Chapter 1475 - Ancient Era’s Remnant

MGA: Chapter 1475 - Ancient Era’s Remnant

Outside of the Ancient Era’s Remnants. The headmasters of the Nine Powers and the various elders were all gathered here. They had not dispersed. Instead, they were chatting with one another.

“I wonder, this time around, if there will be any disciples who use their teleportation talismans after encountering danger?” The Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges’ headmaster said with a smile.

“Definitely. Even though this is a very disgraceful and humiliating action to do for the disciples, there will always be people who will cower when facing death. This sort of thing has happened in every Nine Powers Hunt. Thus, how could this Nine Powers Hunt be an exception?” Old Daoist Wuliang said.

“In that case, I wonder whose disciple will be the first to use their teleportation talisman?” The Golden Armor City’s headmaster said with a smile.

At this moment, everyone grew silent. If using the teleportation talisman was a disgrace for the disciples, the disciples using them would be a disgrace to the power itself. No one would wish for this sort of thing to happen to their own disciples.

“I think it will definitely be that Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple Chu Feng,” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster said.

Hearing those words, Dugu Xingfeng’s gaze narrowed slightly, and a flash of cold light shone through his eyes. However, he did not say anything.

“Why would you say that?” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master asked curiously.

“He is not strong. Yet, he has been held in high regard by you all and received six bets. This will inevitably cause him to become conceited.”

“One must have strength to be conceited. His strength is insufficient. It is inevitable that he will enter the wrong path or provoke people who he should not provoke. Both of these possibilities would cause him to encounter danger. If he cannot resist the dangers, the only way out for him would be to use the teleportation talisman,” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster analyzed in a rational manner.

“Although what you say is a bit biased, it is also not without justification,” Hearing the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster’s reasoning, many people nodded in agreement.

At this moment, Dugu Xingfeng was still silent. However, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master, Miao Renlong and Old Daoist Wuliang started to smile.

“Lord Headmaster, someone used their teleportation talisman,” Suddenly, a couple of the Cyanwood Mountain’s elders from the Ancient Era’s Remnant walked out.

“Oh? Someone used their teleportation talisman this soon? Who is it?” Hearing those words, the many headmasters present were all surprised.

Although there would be people that would use their teleportation talismans in every Nine Powers Hunt, it would generally only happen after the Nine Powers Hunt had gone on for some time. Something like today, where the teleportation talisman was used not long after the Nine Powers Hunt started, was extremely rare.

If using the teleportation talisman was a disgrace, then using it so quickly like this would be the utmost disgrace.

After their moment of surprise, the crowd all turned their gaze toward the Ancient Era’s Remnants. They all wished to know which power’s disciple had used their teleportation talisman this quickly.

Before the eyes of the crowd, Yan Gui and the other nineteen disciples of the Cursed Soil Sect walked into their line of sight while being led by several elders from the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Yan Gui? How could it be all of you?” At this moment, the people from the Cursed Soil Sect suddenly got up. They were unable to sit tightly and their faces were filled with shock and astonishment.

No matter what, they had never thought that it would be their Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples who would use their teleportation talismans first. Furthermore, all twenty of them had used their teleportation talismans.

“Master, it is us who are incompetent,” Yan Gui and the others knew how enormous of a blunder they had made. They immediately knelt onto the floor and started to beg for forgiveness while kowtowing.

“Exactly what happened? Who injured you all?” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster asked in anger.

The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster had noticed that not only were there people who had been injured among the twenty disciples, there were also people with their cultivations crippled. They had most definitely been attacked. Else, they would not be in such a sorry state.

“It’s Chu Feng, it’s the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple Chu Feng,” Yan Gui did not conceal this matter.

“What? Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, everyone present was shocked. Even Dugu Xingfeng, Miao Renlong and the others were surprised.

Even though they knew that Chu Feng was very powerful, they did not expect that Chu Feng would eliminate all of the Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples this quickly. Exactly why did he do this?

“The Cyanwood Mountain’s Chu Feng? Other than him, who else? Why did they attack you all?” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster continued to ask.

“It’s only him. The reason he attacked us is because we ended up clashing with him due to verbal disagreements. We were no match for him, so we had no choice but to escape,” Yan Gui did not tell the truth. How could he possibly say that they had received benefits from Qin Lingyun and decided to go and attack Chu Feng, only to be forced out of the Nine Powers Hunt by him? This was something too humiliating for him to say. He truly found it extremely difficult to say.

“This…” At this moment, everyone became speechless. Especially the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster, his complexion had turned pale as if he had just eaten a dead rat. He was unable to say anything at all.

There was no need to continue to ask. Chu Feng had, by himself, forced all twenty of the Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples to immediately use their teleportation talismans. This was already enough to illustrate everything.

Even though the crowd found this to be very unbelievable and even difficult to accept, what Yan Gui and the others said had already informed everyone of how powerful Chu Feng was. Regardless of whether they wished to believe it or not, they had no choice but to do so. After all, this was the truth.

“Chu Feng is truly childish. Why would he force others to use their teleportation talismans and make them waste this chance just because of a verbal argument?”

“Headmasters, how about this? Since this Nine Powers Hunt has just begun, how about we allow these Cursed Soil Sect’s little friends another chance? Let’s allow them to return to the Ancient Era’s Remnants. What do you all think?” Dugu Xingfeng said with a beaming smile.

Humiliation, an absolute humiliation. He was simply slapping the face of the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster before the crowd.

Dugu Xingfeng was saying that their Cursed Soil Sect’s disciples were greatly inferior to his Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples, that he was giving them another chance out of pity.

“There’s no need. Let’s go,” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster gnashed his teeth in anger. At this moment, he no longer had the grace of a grand headmaster. He actually stood up and prepared to leave.

“White Ape, Crazed Killer, quickly, have people come and heal the Cursed Soil Sect’s little friends,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“No need. Our Cursed Soil Sect is not so weak that we cannot even heal our own injuries. Farewell,” The Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster was not grateful at all. He lead his men and directly left.

“Congratulations brother Dugu. It would appear that a heavenly genius has appeared in your Cyanwood Mountain,” After the Cursed Soil Sect’s headmaster left, the Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges’ headmaster immediately expressed his congratulations.

“That’s right. That child truly concealed his strength well. He actually defeated twenty people alone. This cannot be looked down upon. I fear that the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s little friends Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er will meet their match in this year’s Nine Powers Hunt,” The other headmasters also started to echo the praises in succession.

Dugu Xingfeng faced the crowd’s praises with a smile on his face. It could be seen that he was extremely happy. He already knew that Chu Feng was a dragon amongst men. However, he never expected that Chu Feng’s progress would be even faster than he imagined. This time around, he was feeling extremely pleased.

However, the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster had an expressionless face. She was feeling extremely dejected. That was because she already knew that her Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er were no match for Chu Feng.

As long as nothing unexpected happened, Chu Feng would definitely be the victor in this Nine Powers Hunt.

Meanwhile, inside the Ancient Era’s Remnants, Chu Feng did not know about what had happened outside. He was following the map in his mind and searching for the treasure filled with cultivation resources.

Chu Feng had long surpassed the range limit that the Cyanwood Mountain had designated for the disciples. He had entered a desolate and eerie region.

This place was covered with yellow mist. Even Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes could only see a limited distance around him. Furthermore, strange roars could be heard in the distance nonstop. Those roars were like the howls of wolves, the snarls of tigers, the cries of birds, and the sounds of bugs. Essentially, they were very strange.

In short, a very dangerous aura filled this region. It was as if danger could descend at any given time. This… was the true Ancient Era’s Remnants.