Chapter 1007 - Southern Cyanwood Forest

MGA: Chapter 1007 - Southern Cyanwood Forest

“Is it going to be ten rank one Martial Kings next? Or would it be a hundred rank one Martial Kings? Regardless, bring them all on! I, Chu Feng, have no fear.” Chu Feng laughed delightedly and loudly shouted.

After fighting the Martial King, Chu Feng managed to have an understanding of his own strength. Although his battle power was not as powerful as when he was a Martial King, it was more than enough against rank one Martial Kings.

If he was to use his Thunder Armor, even rank two Martial Kings would be nothing difficult. Thus, even if a hundred rank one Martial Kings were to appear now, Chu Feng would still be able to handle them.

“What? Are you not going to come anymore? Or could it be that you’re pondering about what sort of methods to use against me?” Seeing that there was no reaction after the Martial King level figure of light disappeared, Chu Feng once again loudly shouted.

As how things now stood, Chu Feng’s worries had lessened greatly. That was because this formation was very powerful. Judging by the defensive net, it was not something that Chu Feng could break through. With this powerful formation, it signified that his opponent was extremely powerful, so powerful that if he wished to kill Chu Feng, it would be extremely easy to accomplish.

However, his opponent did not have the intention to kill Chu Feng. Instead, his opponent wanted to slowly progress through constant condensation of human shaped figures of light to attack Chu Feng. Furthermore, Chu Feng discovered that although the killing intent of those human shaped figures of light were overflowing and that they were ruthless while they attacked, they would generally stop their attacks should Chu Feng be unable to defend against them.

This further proved Chu Feng’s guess - the creator of this formation array did not seem to be doing that to play tricks on him, instead, it seemed to be testing him.

Merely, Chu Feng did not understand who it was that used this sort of method to test him when he had just arrived in this place and was not familiar with anything yet.


Right at this moment, the enormous net that had sealed off the heaven and earth started to gradually dissipate. In the end, it completely disappeared.

Seeing this, Chu Feng hurriedly flew out of the range of that large formation. He only stopped when he felt that he had reached safety.

“Many thanks senior.” Chu Feng did not hurriedly leave the place. Instead, he turned around and cupped his hands in respect toward the location that the formation used to be in.

However, to Chu Feng’s surprise, although he was so courteous, the person who created the formation array not only did not show himself, he even did not give any sort of response.

“Rumble.” The exit of the Heavenly Road began to close. Soon, that area of ocean became the same as the remaining ocean - although the ocean was surging, it no longer radiated light all over; it had become much more ordinary.

However, this sort of ordinary sensation was even more strange compared to the formation from earlier.

“Don’t bother searching anymore. If that person who created the formation wished to see you, he would’ve already shown himself. For him to not show himself even now, it most likely means that he does not plan to see you. In my opinion, this formation was not intended for you.” After waiting for a while, seeing that Chu Feng was still looking around, Eggy laughed and said.

“I am not searching for the person who created the formation, I am searching for Tantai Xue.” When Chu Feng said these words, he was a bit worried. He feared that Tantai Xue was incapable of smoothly passing the Heavenly Road.

“So you’re actually worried about that girl. Well, this is very simple. There are only two possibilities. The first one is that she had encountered an accident in the Heavenly Road and did not manage to pass through it. Now that the Heavenly Road has closed, she would have no opportunity to pass through it anymore.”

“As for the second possibility, it is that she has already passed through the Heavenly Road. However, she was not worried for you and has already left.”

“Regardless of which possibility it is, it’s useless for you to wait here in vain.” Eggy curled her lips and said.

Chu Feng naturally understood what Eggy meant. Merely, he felt that the exit of the Heavenly Road was a bit strange. However, he was incapable of determining what was wrong with it. Thus, he could only continue to stubbornly survey his surroundings; he had even utilized his Heaven’s Eyes.

“Oi, there’s a formation over there.” Finally, Chu Feng discovered a special location; there was a formation located above the distant ocean.

