Chapter 1480 - Treasures, Right Before The Eyes

MGA: Chapter 1480 - Treasures, Right Before The Eyes

The closer Chu Feng got to the vortex, the more and more dangerous the vortex felt. It was as if an enormous pressure akin to that of a huge mountain or a giant wave was crushing Chu Feng unceasingly. It was difficult for one to not be afraid of it.

However, Chu Feng continued to proceed onward without any fear...

This Ancient Era’s killing formation should be the most difficult trial in this place. Countless great danger was hidden within this killing formation. However, it was also this trial that Chu Feng feared the least.

Chu Feng’s confidence was not baseless. The map in his mind had clearly indicated to him as to how to break this killing formation.

In fact, Chu Feng did not have to break through this formation at all. He merely needed to walk, and he would be able to pass through this Ancient Era’s killing formation that had devoured countless experts.


Wave upon wave of strange sounds could be heard. A silhouette appeared beside Chu Feng. It was Yao’er.

“Yao’er, why have you also come here?” Chu Feng was surprised.

“While I cannot change your mind, I can change mine. Since you are unwilling to leave, I’ll join you in breaking through this killing formation,” As Yao’er spoke, she proceeded to walk forward. She wanted to clear the path for Chu Feng.


However, Chu Feng suddenly grabbed onto Yao’er’s wrist.

Yao’er was a Martial Emperor. If any ordinary person were to grab her the way Chu Feng did, she could completely jolt them to nothingness with merely a thought. The body of a Martial Emperor was not something that one could touch casually.

However, the one that grabbed onto Yao’er right now was Chu Feng. Thus, she did not try to resist, and even deliberately controlled her instinct to resist. With a confused expression, she looked to Chu Feng and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Let me lead the way,” Chu Feng smiled lightly and then walked in front of Yao’er.

Seeing that Chu Feng was determined, Yao’er decided to not be in the front anymore and started to follow closely behind Chu Feng. She planned to rescue him should any danger appear.

However, after she had followed Chu Feng for some distance, she was shocked to discover that not only had she underestimated this young man before her, she had actually greatly underestimated this young man.

On their journey, they encountered countless traps and mechanisms. There were invisible sickles, hidden swords and even violent weather, soaring lightning, blazing flames and all kinds of other extraordinary dangers. Not to mention Chu Feng with his Martial King body, even her, a grand Martial Emperor, would be seriously wounded if not killed upon touching those dangers.

However, following behind Chu Feng, she managed to avoid all of those dangers. This was something that even she could not accomplish.

If she were the one leading the way, she would have used her absolute power to slice apart a path. This would have been the most direct and simple method. Yet, this would also have exhausted a lot of her strength and energy.

However, Chu Feng was different. He did not even bother to use world spirit techniques. With confidence and ease, he walked miraculously and easily avoiding all of the dangers. It was as if he was just taking a leisurely stroll.

To be able to avoid countless dangers while taking a leisurely stroll, how amazing must that be?

One must know that the traps and dangers of this place had strangled countless experts. In fact, there had even been Martial Emperors who had died here. Yet, Chu Feng, relying on merely walking, was able to easily traverse the spirit formation.

If the countless experts that had lost their lives here, were to be resurrected and found out about this, they would definitely be so enraged that they would vomit blood and then die again of anger.

This disparity between them was truly too enormous!!!

Finally, Yao’er was unable to contain herself and asked, “Chu Feng, how come you know this killing formation this well?” She knew that Chu Feng’s ability to ingeniously avoid all of the dangers was, although related to his sharp perception, most definitely because he knew something. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to avoid all of the dangers so precisely.

Chu Feng did not try to conceal anything from Yao’er. He pointed to his head and spoke with a smile. “Out of pure coincidence, I obtained a map. That map recorded all of the traps, mechanisms and dangers in this place. Thus, not to mention the fact that I am a world spiritist, even if I were not a world spiritist, as long as I were very careful, I would still be able to pass safely through this Ancient Era’s killing formation.”

“No wonder you’re so confident,” At this time, Yao’er’s guess was confirmed. However, she still admired Chu Feng.

With how numerous the traps and mechanisms here were, if Chu Feng were to take a single misstep, he would have stepped into the bottomless abyss and been met with certain doom.

