Chapter 1008 - Chu Feng’s Plan

MGA: Chapter 1008 - Chu Feng’s Plan

The smile on the elderly man grew wider and wider. He was smiling so hard that his mouth had become agape.

After smiling for a very long time, he finally stood up and arrived at the entrance of the palace hall. With a light wave of his sleeve, the doors to the palace hall opened.

Upon seeing the elderly man, all of the people who stood outside of the palace bowed to him. With loud voices, they shouted. “We pay our respects to Lord Headmaster.”

“Hahaha, the Heavens is blessing our Southern Cyanwood Forest.” The elderly man laughed heartily.

“Lord Headmaster, what has happened for you to be this overjoyed?” The elderly people felt confused by his action. However, they knew that something joyful had occurred. Thus, they asked with a smile on their faces.

“Everyone, I ask you all a question first. For what reason does our Southern Cyanwood Forest station here and widely accept disciples?” The elderly man who was addressed as the Headmaster by the various people, instead of answering, asked a question.

“Lord Headmaster, the reason our Southern Cyanwood Forest stationed ourselves here and widely accepts disciples was to select the top quality talent so that we could dispatch them to the Cyanwood Mountain.” The various elderly people replied in chorus.

“Our Southern Cyanwood Forest now possess a total of one hundred million one thousand three hundred and sixteen elders and disciples. As for talented individuals, we have also nurtured quite a few of them. However, for the top notch talents, we are still incapable of finding one. This caused our Southern Cyanwood Forest to be laughed at by the other three forests.” said the Headmaster in a slightly helpless manner.

Hearing what the elderly Headmaster said, all the people present lowered their heads in silence. A sense of shame bubbled up in their elderly faces.

“Although we found it hard to accept, but upon thinking about it, it is also reasonable for them to laugh at our Southern Cyanwood Forest. After all, the three of them have indeed sent forth many top notch talents to the Cyanwood Mountain and possessed the qualifications to laugh at us.”

“However, now, the days of them laughing at us is soon to conclude.” Suddenly, the elderly Headmaster once again started smiling.

“Lord Headmaster, what do you mean by those words?” Hearing those words, the various people’s eyes started to shine. Joyous shines were emitted from their dark and gloomy faces.

“In the past, the seniors of our Southern Cyanwood Forest had combined their strength and created a formation outside of the Heavenly Road’s exit. They have done all that for the hope of one day obtaining harvest from the Southern Sea Region, that place that did not belong to our Holy Land of Martialism.”

“After all these years, our Southern Cyanwood Forest did indeed manage to cultivate a large quantity of disciples from that Heavenly Road. However, not a single one among them could be considered a top notch talent.”

“However, the Heavens does not disappoint those with hope. Today, after so long of waiting, I have finally found a top notch talent.” said the elderly Headmaster in an extremely joyous manner.

“Top notch talent.” Upon hearing the words spoken by the elderly Headmaster, the various people became a bit confused. They all cast their gazes toward an elderly man amongst them.

Facing the gazes of everyone present, that elderly man’s expression instantly stiffened.

“Ma Qiang, you’ve actually returned.” Upon seeing this elderly man, that elderly Headmaster’s expression also took a huge change. Uneasiness emerged on his face.

“Reporting to Lord Headmaster, this subordinate had already returned for several days now. I have also already arranged people who passed the selection from the Heavenly Road.” While trembling with fear, that person by the name of Ma Qiang replied.

“Is there anyone else posting at the exit of the Heavenly Road?” The elderly Headmaster asked nervously.

“That…, reporting to Lord Headmaster, due to the fact that no one appeared at the exit of the Heavenly Road for multiple days, this subordinate felt that the Heavenly Road would definitely have not encountered a problem and that no one else would appear. Thus, this subordinate stopped staying there and led everyone back.” Ma Qiang appeared to be even more uneasy.

“Scoundrel!” Hearing those words, the elderly Headmaster instantly became enraged. He pointed to Ma Qiang and shouted. “Just right now, a proud child appeared from within the Heavenly Road. This child’s battle power is truly powerful. If we were to nurture him with care, he would definitely bring honor to our Southern Cyanwood Forest after being dispatched to the Cyanwood Mountain. However, you bunch of rubbish actually left the place that you were supposed to guard, causing us to miss the opportunity for that child to enter our Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“Lord Headmaster, please forgive us. Lord Headmaster, please forgive us. It is not that we were trying to leave the place that we were supposed to guard, it is that this year’s Heavenly Road was truly strange. It remained open even after several days. Furthermore, not a single person appeared from it in that long period of time. This subordinate had truly thought that a problem occurred in the Heavenly Road and that no one else would be coming out. For the sake of not wasting time, this subordinate ended up deciding to lead everyone back.”

