, the glimmer was not very dazzling to the eyes. The pearl was extremely beautiful. From a single glance, one could tell that it was a treasure.

“Thank you Uncle Dugu,” After receiving the pearl, Yan Ru was incomparably happy. She was, after all, a young woman. No matter how strong her cultivation might be, it was difficult for her to not appreciate beauty. As for a rare and beautiful jewelry accessory, it was something that young women loved the most.

“Seniors, Ru’er still has matters that she must attend to. As such, I shall take my leave.”

“Oh, that’s right. Senior brother Chu Feng, today, my twenty-fourth elder brother has invited his friends to conduct a gathering among the younger generation. Why don’t you come to it with me?” Suddenly, Yan Ru looked to Chu Feng and invited him.

Chu Feng did not answer her. Instead, he looked to Dugu Xingfeng.

“Chu Feng, go ahead. Those who are invited to participate in a gathering here are all extraordinary young people. You should go and take a look. If the Yan Clan’s Ancestor is to wake up, we will go and call for you,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“In that case, I shall trouble Miss Twenty-fifth to lead me,” Chu Feng got up and walked out of the palace hall with Yan Ru.

“Don’t call me Miss Twenty-fifth. It feels weird. Just call me Ru’er, that’s what everyone calls me,” After they left the palace hall, Yan Ru impatiently informed Chu Feng of that.

“Sure, in that case, you don’t have to call me senior brother Chu Feng either. Our ages are quite similar. However, in terms of seniority, you might be much higher above me. Thus, let’s throw seniority aside. Just call me Chu Feng,” Chu Feng said.

“Okay, Chu Feng,” As Yan Ru spoke, she continued to inspect the pearl that had been given to her by Dugu Xingfeng. At the same time, she asked Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, do you think this pearl is better to be made as a ring or as a bracelet?”

“I think it’s pretty good for a necklace,” Chu Feng said.

“Necklace? This pearl is so small, are you sure it’s good for a necklace?” Yan Ru was not convinced.

“Here, allow me to have a try,” Chu Feng extended his hand.

Yan Ru did not refuse, and handed the pearl to Chu Feng.

After receiving the pearl, Chu Feng closed his hand. Then, a gentle light began to emit from his hand. This caused Yan Ru’s eyes to shine and open widely.

When Chu Feng opened his hand again, in his hand was no longer just a pearl. Instead, it was a pearl necklace.

“Wow! You’re a world spiritist?!” Seeing this, Yan Ru’s wide open eyes were filled with surprise.

“It’s merely a minor accomplishment,” Chu Feng returned the necklace to Yan Ru.

“Wow! You’re amazing! You created such a beautiful necklace in such a short time. Even the chain is not too thick or too thin, it’s just right. Although this is a necklace formed with spirit power, it looks extremely real. Furthermore, the design of the necklace is extremely beautiful too. This necklace is simply perfect.”

“Chu Feng, you’re amazing! You’re most likely not an ordinary world spiritist, right?”

Yan Ru carefully inspected the necklace in her hands. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it. At the end, when she looked to Chu Feng again, her large shining eyes were filled with adoration.

“Yan Ru, could it be that you’re not a world spiritist?”

Chu Feng was a bit surprised. Although he was a royal-cloak world spiritist with excellent world spirit techniques, the necklace he had formed was indeed only a minor accomplishment. Other than the design being beautiful, the technique was something that any gold-cloak world spiritist could accomplish.

Yet, Yan Ru’s reaction was this intense. Chu Feng also did not feel like she was lying. Thus, Chu Feng guessed that she was most likely reacting this way because she was not a world spiritist; her reaction was because of her admiration for world spiritists.

However, as the daughter of the Yan Clan’s clan chief, how could she not be a world spiritist? After all, at his level, he could already forcibly instill spirit power into someone. Even if Yan Ru had not been born a world spiritist, she could also be changed into a world spiritist.

“Our Yan Clan’s bloodline is special. It completely opposes spirit power. Thus, since ancient times, our Yan Clan has never had a world spiritist.”

Sure enough, Chu Feng’s guess was correct. Merely, he did not expect that everyone from the Yan Clan were not world spiritists and could not become world spiritists.

When Chu Feng saw Yan Ru’s disappointed expression, Chu Feng immediately shifted the topic. He asked, “This gathering, who might be the people invited? Are there disciples from our Cyanwood Mountain?”

“There aren’t any disciple from the Cyanwood Mountain. There are mostly personal disciples from hidden experts. Although they are not famous, they were all personal disciples to experts. Each and every one of them cannot be looked down upon. Thus, you must definitely not think too lowly of them.”

“However, you shouldn’t be scared either. After all, you are a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, and your strength is pretty good too. They should be fond of you.”

“However, there’s a person that you must pay attention to. That person is a bit difficult to get along with. To be exact, he cannot be considered human,” Yan Ru said.

[1. Human and person is the same character in chinese.]