Chapter 1481 - I Will Definitely Bring You Away

MGA: Chapter 1481 - I Will Definitely Bring You Away

From this distance, Chu Feng was able to clearly see the weapon that was thrust into the ground. It was a bow, a bow that was a deep blue in color.

The bow appeared to be carved from precious stone. There were even white veined patterns flowing through it. From a glance, it was as if it were not a bow, but weather in the sky itself, and within the sky were white clouds.

This was no ordinary bow. From merely looking at it, Chu Feng was able to detect the quality of this bow. This bow surpassed the Infinity Edge that Dugu Xingfeng had taken out by many times.

If Chu Feng was not mistaken, this should be an Incomplete Imperial Armament, a real Incomplete Imperial Armament and not a copy.

As for that treasure chest, it possessed the ability to block detection. Even though Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes were capable of seeing through everything, they were unable to determine what was in that treasure chest.

However, this was an insignificant matter. The most important matter was the cultivation resources that filled the giant tree. If Chu Feng were able to completely refine all of them, his cultivation would definitely rise dramatically.

However, Chu Feng did not proceed onward. That was because he discovered, that other than the weapon and the treasure chest, there were three skeletons underneath the giant tree.

Those three skeletons were no ordinary skeletons. They were flickering with light and filled with a special sort of veined pattern.

It was as if they were not skeletons at all, and were instead treasures. However, they truly were skeletons. Merely, they were not the skeletons of ordinary people; they were the skeletons of Martial Emperors. Only the skeletons of Martial Emperors would be like this.

“Chu Feng, this place is dangerous,” Yao’er also noticed the three skeletons and immediately stood in front of Chu Feng to stop him.

At this time, Chu Feng discovered that although these three skeletons were flickering with light, they were as dead as they could be. Even their source energies had been absorbed.

Something had most definitely happened here. Otherwise, there would be no reason for there to be three Martial Emperor skeletons here with even their source energies absorbed.

“And here I was wondering what sort of character was able to reach this place. Turns out it’s only a single Firmament Flower and a little Martial King. Fortunately, you’ve brought the thing that I wanted to see here.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded from all directions. It was as if countless people were speaking simultaneously. It was extremely strange.

When this voice sounded, Chu Feng’s hair instantly started to stand on end. It was as if he were encountering a great catastrophe. Instinctively, he began to feel fear.

“Who are you?” Chu Feng cautiously asked.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t be killing you for the time being,” Suddenly, that voice went from seemingly being spoken by countless people to one being spoken by a single person. As for the source of the voice, it was actually coming from that large tree.

Not long after that voice was heard, a figure walked out from the bottom of that large tree.

That person was flickering with light and appeared like a strand of consciousness. That person was wearing a blue robe, and had a pair of dragon horns. As for the appearance of this person, it was neither an old man nor an old lady. Instead, it was a middle aged man.

He had a deep gaze and some beard stubble. His appearance was quite handsome, in a mature way.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng did not dare to be careless. He was feeling a very strong sense of oppression from this existence, stronger than even the one he felt from Yao’er. Regardless of what he was, he most definitely possessed the strength of a Martial Emperor.

“I have waited for a very long time. Finally, someone brought it here,” That man’s gaze was focused on the scepter in Chu Feng’s hand. Unconcealable joy could be seen in his eyes.

[1. I had to go back to check the translation before. Bee had described the item to appear like a dagger and like a cane. I guess he decided to call it a scepter now? So.. a scepter with a pointed edge?]

Chu Feng looked to the scepter in his hand and asked, “You’re talking about this?”

“That’s right, it’s that. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Long Lin, this is me.” That middle aged man pointed to the giant, sky-reaching tree behind him. [2. Long Lin → Dragon Scale.]

Hearing those words, Chu Feng started to frown. Even Yao’er involuntarily took a step back.

What was the most precious treasure here? It was that giant tree filled with fruits. However, who would’ve thought that not only was the tree alive, it also possessed a soul. Furthermore, it was this powerful.

It was clear that those three sets of Martial Emperor skeletons were not here for no reason. Most likely, long ago, three Martial Emperors had managed to reach this place. Yet, they had all been killed by this person who called himself Long Lin.

“It seems that you two have discovered that I killed those three,” The middle aged man looked to the three sets of skeletons under his feet and smiled vulgarly. Then, he said, “However, this cannot be blamed on me. They wished to harm me, I was merely acting in self-defense.”

“Senior, we have not come here with the intention to offend you. I hope you will not mind our intrusion. Farewell,” As Chu Feng spoke those words, he sent a voice transmission to Yao’er, “Let’s go.”

