Chapter 1478 - Firmament Flower Queen

MGA: Chapter 1478 - Firmament Flower Queen

“Everyone, everyone, please listen to me.”

“Truly, I have only passed by here. I have no malice at all. Let’s talk it out, okay?”

Holding the Demon Sealing Sword that was filled with the blood of the Ancient Era’s Organism and with a smile on his face, Chu Feng tried to speak to the enormous monster.


The enormous monster’s reply to Chu Feng was a snarl and spraying out a faint green light wave from its mouth.

Seeing that, Chu Feng immediately jumped away and began to dodge toward the distance. That light wave ended up landing on the place that he had previously stood.


In an instant, gales sprung up everywhere and black soil exploded all over. An enormous crater measuring several tens of thousands of meters in diameter appeared at the region where Chu Feng had previously been standing. No, that was not a crater, it was a valley.

A single light wave from this enormous monster actually created a valley. Furthermore, the soil in this Ancient Era’s Remnant was completely different from the soil outside. It was as hard as metal and impossible to be moved by ordinary people. Yet, this enormous monster’s attack created a crater the size of a valley.

From this, one could imagine how devastating this attack would be and how many living things would be killed if it were to be unleashed outside of the Ancient Era’s Remnants.

Having reached this level of cultivation, to have the power to destroy the world was no joke. It was something that one could actually accomplish.

“Damn it, this thing doesn’t understand human speech,” Chu Feng realized that the situation was extremely bad. He turned around and began to flee.

He had already discovered that although these Ancient Era’s Organisms were very powerful and possessed a certain amount of intelligence, they did not have any human nature at all.

In other words, they were much more similar to ferocious beasts. Even though they possessed great power and abilities, they only knew about hunting, eating and killing. They possessed no intention to contest for the rights to rule the world.

However, upon further thought, Chu Feng was able to understand that too. If these Ancient Era’s Organisms were to possess the intelligence that humans and monstrous beasts possessed and were capable of cooperating with one another, the Cyanwood Mountain would have long since tried to exploit them. How could they possibly have decided to trap them here like this? After all, they possessed a very strong battle power that was many times stronger than that of some of their elders.

However, this was not important. The important matter was that Chu Feng was no match for these Ancient Era’s Organisms right now. As such, he had to find a way to escape.

“Ji, ji, ji, ji~~~~”

At the time when Chu Feng was putting forth all of his energy to escape, strange sounds could be heard from behind him.

Those sounds were like the crying of birds, and yet also sounded like a bunch of demons. Just hearing the sound would cause one’s hair to stand on end and shiver.

Chu Feng turned his head around to look. Upon seeing the scene behind him, his eyes immediately shrank and his brows became tightly creased together.

Behind him was that enormous monster, and behind that enormous monster were purple gaseous flames.

The eerie and frightening sound was coming from those purple gaseous flames. Chu Feng was able to sense how frightening those purple gaseous flames were. It was a Martial Emperor-level existence.


Before Chu Feng could react, the purple gaseous flames caught up to the enormous monster. In an instant, the enormous monster started to wail desperately like a wild animal.

However, that wailing lasted only an instant. Chu Feng saw with his own eyes that by the time the purple colored gaseous flames arrived before him, the enormous monster formed by forty-seven Ancient Era’s Organisms was turned into a thick pile of bones.

Not only was there not a single trace of flesh or blood, even the remaining bones were all ruptured, and forcibly shattered.

Savage. This was true savageness, true cruelty. In an instant, the forty-seven Ancient Era’s Organisms had been devoured. From this, it could be seen how frightening the purple gaseous flames before Chu Feng were.

“I’m doomed now. There’s actually a Martial Emperor-level monster in the Ancient Era’s Remnants; could it be that I, Chu Feng, will die here?” At this moment, Chu Feng also started to feel apprehensive.

However, he was unwilling to accept death like this. He felt that these purple gaseous flames were extraordinary. Even if it was an Ancient Era’s Organism, it must possess some sort of human nature. Thus, he decided that he should try communicating with it.

“Chu Feng, why would you be here?” Suddenly, a voice was heard from those purple gaseous flames.

“You… you know me?” Chu Feng was overwhelmed with shock. This person actually knew his name.

“You cannot continue onward. This place is too dangerous,” An advising voice sounded from the purple gaseous flames. Furthermore, to Chu Feng’s surprise, this voice was actually extremely gentle.

