Chapter 1479 - An Extraordinary Martial King

MGA: Chapter 1479 - An Extraordinary Martial King

“I am weary of worldly disputes. Furthermore, the Firmament Medicine Garden is the place of my birth. Thus, I am attached to that place and decided to stay.”

“As for those people who had bullied and humiliated me, humph, not a single one of them was able to leave the Firmament Medicine Garden alive,” As she said those words, a flash of coldness shone through Yao’er’s eyes and a cold smile appeared on the corners of her lips.

When Chu Feng saw her gaze and her smile, his heart tightened. From that gaze, Chu Feng saw killing intent, a very dense amount of killing intent. He was able to tell from her gaze how numerous the amount of lives were that had died at Yao’er’s hands.

From her smile, Chu Feng was able to tell that Yao’er felt absolutely no remorse nor sympathy for any of the people she killed. Truly, she was cold-hearted and ruthless.

Yao’er, compared to her gentle appearance of a young girl, was actually a cold-blooded demon. However, Chu Feng was not afraid of her.

He was able to tell that although Yao’er was a demon with hands tainted by countless people’s blood, she did not possess any malicious intent toward him.

“Chu Feng, why did you come here? This is the Cyanwood Mountain’s forbidden area, it is truly not a place that you should come to.”

“If I hadn’t stopped them, even if the Ancient Era’s Organisms here didn’t eat you alive, the people from the Cyanwood Mountain would have come to kill you,” Suddenly, Yao’er mentioned this. There was a deep sense of worry in her words.

“This… to be honest, I have come here with a purpose. Before I can accomplish my goal, I cannot leave,” Chu Feng said.

“What is your goal?” Yao’er asked.

“I need to reach the deepest part of that place,” Chu Feng pointed to the direction of the vast mist. Low snarls from Ancient Era’s Organisms could be heard from that direction nonstop. Each and every snarl was more ear-piercing than the last.

“You plan to obtain the treasures in this Ancient Era’s Remnants?!” Yao’er asked.

“You also know that there’s treasures here?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course I do. Not only me, the Cyanwood Mountain also knows about it. Else, why would they classify this place as a forbidden area?” Yao’er said.

“Even if that is the case, I must still go. I’ve already come so far, I do not wish to miss this opportunity. Furthermore, I’ve already removed the tracking formation that they placed on me. They will not know whether I have continued onward or not,” Chu Feng said stubbornly.

“Chu Feng, you shouldn’t be this stubborn,” Yao’er urged against it.

“I know that you’re thinking for my sake. However, I will not give up on the matters I’ve decided.”

“Earlier, I was targeted by the Ancient Era’s Organisms because I was careless. However, I will be more careful now. That sort of thing will not reoccur.”

“Oh, right. Yao’er, for you to be willing to rush over here for my sake, I am truly grateful. Thank you.”

“Also, thank you again for being willing to reveal yourself to me and tell me about your origins,” Chu Feng smiled at Yao’er. Then, he started to continue onward toward the depths of the Ancient Era’s Remnants.

“Since you are so stubborn, I shall help you. I’ll let you know exactly how small and weak you are in this place, as well as how frightening the path before you is.”

Suddenly, Yao’er turned into the purple gaseous flames again. Like a whirlwind, she engulfed Chu Feng. Then, she turned into a purple ray of light and rushed into the depths of the Ancient Era’s Remnants.

Yao’er’s speed was extremely fast, completely surpassing Chu Feng’s imagination. If Chu Feng was not carefully observing with his Heaven’s Eyes, he would not be able to see any of the surrounding scenery. This was what it meant to be a Martial Emperor, an existence with pure Emperor-level martial power that stood at the apex of the Holy Land of Martialism.

On their journey into the depths of the Ancient Era’s Remnants, Chu Feng sensed countless powerful auras that brushed past them. Without even thinking about it, he knew that they were Ancient Era’s Organisms. However, their strengths were truly powerful. Practically each and every one of those auras possessed strength that was capable of completely crushing Chu Feng. Each and every one of them was extremely frightening.

Fortunately, Yao’er was leading Chu Feng on this journey. Else, if Chu Feng were traveling by himself, he would likely have to be extremely careful. If he were to be inattentive in the slightest, he would likely enter the tiger’s den and meet certain doom.


Finally, Yao’er stopped moving onward. At this moment, a ravine appeared before them. This ravine was several tens of thousands of meters wide, so deep and wide that the bottom and the other side could not be seen.

Most importantly, Emperor-level martial power was surging from within this ravine. The Emperor-level martial power formed a wall that sealed off the heavens from the earth.

This wall of martial power did not pose any harm, nor did it block people from going through it. Instead, it was more like a boundary set to warn others to not continue onward.