At this moment, Ma Qiang and the others knew of their mistake. At the same time, they became terror-stricken and hurriedly kneeled to the ground, admitting their mistakes and begging for forgiveness.

“Scoundrel! Truly scoundrel!” The Headmaster was so enraged that he started shivering from head to toe. However, he did not do anything to Ma Qiang and them. Instead, he raised his finger and drew at the air. In the end, he drew a portrait.

After the portrait was finished, it started falling in succession and landed in the hands of all the people present.

“Find this man for me within ten days and invite him over to our Southern Cyanwood Forest. Otherwise, do not blame me for not holding myself back.” After he finished saying those words, the Headmaster’s body moved. He soared into the sky and flew toward a distant place.

And at this moment, the various people that remained were slightly startled. After that, they all cast their gazes toward the portrait given to them by the elderly Headmaster. As for the person on the portrait, it was naturally Chu Feng.

Chu Feng did not know anything about the matters that had happened in the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Instead, he was traveling toward the so-called Magnificent Brocade City.

On his journey, Chu Feng had once flown past a vast mountain range. That mountain range was very deep and possessed many monstrous beasts. Moreover, a group of people were gathered there; they were conducting hunting within the mountain range.

These people ought to have originated from an influential place of power. Also, their methods of killing were extremely fierce; it wasn’t just hunting the monstrous beasts, it was instead a sadistic slaughter.

Originally, Chu Feng planned to inquire them about some matters. However, Chu Feng couldn’t determine whether the things that he wanted to inquire would be things that those people knew. Furthermore, Chu Feng felt that the characteristics of this group of people were problematic.

With Chu Feng’s experience, if he was to suddenly appear while this sort of people was joyfully enjoying the slaughter, he would most likely provoke their anger.

Even though the strength of this group of people were only comparable to ants to Chu Feng,

he had just arrived at this location and didn’t feel like creating unnecessary troubles for himself. As the saying goes, if another does not bully you, there was no need to bully them. Thus, Chu Feng gave up on inquiring these people and continued onward toward the so-called Magnificent Brocade City.

Fortunately, Chu Feng discovered the Magnificent Brocade City after just a short amount of further travel.

After arriving in the Magnificent Brocade City, Chu Feng hurriedly proceeded toward the Zhao Family Banking House. That was because he had a couple questions he was truly keen on obtaining answers to.

Actually, Chu Feng already had a plan before he entered into the Holy Land of Martialism.

Chu Feng wished to go to the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest to search for a person by the name of Hong Qiang.

That was because when Chu Feng captured the Ice Crystal Phoenix in the Eastern Sea Region, he encountered the consciousness left behind in the formation by Hong Qiang. That Hong Qiang appeared to be very appreciative of Chu Feng and told Chu Feng that he was located in the Holy Land of Martialism. Moreover, if Chu Feng was to come to the Holy Land of Martialism in the future, he could go to the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest to find him.

However, merely by judging from the things that had happened then - how Hong Qiang was able to leave his consciousness in the formation for so long and was capable of talking with him from a distance so far away - Chu Feng determined that Hong Qiang was definitely no ordinary character. Chu Feng did not have extravagant hopes of Hong Qiang helping him, all that he wished was for Hong Qiang to give him some pointers.

After all, after seeing the Old Monkey, seeing Chu Kongtong and learning a bit about his father in the Heavenly Road, Chu Feng became even more eager to become stronger. Thus, Chu Feng had actually planned to ask Hong Qiang for assistance.

Although Chu Feng understood the logic of ‘if you want to get something done, it’s better to do it yourself,’ possessed a strong moral integrity and did not enjoy asking others for assistance, he was willing to let go of his stubborness and take the shortcut for the sake of his father.

He only wished to become stronger faster so that he could seize back the honor of his father and make those people who had trampled upon his father’s honor to pay the price.

Moreover, there were a lot of things that Chu Feng wished to know. For example, his father had been expelled from their family. In that case, what about his mother? Was she the same as his father, suffering in that tomb? Or could it be that she was suffering in her family? Exactly what had happened back then?

All of these were things that Chu Feng wished to understand. It was as if a formless dagger was stuck to Chu Feng’s heart. Before this matter was settled, Chu Feng would incessantly feel pain in his heart, causing him to be unable to sleep and eat well.