Chapter 1482 - Sowing Dissension

MGA: Chapter 1482 - Sowing Dissension

“Wait a moment,” Suddenly, Long Lin’s voice sounded once again.

“There’s something you need?” Chu Feng asked.

“You said that you would return for certain. Without taking into consideration whether those words are true or lies, I’ll consider them to be true and that you’ll return for certain. However, if you fail to become a Half Martial Emperor in two years’ time, it would be useless for you to return. Thus, do you not fear that you will be killed by me upon your return?” Long Lin asked.

“I do not know what use I am to you if I become a Half Martial Emperor. However, I know for certain that I will be of no use to you if I do not become a Half Martial Emperor. Else, you would not tell me to return after becoming a Half Martial Emperor.”

“If I fail to become a Half Martial Emperor yet still returned, I think… you would most likely kill me.”

“However… even with this being the case, I must still return. I will return for no other purpose than to use my life in exchange for her life,” Chu Feng said as he pointed to Yao’er. “I am the one who decided to come here. She had only decided to assist and accompany me.”

“Thus… I cannot let her die here. If someone must die, it should be me,” When Chu Feng spoke these words, he did not look to Long Lin. Instead, he was looking at Yao’er. His gaze was very warm. Yet, it was also filled with guilt and worry.

“Chu Feng, you…” Hearing those words from Chu Feng and seeing his gaze, Yao’er’s expression turned sluggish. Her heart was surging explosively. Overcome by emotions, she was left speechless.

“Do you not fear death?” Long Lin asked.

“I do. However, I cannot let her die because of me,” Chuy Feng replied.

“Very well. Never would I expect that you, with your young age, would have such an unyielding character. You are stronger than even those old fellows who have lived for several thousands or tens of thousands of years.”

“Considering this, I shall promise you. If you fail to become a Half Martial Emperor within two years, I will still not kill her. As long as you return, I’ll give you the chance to use your life to exchange for her life,” Long Lin said.

“In that case, junior thanks senior Long Lin,” Chu Feng cupped his fist respectfully. He felt that the person before him was not that unreasonable either. In fact, he possessed some humanity to him.

“Do not address me as senior. Courtesy is useless. If you are not a Half Martial Emperor upon your return, even if I am to release her, I will still kill you.”

“If you are to fail to return in two years, I will keep my prior commitment and have her die in great suffering,” Long Lin said.

“I, Chu Feng, have always been someone who keeps my word. However, before I leave, I have a matter that I wish to request,” Chu Feng said.

“What is it?” Long Lin asked.

“I hope that senior will treat Yao’er well,” Chu Feng said.

“Rest assured, in the two years’ time, I will guarantee her safety,” Long Lin said.

“Thank you,” Chu Feng said, no longer hesitating, He turned around and started to leave.

Right after, Chu Feng walk into the Ancient Era’s killing formation, that Long Lin removed the power used to suppress the pieces of the gate. In a flash, the gate started to recombine, sealing the entrance.

Chu Feng did not turn around. He knew that turning around was useless. What he must do was become a Half Martial Emperor within two years’ time and rescue Yao’er.

Even though he and Yao’er were only acquaintances, Yao’er had entered such a dangerous place in order to protect him. Thus, there was no reason for him to not save her.

Chu Feng was speedily charging through the Ancient Era’s killing formation. He did not slow down in the slightest. Finally, he returned to that dangerous forbidden area, and returned to the location of the Nine Powers Hunt.

However, Chu Feng did not slow down in the slightest either. He began to search for the banner keys...

He needed to become a Half Martial Emperor within two years. Thus, he could not let any opportunity to become stronger slip by him.

Chu Feng was actually not interested in the title of being number one in the Nine Powers Hunt. However, he was very interested in that Infinity Edge. Thus, he had to obtain it.


The banner platform was actually merely a tall platform that had been temporarily constructed for this Nine Powers Hunt. The platform had been created through the use of spirit formations and special steel.

On the banner platform was a single banner. As long as one managed to obtain the banner and bring it out of the Ancient Era’s Remnants without using the teleportation talismans, one would become the victor, the number one disciple, of this Nine Powers Hunt.