On the other side of this ravine was even more dense and boundless mist. However, a mist vortex had appeared in the middle of it. That vortex contained an unbounded amount of danger.

“What is that?” Chu Feng asked.

“I can tell you this with certainty. Ahead of us is an Ancient Era’s killing formation. Pass through that Ancient Era’s killing formation and you’ll reach the treasures left here by the Ancient Era’s expert.”

“However, that Ancient Era’s killing formation is extremely frightening. Since ancient times, countless experts have tried to pass through it. However, the majority of them never returned,” Yao’er said.

“You said that the majority never returned, that means that not all are gone forever. In other words, there are people who managed to enter that Ancient Era’s killing formation and return alive?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. Eight thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven years ago, a hidden expert appeared in the Holy Land of Martialism. That hidden expert arrived at the Cyanwood Mountain and asked to explore the Ancient Era’s Remnants.”

“Not only was that hidden expert a Martial Emperor, he was also a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. He was truly a peak expert in the entire Holy Land of Martialism. Even the Cyanwood Scared Assembly’s Assembly Master did not dare to not give him face. Thus, he ended up agreeing to the request.”

“That expert entered the Ancient Era’s killing formation and managed to return alive. However, when he returned, his body was covered with blood and he was seriously injured. Even his awareness was afflicted.”

“At the time when he returned to this place, he waved the Incomplete Imperial Armament in his hand and slashed apart the ground, forming this ravine as a warning to future generations to not enter that Ancient Era’s killing formation.”

“After that person left, he never once reappeared. There were no traces or news about him. Everyone thought that he had been injured too severely, and died not long after he left this place,” Yao’er said. [1. Quite certain that dude is the dude who left the treasure box with the fruit and the map. Oh, that dagger might be useful in breaking through the killing formation.]

Hearing those words, Chu Feng grew silent. He seemed to be pondering something. However, Yao’er thought that Chu Feng had received a mental shock from her words.

“Chu Feng, I am not deliberately trying to shock you. I merely want to tell you that this place is a place that not even Martial Emperors can go through. Thus, it is even more impossible for you.”

“I know that you long for power. If you truly need something, I can help you. However, this place is a place that you must not go to. I have been in the Cyanwood Mountain for so long and have seen so many experts enter that killing formation only to never return,” Yao’er said with a worried expression.

However, surprisingly, Chu Feng revealed a smile after hearing what Yao’er told him. Then, he opened his mouth and started to laugh frantically.


His loud laughter resonated through their surroundings. As it spread wide and far, the nearby Ancient Era’s Organisms began to snarl in anger.

However, those Ancient Era’s Organisms would only snarl and not dare to come here. Perhaps they might be afraid of Yao’er, a Martial Emperor. Or perhaps they might be afraid of the Ancient Era’s killing formation. Or perhaps, it might be this ravine that they were afraid of. In short… they did not dare to come over, and could only snarl angrily from afar.

“Chu Feng, you, wh, what’s wrong?” Yao’er grew nervous. She was truly worried that Chu Feng had received too enormous of a shock from her words and had gone insane.

“Yao’er, you said… that this place is a place that not even Martial Emperors can go through. However, if I, Chu Feng, am to pass through it, then doesn’t it mean that even Martial Emperors would be inferior to me?” Chu Feng asked Yao’er.

“Chu Feng, what are you talking about?” Yao’er was completely muddled.

“Heh… I was merely joking. I naturally know that I am inferior to Martial Emperors and cannot be placed on par with them. However, I possess the certainty to pass through this Ancient Era’s killing formation.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he suddenly leapt forward. When he landed, he had already arrived at the other end of the ravine. Furthermore, he was walking toward the mist vortex.

“Chu Feng, have you gone insane? That hidden expert I mentioned to you earlier was no ordinary Martial Emperor. When even he could not pass through it, how could you possibly be able to? You are merely a Martial King!” Yao’er shouted.

Chu Feng waved his hand and did not even bother to turn his head around. “That senior is no ordinary Martial Emperor. And I, Chu Feng, am no ordinary Martial King.”

As Yao’er watched Chu Feng’s back gradually grow further and further away, her gaze grew more and more complicated. At the beginning, she had only been worried about Chu Feng and angered by how stubborn he was being and how he refused to listen to her advice. However, her pupils suddenly shrank and her expression took a huge change.

Although Chu Feng’s figure appeared to be very small and weak, it contained a very gigantic, imposing stature. Even though she, as the Firmament Flower Queen, possessed Martial Emperor-level power and had lived for countless years, yet, as she looked at Chu Feng now, she felt a feeling of inferiority.

She… did not have Chu Feng’s courage.