Chapter 1483 - Even If You Refuse To Kneel, You Must Kneel

MGA: Chapter 1483 - Even If You Refuse To Kneel, You Must Kneel

“Lin Yezhou, I hope that you all will be able to fulfill your promise and hand over your key,” Nie Wan’er looked to Lin Yezhou. Compared to Nie Xi’er, she was a lot more calm and was not angered by Lin Yezhou and the others.

“Nie Wan’er, it is not that we are not willing to hand over the key. Rather, we have simply not bothered to find the banner keys. When we did not even bother to find them, how could we possibly have a key? When we do not even have a key, how could we hand it to you?” Lin Yezhou said.

“You do not have it? That’s simple, you all merely need to find the remaining key and then return here to deliver it to Nie Wan’er, wouldn’t that solve the problem?” Qin Lingyun spoke with a mischievous smile on his face.

“Qin Lingyun, don’t you act too excessive,” Fu Feiteng said.

“Me, excessive? I am merely complying with the rules. Since you all have decided to participate in the contest and have lost, you should hand over the key as per the rules. However, you all said that you do not have any key. In that case, doesn’t it mean that you all have decided to participate in the contest empty-handed, that you have scammed us all? Tell me, how is this fair to us?”

“Everyone, am I wrong?” Qin Lingyun actually began to incite the rest of the people.

“What brother Qin says is reasonable.”

“That’s right, what Qin Lingyun says is very true. We have all handed over our keys. Yet, how could you all not hand over yours?” Hearing what Qin Lingyun said, the disciples from the other powers also began to voice their agreement. They actually began to threaten the World Spiritist Alliance’s disciples together.

Right at this moment, Su Mei stood forward. “Everyone, I think you all are mistaken about one thing. Earlier, we did not say that we would participate in the contest, in your battle. Furthermore, we have not joined the battle either. The entire time, we have been standing and watching from the sidelines. It is you all who selfishly thought that we have also decided to participate in the contest.”

“Thus, since the very beginning, we have never had an agreement with you all. Not to mention that we do not have the key, even if we did, there would be no reason for us to hand it over.”

“Girl, you truly know how to twist words and force logic. Even though you all did not say that you would participate in the contest, you did not say that you would not participate either. Naturally, we came to think that you all have decided to participate.”

“Yet now, you actually dare to quibble with us? Must we teach all of you a lesson so that you will hand the key over?” Nie Xi’er pointed at Su Mei and threatened her fiercely.

She was already angered by the fact that Sima Ying had mentioned that Chu Feng was stronger than her. And now, Su Mei and the rest refused to hand over the key. This led her mood to be even worse. She truly wanted to seize this opportunity to teach the people of the World Spiritist Alliance a lesson.

“I truly wish to see who dares to teach my Lil Mei a lesson!” Right at this moment, a thunderous and ear-piercing voice suddenly sounded from outside the crowd.

This voice was like an invisible blade. At the time it was heard, it pierced through Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er’s souls. Instantly, the twin sisters’ bodies trembled as if they had been paralyzed, and subconsciously, they both took a step backward.

Especially Nie Xi’er; the arrogance she displayed earlier disappeared instantly and was replaced with fear and unease.

They were all able to tell that this was Chu Feng’s voice.

“Chu Feng!!!” The crowd turned toward the voice. Sure enough, Chu Feng was slowly walking over.

At this moment, Su Mei, Sima Ying, Lin Yezhou and the others were all overjoyed. They knew that their savior had arrived. With Chu Feng here, even if all the rest of the people here were to join hands, they would still not fear them.

“Chu Feng, he actually returned?”

“What happened to the people from the Cursed Soil Sect?”

Compared to Su Mei and the others, Qin Lingyun and the disciples of the other powers were all surprised.

They all knew that the twenty disciples of the Cursed Soil Sect had all gone after Chu Feng. Yet, at this time, Chu Feng had surprisingly returned safe and sound. However, there was no trace of the disciples of the Cursed Soil Sect, Just what exactly had happened?

“Nie Wan’er, Nie Xi’er, I will not bother with superfluous words. I am going to obtain the number one place in this Nine Powers Hunt,” Chu Feng walked over to Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er and extended his open palm toward them.

“Heavens, what is he trying to do? He’s actually threatening Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er. Has he gone insane?”

“Mad! Crazy! Not only has he gone insane, he’s courting death!”

When they saw this scene, the crowd were all stupefied. That was because they were all able to tell what Chu Feng’s intention was. Chu Feng was threatening Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er and demanding that they hand over the banner keys.

However, what sorts of existences were Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er? They were extremely frightening existences who could completely crush all of the people present. Yet, this Chu Feng, a mere rank six Martial King, actually dared to threaten them. Was this not courting death?

At this moment, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er’s expressions turned very ugly. Especially Nie Xi’er, whose lips were shivering slightly. She was truly scared, She was afraid that her action of threatening Su Mei and the others earlier had angered Chu Feng. Thus, she did not even have the courage to speak and could only look to her older sister.