Yao’er understood Chu Feng’s intention right away. She turned around and prepared to leave too.

The two of them were both able to realize that this middle-aged man was very extraordinary. Furthermore, three Martial Emperors had actually died by his hand. Thus, it was likely that Yao’er would be no match for him either.

Regardless of how much Chu Feng longed to obtain those fruits, it would appear that he did not have the opportunity to do so now.

If they wished to live, there was only a single option: flee.


However, at the instant when Chu Feng and Yao’er turned around, a light flashed past them. Without any prior notice, the middle-aged man appeared before them and blocked their path.

“Since you’ve already come, there’s no need to leave anymore,” The middle-aged man’s gaze was fixed on Yao’er. A vicious light flashed through his eyes. As he spoke, his large hand grabbed onto Yao’er’s shoulder.

“Chu Feng, think of a way to escape,” Yao’er pushed Chu Feng away, and then her body turned into purple gaseous flames. The purple gaseous flames turned into the mouth of a ferocious beast which devoured the middle-aged man.

Following that, the purple gaseous flames started to move up and down and began to emit ‘crunch, crunch,’ sounds. The purple gaseous flames were actually chewing on the middle-aged man.


However, suddenly, an angry snarl sounded from within the purple gaseous flames. In an instant, the entire region of space started to tremble violently.

After hearing that snarl, Chu Feng felt as if his body had grown weak. Powerlessly, he sat onto the ground. Following that, the blood within his body started to surge forth and out from his ears, nose and eyes.


Finally, Chu Feng’s mouth opened, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out, dying his clothes red.

A dragon’s roar. The sound from earlier sounded exactly like a dragon’s roar. However, it was the most frightening dragon’s roar that Chu Feng had ever heard. Merely a single roar had nearly cost Chu Feng his life.

Furthermore, Chu Feng knew that the roar had not been aimed at him. If that roar had been aimed at him, he would likely not only be bleeding out from his eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth. Instead, his body would be torn apart and his bones crushed. Even his soul would have scattered.

“Bastard, release me!” Right at this moment, Yao’er’s scream was heard.

When Chu Feng turned his head up to look, he was greatly shocked. Yao’er had resumed her young girl appearance. However, at this moment, she was caught by that middle aged man like a little chick. Even though she was struggling with her all, she was powerless and unable to break free.

Yao’er, a grand Martial Emperor, was actually powerless to resist this middle aged man at all.

The middle-aged man pointed to the fruits and said, “Brat, I will not bother with superfluous words with you.”

“You are to become a Half Martial Emperor within two years’ time and return here.”

“At that time, I’ll release this girl and grant you those fruits.”

After he finished saying those words, he pointed to the three sets of Martial Emperor skeletons on the ground, “If you do not return within two years, I’ll have this girl accompany them.”

“You’re letting me go?” Chu Feng asked.

“Rubbish! Why else would I tell you all that?” The middle-aged man said.

“Exactly what do you want me to do?” Chu Feng asked.

“Don’t bother asking about rubbish. If you are able to become a Half Martial Emperor and return here within two years’ time, I will naturally tell you what I want you to do.”

“If you do not return, I’ll make this girl die slowly in pain.”

“Now, you can scram.” As that middle aged man spoke, he pointed to the Ancient Era’s killing formation’s gate. “Boom!” That gate was shattered into pieces.

The gate that took Yao’er three fist strikes to break apart was shattered with a single pointing of his finger from that middle-aged man.

Furthermore, at this moment, a layer of invisible energy was suppressing the fragments of the shattered gate, blocking them from recombining with one another and forcing them to maintain their scattered state.

It was obvious that this invisible energy was also from this middle-aged man.

Strong. Truly strong. It would not be excessive to say that this middle-aged man was the strongest person Chu Feng had encountered so far.

Even though everything happened so suddenly, Chu Feng was able to realize how serious this matter was. Thus, without bothering with superfluous words, he stood up and began to leave.

“Chu Feng, do not return after you leave. This fellow is too frightening. He is most definitely not an ordinary Martial Emperor. Very few people in the entire Holy Land of Martialism would be able to contend against him.”

“He only wants you to return so that he can make use of you. Even if you are to help him, you would not be able to escape death at his hands. This guy is a true monster. You cannot trust him,” However, before Chu Feng walked past the shattered gate, Yao’er’s voice transmission entered his ears.


Hearing this voice transmission, Chu Feng suddenly stopped his footsteps. He turned his head around and said, “Yao’er, wait for my return. I will definitely bring you away.”