Chapter 1506 - Younger Generation’s Gathering

MGA: Chapter 1506 - Younger Generation’s Gathering

“Who might you be talking about?” Chu Feng asked.

“His name is Xian Kun,” Yan Ru said.

“Xian Kun? Is he a monstrous beast?” Chu Feng asked.

“No, he’s not a monstrous beast. He’s a lot more powerful than monstrous beasts; he’s an Ancient Era’s Elf. Furthermore, he is no ordinary Ancient Era’s Elf, he is an Ancient Era’s Elf from the Elf Kingdom.”

“Furthermore, I have heard that he had once triggered the Immortal Needle in the Elf Kingdom. Among the Ancient Era’s Elves, he could be said to be a rarely-seen genius,” Yan Ru said.

“In that case, his origins are truly extraordinary,” Chu Feng naturally knew about the Ancient Era’s Elves. They were beings that have existed since the Ancient Era. They could be said to be the most unfathomable power in the entire Holy Land of Martialism. Even the Three Palaces, Four Clans and Nine Powers would not wish to provoke the Ancient Era’s Elves.

As for the Ancient Era’s Elves, they could be found throughout the entire Holy Land of Martialism. Their tracks were present in practically every single domain. As for the headquarters of the Ancient Era’s Elves, it was the Elf Kingdom. It was a place akin to the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly for the Cyanwood Mountain, a place where the strongest experts were gathered.

The Ancient Era’s Elves of the Elf Kingdom, regardless of whether they might be old or young, were all extraordinary existences. Not to mention their talents, their status was already a tier above all the other Ancient Era’s Elves.

As for this Xian Kun, not only is he an Ancient Era’s Elf from the Elf Kingdom, he is also an existence that has triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. As such, he is definitely an extraordinary existence.

Chu Feng heard that the Ancient Era’s Elf Kingdom’s Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was completely different from the two that he had triggered. It was said that there were many Ancient Era’s Immortal Needles in the Elf Kingdom, and that each and every one of them were much more difficult to trigger than ordinary Ancient Era’s Immortal Needles.

However, that Xian Kun had actually managed to trigger the Ancient Era’s Elf Kingdom’s Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. In terms of talent, he was indeed extraordinarily outstanding.

“However, I am not very fond of him. He’s extremely arrogant. He simply does not place anyone in his eyes. It was as if he was the number one individual underneath heaven. Furthermore, when he encounters seniors, he is extremely rude. He is simply someone who does not respect elders at all, someone who is extremely arrogant and rude.”

“Furthermore, I’ve heard that he made some sort of blunder and was kicked out by the Elf Kingdom. That is the reason why he was staying in the Cyanwood Domain’s Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.”

“Just thinking about how a guy that has been kicked out being this arrogant and conceited, I immediately feel dislike for him. After all, he is greatly inferior to my big brother Yan Xie,” Yan Ru said.

“Yan Xie, will he also be present at this gathering?” Chu Feng asked. Compared to that Xian Kun, Chu Feng was more interested in Yan Xie. After all, Chu Feng had actually come here to challenge Yan Xie.

“You know of my big brother Yan Xie?” Yan Ru was a bit surprised.

“I’ve heard of him from Lord Headmaster. I was told that he’s a rare martial cultivation genius,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s right. Big brother Yan Xie is extremely powerful. He is the most powerful person from our generation that I’ve encountered. I feel that he is a bit different from us. How does that phrase go?... Oh, right, dragon among men. Big brother Yan Xie is a dragon among men,” Yan Ru said.

“In that case, is he also going to be present? I would like to meet him,” Chu Feng said.

“Big brother Yan Xie is indeed present in our Yan Clan. However, unfortunately, he is completely engulfed with martial cultivation. Although he is at a similar age as my twenty-fourth older brother and I, he is not fond of participating in things like this. I’m afraid you will not be able to meet him,” Yan Ru said.

“That’s fine. If fate wills it, we will definitely meet,” Chu Feng smiled. He felt that he would definitely end up meeting Yan Xie. Thus, he was not anxious to see Yan Xie right away.

Afterwards, under Yan Ru’s guidance, Chu Feng arrived at a garden. This garden was very large and very beautiful. There were all kinds of rare and unusual flowers and herbs in the garden that attracted a large amount of butterflies that fluttered all over. As for the fragrance of the flowers in this place, they would lift up one’s spirit and make one feel relaxed. As for this garden, it was the location of the gathering.

Before even entering the garden, Chu Feng already sensed many people’s auras in the garden. There were not many people gathered here. Including Chu Feng and Yan Ru, there were only a total of twenty one individuals.

Furthermore, of the people gathered here, not all of them were human. There were monstrous beasts as well as Ancient Era’s Elves. Each and every one of them were people from the younger generation. Furthermore, they were all very powerful.