However, if one wished to obtain the banner, one must first ascend onto the banner platform. As for ascending onto the banner platform, one would have to open the spirit formation surrounding it. As for the way to open the spirit formation, it required nine banner keys. Apart from the nine banner keys, there was practically no other alternative.

At this moment, the outside of the banner platform was filled with holes and craters. It was completely enveloped in the flames of war. Evidently, a large battle had happened here.

Practically all of the disciples of the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden, Sword Crafting Villa, World Spiritist Alliance, Cyanwood Mountain, Golden Armor City, Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges, Firerain Hall and the Jadewater Temple, these eight powers, were gathered here.

This bitter battlefield was also something that they had created. They had been in the Ancient Era’s Remnants for a very long time now. Each and every power had managed to obtain some harvest. This in turn led to no one being able to obtain all of the banner keys.

Therefore, after discussing the matter with one another, they had decided to determine the outcome of who should obtain all the banner keys through force. The winner would then obtain all of the banner keys.

At this time, the chaotic battle between the eight powers’ disciples had finished. The winners were the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden, led by the twin sisters Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er.

“Why are there only eight keys? Where’s the last one?” Nie Wan’er looked to the eight keys in her hand and cast her gaze to the crowd. Her gaze was ice-cold and filled with threat.

“Look at her appearance. She truly considers herself to be number one. If Chu Feng were here, how could they dare to act so arrogantly and speak with such a commanding tone?” Sima Ying muttered in private.

“Yoh, based on what you said, you’re implying that Chu Feng is stronger than Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er?” Qin Lingyun was very close to Sima Ying and managed to hear her low voiced mutter.

“That’s to be expected. When Chu Feng arrives later, he’ll definitely let you learn your place,” Sima Ying said.

“What? You’re saying that trash will take care of me?”

“Haha, hahahaha. Ridiculous! This is truly too ridiculous!” Qin Lingyun burst into loud laughter.

Many of the people present were baffled by Qin Lingyun’s sudden laughter. They all turned their gaze to Qin Lingyun. On their faces were expressions of confusion.

“Everyone, this World Spiritist Alliance’s girl says that our Cyanwood Mountain’s Chu Feng is stronger than both Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er. Say, do you all not find this ridiculous?” Suddenly Qin Lingyun shouted loudly. He actually publicly announced this matter to the crowd. He was deliberately trying to have Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er hear this so that they could become angry and then teach Sima Ying and the others of the World Spiritist Alliance a lesson.

“What? That Cyanwood Mountain’s rank six Martial King? He’s stronger than Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er?”

“Hahaha, that is truly ridiculous indeed. That is the most exaggerated, most absurd joke I’ve ever heard!”

Hearing those words, the crowd all started to laugh loudly. To them, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er were unequalled among their generation.

As for that Chu Feng, what sort of fart was he? He was merely a rank six Martial King. Any one of them would be able to completely trample that Chu Feng.

To say that Chu Feng was stronger than Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er, it was something that they would not believe even if they were to be beaten to death. Thus, they felt this to be ridiculously funny.

However, at the time when the crowd was loudly laughing, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er were silent. Their expressions turned very ugly.

They were lacking confidence. After all, they knew that they were no match for Chu Feng. However, they were also very angry. They were angry that Sima Ying had mentioned this matter. After all, this was a very humiliating thing for them.

Thus, overcome with anger, Nie Xi’er turned her ice-cold and extremely fierce gaze to Sima Ying. She was warning Sima Ying to not speak any more nonsense.

“Don’t look at us. Look at the people of the World Spiritist Alliance. Our Cyanwood Mountain as well as the Jadewater Temple, Golden Armor City, Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges, Firerain Hall and the Sword Crafting Villa, we six powers have all handed you a key.”

“As for you two sisters, you have managed to obtain two keys yourself. That adds up to the eight keys in your hands, no?”

“However, the World Spiritist Alliance did not hand over a single key. They must be the one hiding their key, and are unwilling to hand it to you,” Qin Lingyun thought that Nie Xi’er was looking at him. Thus, he immediately tried to sow dissention so that Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er would target the World Spiritist Alliance.