Chapter 1504 - Thinking About Eggy

MGA: Chapter 1504 - Thinking About Eggy

There was a large mountain behind the Cliff Village. The mountain was covered with birds, beautiful flowers, green grass and wildlife. Although it could not be considered to be extremely beautiful, it was still a piece of nature.

As Chu Feng looked at the mountain, he did not discover anything abnormal regarding it. However, his intuition told him that this mountain was extraordinary. Thus, Chu Feng used his Heaven’s Eyes to look at the mountain.

When Chu Feng looked at the mountain with his Heaven’s Eyes, the true identity of the mountain was revealed to him. This was no mountain at all. Instead, it was a protective formation. Not only did this protective formation possess a very strong defensive ability, it also possessed a concealing effect.

Using his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng became able to see through the mountain more and more clearly. Gradually, the mountain disappeared, and was replaced with a city.

This city was a bit special. The city’s bricks were yellow in color. However, red totems had been placed on the bricks. The red totems looked like flames. At a glance, the entire city appeared be constructed of raging flames. Yet, even with this color combination, it was not dazzling at all. Instead, the more Chu Feng looked at it, the more comfortable he felt. It was as if the combination of these two colors were a perfect match for one another.

The city was very large. However, there were not many people walking on its roads. Furthermore, a lot of places in the city were guarded. As for the guards of the city gate, they were extremely strong.

This sort of display of might did not make the city look like a place where ordinary people would live. Instead, it looked more like the home of an extraordinary power. Evidently, this was the true residence of the people from the Yan Clan.

Dugu Xingfeng began to walk toward the direction of the entrance gate. He actually possessed the key to enter, and directly opened a world spirit gate. After the world spirit gate was opened, Chu Feng and the others all walked into the Yan Clan’s city.

When he entered, Chu Feng was able to clearly see the people of the Yan Clan. They were so ordinary that there was simply nothing distinguishing regarding them. Each and every one of them were only normal humans.

As for the guards, they were not very surprised upon seeing Chu Feng and the others. In fact, they even nodded their heads to express goodwill toward Chu Feng and the others. Their attitude was extremely friendly.

Chu Feng was able to tell that their friendly attitude was most likely because of Dugu Xingfeng. If the four of them were to enter here without Dugu Xingfeng, it was likely that the attitudes of the guards would not be like this.

After all, the Royal Armaments on the waists of those guards were not only decorations. These guards were truly here to protect this place.

Furthermore, all of the guards were old. None of them were young people. Instead, they were all old fellows who had lived for hundreds of years. Furthermore, none of them were weak; all of them were Half Martial Emperors.

From this, it could be seen that the guards of the Yan Village were quite outstanding.

At the very least, to put forth experts that powerful to guard the entrance gate was something that not even major powers like the Nine Powers could accomplish.

“Headmaster Dugu, you’ve come,” Suddenly, a person that appeared to be the leader of the guards walked over and spoke as if he had seen an old friend.

“Is the Yan Clan’s clan chief present?” Dugu Xingfeng asked.

“Lord Clan Chief is present. Might Headmaster Dugu have something that you need to find our Lord Clan Chief for?” The guard leader asked.

“Indeed, I do have something that I wish to talk with him about,” Dugu Xingfeng replied.

“Headmaster Dugu, please follow me,” The guard leader began to guide Dugu Xingfeng and the others.

He did not fly or use any movement martial skill. Instead, he began to walk, one step at a time. His footsteps were very steady and slow. However, his pace was perfect to enjoy the streetscape of the city.

The deeper they went into the city, the more surprised and amazed Chu Feng became. Frequently, there would be groups of children playing by the road. Occasionally, Chu Feng would see youngsters of the same age as himself.

However, regardless of whether it was the children or the youngsters of the same age as himself, they all possessed cultivations that surpassed those of ordinary people. Each and every one of them possessed top-notch talent.

However, more than the children or the youngsters, there were many of experts from the older generation. The weakest among them were Martial Kings, and the majority of them were Half Martial Emperors.

This sort of strength was truly not weak at all. In fact, it was even stronger than the Cyanwood Mountain. Truly, a camel that was extremely thin would still be larger than a horse. Even though the Yan Clan’s strength was much weaker now compared to their peak, they were still very strong.

Of course, if they were to truly compare, they would still be weaker than the Nine Powers. After all, the true powers of the Nine Powers were located in their Sacred Assemblies. The old monsters from the Sacred Assemblies were the most frightening ones.

However, this Yan Clan was different. Their older generation’s experts did not hide themselves away. Instead, they lived alongside their young generation in the same city. That was the reason why they appeared to be so powerful at a single glance.

Under the guidance of the guard leader, Chu Feng and the others finally arrived at a very imposing palace hall. At their arrival, there was no one in the palace hall. There, they were told to wait.

However, not long after, a very tall and robust man who wore a fiery gown arrived with that guard leader following behind him.

This man’s cultivation was not weak; he was a peak Half Martial Emperor. Even the airs that he emitted were on par with Dugu Xingfeng and the others. Evidently, this person should be the Yan Clan’s clan chief.

“Brother Dugu, it has been a long time since we last met, I trust that you have been well.”

“I truly never expected that even the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master and Brother Miao would also come here. It is truly my pleasure to meet you all.”

The Yan Clan’s clan chief was very enthusiastic, and actually recognized the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master and Miao Renlong. However, Chu Feng was able to tell that the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master and Miao Renlong did not recognize him.

