Chapter 1010 - Attitude of Disdain

MGA: Chapter 1010 - Attitude of Disdain

After telling Chu Feng about these matters, Zhao Shaoqiu, without waiting for Chu Feng’s response, directly entered into the little courtyard.

Chu Feng was no fool. He was able to tell that there was something fishy based on the words Zhao Shaoqiu said. Thus, he spread out his hearing so that he could hear what was happening within the courtyard and decide on how to speak afterwards.

“Shaoqiu, what brings you here today?” The young woman said in a slightly surprised manner.

“Luo Lian, it’s because of this. A person had arrived from the Southern Sea Region. It is the first time that he had set foot upon our Holy Land of Martialism and is not familiar with any of the places in here. He wished to inquire about a place called Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest. Seeing that it was very difficult for him to come here, I decided to bring him over to trouble Grandfather Luo so that he could know about the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.” Said Zhao Shaoqiu in a diligent manner.

“What, you’ve brought someone over to trouble my grandfather again? How could you do such a thing? Didn’t you promise me that you would not find my grandfather for these sort of things anymore?” After listening to what Zhao Shaoqiu said, this woman by the name of Luo Lian grew angry.

“Waa, is it someone from the Southern Sea Region? I wanna go see, I wanna see exactly what someone from the Southern Sea Region looks like.” Right at this moment, an innocent little girl suddenly shouted excitedly.

“Lil Ru, don’t go over there.” Luo Lian loudly shouted. However, it was already too late.

“Bang.” The courtyard’s gate door has been opened. Chu Feng saw an adorable little girl with a double ponytail, large, bright and intelligent eyes and an appearance like that of a doll running out from the courtyard.

“Waa, big brother, are you that person from the Southern Sea Region?”

“Exactly what sort of place is the Southern Sea Region? Is it fun? Can you tell Lil Ru about it?” The little girl was not afraid of strangers at all. Once she saw Chu Feng, her large black eyes immediately started to shine. After that, she ran over to Chu Feng, started to circle around him and began to ask questions incessantly.

“Southern Sea Region.” At this moment, Chu Feng was confused. He obviously came from the Eastern Sea Region, so why did they say that he was from the Southern Sea Region?

“Big brother, my name is Lil Ru. What’s your name? Let’s be friends, okay?” Although Chu Feng had yet to respond to her, the little girl immediately became more excited as she asked. She actually took the initiative and extended her chubby little hand so that she could shake Chu Feng’s hand.

“Hello Lil Ru. My name is Chu Feng. What do you think about calling me Big Brother Chu Feng?” Chu Feng felt that this little girl by the name of Lil Ru was truly adorable. Unable to contain himself, he held her up.

“Stop, put Lil Ru down.” A sharp shout sounded from far away, right after Chu Feng held Lil Ru up.

Raising his head to look, Chu Feng saw a woman standing in the distance. This woman wore ordinary looking clothes. Her appearance was pretty good. As for her cultivation, it wasn’t that bad either - rank nine Profound Realm. Without even thinking, she was definitely that Luo Lian.

“You can leave. My grandfather will not tell you anything. If there’s something that you wish to know, you can go and find the answer yourself. However, please do not come and trouble my grandfather.” After seeing that Chu Feng had placed Lil Ru down, Luo Lian coldly said to him.

Seeing Luo Lian’s appearance, Chu Feng frowned and a trace of displeasure appeared on his face. Chu Feng had seen all sorts of people. With a single glance, he could tell that this Luo Lian was a person who judges others by their strength.

Currently, Chu Feng had not displayed his strength. If he was to display his true strength of cultivation, that Luo Lian would definitely not dare to speak with him like so.

“Lil Lian, those who arrived are guests; how could you trust a guest like this? Allow that friend from the Southern Sea Region in.” However, right at this moment, an old man’s voice suddenly sounded from the house within the courtyard. It was likely the voice of that traveller, a former Martial King level expert.

“Grandfather…” Hearing that her grandfather actually allowed for Chu Feng to enter, Luo Lian’s long, shapely eyebrows condensed together. She appeared to be extremely annoyed with the world.