Sure enough, the Holy Land of Martialism was a place with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Not only were there geniuses in the Cyanwood Mountain, many of the hidden experts’ disciples were also extraordinary geniuses. In fact, some among them were on par with the peak geniuses of the major powers.

[1. Hidden dragon, crouching tiger → hidden talents. There's also a pretty good movie staring Jet-Li with the same title check it out]

Walking together with Yan Ru, Chu Feng attracted the attention of the crowd. As such, they all turned their gazes toward them.

When they saw Chu Feng, to a greater or lesser degree, their gazes would change. That was because what Chu Feng was wearing was the clothing of the Cyanwood Mountain’s core disciples. All of them recognized this outfit. After all, the Cyanwood Mountain was the ruler of the Cyanwood Domain.

Thus, for the majority of them, they would express good-natured gazes. That was because, in addition to the reputation of the Cyanwood Mountain behind his back, Chu Feng’s own strength was also not something to be looked down upon. As such, he was qualified to earn their respect.

However, there will inevitably be exceptions to everything. While the majority of the crowd had good-natured gazes, and some even possessed traces of reverence in their gazes, Chu Feng was able to feel some ill-intended gazes. There were a total of four such ill-intended gazes.

Three of the four came from the Ancient Era’s Elves. As for the final one, it was from a human.

“Lil Ru, this is?” A man walked over. He appeared to be in his thirties. As for his cultivation, he was a rank nine Martial King.

Although this man appeared to be very valiant-looking, he resembled the Yan Clan’s clan chief. Chu Feng instantly guessed that this person should be Yan Ru’s twenty-fourth elder brother.

“Twenty-fourth big brother, allow me to introduce you. This here is the Cyanwood Mountain’s Chu Feng.”

“Chu Feng, this is my twenty-fourth big brother, Yan Lei.” Yan Ru introduced them.

“Haha, so it’s actually the Cyanwood Mountain’s Brother Chu Feng. Welcome, welcome,” Yan Lei was very friendly. Although he appeared very valiant, he had a smile across his face the entire time. Seeing that smile, Chu Feng knew right away that Yan Lei was a real frank and honest person.

“Lil Sis Ru’er, you should introduce me too,” Right at this moment, a tall male walked over.

This man’s appearance was very charming. He was a stereotypical handsome man. However, his cultivation was only normal; he was only a rank five Martial King. Compared to the other people present, his cultivation could be said to be the weakest.

However, in his eyes was a great amount of arrogance. Furthermore, he was wearing a world spiritist’s gold cloak. In other words, he was a gold-cloak world spiritist.

“Chu Feng, allow me to introduce you. This person is called Tian Liang. Like you, he is also a world spiritist.”

“Furthermore, Tian Liang’s master is very amazing. He is a royal-cloak world spiritist. Reportedly, your Cyanwood Mountain has tried to invite Tian Liang’s master to become a nominal elder many times.”

“Unfortunately, each and every invitation has been refused by Tian Liang’s master. Hehe…” Yan Ru introduced them.

“Oh, so Brother Chu Feng is actually also a world spiritist? It is truly my pleasure to meet you.”

Tian Liang lightly smiled at Chu Feng. Although he appeared to be good-natured, Chu Feng knew that this man’s real thoughts were completely different from what he said. That was because, of the four ill-natured gazes, other than the three from the Ancient Era’s Elves, the remaining one was from this man by the name of Tian Liang.

“The Cyanwood Mountain is not a place that specializes in world spirit techniques. Brother Chu Feng, where might you have learned your world spirit techniques? Furthermore, what is your world spirit technique’s current level?” Tian Liang asked with a smile on his face.

“I merely know a bit. It’s best to not mention it,” Chu Feng did not wish to bother talking too much with such a hypocritical individual.

“Brother Chu Feng, there is no need to be courteous. It is fate that has brought us together.”

“If there is anything in terms of world spirit techniques that you are confused about, you can always seek consultation from me. Anything that I know about, I will definitely teach you. And if there is anything that you do not understand, I will also help you clear up your doubts.”

“Although I am only a gold-cloak world spiritist now, my spirit power is actually very strong. My master has said that in less than ten years, I will definitely be able to become a royal-cloak world spiritist.”

As Tian Liang said those words, he took a glance at Yan Ru. It was evident that he had not said those words for Chu Feng to hear. Instead, he had said them for Yan Ru to hear.

He most definitely knew that Yan Ru adored world spiritists. Thus, he was indirectly displaying how talented he was in order to obtain Yan Ru’s good graces. At the same time, he was belittling Chu Feng, so that Yan Ru can see that Chu Feng, although also a world spiritist, was much inferior to him, Tian Liang; that the difference between them was akin to the difference between the heavens and the earth.