As for Nie Wan’er, she too did not speak. However, she placed the eight keys in her hand into Chu Feng’s hand. After that, she brought Nie Xi’er and stepped to the side.

“Holy shit! Exactly what just happened here? Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er actually gave in to Chu Feng’s demand?!”

The crowd was speechless. They were all baffled by the scene that was happening before them. This was especially true for Qin Lingyun and the other disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain. They were also feeling extremely depressed by this.

They all longed for Chu Feng to fight against the Nie sisters so that he could be beaten up by them.

Yet, with Chu Feng threatening them, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er not only did not attack him, they instead chose to give in to him. This was simply something that they never expected, something completely unreasonable.

After Chu Feng obtained the eight banner keys, he looked to Qin Lingyun. “Qin Lingyun, I know that you are hiding the other key. Hand it over.”

“Chu Feng, don’t you spout bullshit! I, Qin Lingyun, am not hiding any banner key!” Qin Lingyun immediately refuted him. He felt that Chu Feng was trying to sow dissension and have Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er turn their resentment toward him. He had no choice but to refute. That was because he was no match for the Nie sisters.


However, right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly waved his sleeve. As a golden light flashed past, a world spirit formation landed on Qin Lingyun’s face. “Pow!” Qin Lingyun was slapped to the ground.

“Heavens, how could this be?!”

At this moment, the crowd was completely dumbstruck and overwhelmed with shock. There were even some among them who started to rub their eyes nonstop; clearly they thought that they were seeing things.

Chu Feng, a mere rank six Martial King, actually gave Qin Lingyun an invisible slap and knocked him to the ground. Could this be a dream?

“Chu Feng, you little bastard! You actually dare to attack me?! Have you grown tired of living?!”

“Your daddy here was able to kill you with a single breath before! And now, I am still able to do the same!” Qin Lingyun was enraged. He stood up, sucked in a mouthful of air and blew it out toward Chu Feng.


His mouthful of air instantly turned into a giant hurricane. This was no ordinary wind. It was the wind coming out from a rank nine Martial King’s mouth. It was a wind capable of blowing apart mountain ranges and drying up a vast sea.

However, even when facing this sort of attack, Chu Feng did not bother to dodge. Instead, he began to walk into the hurricane. One step at a time, he arrived before Qin Lingyun.


Another slap. Chu Feng had once again slapped Qin Lingyun to the ground.

“Bastard! I’ll kill you!” Qin Lingyun was unwilling to accept this humiliation. He stood back up and launched an attack at Chu Feng. His fist ended up smashing onto Chu Feng’s face.

However, Chu Feng was completely undamaged by his fist. Yet, Qin Lingyun uttered a scream of pain. When he looked at his fist, he discovered that it was badly mutilated and covered with blood. Even the bones in his fist had been fractured.

“You… you…” At this moment, Qin Lingyun started to step backwards repeatedly. He looked to Chu Feng before him for a very long time and finally came to a realization.

He discovered that the Chu Feng that was standing before him was a completely different person from the Chu Feng before.

This Chu Feng was no longer the same Chu Feng whom he could suppress to a state of being unable to stand using only his oppressive might. The current him… no longer had the power to suppress Chu Feng anymore.

On the contrary, the current Chu Feng standing before him was like an insurmountable wall. He… was no match for Chu Feng anymore.

However, Chu Feng had only left for how long? Yet, such an enormous change had occurred. This was the cruel reality, one so cruel that Qin Lingyun was unable to accept it.

“Haha, no wonder. It is no wonder you obtained the bets from those six lords. It is no wonder that even Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er had to yield to you. So you’ve actually become stronger. Is it by relying on your world spirit techniques? However, what of it?”

“Chu Feng, I’ll tell you with certainty. Yes, that final banner key is with me. If I refuse to hand it to you, you will not be able to obtain the banner. No matter what you try, you would not be able to obtain number one in this Nine Powers Hunt!”

“Even if I am to die, I will not hand the banner key over to you. Haha, Chu Feng, even if you’ve become stronger, you are still unable to win against me. I, Qin Lingyun… am your natural nemesis!” Qin Lingyun suddenly started to laugh. His laughter was extremely frantic. It was as if he had lost his mind.

“Kneel!” Chu Feng shouted.

“Kneel? You’re not qualified to make me kneel!” Qin Lingyun replied.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s palm landed. Like an eagle’s claw, it grabbed onto Qin Lingyun’s head. Following that, layer upon layer of world spirit energy started to pour into Qin Lingyun’s body nonstop.


At this moment, Qin Lingyun felt dizzy and his vision became blurred. His legs started to go soft. He was on the verge of kneeling. However, he was still resisting the urge to kneel, resisting Chu Feng’s absolute power.


Finally, he was no longer able to withstand Chu Feng’s oppression. Before the crowd, he knelt to Chu Feng.

“When I want you to kneel, you must kneel. Even if you refuse to kneel, you must still kneel,” Chu Feng looked to Qin Lingyun that was kneeling before him with an ice-cold gaze.