“This brother is?” The Yan Clan’s clan chief looked to Hong Qiang. After pondering for a long time, he was unable to determine who Hong Qiang was.

At this time, Chu Feng came to a realization. The Yan Clan had been hidden away in this place. Naturally, Miao Renlong and the others would not know about the Yan Clan’s clan chief. However, Miao Renlong and the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master were both very famous people. Their portraits were items that people could easily obtain. Thus, that was the reason why the Yan Clan’s clan chief was able to recognize Miao Renlong and the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Chief.

However, Hong Qiang was different. Hong Qiang had also hidden himself away for a long time and was not well-known. Thus, very few people knew about him. As for his portraits, there was no need to mention that. Thus, the Yan Clan’s clan chief naturally did not recognize Hong Qiang.

“Everyone, allow me to introduce you all. This is the Yan Clan’s clan chief, Yan Hong.”

“Brother Yan, this is the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest’s headmaster, Hong Qiang.”

After introducing Yan Hong, Dugu Xingfeng introduced Hong Qiang to him. After that, he introduced Chu Feng.

“Truly a young hero. He’s already a rank eight Martial King at such a young age, truly amazing.”

“Brother Dugu, after Qin Wentian and Qin Lingyun, another rare genius has appeared in your Cyanwood Mountain,” After the Yan Clan’s clan chief took a glance at Chu Feng, he began to praise while laughing.

“How could Qin Wentian and Qin Lingyun possibly compare to Chu Feng? They’re not qualified,” Hong Qiang rolled his eyes.

“Eh…” Hearing those words, the Yan Clan’s clan chief was speechless. He did not know what had happened. However, it was evident that what Hong Qiang said was somewhat strange and inappropriate. This placed the Yan Clan’s clan chief in an awkward situation.

“Brother Yan, I have actually come here with the purpose of paying a visit to your Yan Clan’s Ancestor. I have something that I wish to consult with him about. Brother Yan, might it be possible for me to see your Yan Clan’s Ancestor?” Dugu Xingfeng hurriedly spoke to relieve the awkward atmosphere.

“Oh, you wish to see our Yan Clan’s Ancestor? That’s no problem. Let me arrange that for you right away.” As the Yan Clan’s clan chief spoke, he signaled the guard leader behind him with his eyes. Understanding the Yan Clan’s clan chief’s intention, the guard leader immediately left.

Not long afterward, the guard leader returned and said, “Lord Clan Chief, Ancestor is still resting. Currently, it is inconvenient for him to meet people.”

“May I know how long the Yan Clan’s Ancestor has been resting?” Dugu Xingfeng asked.

“It has been ten days now,” The guard leader replied.

“That’s fine, we can wait.”

Dugu Xingfeng knew what it meant for the Yan Clan’s Ancestor to be resting. It was a method in which the Yan Clan’s Ancestor would train. He would close his eyes and experience heaven and earth.

This sort of rest was much longer than sleeping. However, if it had been ten days since he had started resting, it would now be about the time when he would wake up. Dugu Xingfeng was certain that the Yan Clan’s Ancestor would wake up in less than a day. Thus, he decided to wait.

Seeing that Dugu Xingfeng was planning to wait, the Yan Clan’s clan chief decided to entertain his guests. He did not have Dugu Xingfeng and the others sit around waiting. Instead, he hurriedly ordered his men to prepare light refreshments and wines. Only after that did he begin to discuss the ways of cultivation with Dugu Xingfeng and the others.

The five of them were all peak Half Martial Emperors. They were all only a step away from becoming Martial Emperors. However, this single step had baffled countless people.

For some talented people, they might be able to become Half Martial Emperors before they reached the age of a hundred. However, after being alive for thousands of years, they would only be able to remain at the peak Half Martial Emperor level. Even unto death, they would not be able to reach a breakthrough to Martial Emperor.

Thus, for people like them, breaking through this obstruction was their lives’ most cherished desire. Furthermore, for the sake of being able to reach a breakthrough, they would exchange knowledge of what they had realized on their paths of cultivation with others that they knew, in hopes of being able to reach a breakthrough.

Chu Feng was not interested in the topics of their discussions. After all, to Chu Feng, breaking through was not that difficult. His comprehension ability was too powerful, completely surpassing that of ordinary people. Very rarely would he ever encounter bottlenecks in his breakthroughs. Even if he did, Chu Feng was able to resolve them in a short period of time.

However, it was unsuitable for Chu Feng to express his intention to leave. After all, a guest should follow the master. When the Yan Clan’s clan chief wanted them to stay here, it was courtesy for him to stay here. Moreover, Chu Feng was unfamiliar with this place. If he were to leave, there would be nowhere for him to go. Thus, he decided to listen to their chat.

He sighed. “If only Eggy were here.”

Feeling bored, Chu Feng sighed. Back then, when he had obtained the power of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, Eggy had also received a benefit from it. Merely, the benefits she received had to be slowly digested. Thus, Eggy had been in a sleeping state this entire time.

While Eggy being asleep was nothing major, it caused Chu Feng to become a lot more lonely. Otherwise, in this sort of situation, Chu Feng could chat with Eggy. The five peak Half Martial Emperors would chat with themselves while Chu Feng would chat with Eggy. With that, he wouldn’t be this bored.

Therefore, at this moment, Chu Feng truly missed Eggy. After all, that girl was someone that had accompanied him for his entire life. Currently, she was asleep, and had been asleep for so long. As such, Chu Feng was very unused to it.