“This…” Merely, after Chu Feng approached the place, he became rather speechless. This formation was extremely roughly made. It ought to be something that a Blue Cloaked World Spiritist made. Furthermore, this formation does not possess any substantial use; its only effect was that of creating publicity.

On the formation were several large words: “Welcome to the Holy Land of Martialism. As it is your first time here, you are definitely unfamiliar with this place. Five thousand miles to the north from here, the Magnificent Brocade City’s Zhao Family Banking House is willing to provide an answer to all of your questions free of charge.”

This formation ought to be prepared for people like Chu Feng, people who have just exited from the Heavenly Road. However, due to the fact that it was located at too remote of a region and a distance away from the exit of the Heavenly Road, if one did not carefully examine the surroundings like Chu Feng, one would not be able to discover it. Thus, the formation appeared to be somewhat meaningless.

After carefully examining his surroundings, other than this formation, Chu Feng discovered nothing else. Thus, Chu Feng stopped staying over here and started to proceed toward the Magnificent Brocade City as per the suggestion of the formation.

Actually, Chu Feng was skeptical of that Magnificent Brocade City. He felt that the person who created the formation seemed to be trying to avoid something as it was placed in such an inconspicuous location. To put it crudely, it felt like a stealthily affair.

This was especially true with that ‘willing to provide an answer to all of your questions free of charge.’ This gave Chu Feng an even greater sensation of trying to hide something. He kept feeling that it was a trap.

However, as he was currently stranded in the middle of nowhere where the only thing in his surroundings was the boundless ocean and did not know where he would find a place with people, he could only follow the suggestion from the formation.

If what was written on the formation was true, then he might be able to harvest from the journey. Even if the formation was only there to scam others, based on the ability of the person who created the formation, Chu Feng determined that that person would not be able to do anything to him.

However, right at the moment when Chu Feng decided to proceed toward the Magnificent Brocade City, a scene appeared several tens of thousands of miles away from Chu Feng.

This was a vast and beautiful land. Strange trees that reached the sky had covered this land. These trees have truly grown so big and tall that they reached the sky.

Even the thinnest among them possessed a ten meter girth; even the shortest was several hundred meters tall. As for those that were thicker, their girth were several hundred meters and their height were nearly ten thousand meters. It was truly unimaginable.

However, the thing that attracted the greatest attention was definitely not these sky-reaching trees. Instead, it was the buildings above, among and on top of these enormous trees.

These buildings were truly beautiful; they possessed a luxurious aesthetics, while also possessing an ancient charm. These buildings and the vast ocean of trees complemented one another. They integrated perfectly with one another.

The vast ocean of trees was unfathomable. As for these countless amount of buildings, they too were unfathomable. And as for the people who lived within this vast ocean of trees, they were even more unfathomable. There was actually over a hundred million people living in this vast ocean of trees.

Over a hundred million people living among this vast ocean of trees. Furthermore, their living spaces were extremely well-off. Just from this, one could determine exactly how vast this ocean of trees was - it was simply like an entire nation. However, this vast ocean of trees possessed a familiar-sounding name: Southern Cyanwood Forest.

In the center of the Southern Cyanwood Forest was a several thousand feet tall octagon building. A large group of people were gathered outside this building. They were all elderly people with extraordinary cultivation. Judging from their age and cultivation, one could tell that they all possessed extraordinary status within this Southern Cyanwood Forest.

However, at this moment, all of these elderly people were standing up and looking at that octagon building with revered expressions; it was so much that they did not even dare to gasp for air.

Within the building, an elderly man with snow white hair was sitting cross-legged at the center of the building in a dignified manner,

A very mighty power was circulating through this building. That power seemed to have already fused with the elderly man. However, at this moment, that power seemed to be leaving the body of the elderly man and entering into the walls of the building.

Finally, all of the power was removed. Slowly, this elderly man opened his eyes.

At this moment, a joyous light appeared from the deep eyes of this elderly man. With a low voice, he laughed. “It is truly the blessing of the Heavens. Never would I expect to encounter such a talented individual in my lifetime.”