Chapter 1009 - Visiting the traveller

MGA: Chapter 1009 - Visiting the traveller

When Chu Feng arrived at the Zhao Family Banking House, he had deliberately concealed his aura. As for the people of the Zhao Family Banking House, they had enthusiastically received him. However, when Chu Feng asked about where the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest was, the person who had received Chu Feng asked him to wait at the guest room for a moment.

Soon, that housekeeper reappeared. Merely, he was following a young man.

This young man had thick eyebrows, big eyes and fair skin. His appearance was that of a pretty boy. As for what he was wearing, it was extremely extravagant. Judging from his appearance, he should not have reached thirty years of age. Moreover, he was also a cultivator and possessed the cultivation of rank one Heaven Realm.

“I am the young master of the Zhao Family Banking House, Zhao Shaoqiu. May I know the renowned name of this brother?” After that young man approached Chu Feng, he said with a beaming smile on his face.

“I am Chu Feng.” Chu Feng said in a courteous manner.

“So it’s Brother Chu Feng. I heard that Brother Chu Feng wishes to go to the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest?” asked Zhao Shaoqiu.

“Precisely.” Chu Feng nodded.

“Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest; I am not knowledgeable about that place. However, I know a person that is knowledgeable about the various places of the world; his knowledge is so vast that there is no place in the entire Holy Land of Martialism he doesn’t know. If Brother Chu Feng is willing, I can bring you to meet this person.” Zhao Shaoqiu said.

“Oh? The Holy Land of Martialism is that vast of a place, but there’s actually someone who knew of all the places in it? In that case, Young Master, this person you know possesses some truly amazing ability. May I know who exactly he might be?” Chu Feng smiled. He did not urgently set to meet this person; instead, he sat down.

Chu Feng had seen countless people. With a single glance, he was able to tell that this Young Master by the name of Zhao Shaoqiu was not a person of good character. He reckoned that this Zhao Shaoqiu might be planning to play a trick on him. Thus, he decided to observe him and see whether what he had said was true or false.

If it was true, then it would all be fine. However, if it was false, then Chu Feng would definitely make Zhao Shaoqiu pay. After all, what Chu Fent disliked the most was being deceived.

“Hey, Brother Chu Feng, you should also be a cultivator, right? I wonder what cultivation you might be in right now?” Zhao Shaoqiu asked instead of answering.

“I am indeed a cultivator. However, my cultivation is shallow and unworthy of being mentioned.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and said.

“That’s true. If my guess is correct, your cultivation would, at the very most, be at the Profound Realm. However, you ought to have treasures that conceal your cultivation, causing me to be incapable of seeing through your cultivation.” Zhao Shaoqiu strangely laughed and said.

“Young Master, you couldn’t possibly be having strange thoughts because of my possessions, right?” Chu Feng still had a smile on his face. However, his smile was extremely tranquil.

“Sigh, Brother Chu Feng, what sort of words are those. Although our Zhao Family Banking House cannot be considered to be a prestigious family with power, we could still be considered to be a first-rate large cultivation family within this Magnificent Brocade City. It’s merely a treasure that concealed one’s cultivation; our Zhao Family does not lack such a treasure.”

“I merely wished to let you know how extraordinary the person that I know is. He is no ordinary cultivator. Instead, he’s a strong expert with a cultivation of a Martial King.” Saying till this, Zhao Shaoqiu looked to Chu Feng with an expression containing some disdain.

He then said, “Martial King, that is not a stage of cultivation that you could possibly imagine. It is a stage that only people with extremely good talent could reach. Furthermore, one must go through countless suffering and be extremely lucky in order to reach the Martial King stage.”

“Brother Chu Feng, it is not that I am looking down on you. However, I reckon that in the continent that you are from, you’ve never even seen a Martial King, right?”

“Haha…” Regarding what Zhao Shaoqiu said, Chu Feng did not refute it. Instead, he shrugged his shoulders and chuckled. As for the meaning behind his action, that was something that only Chu Feng understood.