Yet, Chu Feng had not taken a single misstep. Even though he was only managing to do so because he had a map, his memory, his perception, as well as his ability to distinguish the matters before him, were all extremely important as well. This was something that ordinary people would not be able to accomplish.

Thus, even though she was a Martial Emperor, she had no choice but to admire Chu Feng. She knew very well that if it wasn’t for Chu Feng leading the way, she would not be able to reach this point even with her absolute power by forcibly charging into the killing formation.

Under Chu Feng’s lead, the two of them safely avoided the countless traps, mechanisms and dangers. However, at this moment, what appeared before them was an unavoidable barrier.

A gate, a gate that lead to the heavens. This gate was formed with special materials and contained spirit formation marks.

A gate like this could not be broken through. From a single glance, one could tell how firm this gate was. With the gate before them, it was akin to an unsurmountable barrier.

“I think it’s time to use this,” Chu Feng took out an item from his Cosmos Sack. This item was the thing that had been contained in the treasure box alongside the map and the fruit.

Chu Feng had been pondering what its use was the entire time. Later on, he had managed to come to a realization. This item was not a weapon. Most likely, it was a key.

Furthermore, it just so happened that the gate that blocked their path had a keyhole. Thus, Chu Feng’s guess was verified. This thing here was a key, a key to open this gate.


However, at the moment when Chu Feng was planning to open the gate, Yao’er suddenly attacked. Her fist landed straight onto the gate.

After that first strike, energy ripples began to wreak havoc, and the gate started to violently tremble. In fact, a large hole appeared in the location that her fist had struck at, and countless little cracks were spreading all over and increasing in size.


Before Chu Feng could say anything, Yao’er threw another fist at the gate. After her second fist, the gate started to tremble even more violently, and the cracks grew even larger.

When he saw this scene, Chu Feng looked to the key in his hand and started to smile.

He felt that there was no need for him to use this key anymore, and that the power of a Martial Emperor was truly heaven-defying. With this gate before Chu Feng, if he didn’t have the key, it would have been impossible for him to pass through the gate.

Yet, for Yao’er, a Martial Emperor, she merely needed her fists. Relying on her absolute power, she was able to shatter and break apart this gate.


Suddenly, another fist came down. This time, that seemingly indestructible gate was completely destroyed before Yao’er’s absolute power. It shattered and exploded upon impact.

“Let’s go.”

The instant the gate shattered, Yao’er immediately grabbed onto Chu Feng and quickly leaped over.

Originally, Chu Feng was confused by Yao’er’s action. However, after he heard the strange sound coming from behind him and turned his head around, he came to a sudden realization.

The shattered pieces of the gate were rapidly falling back in order. In an instant, they formed a completely undamaged gate and sealed off their way out. It was simply impossible to tell that this gate had been shattered before.

“This Ancient Era’s killing formation is miraculous indeed. I truly wonder what sort of person set this killing formation up,” Chu Feng gasped with admiration at how amazingly powerful this Ancient Era’s killing formation was.

“Chu Feng, quickly, look,” Suddenly, Yao’er shouted in alarm.

Chu Feng turned around to look and his eyes instantly brightened. Unable to contain himself, the corners his lips started to curve upward.

At this moment, at a distance nine thousand meters away from Chu Feng was an enormous tree.

This tree was over a hundred meters tall. Furthermore, it was very extraordinary. The branches appeared like dragon horns. Its entire body was covered with light blue scales.

[1. By dragon horns, they meant the horns of the chinese dragon. They do look like branches.]

However, most importantly, this enormous tree was filled with fruits. Those fruits were only the size of walnuts. Furthermore, they were also light blue in color, and each and every one of them was emitting a very strong natural energy.

These fruits were the same cultivation resource that Chu Feng had obtained in the treasure box. This enormous tree was evidently the same tree on the map.

“With the tree here, that means that there should be a weapon as well as a treasure chest.”

Chu Feng turned his gaze below the tree and was immediately overjoyed. Sure enough, there was a weapon stuck into the ground below the tree.

Furthermore, beside that weapon was a giant treasure chest. That treasure chest was flickering with light and appeared extremely extraordinary.

The treasures were right before their eyes!!!