“Who are you?” Chu Feng managed to tell that the opposing party did not have any malice toward him. Thus, he wanted to find out exactly who this person was. He clearly did not recognize someone of this level in his memories.

“I…” The purple gaseous flames started to hesitate and became quiet. As for Chu Feng, he was quietly observing this change. He did not try to urge, because he knew that the purple gaseous flames were hesitating as to whether or not to reveal their true appearance before Chu Feng.

“Fine. After all, I would have to meet you sooner or later.” The purple gaseous flames started to spin. Like a purple vortex, they rapidly grew smaller. In the end, a girl in the prime of her youth appeared before Chu Feng.

This girl was wearing very simple and unadorned clothing. Her appearance was also very ordinary. However, her skin was extremely good; it was white like jade and awfully exquisite.

“Yao’er, why would it be you?” Chu Feng uttered a cry of alarm.

Chu Feng was able to recognize this girl instantly. This girl’s name was Yao’er. She was the girl who Chu Feng had encountered when doing his mission in the Firmament Medicinal Garden. At that time, she was being bullied and Chu Feng had saved her.

Later on, that girl had even brought Chu Feng to a place filled with Firmament Medicinal Herbs and helped Chu Feng to finish his mission with extraordinary results. It was also there that Chu Feng encountered Jiang Furong.

As for that girl, she was the same girl before Chu Feng right now, Yao’er.

However, never would Chu Feng have thought that the garden watcher who was bullied by ordinary disciples, that kindhearted girl who remained silent, would actually possess Martial Emperor-level strength. This truly came as an enormous shock to him. In fact, he found this to be somewhat unbelievable.

“Chu Feng, you… you actually still remember me?” Seeing that Chu Feng still remembered her, a joyous expression appeared on Yao’er’s face.

“Of course I do. Yao’er, exactly what’s going on? The power that you’ve displayed earlier, where did that come from?” Chu Feng grabbed onto Yao’er’s shoulder. He appeared to be very emotional.

“I…” Yao’er started to stammer. After some time, she said, “I’m sorry, I am not human.”

“You’re not human? Then what are you?!!!” Chu Feng asked.

“I am a Natural Oddity. I was born in the Ancient Era and only managed to mature after several tens of thousands of years of nurture.”

“It was ten thousand years ago that I woke up. As for them… they addressed me as the Firmament Flower Queen.”

“Back then, the Firmament Adamantine Metal that you and that girl called Bai Ruochen obtained in the Firmament Medicine Garden’s underground was actually not hidden underground. Nor is it formed by absorbing Firmament Energy from Firmament Medicinal Herbs.”

“Those were actually my housing, my shell. They were a portion of my shell that remained when I was formed,” Yao’er said.

“......” Hearing those words, Chu Feng came to a sudden realization. However, he also became even more speechless.

It turned out that the person before him was not a little girl. Instead, she was an old monster. An old monster born in the Ancient Era that had matured after several tens of thousands of years of nurture. Furthermore, it had been ten thousand years since she had reached maturity.

In fact, even the… Firmament Adamantine Metals that were capable of being used to craft Imperial Armaments that he and Bai Ruochen had obtained had merely been her shell.

It was no wonder, no wonder that Chu Feng felt such viciousness from Yao’er’s body but also felt a hint of familiarity. It turned out that it was actually the Firmament Energy.

The two strongest martial skills that Chu Feng possessed, the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash and the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield, both required the beckoning of Firmament Energy to be used. Thus, Chu Feng was very familiar with Firmament Energy.

Yet, he would never have thought that the little girl Yao’er would actually be the Firmament Flower Queen, a matured Natural Oddity, a Martial Emperor existence that stood at the peak of the Holy Land of Martialism.

“Yao’er, I do not understand. With your strength, why would you conceal yourself in the Firmament Medicinal Garden, be a garden watcher and accept the bullying and humiliation from those disciples?” Chu Feng asked. This was the thing that he was the most confused by.

A grand Martial Emperor should be an existence that stood at the apex of the Holy Land of Martialism. Even in a power like the Cyanwood Mountain, she should be an extraordinary existence that was worshipped and respected by all the people.

Yet, Yao’er’s conduct went against common sense. That was the reason why Chu Feng was confused.