This Zhao Shaoqiu was naturally incapable of comprehending Chu Feng’s intention. Thus, he appeared even more complacent like a city folk seeing a country bumpkin. He looked to Chu Feng and said, “Our Magnificent Brocade City has a long-established history. However, there are only a few Martial Kings that originate from our city. As for that person, he is the last Martial King from out Magnificent Brocade City. After him, our Magnificent Brocade City had never given birth to another Martial King.”

“Although Martial Kings are powerful, I don’t believe that they ought to know all about the Holy Land of Martialism, no?” Chu Feng questioned.

“Sigh, your words have landed on the main aspect. It is true that Martial Kings are powerful. However, not all Martial Kings know about the various regions and places of the Holy Land of Martialism. After all, the Holy Land of Martialism is truly too enormous. It is already problematic for one to remember the names of all the places.”

“However, this Martial King that I know is no ordinary Martial King. His aspiration is not becoming an extraordinary cultivator. Instead, his goal is to become a traveller. The reason why he went through the bitterness of cultivation to reach Martial King stage was all so that he could travel through the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“After over a hundred years of time, he had practically gone to all of the regions and places in the Holy Land of Martialism. Nowadays, we all address him as the Living Map of the Holy Land of Martialism. As long as the place that you’ve mentioned is truly a place within the Holy Land of Martialism and the name of the place is correct, he would definitely be able to give you the directions to the place.” Said Zhao Shaoqiu complacently.

“In that case, I shall trouble Young Master.” Chu Feng had been paying attention to the change in Zhao Shaoqiu’s expression the entire time so that he could determine whether Zhao Shaoqiu was lying. To Chu Feng’s surprise, what Zhao Shaoqiu had said was all true. It would appear that this Zhao Shaoqiu truly knew of an extraordinary person.

“Sigh, Brother Chu Feng, how could there be such thing as a free lunch in this world?” Seeing Chu Feng’s impatient appearance, Zhao Shaoqiu grinned and opened his hand toward Chu Feng. This fellow was precisely demanding for money.

“Young Master, didn’t it say that the Zhao Family Banking House will solve one’s problem for free? What might be the meaning behind your action now?” Chu Feng pretended to be puzzled.

“Hey, Brother Chu Feng, that person that I mentioned to you is not someone from my Zhao Family.” Replied Zhao Shaoqiu shamelessly.

“Very well then. Say, how much do you seek?” Chu Feng asked.

“Ten Heaven Beads. If you’re missing half a bead, I would not lead you to him.” Zhao Shaoqiu demanded for a sky-high price.

“Woosh.” To his surprise, Chu Feng immediately took out ten Heaven Beads and placed them in his hands.

“This…” Seeing the ten Heaven Beads in his hand, Zhao Shaoqiu’s eyes immediately shrunk. After his shocked appearance flashed past his face, he once again looked back to Chu Feng with an expression that appeared to be a bit strange.

“Young Master, I have already given you what you requested. If you are incapable of providing me with the things that I asked for, then you would have to take responsibility for it.” After handing over the ten Heaven Beads, Chu Feng said with a light smile.

“Haha, rest assured, rest assured. I guarantee you that you’ll be satisfied. Brother Chu Feng, follow me.” After he finished his words, Zhao Shaoqiu grabbed Chu Feng and started flying.

Soon, they arrived outside of the Magnificent Brocade City and stopped on top of a small hill. On the hill were a couple of shabby houses. On the outside of the houses were wooden fences. The fences formed a little courtyard. Inside the courtyard were some chicks and goslings.

“This is the location where the person that you mentioned lives in?” Chu Feng was astonished. That was because he had already covered the entire place with his spirit power and investigated it.

Chu Feng discovered three people’s auras within the little courtyard. The first was a little girl of six or seven years old. The other was a young woman with the cultivation of rank nine Profound Realm. As for the third person, it was an old man. His body was extremely weak and asfor cultivation, he possessed none.

“Hey, that’s right. He used to be extremely powerful. However, he’s in dire straits now.” Zhao Shaoqiu said.

“What do you mean by that?” Chu Feng asked.

“One time, he travelled to a certain place and offended someone he should not offend and ended up having his cultivation crippled.” Zhao Shaoqiu chuckled and then said, “Wait for me here. However, remember that you must definitely not mention to him that I’ve received the Heaven Beads from you. If he were to ask, just tell him that I have decided to voluntarily assist you.”