“Sigh, Luo Lian, since Grandpa Luo has already agreed to it, you shouldn’t bother with it anymore.” Seeing the situation, Zhang Shaoqiu who had profited off Chu Feng immediately went over to soothe Liu Lian. Moreover, he suddenly had an inspiration and turned his gaze toward Lil Ru. He said, “Lil Ru, didn’t you wish to go to the Alligator Beast Mountain Range to hunt Alligator Beasts? I’ll bring you over there today, what do you think about that?”

“Hunt Alligator Beasts? Yay, hurray!” Hearing those words, Lil Ru became overjoyed. She started nodding her head repeatedly. Furthermore, the intelligent Lil Ru hurriedly extended her little hand and grabbed Luo Lian’s hand. Like a spoiled child, she swayed back and forth, saying, “Big Sister, come together with Lil Ru, okay?”

After hearing those words, Luo Lian also displayed an expression of anticipation. It seemed that she wanted to go and hunt the so-called Alligator Beasts very much too. Thus, in the end, she feigned a reluctant expression and nodded her head.

“Is the Alligator Beast Mountain Range that you all spoke of the mountain range to the south of the Magnificent Brocade City?” However, Chu Feng spoke.

That was because he remembered that he flew past a vast mountain range on his way here. There were many different yet identical looking monstrous beasts within the mountain range. Those monstrous beasts ought to be a special clan of monstrous beasts.

However, at this moment, there was a group of people within that mountain range. They were currently sadistically killing those monstrous beasts without restraint. Furthermore, based on the methods of those people, one could tell that they were definitely not good people.

“That’s right, what about it?” Luo Lian cast a cold glance at Chu Feng. Her gaze was extremely ill-intended.

“If that was the place, then I suggest that it would be best for you all not to go there for now. That’s because there is a group of uninvited guests at that place. Those guests seemed to be people that shouldn’t be provoked.” Chu Feng said truthfully.

“Truly funny. Do you know of the cultivation of my Big Brother Shaoqiu? Here, let me tell you; my Big Brother Shaoqiu is a Heaven Realm expert. Within the Alligator Beast Mountain Range, he is definitely someone who can go wherever he wishes to.” Luo Lian gave Chu Feng a fierce side eye. Her gaze was filled with disdain.

“Hehe, Lil Lian, let’s go. Those friends from the Southern Sea Region are unfamiliar with the methods of us, the people from the Holy Land of Martialism.” Seeing that Luo Lian was this confident in him, Zhao Shaoqiu laughed complacently. Without responding to Chu Feng, he waved his sleeve and brought Luo Lian and Lil Ru with him. After that, the three of them flew through the air and disappeared toward the southern horizon in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this, Chu Feng merely lightly smiled. He was not angered by the disdainful manner displayed by Luo Lian and Zhao Shaoqiu. That was because for him, it wasn’t worth being angry at those sort of people.

Thus, Chu Feng started walking and entered into the house. At this moment, he discovered that there was an elderly man within the house. This elderly man was currently cooking food. This elderly man was wearing an extremely ordinary outfit, it was even filled with patches. Although he appeared to be a bit impoverished, his smile was extremely benevolent.

“Friend from the Southern Sea Region, you can go and wait for a bit in the room. I still have another dish here that is almost done. If there is something that you wish to ask, we can talk about at the dining table later. What do you think about that?” Said the elderly man with a light smile on his face. His attitude was extremely gentle.

“Senior, sorry for troubling you.” Chu Feng did not refuse and directly walked towards the room pointed out by the elderly man.

After entering into the room, Chu Feng found out that this room wasn’t huge and its decorations were extremely plain and simple. However, it was extremely tidy. In the center of the room was a round table. Surrounding the round table were three chairs.

At this moment, there were already a couple of dishes on the table and a jar of aromatic wine. It was rather captivating.

Chu Feng directly sat on one of the chairs and began to wait for the elderly man to finish cooking his final dish. That was because he could tell from the reaction of this elderly man that, although he no longer possessed cultivation now, he was definitely someone who had gone through gales and billows. That elderly man might truly be able to provide some assistance to him.